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Joint Venture Grading Contract_Spring 2013

Joint Venture Grading Contract_Spring 2013

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Published by Matthew Vetter

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Published by: Matthew Vetter on Jan 09, 2013
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English 3840j, Spring 2013

Joint Venture Grading Contract
This Joint Venture Grading Contract (the “Contract”), made and entered into as of this the 15th day of January 2013 by and between Matthew Vetter (hereinafter “The Instructor”) and ____________________________ (hereinafter “The Student”).

Article 1: General Provisions
1.1: Purpose. The purpose of the Joint Venture shall be as follows: The Instructor and The Student will work together to accomplish the course objectives of English 3840j as stated in the course syllabus. 1.2: Terms of the Agreement. This Joint Venture shall commence on the date written above and shall continue in existence until terminated, liquidated, or dissolved by law or as hereinafter provided.

Article 2: Obligations
2.1: Obligations of the student In order to fulfill the terms of the contract The Student will: 2.11: Major Obligations:  Complete all Major Essays according to the criteria specified by the relevant assignment sheet and turn in all Major Essays and or any constituent parts of major essays by the assigned due dates.  Turn in complete and polished papers for Peer Review for all Major Essays by the assigned due dates.  Write helpful, thoughtful, and clear responses to peer papers according to the directions for individual essays.  Turn in a complete final portfolio of your work with all required materials as indicated on the portfolio assignment sheet.  Avoid any and all discriminatory or derogatory language or behavior. 2.12: Minor Obligations  Complete all reading assignments and be prepared to discuss them in class, bringing all texts, printed articles, and other materials relevant to the reading.  Write thoughtful and reflective responses to all assigned readings and turn them in on time as directed.  Participate in class discussion, group work, and in-class activities and turn in any and all homework or inclass assignments as directed.  Be on time to and attend every scheduled class and be on time to and keep all out of class appointments.  Maintain strict standards of courteous and civil behavior toward all members of the class.

English 3840j, Spring 2013

2.2: Obligations of the Instructor If and when the Student has fulfilled all obligations as specified in article 2.1, the Instructor will submit the Student’s grade for the course as no lower than a B. The Instructor may submit a grade higher than a B if the Student’s writing for the course has been of superior quality.

If the Student fails to meet the terms of the contract in full, the Instructor will submit grades according to the following stipulations:  The violation of any 1 major obligation will lower the Student’s contracted grade from a B to a C. A second violation of any major obligation will lower the contract grade to a D, and a third violation of any major obligation will result in an automatic F for the course. Any 3 violations of any minor obligations, whether of the same or different obligations, will lower the Student’s contracted grade from a B to a C, 3 more such violations will reduce the contracted grade to a D, and any 3 further violations of minor obligations will result in an automatic F for the course.

Superior writing, as assessed by the Instructor, may still improve all grades by one full grade except an F

Article 3: Signatures
The Instructor and the Student do swear that they understand and agree to all articles of the Contract. In witness whereof, the undersigned parties have caused this Joint Venture Grading Contract to be executed on the dates shown below: Instructor Signature: _____________________________________________________Date:_____________

Student Signature: ________________________________________________________Date:_____________

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