Unit3: From Script to Screen- Initial Research

Initial Research: Concerning this Unit 3, we were asked to make a script from three different words, the words

I got are: Executioner as a character, Attic as an environment and box of matches as a prop. I started doing a quick research on these three words and trying to find out what drives or motivates someone to become an executioner. Executioner: Executing was monopolized for generations by a family called Pierre point. The job was handed from father to son, not for lack of competition, they had a lot of applications for this job, however many of them showed sign of mental unbalance. Attic: A space below the roof of a house which fills the space between the ceiling and the slanted roof, having a lot of rafters to support the construction makes them look shaped and difficult to reach. This space is usually warm and full of mold because of the lack of ventilation. These kinds of spaces give the human mind an intense feeling of imprisonment, causes dizziness. On a further research, this may be related to the shape of it and spiritual reasons as well as real life stories which influence our thinking about this space. Box of matches: A match is a tool which starts a fire under specific conditions. Matches are made of wood and their end, known as the “head”, contains Phosphorus, considered as the active ingredient. There are two types of matches, safety matches which can only be struck against a certain surface, and the strike-anywhere matches which are sensitive to storage conditions, unsafe and toxic because they could be lit on any rough surface. I have underlined some keywords that I believe will help me link the three words I have in order to come up with some sort of suspenseful, psychological story.

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