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School Latin Syllabus & Weekly Assignments Spring 2013 LEAD Homeschool Emily Master, Thursdays 10-11am Expectations: Please come to class with a notebook and pen or pencil, along with your text and workbook. Each week, complete the at-home assignments to the best of your ability. The homework is broken down into 4 days per week (Sun-Wed), but feel free to do a bit each night and spread the work out. I will check your books for completion. Feel free to email me during the week if you have questions or problems. Note the weeks that we will have take-home quizzes and tests. Text & Workbook: Learn to Read Latin, Keller & Russell (Yale 2004) Week I (1/10): Introduction to Keller & Russell and Ch. 1 (1-4) In class: Vocab 1, case uses, 5 declensions (review) Drill 1-3 At home: Sun: Drill 4: A-F Mon: Drill 4: G Tues: Drill 4: H Wed: Drill 4: I Week II (1/17): Finish Ch. 1 (3-4) In class: Finish discussion of case uses Exercises 1.A-B At home: Sun: Exercises 1.B Finish Mon: Exerc. 1.C Tues: Exerc. 1.C continued Wed: Exerc. 1.C continued Week III (1/24): Ch. 2 (5-8) In class: Vocab 2, Review of Latin verb and its properties, tenses of the indicative, principle parts

Drill 5 At home: Sun: Drill 5-6 Mon: Drill 5-6 finish Tues: Drill 7-8 Wed: Take-home quiz vocab 1-2

Week IV (1/31): Ch. 2 (9-11) In class: Present, Imperfect, and Future Active Indicative (1st/2nd Conjugations) Sum & Possum Begin drills At home: Sun: Drill 9 Mon: Drill 10 Tues: Drill 11 Wed: Vocab review Week V (2/7): Ch. 2 (11-15) In class: Transitive/Intransitive verbs Complementary infinitives Object infinitive Dative of possessor Latin word order Begin Drills At home: Sun: Drill 11 Mon: Drill 12-15 Tues: Exercises 2.A 1-18 Wed: Exerc. 2.A 18-26, B 12 Week VI (2/21): Ch. 3 (17-22) In class: Vocab 3 Review of adjectives Passive Voice Passive voice of present system Begin Drills At home:

Week VII (2/28): Ch. 3 (23-29) In class: Synopsis Ablative of agent video Ablative of manner Subject infinitive Apposition Irregular verb eo At home: Sun: Drill 24-28 Mon: Drill 29 Tues: Drill Sentences Ch.3: A 1-7 Wed: Drill Sentences A 8-17 Week VIII (3/7) Ch. 4 (30-32): In class: Vocab 4 Present Passive System: 3rd & 4th conjugations Present Passive Infinitives and Imperatives At home: Sun: Drill Sentences Ch. 3: 33-42 Mon: Drill Sentences Ch. 3: 43-51 Tues: Drill 30 A-B Wed: Drill 30 C Week IX (3/14) Ch. 4 (33-36): In class: Synopsis Partitive Genitive Subjective Genitive Objective Genitive At home: Sun: Drill 30F Mon: Drill 30G Tues: Drill 31-33B 1-16

Sun: Take home test, Ch. 1-2 Mon: Drill 22B Tues: Drill 22 Wed: Drill 22C

Wed: Take-home vocabulary quiz 3-4 Week X (3/21): Ch. 4 (37-39) In class: Personal pronouns Possessive Adjectives Ablative of respect Short readings At home: Sun: Short readings (pg. 77) 1-8 Mon: Drill 34-36 1-8 Tues: Drill 37-38 A, B 1-7 Wed: Take-home test 1-4 Week XI (3/28) Ch. 5 (40-42) In class: Vocab 5 Perfect Active System Synopsis At home: Sun: Drill 40-42A Mon: Drill 40-42B Tues: Drill 40-42C Wed: Drill 40-42D Week XII (4/18) Ch. 5 (43-46): In class: Fero Reflexive Pronouns Reflexive/Possessive Adjectives Intensive Adjective ipse At home: Sun: Drill 43 Mon: Drill 44-46 A 1-10 Tues: Drill 44-46 A 11-20 Wed: Take home quiz vocab 1-5 Week XIII (4/25) Ch. 5 (47-49): In class: Adverbs 1 Subordinate Clauses 1

Conditionals At home: Sun: Drill 47, Drill 48 A 1-6 Mon: Drill 48 A 7-12, B 1-8 Tues: Drill 49 1-10 Wed: Short readings (pg. 96) 1-9 Week XIV (5/2): Roman Tombstones In class: Review Begin Roman tombstone project Distribute final take-home exam (Chapters 1-5) At home: Sun: Drill Sentences Ch. 5 1-5 Mon: Drill Sentences Ch. 5 6-12 Tues: Study & review Wed: Study & review Week XV (5/9): Roman Tombstones Last day! Roman tombstone project You may turn in your final exam on the last day of class 5/9 or email it to ( by May 15.