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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition(OBIEE
1) DW Concepts 2) Common concepts of OBIEE 11g and 10g 1. Practitioner Level 2. Lerner Level 3. Specialist Level 3) OBIEE 11 G New Futures 4) BI PUBLISHER 11g&10g 5) Deployment server to server 6) Migration from 10g to 11g 7) Informatica 8) DAC 9) OBIA and 10) LIVE PROJECTS

11g/10g) Data Warehouse concepts
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Why we need Data Warehouse? What is Data Warehouse? Data Warehouse Architecture What is Data Acquisition? Types of Tables What is schema and types of Schemas What is Data Mart? Data Warehousing Approaches?

Common concepts of OBIEE 11g and 10g OBIEE Introduction :
9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Why Oracle BI ? What is Oracle BI? History of Oracle BI Oracle BI architecture 11g Vs 10g Oracle BI components 11g Vs 10g

OBIEE 11G & 10G Practitioner Level Administration
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 2. 3. Repository Basics Building the Physical Layer of a Repository Building the BMM Layer of a Repository Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository Testing Repository Working with Multiple Logical Table Sources Adding Calculations to Fact Table Creating Dimensional Hierarchies & Level based measures Using Aggregate Tables Using Partitions and Fragments Variables (Repository,session,presentation &Request)

OBIEE 11G & 10G Specialist Level

Conditional and section ) Briefing Book Navigation Link BI Publisher Report Working With Dashboard Prompts .4. 8.My Briefing Books Answers 1. Data Level Security Administering Usage Tracking Multi-User Development Environment (MUDE) Utilities Cache Management Optimizing Query Performance Repository Design Principles Model First Cluster Servers Disconnected Analytics Alias . 9. 7. 11. 3.Read. 20. 13. 11. 6.Traverse Folder) Presentation Catalog Privileges(Granted. 18.NoAccess. 16. My Filters . 15. 9. 8. 10. 3. 5. 15. 8. 7. 14. Authentication and Authorization 2. 14. Modeling Time Series Data & Time based Measures Configuring Many To Many Relationships(Bridge &Helper Table) Deploying Oracle Bi application to multiple countries 1. 5. Shared Filters. 13. Object Level Security 4. 4.Change/Delete. Creating Users and Groups 3. 2. 4. 19. 9. My folders. 10. 7. 5. Creating Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards Working With 8 Dashboard Objects Section Link or Image Embedded Content Text Folder Guided Navigation Link(Static . 12. 3. 2. 10.Circular Joins & Opaque Views or Select Tables OBIEE 11G & 10G Lerner Level Presentation Services or Analytics 1. 2. 12. Working with OBI Answers OBI Column Properties Drill Navigation Conditional formatting OBI Formulas OBI Filters OBI Sorting OBI 17 Views OBI Request Level Prompts Cascading Prompts Combining With Similar Request Direct Database Requests Presentation Catalog Permissions(Full Control. Introduction to presentation Services What is Web Catalog & instance con fig file Shared Folders. 11. Localizing Oracle BI Data Setting Implicit Fact Column Third Party Reporting Tool Integration Creating Repositories From Multi dimensional Data Sources Security 1. Denied) Dashboards 1. 6. 6. Localizing Oracle BI Metadata 2. 17.

7. Introduction to Oracle BI for Microsoft Office Working with Oracle BI content in Microsoft Office applications Catalog Manager 1. 18. 16. 3. Configuring Job Manager Monitoring Scheduled requests Oracle BI for Microsoft Office 1. 2. 20. 5. 2. 14. 11. 16. 9.12. 2. 2. What is Dashboard Prompt Types of Dashboard Prompts Page level prompts Dashboard level prompts Presentation Variables Request Variable Delivers 1. Introduction to Oracle BI Delivers Developing IBOTS Configuring delivery devices Adding delivery profiles Building Alerts Job Manager 1. Documentation of Web Catalog Deploying Dev to test or test to prod OBIEE 11 G New Futures : 1. 10. 5. Introduction about EM. Introduction to BI Publisher or XML publisher Integrating database Integrating Oracle BI Presentation server Integrating Oracle BI Discoverer Configuring Scheduler Installing Oracle BI Publisher Desktop Develop BI Publisher Templates using OBI Answer Request . 8. 7. CONSOLE. 13. 3. 15. 4. 15.. 4. ANALYTICS. 17. 12. 4. 5. XMLPSERVER. 3. 17. 6. 2. 14. 2. Master Detail Linking New Graphing Options BI Publisher 11g Online Template Builder and Interactive Viewer New Dashboard Features Creating Simple Action Links Creating Advanced Action Links Creating Time Series Measures using PERIODROLLING Creating Scorecards Creating KPI Working with XML API BI Publisher 11G & 10G 1. 19. 13.etc OBIEE 11g Advanced Workshop Setup Parent Child Hierarchies Ragged and Skipped hierarchies Assign ID columns to descriptive columns Using Lookup Table Horizontal Federation Vertical Federation Combined Horizontal & Vertical Federation Hierarchical Columns and Selection Steps Advanced Reporting. 6.

9. 9. Administration Console Repository Manager Designer Workflow Manager Monitor DAC 1. Oracle Business Intelligence Application Overview Oracle Business Intelligence Application Overview and Architecture Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse Content Installing the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse Components Understanding the ETL Process Working with Informatica Designer Exploring SDE and SIL Mappings Building SDE and SIL Mappings Working with Informatica Workflow Manager Working with Data Warehouse Administration Console Populating the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse Configuring the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse Customizing the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse Working with oraclebianalytics predefined RPD Working with Predefined Reports and dashboards Live Projects: (Three Projects on BANKING . 12. Developing High Level Design Document 5. 11. 2. Understanding & Analyzing Requirement 3. 2. 5. 15. 10.HEALTH CARE & IME) 1. 7. 11. 4. Develop BI Publisher Templates using OBI Subject Areas Develop BI Publisher Templates Directly From Data Base Develop BI Publisher Templates using XML file Working with Parameters and List Of Values (LOVs) Scheduling BI Publisher templates InforMatica 8.6 1. Developing Low level Design Document 6. 4. 14. 3. Gathering Requirement 2.8. 13. Developing Business Specification Document 4. 3. 2. 3. 8. 6. 13. 8. 6. 14. 12. 5. 12. Following Unique Coding Standards ODBC Client Systems Management BY RAM REDDY (8+ Years of EXP & 120+ Batches EXP) . 11. 9. 10. 7. 10. 4. Configuring Data Base Configuring Informatica Integration Service Configuring Informatica repository Service Configuring SDE and SIL mappings Creating Task Phases Creating primary source Creating Target source Creating logical Folder Creating Physical Folder Maping Logical and Physical Folders Creating Tasks Creating Subject Areas Creating Execution Plans Scheduling Execution Plans OBIA 1. 5.

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