ECDL Module 1 – Revision 08 1 A State a typical use for the following ports.

USB : Firewire: Ethernet:


Anna is currently working on a document which is not saved, so it is stored in the RAM. There is a power cut. What happens to the file? Why?



Explain the difference between RAM and ROM, and give an example where these might be used.


4 A

Give an example for each of the following categories: Word-Processing: Game: Presentation: Desktop Publishing: Photo Editing:

5 A

Mention two accessibility features and how these can be helpful.

6 A

Give an example of a client/server application.

7 A

State whether these are advantages or disadvantages of telework.       Reduced or no commuting time More ability to focus on one task Flexible schedule Less company space requirement Reduced human contact Reduce team work

8 A

Explain the use of RSS.

9 A

Mention two things which help ensure a user’s well-being when using the computer.

10 Mention two things which can be recycled to protect the environment. A

11 Give a valid reason why off-site backups are important. A

12 What is copyright in terms of software? Specify two ways how this can be compromised. A

13 What is the difference between open-source and freeware? A

14 i. Define a computer virus. ii. Explain what it does. iii. Mention three ways it can infect the computer. iv. What can be done to protect against it. A i. ii. iii. iv.

15 Mention two things which help to reduce electricity consumption when using the computer. A

16 Explain two things to take into consideration when using online profiles. A

17 Explain the difference between IM and VOIP. A

18 What does bps represent in networks? A

19 Explain the difference between LAN, WLAN and WAN. A

20 Sort the following file sizes in ascending order. 1. 53 MB 2. 2048 KB 3. 1 GB 4. 2048 MB A

21 List four input devices and write a sentence on each. A

22 Specify three advantages of e-learning. A

23 What is a web blog? Mention one website that offers a blogging service. A

24 Give a reasonable distance that the user must stay away from the computer display. A

25 Give two services offered by e-government and explain what these do. A

26 Explain differences between dial-up and broadband. A

27 What is the difference between operating-system and application software? Give two examples in each case. A

28 Write down five storage devices along with their typical size. A