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PHP Help Sheet

PHP Help Sheet

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Published by: asymvivastos on Jan 09, 2013
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Array functions
array_di (arr1, arr2...) array_ lter(arr, function) array_ ip(arr) array_intersect(arr1, arr2) array_merge(arr1, arr2...) array_pop(arr) array_push(arr, var1...) array_reverse(arr) array_search(needle, arr) array_walk(arr, function) count(arr) in_array(needle, arr) ^ $ . (a|b) (...) [abc] [^abc] \s a? a* a+ a{3} a{3,} a{3,6} \ [:punct:] [:space:] [:blank:]

PHP Help Sheet

Regex Syntax (POSIX)
Start of a string End of a string Any single character a or b Group selection Item in range (a or b or c) Not in range (not a or b or c) White space Zero or one of a Zero or more of a One or more of a Exactly 3 of a 3 or more of a Between 3 or 6 of a Escape character Any punctuation symbol Any space character Space or tab D ll d jJ w z S N

Date Formatting

Regex funcs
ereg(pattn, str) split(pattn, str) ereg_replace(p, r, s) preg_grep(ptn, arr) preg_match(p, str) preg_match_all(p,s,a) preg_replace(p,r,s) preg_split(ptn, str)

Short textual day Long textual day Day [leading zeros] Day Day of week * Day of year Ordinal Su x ISO-8601 numeric Fri Friday 01 to 31 1 to 31 0 to 6 0 to 365 st, nd, td, th 1 (Mon) - 7 (Sunday) 1 to 53


crypt(str, [salt]) md5(str, [raw]) sha1(str, [raw])

W Week of year **

Date + Time
checkdate(m, d, y) date(format, timestamp) getdate(timestamp) mktime (h, min, s, m, d, yr) strftime(format, tmstmp) strtotime(str) time()

F M m n t Long textual month Short textual month Month [leading zeros] Month No. days in current month January Jan 01 to 12 1 to 12 28 to 31


PCRE Modi ers
i s m U e x Case-insensitive Period matches new line ^ and $ match lines Ungreedy matching Evaluate replacement Pattern over several lines

Y y L o 4 digit year 2 digit year Leap year ISO-8601 year number 2008 08 1 or 0 2008

clearstatscache() copy(source, destination) fclose(handle) fgets(handle, length) le( le) lemtime( le) lesize( le) le_exists( le) le_get_contents( le) fopen( le, mode) fread(handle, length) fwrite(handle, str) read le( le)

explode(sep, str) implode(glue, str) nl2br(str) sprintf(format) strip_tags(str) str_replace(n, r, str) strrev(str) strtolower(str) strtoupper(str) substr(str, start, len)

h g H G i i s aa A B s T Z O I 12 Hour [leading zeros] 12 Hour 24 Hour [leading zeros] 24 Hour Minutes [leading zeros] Seconds [leading zeros] 12-hour period Uppercase 12-hour period Swatch Internet Time Microseconds Timezone of machine Timezone o set [seconds] Di erence to GMT [hours] Daylight savings 01 to 12 1 to 12 00 to 23 0 to 23 00 to 59 00 to 59 am or pm AM or PM 000 to 999 54321 GMT +0200 1 or 0
-43200 - 50400

strstr(str, needle) strpos(str, needle)

Useful Global variables

bindec(binary_str) decbin(number) dechex(number) decoct(number) deg2rad(number) exp(arg) oor(value) hexdec(hex_str) mt_rand(min, max) octdec(octal_str)


escapeshellcmd(cmnd) exec(command) shell_exec(command) system(command)

fopen() MODES
r r+ w w+ a a+ Read Read and write, prepend Write, truncate Read and write, truncate Write, append Read and write, append

session_destroy() session_id() session_start() session_regenerate_id() session_unset()

Comparison Operators
!= == === !== >= <= > < Not equal Equal Identical Not Identical More than or equal Less than or equal More than Less than

U No. Seconds since Epoch *** 1218055418 c ISO 8601 date [PHP 5] 2008-10-08T15:19:21+00:00 r RFC 2822 formatted date Wed, 14 Sept 2008 16:01:07 +0200 * date(”w”): 0 is Sunday, 6 is Saturday. ** Week that overlaps 2 years belongs to year that contains most days of that week. So week number for 1st January of a given year can return 53rd week if week belongs to previous year. date(”W”, mktime(0, 0, 0, 12, 8, $year)) returns correct number of weeks in $year *** The Epoch was the 1st January 1970.


set_time_limit(seconds) ini_set(setting, value)

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