ECDL Module 1 – Revision 05 1. What is ergonomics? ANS: 2. List 3 things which constitute a good working environment. ANS: 3.

What is RSI? What can be done so that it is avoided? ANS: 4. Mention 3 phyiscal security considerations when using computers. ANS: 5. Mention 4 things which can be done to protect the environment. ANS: 6. Mention 3 things that contribute to a good password. ANS: 7. Why is it important to backup to an off-site? ANS: 8. Which software or hardware is used to protect the computer against unauthorised access when the computer is connected to the Internet?

ANS: 9. What is a computer virus? ANS: 10. What can be done to protect the computer from viruses? ANS: 11. Mention 2 things in IT that violate copyright. ANS: 12. What is an end-user license agreement? ANS: 13. Mention 3 software licenses. ANS: 14. What is the Data Protection Act? ANS: