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Moral Values for Children

感恩的態度是每天花時 間去感謝欣賞我有幸居 住在其中的這個美好世 界;在我的心裡和思想 上保留空間來讚歎和感 恩。

Gratitude is taking time to appreciate this wonderful world that I’m privileged to live in and to create spaces in my heart and mind for wonder and thanksgiving.

日常的小事情,諸如一個三明 治、一次淋浴、一次日落、一 句來自朋友的鼓勵的話、一次 散步等等,全都是值得讚美和 感恩的事。

The little daily things—a sandwich, a shower, a sunset, an encouraging word from a friend, a walk—are all events that are worthy of praise and thanksgiving.

我的環境不一定是完美的,才會讓我選擇快樂幸福及感恩,並在任何情況 下盡力而為。生活中永遠不乏令你感恩的事物。
Circumstances don’t need to be perfect for me to choose to be happy and thankful for what I have and to make the most of it. There is always something you can be thankful for.

你要想想自己所 擁有的東西,然 後有顆感恩的心。

Rather than fretting about what you don’t have, reflect on all that you do have, and be grateful.

禱告、歌唱、呼喊,甚至歡喜跳躍, 無論你想用什麼方式來表達感激之心 都行。

Pray, sing, shout, even jump for joy— whatever you feel like doing to express gratitude.

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