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Extraordinar de BUNNNN

Extraordinar de BUNNNN

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Published by Liviu Cana

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Published by: Liviu Cana on Jan 09, 2013
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Menu Bar

The menus
provide access to


You can switch
between a
variety of
workspaces, or
panel layouts,
using the options
presented here.


The primary
functionality of
the program can
be accessed
from these
panels. Double-click the title of a
panel to open or collapse it.

Properties Panel

This panel displays the properties
of the currently selected objects,
and changes depending on the
type of object selected.

Tag Chooser

Quickly select specific HTML
elements in your document by
clicking them.

Browser Navigation Bar

While using Dreamweaver’s Live
view feature, you can navigate to
pages or sites just as you would
in a normal browser.


Switch between Dreamweaver’s
views or add a title to your
document using these tools.

Document Tabs

Switch between open documents
using these tabs.

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The Site Setup dialog box

3 Type a name for your site.

4 Either type the path or
browse to the folder on your
hard drive that contains your
site’s files.

5 Click Save.

The site is created.

1 Click Site.

2 Click New Site.

Define a Site in Dreamweaver

You will primarily use Dreamweaver to create and edit Web sites — collections of related pages.

Although you can work with individual pages, you will find that many advanced features become
available only when you define a site. Earlier, in your site planning, you will have created a single
root folder to hold all of your site’s files. At its simplest, defining a site in Dreamweaver allows you
to tell the program where these files are. Later, you can configure additional settings to upload files
to your Web host.

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