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FOREWORD The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy

, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions. The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, while appearing to be pillars of the community, are secret members of the neighborhood swap club. Both Julie Hoover and her son Byron appear to be outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within them lies a powerful taboo desire, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it. THE HOTS FOR MOM-a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems. -The Publisher the hots for mom by Paul Gable CHAPTER ONE "You want to fuck him, don't you? You've always wanted to fuck your own son!" Gloria Hoover cried out at her mother as she beat her fists angrily on the living-room desk. "Don't, Gloria! Your brother's sick," Julie Hoover whispered hoarsely as she felt a flash of guilt shoot through her. "You're the one who's sick! I've seen the way you've been watching him lately. Those big eyes of yours glued to Byron's crotch. Well, I'm going to tell everybody about you. I'm going to tell Daddy!" the young blonde girl screamed out as she ran to the living-room door. "Gloria, please wait a second! I can explain. I-" Julie started to cry out. But the girl had already thrown open the door and run out to the street. "Ohhhh, shit!" the woman moaned as she walked to the door and closed it slowly. Her relations with her stepdaughter were getting worse every day. Now they were taking on an ugly turn-two cunts fighting over the same hot cock. And that hot cock was her own son! Julie bit her lower lip as she tried to control herself. She felt her clit begin to stiffen and quiver like a tightly strung bow as she thought of Byron lying in the room next to her. Her nipples were tight and itching, baking in the confines of her bra as she started to walk back to her son's partially opened bedroom door. Gloria had caught her staring into her son's bedroom while she was squeezing her tits with one hand and fingering her steaming snatch with the other. Julie had thought the girl had left for school already. She should have checked to make sure! But even while her second husband Jim was fucking her early this morning, all she could think of was Byron's hard, muscular body in the room next door. "Mom, is that you?" a deep voice boomed out from behind the door. "Yes. I'm sorry that I woke you up," Julie said guiltily as she completely opened Byron's bedroom door. "What were you and Gloria arguing about? Jesus! It sounded like a real cat fight out there," the boy said a little uneasily from his bed. Julie felt her face flush red as she stared into her son's restless blue eyes. After his father died two years ago,

Byron took over the household completely for Julie and told her that he'd take the place of his father. That's when her snatch started to steam up for the boy. Every day Julie felt her eyes traveling across Byron's massive chest, down his flat; hard belly to the bulge between his muscular, hairy legs. She thought she could see his dark, fleshy cock and balls peeking out from the bottoms of his tight-fitting shorts every now and then. At other times-Julie thought she could feel the heat and sensuality radiating out from her son's crotch every time he looked back at her. "It wasn't anything, honey. Gloria and I just haven't become real friends yet," Julie said, sighing deeply as she walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. "It sounded like a whole lot to me," the boy countered as he reached up with his left hand and stroked her long, silky black hair. Julie felt her skin crawl with excitement as she felt her son's powerful long fingers slip through her hair. It made her cunt flutter more wildly than before. Oh God! Julie thought to herself as she felt her white panties sticking to her crotch. They were damp and sticky, moistened by the cunt-juice that was soaking through her wiry twat hairs. She crossed her legs and pulled her skirt down over her knees as she felt tiny bolts of electricity shoot across her quivery, hot fat pussy-lips. Julie prayed that Byron didn't smell the vaporizing cult-juice that was beginning to drift up to her nose. "It's just that Gloria hasn't gotten used to me as a mother," the woman said as she got up from the bed and walked to the doorway. Julie realized that she couldn't be close to her son alone-not if she didn't want to strip down all at once and wrap her puffy labes around his thick, hot cock. "Well, I haven't gotten used to Jim as a father yet, but that doesn't mean that I have to yell and scream at him, does it?" the boy asked as he moved his right hand over to a bump that was growing between his legs under the covers. "We'll talk about that later," Julie sighed as she started to walk out of the room. "How's your flu? Will you be ready for school tomorrow? I felt your forehead last night, honey, and your fever seemed to be gone." "I didn't hear you come in last night," Byron said a little disappointedly. "I come in on little cat feet like the fog," Julie giggled nervously as she walked into the hallway and toward the living room. Her knees nearly buckled under her as her legs quivered with lust. Rivulets of hot pussy-juice trickled through her thickly matted cunt hairs End slipped past the elastic leg-bands of her panties, Oozing down her well-tapered legs towards her ankles. Jesus! Oh fucking Jesus! Julie groaned to herself as she reached the kitchen doorway. The marriage to Jim Hoover had been a mistake from the beginning. She wanted to give her son a father. And Jim seemed nice enough. He was kind, thoughtful, polite and gentle-far too gentle for her. Jim's idea of fucking was the old missionary position about once a week. Julie didn't consider herself a nympho, but she needed a hot prick stuffed up her pussy at least once a day. Her first husband Chuck loved to plow her twat apart with his thickly veined ten-inch rod every night. Jim barely started tickling her rising clit with his dong, then wound up blowing his load before she could feel the first ripple of pre-orgasmic contractions rip through her

pussy. Then there was Gloria. The girl seemed to have accepted her almost from the beginning. She was tall and pretty with long blonde hair that fluttered like corn silk in the air. Now Julie knew that Gloria's early pleasant attitude was due to her hots for Byron. It didn't take the girl too long to guess that her stepmother was angling for the boy just as hard as she was. "I think I'm going to try taking a shower this morning," Byron called out from his bedroom. "I'm tired of living and smelling like some old invalid." "Be careful. You know how sick you've been for the past week. I don't want you on my hands all year," Julie called out in a quavering voice. She would have waited on him on her knees if she could. The way he looked at her this morning when she walked into his room! Maybe she was imagining things, but Julie thought that there was a definite note of sexual heat in his voice. She'd kept staring into his bright blue eyes as he talked with her until she was hypnotized by her son. Julie so badly wanted to touch the cluster of stray blond hairs that hung over Byron's broad forehead. "Hey, where's the soap?" Byron shouted from the bathroom. "Don't come out. I'll bring it in," Julie shouted as she ran into the kitchen and threw open the right top cabinet nervously. This was the perfect opportunity to see her son naked for the first time since he was twelve. Byron was eighteen now, and Julie was sure that he was swinging a big ten-incher around town. But she had to find out for herself "Just hop in the shower. I'll be right there," she called out as she grabbed a bar of soap from off the cabinet shelf. Goddamn it! Julie said to herself as her fingers grappled nervously with the wrapper. She was so nervous that she couldn't remove the paper from the soap. "Shit!" Julie mumbled in disgust as she tore the wrapper off and started for the bathroom. The sound of the running shower grew louder until it seemed as if there were a waterfall pounding in her ears. Her heart throbbed faster and faster until Julie was sure that it was going to rip through her rib cage. "Byron?" Julie called out from behind the closed bathroom door. There was no answer. "Byron? I've got the soap," she called out loudly as she rapped on the door. Still no answer. What's he doing in there? Julie wondered as she reached up and pushed the door open. Carefully she poked her head around the corner of the doorway and saw Byron standing in the middle of the shower stall with his eyes closed. The water poured over his rippling, muscular body, making his skin glisten as if it were lighted by a million tiny electric lights. The boy was as beautiful naked as she imagined he would be. His blond curly hair was plastered down by the water. Byron had his face lifted to the spray, making his thick neck display its heavy cords. His shoulders were smooth and broad; and his back, loaded with perfectly defined muscles, seemed to beg for her touch. Julie reached out for the wall for support as her eyes traveled downward. She stared as his thick thighs and long legs, knotted with muscles. Long blond hair covered them from top to

He stroked them gently while at the same time he continued to massage his prick. . Its circumcised tip glistened invitingly. I've wanted you so bad. Byron said huskily as he swirled his fingers around his throbbing reddened prick-shaft. "Faster!" Byron cried out as Julie shoved her thumbs under the tight elastic waistband of her shorts and pushed them down to the floor. Mom. Byron. Didn't he hear her pounding and shouting at the door? Or was he just playing. "Come on. letting her tits fly out and fall to her chest as she ran forward towards Byron. "Ohhhhh. Gloria's so steamed that she won't be back for hours. "Ohhhh. Julie ached to take it in her mouth and hold it there. waiting for her to make the first move? Then the boy opened his eyes and slowly turned towards his mother. smiling gently at her while he continued to finger his jerking dong with his hand. She didn't have to drag this out any further. Byron did know what he was doing! "It's okay. Mom." Julie moaned as she reached up automatically with her right hand and squeezed her swollen tits. Shit! I used to listen to you and Jim fucking. She reached down and unzipped her skirt.bottom. feeling its hot smoothness against her tongue. and I'd be jacking off in time to his pumping. Mom. The cock jerked and throbbed in Byron's hand. Take off those clothes so I can see your tits and ass!" the boy groaned encouragingly as he started fingering his cock more frantically now. "Oh." Byron said as he leaned against the rear wall of the shower stall and pointed the mushroom cap-shaped head of his twitching prick at her. pushing it rapidly to the floor. "Mmmmm. I shouldn't say things like that!" Julie suddenly cried out guiltily. Slowly but methodically. "Now you can get the real thing." Byron said hoarsely as he stared at his mother's mammoth tits. God!" Julie cried out as she felt all resistance fall away from her. long cock. "And I'd shoot off just as I heard old Jim moaning out that he was coming. She still had an opportunity to run out of the bathroom and away from her son. Julie wondered what she should do. The woman nearly tore the bottom of her blouse off as she stripped down to her bra and panties. "UNNnngh!" Byron moaned while his hands roved around his heavy. And Jim's off at work." Julie moaned as she riveted her eyes on his balls. Oh God. She reached back and unsnapped her halter. Julie felt her cunt contract so fiercely that she dropped the soap on the floor and nearly crashed down on top of it in surprise." Byron said as he dropped his cock with his hands and reached out to her. "Ohhhhh. "You heard us?" Julie asked as she felt her taut nipples scratch angrily against the stiff material of her bra. yeah. I know you've wanted to get a hold of my cock for a long time. baby. It was more beautiful than Julie had ever thought. If you only knew how many times I used to pretend that Jim was you. Big blue veins spiraled along its length. Did Byron realize that she was standing there staring at him? He knew that she was going to come wandering in with the soap. But what gripped her attention was what Byron was doing with his cock. hanging balls. the boy was running the fingers of his right hand slowly up and down the full length of his thick.

" Julie gasped as she pulled him roughly forward. satiny cock-head. Julie reached up with her right hand and started tugging at his leathery balls while she slid her tongue up. making the piss-slit open slightly. "Ohhhhh. Mom. "Just a sample. A small drop of pre-cum oozed out as Byron closed his eyes and threw back his head in ecstasy. FUCK MOM! SHHIITTT!" Byron groaned. of what you're going to get. Julie closed her eyes and spread her jaws as wide as she could. Byron moaned again and bit into his lower lip. quivering body while Byron's thick hands slowly trailed over the woman's well-rounded ass-cheeks. wet tiles of the shower floor with her knees as the warm water splashed against her upturned face. suck me off!" the boy groaned as he reached up and put his hands gently on her shoulders. clamping down with her lips. rolling partially into the hot. "OHHHH!" Julie cried out as she felt her son's thick cock slide up against the slash between her fat hot outer labes."God. Julie looked up and smiled at her son as she sank slowly to her knees. God!" Byron groaned as he hunched his hips forward and drove his massive prick down until the tip banged against the back of Julie's sucking throat. "UNNNGHHHH!" the boy cried out again as Julie reached out and placed one hand around Byron's muscular thick hips. She felt the hot. Julie slowly slid her index finger up over the crown and began to gently smear the clear fluid around in circles on the boy's stretched. Byron's dick seemed to be getting bigger and bigger as the salty juices started pouring out of the slit and over her tongue. The warm shower water splashed over her hot. Lovingly. Julie pressed the thick rod between her fingers. shit!" Julie answered him as she closed her eyes and ground her firm thighs against his hard. fuck. caressing her son's firm ass-cheeks until her fingers brushed against the fine hairs that poked out from the tight crack in his butt. His hips hunched forward with every gentle squeeze she gave to his fully lengthened prick. I've been waiting for this too long to rush it. steamy hole while his dug his fingernails into his mother's quivering buns. "You goddamned son-of-a-bitch!" Julie groaned out loud as she felt a brain-searing contraction ripple across her full erect clit." Julie said huskily as she stared at her son's thickly veined dong. around and over her son's plunging pecker. "Ohhh. "Ohhhh. muscular groin. At the same time she reached down and began pumping her son's cock slowly with her soft hand. Byron was smiling at her as she grabbed the head of his cock between her thumb and right index finger. "OHHHH. "Turn you on?" the boy asked as he chuckled deeply in his throat. you don't know how long I've wanted to do this. Soon the pre-cum was so thick . As she pressed her thumb firmly against the sensitive underside of her son's stiffened cock. "MMMMMFFFFFF!" Byron cried out in surprise as Julie jammed her mouth against his and drove her tongue past his lips and deep into his mouth. She let her fingers wander over his tough skin. Byron's prick slid over the smooth. honey. Julie hoped that it would take hours before they both came. sensitive pussy-flesh.

she lapped at the big sticky drop and groaned with delight as she tasted its hot. SSSSHHHHIIIT!" Byron cried out as Julie ran her tongue over and over the tough. "Oh God. Julie felt her pussy-walls quiver." the woman moaned. "You're not going to shoot. beginning to thrust his hips forward harder and more rhythmically. "I just want to take as long as I can with you. Then. "NNNNGHHHH!" Byron groaned as he reached down with both hands and wrapped his fingers tightly around his dong." Byron observed as he pushed Julie away from his balls. Mom!" Byron moaned. then contract tightly around the invading finger as her erect clit throbbed crazily. popping his balls deep into her mouth. She hoped he wasn't like her second husband Jim." Byron panted as he relaxed his grip on his dong and smiled at his mother." Byron said. I'm okay. then stuck out her tongue. and Julie noticed that his thighs began to quiver uncontrollably. Suddenly she saw a thick. filling up her mouth as it throbbed wildly with sexual excitement and heat. Gently.kneeling in a shower stall with her son's cock in her mouth. her pussy firing up like an exploding blast furnace. laughing softly as he reached down and caressed her hair with his fingers. "It was a close call. bending forward and sticking out her tongue. "Come on!" Byron cried impatiently as he hunched his thighs forward again. . Julie's nipples twitched and ached for her son's hands. wet crotch. At the same time Julie reached down with her right hand and jammed her forefinger deep into her fuck-hole." Julie cried out as she pulled away from her son's prick. you're as hot as I am. Julie looked nervously at the expanding piss-slit. She took his cock in her hand and shoved it into her mouth." "Ohhhh. "Ohhhhh." the boy said as he grinned broadly and took away his hands. At the same time she reached between her legs and stuck her forefinger back between her swollen. God. aching snatch-lips. dipping into the tight piss-slit. Julie went back to her tonguing. noooo.over her tongue that Byron's prick slid back and forth like a greased piston. That's all she needed. "Ohhhhh. "Oh God. hot and dry! "Don't worry about that.. It was a sign to Julie that she could start sucking again. don't come yet. The woman looked up and pulled away several strands of long black hair that were plastered against her forehead and covering her right eye. are you?" the woman asked in surprise. running her tongue back and forth across her son's cock-head. he shoots and leaves her high. Mom." Julie moaned as she closed her eyes and quickly thrust her head back into Byron's hot. though. wrinkled skin. Julie opened her lips wider. then lowered her head until her mouth was level with his balls. She moaned as she felt her juice-slicked cunt-walls clamp down hard on her invading digits. Julie sucked harder as she felt her son's prick grow and lengthen even more. salty flavor. Her tongue ran in tiny circles over his cock-head. "OHHHH. But she didn't want to rush things. "I'm okay. Suddenly Byron started to breathe unevenly. boom. white wad of cum ooze out of the hole.

" Byron said proudly. "So?" Julie said. Julie flashed a broad smile at her son before she ran for the living-room phone." Byron said as he reached down and picked up his mother. and he knows it." Byron said as he reached up and turned off the shower. "The three of us? I don't think that any public place would be right. I'm expecting a phone call. "Not unless you think I'm going with the swimming coach. Say. pushing her gently out of the shower stall. "Julie? It's Jim. Julie noticed that there was a note of confusion and anger in his voice. I think we'd better have a long talk this afternoon. He's supposed to call today to check up on me. what's that?" Byron said suddenly." Byron said proudly." Julie sighed. I've got Gloria here and she's been saying some pretty weird things about you. wondering why her son was so concerned with a phone call. It was probably a wrong number anyway. "Hey. "Wh-What?" Julie asked uncomprehendingly as she felt her son push her away from his twitching cock. "Jim. I've got Gloria here and she's been . wondering why her son was so concerned with a phone call. "Better answer it. hoping that she could lie her way out of this one. If I'm feeling better. "Girl friend?" Julie asked jealously as she started for the bathroom doorway. Say. "The phone. If I'm feeling better." Jim said determinedly. I'm the best fuckin' senior on the swim team. "Hello?" she said into the receiver as her pendulous tits brushed against the coiled cord. "Julie? It's Jim. it seems that this one was a little stronger than the others." Julie said slightly sarcastically. "Girl friend?" Julie asked jealously as she started for the bathroom doorway. "Well. I'm expecting a phone call. Julie flashed a broad smile at her son before she ran for the living-room phone. "Better answer it. we had another one of our arguments this morning. he wants to come over tonight and talk about the coming meet next month with Hollywood High. and he knows it. pushing her gently out of the shower stall. feeling herself rocketing through the air as electric sensations ripped through her contracting snatch. he wants to come over tonight and talk about the coming meet next month with Hollywood High. Jim always stood up for his daughter "So?" Julie said. It's ringing. I'm the best fuckin' senior on the swim team." Byron said as he reached down and picked up his mother." her husband said.At the same time Julie started strumming her clit like a guitar string. Julie felt her son's prick banging against the back of her throat as she continued to run her tongue sensuously up and down Byron's steely shaft. It was probably a wrong number anyway. "Not unless you think I'm going with the swimming coach. "Hello?" she said into the receiver as her pendulous tits brushed against the coiled cord. He's supposed to call today to check up on me.

"Well. thick legs and the giant hard-on that stood up between them. there wasn't any reason why Byron and she couldn't have theirs. Julie noticed that there was a note of confusion and anger in his voice. you had me scared half to death. "Jesus. you just worry about your own mother right now. If Gloria and her father could have their little talks and secrets. "Say." Byron called out from his bedroom." "Well. Gloria's been hot to fuck me for a long time. his head propped up by two pillows while he continued to play with his twitching dong. Mr." Julie said possessively as she reached back and slammed the bedroom door shut. "I don't know. But this time it could prove disastrous to everybody concerned. Mom. It was an admirable trait-more patents should care the way he did. say about four.saying some pretty weird things about you." Julie said cryptically. Julie thought to herself as she hung up and ran back to the bathroom. just your stepfather who wanted-" Julie began. He was lying in bed. "The three of us? I don't think that any public place would be right. okay. "Okay. how's your son?" Jim asked in an obvious second thought." Jim said. "Byron?" she called out. uh. But the itch and ache were still there. I think we'd better have a long talk this afternoon. "Jim." Jim said determinedly. "Ohhh. feeling his eyes burn into her spongy tit-flesh while hot twat-juice continued to ooze out from between her dark-red slash and drip down her trembling . The heat was temporarily gone from her pussy. Gloria's going back to school. "Seems that Gloria ran down to his office and told him about our little fight. we had another one of our arguments this morning. Jim's call had done that nicely. wasn't it?" the boy asked a little sheepishly. stepping out of the bathroom and looking nervously down the hall. He couldn't have left her hanging like this." Julie said." her husband said." Julie said slightly sarcastically. Excitement. We'll talk about Gloria and her father later." Julie sighed. she was going to forget about that coming meeting between her and Jim." Julie cried out happily as she nearly skipped into her son's room. "Byron. thick prick. "It was about me. begging to be scratched by the boy's hot. "I heard part of it. hon. CHAPTER TWO Julie walked slowly up to her son. Jim always stood up for his daughter no matter what. then noticed that her son was gone. That old sexual heat began to fire up almost immediately as she looked at her son's long. See you around four. it seems that this one was a little stronger than the others." Julie sighed. That would give her and Byron plenty of time to fuck around. automatically looking at the wall clock and seeing that it was only eleven." Jim said quickly as he hung up. Meet me here at the office.. "In here. "Was that Dad?" Byron asked. "No. I've got to check him out now. For a few minutes anyway. hoping that she could lie her way out of this one.

"Just like a good boy. "OHHHHH!" Julie cried out as she lost her balance and crashed forward into the bed. "UNNNNGHH!" she groaned as she felt Byron's nose dig deep into her mushy cunt. hot tit-flesh. He slathered his spittle up the full length of her cunt-lips again as he reached forward and started stroking her spongy. The cool air of the room drifted into her steaming twat. "Squeeze 'em. creating a tornado of sexual lust as her son bent forward and pushed his head hard between her raised legs. driving it gently against her erect clit before he pulled it slowly down her shuddering. "More! More!" Julie begged as she felt her son's fingers move up and rest on the inner surface of her left thigh." Byron joked as he reached over and rolled his mother over on her back. "Hey. I'm not going to take you on standing up!" the boy protested as he pulled her forward. "Right on." Byron said as he watched Julie reach down and start to stroke her clit again. The boy's tongue poked tentatively at her blood-engorged outer labes. She wanted to feel it driving down her fuck-tunnel. wiggling her wet. She groaned. closing her eyes and rolling her head from side to side as she drove the fingers of her right hand deep into her juicing cunt. wanting Byron to stop the foreplay now. "Wow!" Byron commented loudly as he saw her outer snatch-lips quivering with excitement. They were moving upward towards her juicing cunt. "Fuck MEEE! FUCK MEEE!" Julie cried out again. "ARRRGHHHH! DON'T! DON'T!" Julie protested wildly as she felt Byron rub his nose harder and harder against her aching box. "OHHHH. Every time her son squeezed her tits. Squeeze my tits and nipples!" Julie moaned as she closed her eyes. could fuck you in the ass. her crotch fluttered excitedly and a fresh torrent of cunt-juice seeped out from between her reddened cunt-lips. Byron said jokingly as he tightened his grip on her mammoth boobs. but I've got to try your cunt first. steaming box. Mom. "Can't have you jacking off. Julie cried out in delighted surprise as her son pulled her roughly forward. trembling pussy at him like some kind of battle flag.thighs. DON'T TEASE ME!" Julie cried out desperately as she felt Byron's tongue poke tentatively at her puffy labes. mashing her nipples in with his thumbs. meaty prick that was beating against her upturned ass-cheeks. She wanted it stuffed between her quivering twat-lips now. She was getting tired of the delay. Julie hunched her thighs forward as she felt her pussy-walls clamp down hard on her hand. "Mmmmm." Byron said as he reached out and wrapped his powerful fingers around her slender thighs. deeper and deeper until it . Her cunt hairs seemed to bristle with sexual electricity as Julie stood only inches away from her son's flushed face. He slid it up the full length of her twat-lips. She could feel the swollen. I listen to my mom. "Fuck! Fuck!" Julie cried out softly as she pulled up her knees and stretched apart her puffy labes with her hands. aching snatch membranes stretching deliciously as Byron's tongue and nose pushed slowly inward. fuck me!" Julie moaned as she ground her thighs hard together. Now all she could think about was her son's thick. "Ohhhh. "AIEEE!" Julie cried out.

"Fuck me!" Julie cried out in a little girl's 'voice. firm body was covered with a mixture of sweat and water as she writhed on the bed. Julie thought to herself as she screamed and moaned. Julie rubbed the pulsating. like son." the boy groaned deep in his throat.. begging her son to fuck her. Like father. Mom. driving his mother closer and closer to the massive climax that was building deep in her gut. He was nibbling on her tiny spear now. thrashing mother. "OHHH. "I'm going to drive this mother-fucker in you now. The sudden brushing sent shocks of unspeakable pleasure ripping through her snatch and asshole. Byron stared at her nipples. All the while he continued to lick savagely at Julie's puffy labes. throwing her hips up in the air again. SHIT. nose and finger while she wrapped her fleshy legs tightly around his bobbing head. The boy slid his right forefinger past his spearing tongue and nose until it bumped against Julie's clit. They poked angrily into the air as her swollen tits heaved up and down on her panting chest. She used her other hand to spread her reddened pussy-lips wide apart. MOM!" Byron cried as he hunched forward. "Ohhhhh. tiny organ up and down at first. "AIYEEE! AIYEEESE! ARRRGHHHH!" Julie screeched wildly as Byron continued to rub her swollen clit with his forefinger. Then he let it go quickly. "ARRRGHHHH!" Julie cried out mindlessly as she threw her thighs high into the air. but didn't leave her tiny organ alone for one second. impaling her pussy on her son's probing tongue. yessss. It had been almost two years since Julie had felt anything like this. She could feel its callused skin scraping along her slippery cunt-walls. FUCK MEEEE! RAM THAT ROD INTO MY SNATCH! OH SHIIIITTTT! FUCK MEEEE!" "Christ!" Byron cried out as he leaned back and looked at his groaning." Julie moaned. She screwed them deep into the mattress as a series of pre-orgasmic spasms tore through her violated. Julie's slender. purple cock-head over her . down to the bottom junction of her twitching pussy-lips. Byron leaned forward. kinky curls of her juice-saturated cunt hairs. whimpering and begging for her son's prick. then rubbed it across its pointed tip before pushing it down. His balls rubbed against her smooth ass-cheeks as Julie felt the tip of his shaft tentatively poke against her box. sucking pussy. "Ohhh. trailing the tip of his thick tongue along the inner surfaces of her pussy-lips while he toyed with the tight. Byron left off fingering her clit all right. extending his muscular arms and putting them on either side of her shoulders as he bumped the swollen tip of his jerking prick against her steaming hot. He stroked the fleshy. But Byron was too busy eating out his mother to worry about fucking her right now.plowed through to her shit-hole." Byron moaned as he moved his finger slowly over her slick membranes. quivering snatch. letting it spring up into the air before he repeated the process over again. then slamming them back down onto the sweat-stained bedspread. "OHHHH! UMMMM!" Julie groaned as she felt the hot skin of his cock-head rub up against her slick snatch-lips. Jim could never have brought her close to what she was feeling now. She raised her legs even higher and reached between them to grab his cock in one hand. "FUCK MEEE! OH GOD. turned on by Byron's determination.

Byron twisted his body back and forth. That's what she wanted from now on. The young boy sank forward. grinding her thighs deep into the mattress. The spongy. "NNNNGHHHH! NNNGHHH! OH. covering it with a thick layer of the freely flowing snatch-juice as Byron groaned wildly. trapping it deep in her fuck-tunnel. impaling her body on Byron's driving. muscular weight as he drove those final hot. hard. "NOW! FUCK ME NOOOW!" Julie cried out. GODDDD!" she cried out in delight as she felt her swollen snatch-lips stretch apart and clamp over her son's invading cock. GOD! FUCK ME! SHIIIIT! SHIIIT! FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME! UNNGH! WAWWWW WHHHHH! OH. filling cocks slamming into her twat. leathery fuck-sac brush against her upturned ass-cheeks. mushy pussy. This thick prick-head slammed against Julie's puffy labes like a hard. smiling broadly at her. At the same time Byron reached up to squeeze her tits once more between his strong fingers. Mom. Julie groaned with delight as she felt his hot. "Okay. panting wildly as they both absorbed the delicious feeling that comes just at the brink of fucking.soft. GGGODDD! SCREW THE SHIT OUT OF ME! FUCK! FFFUUUCCCKKKK MMEEEE!" Julie screeched as she drove her cunt forward and up. The two of them lay quietly on the bed for several minutes in that position. rotating his sweaty thighs so that his shaft screwed its way deeper and deeper into her squishy pussy. She couldn't believe the deliciously stuffed feeling that was racking her body and mind now. hot cock-head reamed out her sucking hole like a diamond-tipped drill. squeezing her. making it bigger to accept the full length of his thickly veined pole more easily when he decided to ram it completely in. pushing her hard down into the groaning bed with his heavy. "OH. GOD! I CAN'T TAKE THIS! I CAN'T TAKE THIS! FUCK ME NOW! FUCK ME NOW!" Byron opened his eyes and looked down at his begging mother. As the meaty knob slid in. "JAM IT! JAM IT! STICK THAT FUCKING COCK OF YOURS INTO MY CUNT! OOOHHH. FUCKIN' GOD! OHHHH. reaming rod. He crouched over her like an animal ready to pounce on its prey. No more slam-bam-thankyou-ma'am type of fucks for . hunching her thighs forward helplessly. It was obvious that Byron didn't want to bury the full length of his dong into his mother's pussy yet. Julie tossed her head from side to side. She couldn't believe that she'd done without this feeling for so long! It was the best thing in the world-to be fucked like this. "SHIT. MOM! YOU GODDAMNED FUCKER! SHIIITTT!" Byron answered mindlessly as he dropped his head on her tits and drove his prick all the way into her twat. fleshy battering ram. He was reaming out her box. JEEESUS! YOU FEEL SO GOOOOD! YOUR LONG. "Fuck! FUCK!" the boy answered her as he inhaled sharply. rotating his powerful ass slowly in a clockwise direction. Julie's trembling pussy-lips clamped over it." he said softly. Long. STIFF HOT COCK FEELS SO FUCKIN' GOOD IN MY CUNT! OHHHH!" Julie cried out in unspeakable delight. hard inches into her sucking snatch. "ARRRGHHHH! OHHHH. churning the tip of his prick around and around Julie's sucking hole. pushing farther and farther into her gut. Julie groaned as her son obediently hunched forward. then heaving them up to screw her box onto Byron's sinking dick. screwing. then pushed forward with his muscular ass.

delicious contractions that gripped her clit and finally turned into a series of wild explosions that tossed her off the bed. hard come. Soon. It wound up the same way-those long. It was throbbing crazily now as Byron churned and screwed his cock around and round her hot. grabbing the edge of the bed to prevent herself from sailing off into the air. "SOOOO GOOOD!" Julie groaned as she tried to pull her mind together. Julie remembered the long fuck sessions she used to have with Chuck. Loud sucking sounds filled the room as the air grew thick with vaporized snatch-juice and cum. If that was all Jim could do. screwing her slick pussy-walls around the trembling prick as she begged him to fire his load into her snatch. heave. thrash and moan. His body was sliding over hers now on a thick layer of sweat and spittle. leading up to her clit. Her legs spread wider apart so that Byron's jamming prick could slide easily in and out. "OH MY GOD!" Julie screamed as she dropped her hand and dug her head into the mattress. All she could think of was her stuffed snatch and her aching nipples. "FEEL MY BALLS. "NNNGHHH! NNNGHHH!" Byron moaned incoherently. This was it! Her son was about to blow his load deep in her snatch. That big. Gently and softly Julie cupped his balls in her palm as Byron groaned. Blast after blast blew through her quivering snatch as she clamped her cunt-walls down hard on her son's driving cock. MOM!" Byron cried out as he raised his ass and pulled his cock almost fully out of her cunt before he fell forward again and jammed his prick all the way up her juicing snatch. massive series of explosions finally began. NOOOO! NOOOO!" the boy shouted wildly. She could feel the first one go off somewhere deep in her belly. feeling her nipples squeezed tightly between Byron's strong fingers. juice-slicked fuck-hole. His cock was beginning to swell and twitch wildly. The boy's heavy balls slapped noisily against Julie's ass as his breathing grew more uneven with each second. "OHHHH! WAWWWWWHHHH! WAWWWWWHHHHH! WAWWWWHHH!" Julie finally cried out. making it impossible for her to do anything except buck. it was like a series of bombs all strung together. Julie pulled and tugged at the plunging rod. "OHHHHH. then another exploded closer to her cunt. fading into some brightly lit cloud that was gradually surrounding her. The-ripples she was feeling now were only the beginning. Julie looked up and saw the veins standing out in his neck as he tossed his head from side to side. Julie ground her teeth together as she decided to try to make a play for Byron's slapping balls. But now she had Byron-Byron would take care of all her needs if her husband couldn't Her clit felt as if it were going to rip off her body and blow into the air.her. Saliva dripped out of the right corner of his mouth and fell onto her cheek as Byron shuddered crazily. Her pussy was contracting steadily now. sweated and fucked. She felt everything around her disappearing. But spasms of ecstasy were burning out her brain. He could keep screwing her that way. then squeezed her cunt-muscles tightly together. She reached forward and around her upturned thighs until she felt her son's nuts. "OHHHHH!" Julie cried out. . They bounced against her butt with each forward thrust. "FFFUUUCK! FUUUUCCCKKK!" Julie cried out desperately as she tried to grab her son's fuck-sac. fine. Julie bit her lower lip until it bled. gripped in one long.

bucked. And she could feel her son's shooting cock tremble wildly and send out more loads of hot sticky. She realized her son was one hell of a stud. sticky cum explode deep into her cunt. It was more beautiful than it had even been with her first husband! "WAWWHHH! WAWWWHHH!" the two of them screamed. Julie didn't think her snatch could stand another reaming and ramming so soon. but what are you going to tell Jim?" Byron asked a little nervously. "SHIT! SHIIITTT! I'M SHOOTIN' AGAIN!" Byron suddenly cried "out as he banged his powerful thighs harder and harder against her reddening ass-cheeks." Byron said with a wide grin. Wave after wave of orgasm racked her cunt. Mom. A double come! Julie couldn't believe it! She'd read about things like that happening to other people. oozing finally down her trembling thighs to the bedspread below. . God. "It's because you've never had me in your snatch before. shooting cock-meat tightly. jealously as wads of jism leaked out from between her stretched cunt-lips and trickled through the mass of wiry matted pussy hairs. "N-N-NOWWWW!" he screamed suddenly as he drove his prick hard and deep into her trembling snatch."ARRRGHHH! FUCK! SHOOT IT NOW!" Julie screamed as Byron's cock continued to rip through her pulling. "Oh. But three times? Her pussy ached from the double come she'd just gone through. It hammered against her throbbing clit. People don't come twice in a row! Not like this! But there they were. Byron's new load of fuck-juice triggered another series of explosions in her snatch. tugging cunt. "Oh. then ground his groin against her crotch playfully. "No. teen-age jism into her snatch. She could still feel Byron's saliva oozing down her hot tit-flesh. "Maybe so. I don't think I've ever felt anything like that before. slamming down harder and harder as he raised his head and clamped his lips around her stiff nipples. "AIYEEEE! AIYEEEE!" Julie found herself screaming as she felt her pussy blowing up with orgasm again." Julie said as she reached up and dreamily scratched her right titty. lifting up his head and moving it up. "Oh." Byron said. there'll be time for that now. Julie screamed like a madwoman as a tidal wave of contractions crashed over her spasming pussy. But she thought it was something you read about in fuck books. Byron's climax triggered the final orgasm in her pussy. thrashed and heaved together again as the fresh climax gripped the two of them. making her trembling snatch-walls grip Byron's spurting prick as she flailed helplessly and wildly on the bed. "You ready to come again?" Julie asked in disbelief. "Just thought I'd put a scare into you. It held the squirming. moaned. "OHHHH." Julie said as she watched her son slide off the bed and walk towards the doorway. my God!" Julie was finally able to say as she dropped her legs to the bed. "Well. He kissed her lightly on the forehead. The two of them screeched. FUUCCKK!" Julie shrieked as she felt hot jets of scalding." Byron chuckled as he squeezed his powerful ass-cheeks together and pulled his prick out of Julie's slackening pussy. It was as if the entire world was exploding with her as her pussy clenched the boy's cock. Jesus.

Byron's in the shower I think. too. She'd know in a second if the two of them had fucked. I'm sorry I bothered you. Julie had to shake herself to consciousness when she realized the coach was grinning at her. Byron's screwing seemed to have let loose a torrent of feelings that had been tucked away for . "Coming!" Julie shouted as she zipped up her skirt. Mom. "He'll be out in a few seconds. Somebody's ringing the bell. Julie felt her cunt contract as she stared at his broad. he was standing in front of her right now. "That's okay. her mind troubled now by the reference to her husband. then took a good look at who was standing in front of her. I don't know. "Come on in. Would you like some coffee?" "No. 'You'd better get the hell out of my bed and get dressed!" he said as he ran into the bathroom. "She'll know in a minute that. but Gloria was a smart eighteen-year-old. I was supposed to call to see if your son was feeling better. It couldn't be Gloria. There was Gloria." Julie said. A thick. Who could it be? Was it Gloria trying to sneak back into the house to see if anything was going on between her and Byron? If she took one look at that bed. The bell! Julie sighed with relief as she threw on her blouse and pulled up her skirt. But she thought she'd be able to take on his coach without too much trouble! Julie couldn't believe her feelings now. that's nothing-I mean the hair. He was at least a foot taller than Byron. Julie stood in the doorway with her mouth opened." Byron said. It was still wet from the shower-a perfect excuse for telling whoever was at the door why she was a little late in answering it! She was washing it in the kitchen sink while her son was showering. somebody's at the door!" Byron said softly as he ran out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom. broad shoulders. muscular chest that seemed to ripple with vitality and strength." Paul said as he walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. with thick. "Mrs. grabbed a towel and threw it over her head. "Oh. Thick. She stopped. I'm Coach Paul Brown-the swimming coach at Byron's school. then ran to the door and threw it open.Hey. The blue athletic shorts he was wearing were so loose-fitting that Julie could see the man's big. black matting of body hairs was obvious through the thin white cotton short sleeved shirt. tucked in her blouse and straightened her hair."Oh. "And then there's Gloria. hairy balls under his briefs. Hoover. seeming to guess his mother's thoughts. it was all over! "Answer the damned door. Julie felt electric shocks of horror rip through her body as she kicked her bra and panties under the bed." Byron shouted through the bathroom door." she said carefully. I believe?" she heard a man ask as she proceeded to towel her hair dry in front of him. But I thought since I was in the neighborhood I'd stop on by. then started to laugh. Mrs. black curly hair wrapped around the back of his ears. If there was a walking god on earth. "I'm sorry I'm late in answering the door but I was washing my hair in the sink and-" Julie started. The girl's style was more of the climb-through-the-window type. Hoover. "Coming!" she shouted again as she ran into the kitchen. I mean-" Julie began idiotically. What could they do about the two of them? She might be able to fool Jim for a while. Julie watched him spread his hairy legs widely apart as he looked casually around the room. that's okay. Her pussy was still sore from Byron's fucking.

Bertha Moore was forty-three. "Yes. Bertha Moore was insanely jealous of Julie and took every opportunity to needle her. then realized that the tone in her voice was a little too personal. only seven years older than she was. was busily shuffling through some papers when she closed the door with a loud slam.the past two years. Her wrinkled. Bertha. Mrs. She hoped she would. I suppose so. your son's the hope of our whole team. I think you'll see soon enough. I think he should be through with the important matters to see you in a few minutes. "Well. your daughter was in here this morning. I don't want you getting sick again. Julie hated the woman with the same passion she loved her son. looking curiously at Julie." he said. isn't he?" Julie said admiringly. the coach. "Hey. choosing to ignore the sarcasm of the secretary's last remark. puckered skin seemed to match her mind. "Yes." Paul said as he looked proudly at the boy." Julie said formally." Byron said as he tucked the towel he'd wrapped around his waist more tightly around his body. She wondered if the coach had picked it up. "Oh. "Hey. You rest up today and get down there tomorrow." Julie said. Jim's secretary. We've missed you around the pool. Coach!" Byron called out from the living-room doorway. wondering if she would see a lot more of the coach from now on. In a matter of minutes she wanted to throw away her claim to goody-goody housewifery." Bertha said greasily as she flashed her usual thin-lipped smile at her. The meet's just a little while away. smiling at him as he walked out. "What do you mean?" Julie asked. smiling nastily at her." Byron said as he walked back to his bedroom. But the woman looked as if she were going on ninety. Julie stood in the middle of the living room for several minutes. "I mean. I'm sure your mother'll take care of you. of course. buddy! Glad to see that you're up and around. Coach. she seemed highly upset over something. Julie knew now that she wanted to stuff as much cock between her legs as she could." Julie said. "It was pleasant meeting you. Miss Moore. . I hope to see you in the stands cheering him on. "You know. "Don't rush. with Byron the hope of our school." Paul said as he extended his hand and grabbed Julie's. "Oh. Oh. looking pointedly at her. "Maybe I'll be seeing a lot of you. "He's a sharp one. Hoover." Byron said as he smiled at his mother." Paul said ironically as he got up and walked to the door. One look at him and she realized that he had. I don't think we'd have a prayer against Hollywood High without him around our place. kid. I'm going to finish drying off and I'll be down at the pool today. He squeezed it and winked at her. hoping to cover up her apparent nervousness and guilt. CHAPTER THREE It was nearly four when Julie walked into her husband's office. Your husband's busy right now. "He's something else." Bertha said." Bertha said. "Oh?" Julie said in pretended surprise." "Ohhh. You know. "Thank you.

" Jim said uneasily. not the part about Gloria wanting to get ahold of Byron's cock." Jim said. she was a little sorry for what had happened this morning. She'd had enough of the woman's prying. "What?" Julie cried out. That would really burn old Bertha. "I don't believe a word of it. I don't know what more I can do. "Shut the door and come over here. He might believe . Jim?" Julie asked as she sat down." Julie said off-handedly as she sat down in a chair next to the secretary's desk. "I know it sounds pretty wild." Jim said softly." Julie said as she turned slowly from his desk. Have you really tried to make friends with her?" "Jim. She looked at his long black hair slightly streaked with grey. "It's Gloria. she saw that Jim was obviously worried about something. Although he was forty-four. It was too bad he just didn't know how to use them. Gloria thinks that-that you and Byron-well. of course. his forehead wrinkled with worry and his fingers tapping nervously against the top of his desk. "She was even in tears. Hoover will see you now. It was obvious that what was going on in his mind was obviously distasteful to him. get it off your chest." Bertha said with authority. But then Julie wondered what Jim's reaction would be. She prayed that Jim wouldn't notice that Gloria's accusation hit home. When Julie opened the door." Jim said. it shows that something's wrong between the two of you. Normally he was joking and smiling all the time. Julie suddenly felt cheap and guilty before her husband. jumping to her feet and gripping the edge of her husband's desk. "Well. that you and Byron have some kind of thing going. Julie sighed in disappointment. Mrs. still not looking up. Jim worked out at the local gym enough so that his body was muscular and toned like a twenty-year-old athlete. Julie was glad that he didn't. It gave her a chance to compose herself. Maybe she could turn him on-fuck him right in the office." Bertha said. Julie. "It seems that-well. Julie knew that she should tell her husband that Gloria never did like her. Jim-I mean. I don't know what's going on. Now he sat behind his desk. I don't want Bertha hearing everything we say. but she's got some sick idea about you. Hoover. After having fucked her son hours earlier and having met Paul Brown. Julie knew that Bertha had hoped to marry Jim before she came along. and wanted to run her fingers sensuously through it. but still. "Could you see if my husband's ready to see me?" Julie asked impatiently.Julie knew now that Bertha hadn't heard everything and was fishing for information. He was good-looking and apparently a stud-or so he looked. Now looking at him. Julie was sorry that Bertha hadn't won. "Well. leaning forward and staring at Julie." Julie said. And now she suspected that her stepmother was getting all the action-which she was-and she was going to get even with her. Mr. knowing full well what was about to happen. He had a great body and a big cock. I don't know anything about it. All his daughter was interested in was Byron's cock. He wouldn't believe her-at least. looking down at the floor while he twisted his fingers together and breathed unevenly. "Go right inside. especially if she managed to turn on the intercom so that the old bitch could hear the panting and moaning! "What's the matter.

Now he looked like some kind of animal. Julie realized that there still might be a chance for the two of them to make a go of their marriage. "I think we've said all we're going to. "I haven't given you a really good fuck since we've been married. Julie was surprised at this sudden aggressive act. Julie thought she could hear a groan of disappointment coming from behind the door." Julie said disgustedly as she walked towards the door. Whenever she was any from Jim. Julie looked down and noticed that familiar growing bulge between his legs. Her . Julie had to admit to herself that she loved Jim in spite of his handicaps. "You always take Gloria's side and don't bother to listen to me. Even when they'd screwed before. And now this wild-I won't even say anything more about it.. He was a good provider and could be a good father to Byron. probably on her knees with her ears pressed against the door. Julie." Jim said huskily as he pulled her hand away from the knob. Well. It was incredible! She was practically being raped by her own husband in his office. he always seemed calm. he might want a divorce. she always considered leaving him. If he did. wait a second." Jim said as he jumped up from his desk and grabbed her by the right arm.the part about her and Byron. But we always wind up screaming at one another. "MMMMGFFF!" Julie cried out as she felt Jim's thick tongue slam past her front teeth and flutter nervously inside her mouth." Jim whispered huskily as he walked slowly towards her. But at the same time. Jim was completely changed. "Well. "God yes. She felt her body swaying as it seemed to melt from excitement. Her nipples scraped sensitively against her bra. "Hey. Spontaneity just wasn't one of his characteristics. That might be a blessing in disguise. She wanted him wildly. not wanting to hurt her husband's feelings. "Come here. The look excited her beyond belief. Julie would give her something to listen to! "Lock the door. And Bertha was standing guard outside. So what? Julie thought to herself. You'd think you were married to your own daughter instead of me." Julie said a little coldly as she started to open the door. in complete possession of himself. "Have you tried talking with her?" Jim asked. It was as if she were with another man. Jim was very deliberate about all his acts. For all his good traits. " Julie began. hon. I want to fuck you like I've never wanted to fuck anybody before in my life." he said huskily as he bent his head down and clamped his lips hard to hers. But when she was with him. have I?" Jim asked as he grabbed her boobs with both hands and started kneading them gently but firmly.. "Baby. "Afraid that old Bertha's gonna come in here?" he asked as he turned and flipped the lock. though. "That's gonna change now. Normally he wouldn't have been that spontaneous. She started walking towards him and noticed that her clit twitched wildly with every step she took. Even his face seemed changed." Julie moaned as Jim pulled away from her and smiled broadly. "What are you doing?" Julie whispered hoarsely as Jim wheeled her around and started fumbling for her tits. looked at him in complete amazement. It seemed to ripple with an excitement and sensuality that Julie had never seen on it." she said sullenly.

but a good inch to two inches longer than her son's.blood shot though her veins and arteries in a flood of wild lust. closing her fingers around Jim's long hard-on. She was so hot for his cock and balls now that she'd be willing to fuck him in the middle of Hollywood and Vine. "Oh. yessss!" Julie whispered hoarsely. "Jesus!" he moaned. she nearly went out of her mind. "Like what you see?" she said teasingly as she reached up and squeezed her mammoth tits. God!" Julie hissed. Their stiffened nipples pointed directly at Jim. A twelve-inch cock rammed in her cunt! It was what every girl dreamed of. pulling it forward until her slender fingers brushed against his twelve inches of lava-hot cock-meat. the old girl was going to get the show of her life right now! While Jim was pulling his shirt and pants off. "CHRIST. "You just watch me. Almost immediately his rod popped out of his pants and jerked crazily up and down in the air. babe?" Jim asked as he shoved his pants down to the floor. When Julie had first seen it. rubbing it up and down the full length of Jim's steaming prick. hoping that he would throw away any objections she might have. then unzipped his pants quickly. He was apparently about to show her what his cock was worth in spades.fingering herself? Well. Julie reached over and flipped the intercom to the "on" position. It did seem bigger than she'd remembered it! Jim's prick was thinner than Byron's. "Here?" Julie asked. Now. heaving his powerful thighs forward as Julie stroked his mammoth dong faster and faster. The hot flesh throbbed under her touch while drops of jism flowed out from his piss-slit and oozed onto her massaging fingers. I want to see your cock now. Julie used the cum as a lubricant. Julie giggled as she flashed a quick look at the door. Her flat belly heaved with passion and excitement. "Where else?" Jim asked as he reached forward and took her right hand. spinning around and tugging at . She panted at him like a bitch in heat. God." Julie said as she unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra." Julie groaned again as she stopped just in front of her husband. "Oh. "Oh. "I want to fuck the brains out of you. She felt the hot liquid pushing through her kinky cunt hairs in increasing loads as her labes grew puffier and hotter with each passing second." Jim whispered huskily as he pointed to the leather couch next to his desk. "Coming. "FUCK! FUCK!" Jim moaned. She wondered what Bertha was doing." Jim hissed between his lightly clenched teeth." Jim was so different that she imagined his cock harder. JULIE!" Jim cried out. babe. closing his eyes and obviously giving himself completely up to his wife's massaging. "Take it out. "I WANT IT!" Julie almost screamed. "Let's move over there. hotter and fatter than it had ever been. Jim smiled. but didn't seem to know what to do with it. Then it turned out to be a dud. Julie. Jim. God. Julie guessed that he'd been reading up on what to do. "Oh. Her hand jacked up and down while she felt a fresh torrent of cunt-juice ooze out from between her puffy outer labes and soak through her panties. Jim always managed to get it stiff." Jim groaned as he lowered his right hand down to his bulging crotch and squeezed the growing protrusion gently between his legs.

"Then take it. The two of them groaned and growled loudly. "Ohhhh!" Julie cried out in pretended surprise as Jim tore her skirt off her. each one shooting closer and closer to climax. "I'd kill for that cunt!" Jim cried out as he leaped wildly at her. Julie held her breath as she felt Jim's lips brush across the taut. babe. Eaten out twice in one day! She couldn't . thick tongue slurped up and down between her heaving jugs. slurping at her swollen tit while he squeezed her thighs almost angrily with his hands. I want to feel your balls banging against my ass. Jim. hovering over the tough. I can take care of that. brown nipple of her right tit. Jim stared at her for a few seconds. At the same time Julie reached down and wrapped her fingers around Jim's jerking cock. Easy. "Easy. "I want to feel you all over me. Julie kicked them into the corner. He worked his way past her sunken navel up into the crevice between her thunderous tits." Jim said as he pulled his mouth away from her sore nipple with a loud pop. honey. fuck!" Jim groaned as he ran up to the couch and jumped between her widely spread legs. Julie-let go of my cock. You keep pumping away like that and I'm going to shoot all over you. Julie. "Oh. Her hand glistened with the hot. milking it frenziedly with one hand while she rolled his hot balls from side to side with the other. or I swear I'll come!" Jim warned again. dipping her forefingers into her hot fuck-hole occasionally to relieve the almost unbearable ache that was gripping her clit and cunt. Julie thought of Byron. Julie let go of the cock reluctantly. You've never turned me on like this before. sticky cunt-juice that poured freely out of her hot box. Suddenly she felt his mouth leave her tits and inch over to the nippled end of one boob." Julie said as she shoved her hands under the tight waistband of her panties and pushed them down to the floor. "Come on up. "NOOO! NOOO!" Julie groaned as she felt Jim's teeth dig down suddenly onto the hard skin while his tongue lashed back and forth over her nipple." Julie gasped. I want to feel that long dick of yours in my snatch." Jim said as he lowered his head and moved backward until his mouth was even with her horny cunt. Christ. "Oh. Then it brushed back again. "Hey. Oh my God! GOD!" "For Christ's sake. She stroked her sensitive flaps gently wit her fingertips. and sincerely hoped that Jim wasn't too serious about that statement. Jim's knees brushed the upper inner surfaces of her sweating thighs as he leaned forward and ran his tongue up her naked belly. Julie spread her legs as far apart as she could to let her husband inch up towards her steaming snatch. "MMMMGFFF!" he cried out. brown skin for a second. moving her hands down to her puffy labes. "UNNNGHHHHH!" Julie cried out as Jim's smooth. massaging his throbbing prick with his right hand while Julie ran her fingertips lightly over her furry muff. Jim stared at the juice-soaked white material of his wife's panties. then slid past her panting husband and sat down on the couch.her zipper." Julie said huskily as she swung her legs around and laid back on the couch. The dark stain between her legs seemed to grow bigger with every passing second as she traced her fingertips lightly across her belly and down to her crotch.

Julie heaved her ass-cheeks high in the air as she felt a series of tit-sparking contractions tear through her aching pussy. FUCKIN' JEEESUS. She never believed that her husband's cock could feel so good. sparking crazily as Jim's tongue flicked teasingly at her frazzled cunt hairs. bulbous cock-heed shoving deep inside her hot hole. hot. She could feel her sweaty ass-cheeks sliding back and forth over the slippery hot leather underneath as Jim pushed his head between his wife's silky thighs. fleshy lips as he jammed his pointed tongue into her trembling twat. Her snatch spasmed wildly as Jim's heavy. She locked her legs around his neck and shoved his face against her cunt in an explosion of lust. She felt that familiar unbearable itch gripping her quivering clit. Julie. He rubbed his hands across her spongy." Jim moaned as he pulled his head out of her mushy snatch and slid up on the couch until his slippery fat cock-head rubbed against her steaming pussy. He sank his teeth into her swollen. impaling her twitching cunt on Jim's driving cock. "Christ. "WAWWWWHHH! ARRGH!" Julie cried as she felt Jim's mouth close over her snatch. blood-engorged dick jammed deep inside her gut forever. "UNNGHHH! UNNGH!" Julie screeched incoherently. honey?" Jim grunted as he continued to push his prick deeper and deeper into her hot. "Aiyeeee! AIYEEEE! OHHHH. Julie rotated her ass the other. flailing her legs wildly in the air before wrapping her thighs tightly around her husband's heaving body. He nuzzled his lips through the tight black curls on her snatch and opened his mouth wide. She was getting the experiences of a whore at the price of being a housewife! Julie stretched her thighs even wider apart and threw them high into the air. She didn't want to let go of his cock. NOW!" Jim cried out suddenly. FUCK MEEE! FUCK MEEEE!" Julie begged desperately. throwing back her head and digging it into the leather couch as she tossed her quivering thighs higher into the air. Her snatch-lips vibrated furiously as she waited for Jim to squeeze his powerful ass-cheeks together and drive his rod deep into her sucking hole. He lowered his head and started to flick his tongue against her fully erect nipples. Their hot. She wanted to have that thick. reaming out her steaming twat. "Jimmy! JIMMMYYY! FUCK ME NOW! OH FUCKIN' JEEESUS. hot pole sank deeper and deeper into her juice-slicked fuck-tunnel. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Julie screeched. Julie felt her spasming cunt-walls contract suddenly. "Like it. JIM! I LOVE IT! OH. I LOVE THAT!" Julie cried out. Julie was thrashing and twisting and bucking her ass up to his face while she felt his tongue sliding slowly across her throbbing clit. Julie closed her eyes and clenched her teeth tightly together as she felt Jim's smooth. sweaty bodies slid over one . "OHHH GOD! GOD. tossing her head from side to side. "Oh my God! GODDDD!" Julie answered. babe? Like it. KEEP THAT UP! OHHHH.believe her luck. Julie shoved upward. sucking hole. dark-red gash of her snatch. gripping her husband's driving prick like a fleshy vise. Julie watched in fascination as her husband closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Her pussy seemed to be wired electrically. Electric flashes of unutterable pleasure shot through her pussy to her asshole and back again as Jim began to chum his ass. While Jim screwed his ass one way. mammoth tits before he positioned his prick-head directly over the hot. "NOW BABE.

Julie noticed that her husband's breathing was growing irregular as he started sucking first at one tit. blood-swollen clit. hairy groin sliding and slipping over her sensitive puffy labes was rocketing her closer and closer to climax. His balls slapped noisily against her reddening ass-flesh as Julie's tits bounced and quivered with each forward thrust. He was ramming her cunt wildly now.another with loud sucking sounds as Jim's prick swirled. then the other. "MORE! MORE!" Julie begged in a throaty whisper. Julie was so worked up that she wanted her husband to bite hard into the flesh. "Julie. flicking one finger over her erect. Then he let go. crushing the brown sensitive skin with his body as Julie tightened her arms around his chest and dug her head into the couch. She couldn't get enough of her husband. plunged. hard flesh." Jim said quietly as he pulled his mouth off her nipple with a loud pop and moved his face to the center of her chest. SHOOT THAT JIZZ IN ME! OH. slamming his groin against her snatch like a piston out of control. F-FFFFFUUUCCCKKK!" Jim suddenly drew in a sharp breath and slammed his groin against her violated pussy like a giant battering ram. JIM! OH. "I'm gonna come soon. "Easy babe. "F-F-FUUUUCKKKK MEEEEE!" the woman shrieked again as Jim suddenly squeezed her fat. occasionally moving them slightly to the right to toy with the juice-slicked hairs of her swollen muff. "OHHH. Julie loved the feeling of Jim's big. Julie began to match Jim's bucking. The sensation of Jim's hard. GOD. "ARRRGHHHH! UNNGHHHH!" Julie cried out in desperation as she locked her ankles behind Jim's neck and heaved upward with all her might. hot inch of her husband's cock. "NOOOO!" Julie wailed as Jim slid his hands down to her snatch-lips and started playing with the fleshy labes. hot lips. to rip it off her swollen." Jim moaned as he wrapped his thick lips around her right nipple and started sucking wildly at the brown. . sweaty chest against the hard nipples of her tits. wet snatch. sweaty breast and spit it into her face as he clawed at her quivering clit. moving quickly to the other tit and repeating the same action. swallowing every hard. pushing his hairy. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Julie whispered hoarsely as she shoved her ass up again and again. hairy hot balls dangling down and slapping her upturned ass." Jim cooed. and she arched her back involuntarily as a series of brain-searing contractions raced through her hot. She felt her flaps quiver and twitch uncontrollably as he ran his rough fingers slowly up and down. God. He collapsed completely on top of her. Oh. "UNNGHHH! OHHHH. flicking his tongue over the spongy mass as he could and sinking his teeth slightly into the mouth-entrapped tit. he was going to jack her off while he was fucking her and biting her tits! "AIYEEE!" Julie screeched again. She didn't know how much longer she could last. FUCK MEEEE!" Julie cried out as she finally felt Jim's balls rub gently against her upturned ass-cheeks. He drew as much of the hot flesh of one jug into his mouth as he could and sucked hard. FUCK. At the same time Julie felt her husband reaching down between her legs. It spasmed wildly. still screwing her ass in opposite rotation to her husband's groin-grinding. The two of them continued to twist and rotate their asses like two giant screws rubbing against one another. churned and dug deeper and wider into the woman's twat.

"Coming! Coming!" Jim groaned as he dug his fingertips into Julie's sweaty thighs and slammed his cock forward with one massive thrust. "ARRRGHHHH! OHHHH!" Julie wailed as she felt Jim's cock suddenly swell up and quiver inside her snatch. She felt his hot prick-meat explode wildly inside her mushy pussy. Julie groaned as wad after wad of sticky, hot thick jism fired deep into her twat. The heat, the groans, the friction, the hot, wet feeling of male cum spattering against the spasming slick sides of her pussy were too much for her. She felt herself rocketing off the slick leather couch and sailing high into the heated air as the first massive spasm swept over her twat. "ARRRGHHH! OHHHH, N-N-OOOO! UNNGRHH! UNNNGHHH! UNGH!" Julie shrieked mindlessly as she tossed her thighs into the air and drove her exploding pussy hard against Jim's hard crotch. Wave after wave of climactic spasms tore through her body as she screamed, moaned and whimpered in happy ecstasy. "SCREAM IT OUT, BITCH!" Jim cued as he slammed his cock again and again into her tearing, clawing pussy. "UNNGHH! AAHHGG!" the woman groaned again as she felt her snatch walls tighten up and snap tightly around Jim's cum-spewing cock. "Fuck! What are you doing? What-?" Jim cried out as Julie smiled up at him and milked his firing prick with her snatch-walls. Julie always knew that she had five fingers that could act like a cunt, and a cunt that acted like five fingers. But her husband had never really tried her out. Now he was experiencing his wife for the first time in the sack. And Julie could tell that he was impressed. "UNNNGHHH! UNNGHHHHH!" Julie finally groaned as she felt the last contraction rip through her aching pussy. At the same time she noticed that Jim had fired the last wad of jizz from his cunt-embedded cock and was fighting to get back his breath. "God, babe!" he gasped as sweat dripped off his forehead and splashed on Julie's glistening jugs. "You look a little tired," she said, smiling up tenderly at her husband and squeezing her snatch around his softening prick one more time. "Jesus! I never guessed-" Jim began, then stopped as he bent 'down and kissed her passionately. "Well, neither did I. Let's face it, Jim. You've never been too great to me with something like this," Julie said sourly as she thought of her son. "I know, honey. The business-well, lots of things have been happening, but-well, I promise you that things are gonna be different from now on," Jim said as he hunched his hips up and pulled his limp prick out of Julie's slackening pussy. "I'd better get dressed," Julie said, sliding off the sweat-coated couch and moving quickly to her husband's desk, flicking off the intercom before he noticed that it was on. Wonder if the old bitch got her kicks? Julie said to herself as she popped her mammoth tits back into her bra and stepped into her wrinkled, juice-saturated panties. CHAPTER FOUR "Take care, honey. I'll be home later tonight," Jim called out from the office as Julie closed his door quietly behind her. As she stepped out into the office, she noticed that Bertha's hair was mussed, and there was the distinct smell of hot, vaporized snatch-juice, that hung heavily in the air.

So, the old bird's got a little life in her yet! Julie thought to herself as she smiled at Bertha. "Sorry to take so long, Bertha, but my husband and I were-uh, talking over some problems," Julie said, wanting to rub the sex scene into the older woman's nose as much and as sorely as she could. "Y-Yesss, I'm sure," Bertha said unevenly as she grabbed a steno pad and tried to stand up. "Oh, you look a little faint," Julie said, noticing that the secretary was staggering as she tried to move from behind her desk to the door that led to Jim's office. "No, I'm fine," Bertha protested, trying to shove Julie away from her. "Oh!" Julie cried out in surprise as she looked down and noticed that Bertha's nylons were soaked through with cooling snatch-juice. "Well, I hope you're feeling better," Julie smirked as she spun around and walked out of the office. Julie could still feel Jim's jizz sloshing around in her pussy as she opened her car door and climbed in. She didn't know what had gotten into her husband, but she wasn't going to ask any more questions about it. Jim had suddenly turned into a super stud, and she was going to take advantage of the conversion. As Julie turned into the driveway of her home, she noticed Byron sitting on the front steps of the porch, wearing just a pair of swim trunks. Julie couldn't believe it, but her pussy was firing up again! She guessed that Jim's fucking wasn't all that great if she could be horny again in ten minutes-and horny for her own son! "Hi, Mom!" Byron said, running up to the car and practically pulling her out of the driver's seat. "Byron! Wh-What's all the excitement about?" Julie asked, noticing that her son's eyes sparked with enthusiasm and vitality. "I beat my fastest time in the pool by thirty seconds!" Byron practically shouted out. "That means I'm the fastest guy on the whole swim team-and probably in the whole fuckin' city!" "That's wonderful!" Julie cried out, feeling a flash of maternal pride sweep over her body. "Come on. Let's go in the house and celebrate," Byron said as he reached down and grabbed her right hand in his. Julie felt her pussy flutter and her clit poke up slowly but steadily from its fleshy resting place as she thought of the kind of celebration her son had in mind. "I saw your father today," Julie said as she shut and locked the living-room door behind her. "Oh?" Byron said. Julie noticed a note of disappointment and jealousy in his voice. "You know, you and Gloria are going to have to get used to the fact that Jim and I are married-husband and wife," Julie said in a businesslike tone. She hated to use this kind of voice toward her son. But he had to realize that she was a married woman. He couldn't keep trotting after her all the time like some sort of love-sick puppy. People-especially Jim-would begin to notice. It wouldn't take him too long to realize that what his daughter told him was, in fact, true. Now Julie cared whether or not her husband knew about her and Byron. She wanted to keep Jim as her husband. "Oh, I know," Byron said sullenly. "But that doesn't

mean that I have to like it," he said, hanging his head down as he walked to the couch and crashed on it. "Come on, honey, let's see a big smile," Julie said consolingly as she walked over to her son and put her right hand gently under his chin. "It's just that I guess I'm gonna have to get used to sharing you," Byron said as he looked up at her. "Oh, God!" Julie groaned as she looked into his eyes. For a second there was a silence so deep that it was painful to both of them. Julie stared directly into her son's restless blue eyes and was completely hypnotized by those deep, watery pools. She wanted to grab him again. She wanted to clamp her lips tightly to his, to grind her labes against his thick, hot cock while he reached back behind her thighs and started to knead her firm, creamy ass-cheeks. "Come on, Mom," Byron said as he stood up and wrapped his hands around his mother's waist. "No, your father-" Julie started to say. "Fuck Jim," Byron said angrily. "I did-today-in the office," Julie admitted as she bit her lower lip nervously. Byron stopped his fingering and looked closely at her. Suddenly, he broke out into wild laughter. "What's so funny?" Julie asked nervously. "It's I-just th-that-that you f-fuck the f-f-father, t-then fuck the s-s-son. Oh, my God! You're really busy, aren't you?" Byron said as he continued to hold her lightly. Julie first started to laugh with him, then realized that her son was more angered than amused by what she'd told him. It was angry laughter, and it was scaring her. "Stop it!" Julie cried out as she tried to struggle free of her son's tight grip. "Like hell I will," Byron said angrily. "Please!" Julie pleaded. "Your father's going to get home any minute. If he sees us like this-" she started. "Maybe he'd like to join us then. The three of us. Hey, that'd be a good one. Maybe we could get a foursome going-you know, like bridge," Byron said as he started dragging her back to the living-room couch. "Oh, God, don't, honey. Oh, Christ, if he sees us!" Julie wailed as she felt her son's grip tighten with every passing second. She looked into Byron's eyes and saw that he was determined to fuck her. But it was going to be an angry fuck-almost a rape. He was going to get back at her and Jim for having cheated on him! Julie couldn't believe it! "Fuck him-oh, that's right, you've already done that," Byron gasped as he threw his mother onto the couch and stepped back. "God!" Julie said out loud as she stared at the massive bulge that protruded from her son's legs. She should have been nervous or frightened. Julie had never seen Byron act this way. It was almost as if she were going to be fucked by a madman. Yet this kind of attitude seemed to be turning her on. Her nipples were beginning to bake in her bra, and her pussy was beginning to rumble. It was contracting gently, begging her to shut up so that her son could get on with it and jam his prick up her snatch. "You really want this cock, don't you? You've just gotten through screwing your husband, and you can't wait to wrap your legs around your son's bod to stick his prick up your snatch!"

Even though she was afraid of this new attitude in her son." Byron said as he started to slide his skin-tight white trunks down his muscular thighs. Julie noticed it. she said playfully as she stood up and walked slowly and sensuously over to her son. "Come over here and find out. It made her tits tingle and cunt twitch as she moved to within a foot of her son. Julie noticed that he was carrying something behind his back. Whatever was in his mind must have worked itself out. "Just get ready for the ramming of your fuckin' life. his lips twisted cruelly into a sneering smile. running his tongue along the deep crevice between her heaving tits. if there's something you've never tried before. backing away. "For God's sake. I've got a little news for you. Shit. "I think I'll try to take whatever it is you've got there away from you. . "UNNGHH!" Julie cried out. Byron moved his head forward and opened his mouth.Byron said. you're full of little surprises. She heard her son run into his bedroom and open one of the bureau drawers. As her tits flopped noisily down to her chest. He was still angry. finally unhooking her bra and pulling it roughly off his mother's chest. "Well. "Bitch!" he answered. Julie couldn't help licking her lips in excitement. relaxing as she ran her fingers across her swelling titties. and then you lay that little announcement on me. Byron's glistening skin bristled with excitement and electricity. and was going to take it out on her pussy with that thing! "Bet you want more!" Byron said huskily as he threw the dildo onto the couch and held her with both hands. not the sadist of a few seconds ago. she wanted him to fuck her. He was obviously searching for something. She couldn't help the steamy sensation that gripped her boobs and cunt." Byron said as he suddenly bolted from the living room into his bedroom. Through the white material she could see the distinct outline of her son's hard prick and steaming balls. Buttons flew into the air as she felt him fumble for the clasp of her bra. "Don't hurt me!" she wailed as Byron tugged and pulled wildly at the stiff material. "Where are you going?" Julie asked as she spun around the couch anxiously. honey-" Julie begged. "OHHHH!" Julie cried out as Byron ripped her blouse open suddenly." Byron said as he walked back into the living room. "You're gonna get something new today-that is. Byron was holding a thick. realizing that her son's sweet attitude was just a cover-up. "What's that?" she asked as he walked in front of the couch again. "This is what I've got!" Byron practically shouted. Julie smiled. She smiled more broadly now. twelve-inch plastic dildo in his left hand while he reached out and grabbed her around the waist with his right! "Let me go!" Julie cried out. "My God!" Julie cried out." Byron said sullenly as he trailed his fingertips across the waistband of his swim trunks." Byron said coyly as he stepped back from her and purposely hid whatever was in his hand from her. This was the old Byron. "Fuck God! I can't wait until you get home to tell you my news.

She wanted to feel her son's rock-hard prick with her slender fingers. She thought she would go out of her mind when she felt his tongue flick lightly over the hard. erect right nipple. hot cunt-juice seeped through the kinky curls of her cunt hairs and oozed down her trembling legs. "ARRGHHHH!" Julie shrieked. sensuous lips move closer and closer to her aching. Then Julie felt him inching his hands forward. "Oh. moving her hands slowly across her heaving tits and pinching her large. closing her eyes and . Julie ground her quivering thighs together.Just the touch of Byron's thick. fuck meeee!" Julie groaned. slipping his fingers under the elastic waistband of her sheer panties and running his hot. She ground her ass-cheeks deep into the couch and ran her fingers up and down her swollen. shit! You want to suck this cock?" her son asked as he reached down to his groin with both hands and rubbed the sides of his bouncing prick lightly with his palms. Julie lost her balance and crashed down onto the living-room couch as Byron slid his thumbs under his swim trunks and slid them down to the floor. outer cunt-lips as Byron stared hotly at her." she cried out. you're hurting me. "Oh. erect brown flesh. "Easy. rubbing his groin against her body as he slid her skirt down to the floor. Gloria and her son's jealousy. "Cock! Cock!" was all Julie could say as she stared at her son's huge cunt-plugger. "OHHHH. Julie finished the operation by pulling away slightly from her son and stepping out of her wet briefs. half-dollar-sized nipples between her fingers. She wanted her son to rip those briefs off so that she could feel his hot groin against her snatch. Julie moved her legs slightly and could feel the damp material of her panties clinging to her juice-saturated cunt hairs. milking the slippery edges of her hot. Byron seemed to guess what she wanted. Her cunt-walls banged together as Byron moved his right forefinger slowly up and down her outer labes. fat labes together as new torrents of fresh. Mom. powerful fingers up and around her firm ass-cheeks. pulling his finger out and sliding her panties down to her knees. "Fuck! Well see how you can handle this. Julie licked her lips again. baby. God. "Beg for it!" Byron said nastily. God. God!" Julie wailed. "Ohhhhh!" Julie moaned again as she felt her son's thick. "Oh. did you?" Byron shouted into her ear. "Unnngh!" Byron moaned again. "Get out of those fuckin' clothes. "OHHH!" Julie cried admiringly as she watched her son's long prick jerk free from the material and twitch angrily in the air. "Oh. wow!" he groaned. "Cock! Cock!" Julie cried out again." Byron said as he shoved her back. JEESUSS!" Julie screeched as the boy slipped the digit just into her hot hole." Byron moaned. sliding them closer and closer to her fluttering flaps. She wished that he'd take off his swim trunks. hot wet tongue was enough to make her forget about Jim." Byron groaned as he reached down and fumbled for the zipper to her skirt. "You didn't think about hurting me this afternoon. "Oh." he panted. arching her back and thrusting her tit hard against his face while she spread her legs apart. "Oh. rubbing his bulging groin against her pussy as he clamped his lips around her stiffened right nipple again and sucked away like a vacuum cleaner.

" Julie gasped. But this kind of lovemaking was almost as if he were fighting some kind of war with her." Byron panted as he broke away from her for a few seconds. He probed her armpits with his tongue. I know you're hot. then walked to the couch and sat down next to his mother. He kept sucking and licking her sunken belly-hole. fighting back with her own tongue until the two of them were sloshing and slobbering in each other's mouths. but take it easy. "Why not?" the boy panted. hot hole. "Teasing! Don't like teasing. He started licking her neck. Julie was at first frightened by her son's new aggressiveness. "Oh. driving his tongue through her teeth and deep into her sucking. itching tits." Byron said. NOOO! P-P-PLEASE!" Julie cried out. hot mouth. "OHHH!" Julie groaned appreciatively as she wrapped her arms around Byron's neck and drew him back down to her. Slowly. There was no use struggling against it." Byron whispered in her ear. "UNNGHHH!" Julie cried out. "You'll have to get to like it. her twitching clit. no matter what you do to me. and her son's big. rolling from side to side on the couch as she heaved her thighs high into the air.heaving her snatch into the air as she rolled her nipples lightly in her trembling fingers. DON'T DO THAT!" she begged. reaching down and stroking her quivering snatch-lips with his right forefinger. "OHHHH. then opened his mouth and flicked his tongue in and out of her ear. digging down into the hair that poked from under her arms before he moved back up and licked the tops of her tits lightly. "I want your cock!" she moaned. sliding lower while he tongued her shoulders. She could only speak in short phrases now. FUCK. "You got it. God! Fuck. Julie didn't mind it. Then he started inching down towards her navel. and it was demanding that she sit tight and wait until her son got through plugging her mushy cunt with his prick. Well. I love you. Byron smiled broadly. moving her hands slowly down to her snatch and dipping her fingers in and out of her juicing. She couldn't get away even if she wanted to. He was never a person to sit back and let her do all the work. "Ummmgggfff!" Julie moaned as she relaxed and began to enjoy Byron's battle. she responded to her son's insistent tonguing. smiling down at her before he started sliding back to her belly. churning balls. GOD. "Easy. but Byron didn't listen to her. She could feel Byron's hot. DON'T EAT MEEE! OH. "OHHH. Her son's tonguing and fingering were making her into a giant fuck-machine. . lifting the skin high into the air and deep into his mouth while he continued to finger her spasming cunt. Her snatch seemed to have a mind of its own. blood-heavy pole rubbing against the dark gash between her puffy labes as he slid back up to kiss her lightly on the lips. "One more time. Mom. thick hot prick and his heavy. Mom. tonguing and digging into it until Julie thought she was going to shoot off the couch and come that instant." Byron said huskily as he reached over and pushed her down hard onto the couch. He pressed his lips hard against hers. All she could think of now were her aching. Then Byron clamped his lips around it and sucked hard." Byron said softly as he backed off for a few minutes. "OH. NOOO!" Julie groaned as he stopped at her navel and drove his tongue into it.

"Why not? We've got better shades in there to keep out prying eyes. the way you've been churning around on that couch. and in his own stepfather's bed to boot! . "I'm gonna lick you right into the biggest come you've ever had. Julie only wanted to feel that incredibly satisfying sweep of orgasm tear through her body. then breaking out into laughter. "No. "AIYEEE! WAWWWHH! OHHHH! OHHH! FUCK! FUCK! JEEESUS! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCCCKKK MEEEE!" "Hey. And I'm not sure I saw anything. I might have thought I saw little green men. He was going to prove to her that he was better than his stepfather. looking suspiciously at the window. no! I don't want to come that way! I-ARRRGHHH!" Julie screeched as she felt Byron's chin brush against her outer labes. "Wh-What's the matter?" Julie stammered. Besides." Byron said huskily. I said I only thought that somebody was peeking in. God!" Julie cried out. Julie threw back her head and moaned as she felt her son rubbing the wet. Byron started licking the hot flesh just next to her snatch-lips. looking at her son. The woman smiled at her son. "ARRGHHHHHIH!" Julie cried out as her cunt twitched expectantly. "Come on." Byron whispered as he jumped quickly off the couch and ran to the front living-room window. don't worry. from the corner of my eye." Julie said. "Shit! I'm not sure now. Slowly. "Ummmm!" the woman groaned. Mom. "Oh." Byron said hotly. just thought I saw somebody. "No. She was ready to let the whole world come crashing to an end. Let's finish this up in the bedroom. reaching over and trailing the edge of his fingertips across her trembling pussy. lowering her head and swaying back and forth on the couch. "Hey. She knew that Byron could bring her to that kind of climax. wait a second!" Byron said suddenly. Julie's pussy twitched uncontrollably as she felt her son's hot. we're both too hot to stop now. "I think somebody's looking in the window. "Oh my God!" Julie cried out guiltily as she sat up and grabbed a pillow. Shit. You know. Like I said." "You want to keep going on?" Julie asked in amazement." Byron said as he reached down and pulled Julie up with one pull." Byron said. fat edges of her labes together. trying to hide his nervousness. "But I'll tell you what. clutching it protectively to her tits." Byron said. looking over and watching her outer labes visibly twitch and spasm with each slather of spittle he laid down." Byron said as he brushed back the lace curtains and peered out into the darkening late-afternoon sunlight. pulling away from his mother's widely spread thighs. closing her eyes and digging her head down hard into the couch as she felt her son inch closer and closer to her spanning cunt-lips. "I can't argue that one. uneven breath blow through her tightly coiled pussy hairs. She moaned and screamed over and over as she felt the weight of his head come to rest on her clit. "Did you see who it was?" Julie asked anxiously. She couldn't believe that anything else could occupy her son's mind.When he saw that Julie had stopped bucking wildly on the couch. Let's fuck in your bed. Byron lowered his head and slid farther down.

trembling thighs. pushing her hands away and crawling onto the bed. still holding the buzzing dildo in his hand as he inched between her spread legs. Her heart throbbed so wildly that she thought it was going to rip through her rib cage. Her pussy seemed to be electrically charged. who needed artificial help? "Like I told you. you're gonna get both. Julie watched in fascination as the boy's cock swung lazily back and forth with every step he took. Julie stretched her thighs even wider apart and threw them into the air. Julie watched as he lowered his mouth and dove between her thighs. Byron stood quietly. saturated cunt hairs. Her son sank his teeth into the swollen membranes of her twat. Bright lights popped off in her eyes while thunder roared in her ears." Byron said."Aren't you forgetting something?" Julie asked as she stopped by the doorway. Byron was standing spread-legged in front of her. Suddenly the room was filled with the Sound of buzzing. she reached over and wrapped her fingers around his bobbing cock. "What? Oh. moving her hands down to her puffy labes and stroking the sensitive flaps gently with her fingertips. not some plastic dong reaming her. Julie felt her shit-hole and pussy contract as she watched Byron run his fingers slowly up and down the smooth plastic sides of the dildo. He moved down until his lips were even with her horny cunt. milking it frenziedly with one hand while she rolled his hot balls from side to side with the other." Byron said." Byron said. Byron pushed his head between his mother's silky. don't fuck me with that thing!" Julie cried out in disappointment. Then he started lapping up her leaking cunt juice. "WWAAWHHH!" Julie screeched again as she felt Byron's thick lips close over her snatch. "AHHH! AHHH! FUCK! FUCK!" Julie cried out. rubbing his cock slowly with his left hand while he held the long dildo in his right like some kind of candlestick." Byron said. "You're gonna love this. throwing her head back and digging it into the pillows as she heaved her thighs higher into the air. noticing that his mother was pointing at the dildo that had rolled onto the floor next to the couch. God. That was fine when a woman was all alone with just her five fingers to play with. Julie couldn't take much more of this. She knew that this would be an experience CHAPTER FIVE "SHIT! FUCK MEEEE!" Julie cried as she thrashed crazily on the bed. started walking towards tile edge of the bed. Then he let go of his cock and reached over to the dildo. sparking wildly as his tongue flicked teasingly at her frazzled. She wanted to feel her son's prick up her snatch. smiling mysteriously as he. Her blood raced through her veins as if she were having a heart . "UNNGHHH!" the boy cried. When he moved next to her. dipping her forefingers into her hot hole occasionally to relieve the almost unbearable ache that gripped her clit and cunt. "I'll take care of that. Julie let go of the cock reluctantly. But when a man was in the room. slurping up the acidic-tasting fluid like a dog lapping up water. that! Yeah. "Oh. nuzzling through the tight curls on her pussy and opening his mouth wide. smiling broadly at her as he walked over to the vibrator and picked it up. jamming his long tongue into her trembling twat while he nibbled gently at her quivering labes. watching his mother buck and heave on the groaning bed. twisting the knob on the bottom of the vibrator to the right.

But she didn't know if she could take his cock up her ass without hurting something-and maybe ruining herself for life. resting the dildo between her quivering flaps. God!" was all Julie could say. running the vibrating sides of the dildo gently over the wiry tips of her juice-saturated cunt hairs. give it a try. "UNNGHHH!" Julie groaned." Byron urged as he smiled broadly at his mother. he brought it down. "Whew! You almost shot off. GGGODDDD!" Julie groaned as she felt Byron starting to rim the puckered brown skin of her asshole with his tongue. Searing bolts of pleasure shot from her cunt to her asshole. The idea sounded fascinating. So now it came out! That was what he was planning to do with that twelve-incher! Julie wasn't surprised. Byron sensed her urgency and backed off for a few seconds to let her calm down. She gasped and shuddered as she felt her twitching snatch filled with the artificial cock. Mom?" Byron finally asked as he moved the dildo closer to Julie's upturned ass. didn't you?" Byron asked as he chuckled softly. NOOG!" Julie cried out as she felt the vibrator sinking slowly between her fat cunt-lips. She knew from the beginning that he wasn't planning to play darts with it. stroking her glistening gash with one hand while he trailed his fingertips across the twitching. YESSSS!" she hissed. especially with Byron. "Oh. Slowly. She locked her legs around his neck and shoved his face against her bucking cunt in a wild frenzy of delight." Byron said. She felt her cunt-hole spasm wildly as her hairs vibrated in sympathy with the sliding dildo. Byron reached down and spread her outer labes gently apart as he slid the tip of the vibrator down her fuck-tunnel. "That'll keep your mind off things. "OHHH. I guess-" Julie said hesitatingly as she looked warily at the buzzing dildo. "Don't Worry-I'll be careful. erect nipple of her right tit. At the same time she felt her clit racked by the vibrations that poured out of the buzzing dildo. "AIYEEEE!" Julie screeched as the latex cock slipped into her snatch with a squish. guessing that she was worried about it "Well. "Good!" Byron said enthusiastically as he moved the dildo directly over her trembling snatch-lips. "Come on. "Ever been fucked at both ends. and from her shitter to her . "SHIT! SHIIITT!" Julie screamed as she felt herself teetering on the edge of orgasm. While Byron moved the dildo back and forth in her juicing cunt. he stuck one finger sharply up her asshole while he trailed his tongue up and down the crack that ran between her downy ass-cheeks." Julie said a little nervously as she felt him playing with her asshole with his right hand. "I don't know if I can." Byron said as he shoved her ass higher into the air. Byron continued to look down at her. "Take this.seizure. Julie thrashed and twisted her ass up to Byron's face while she felt his tongue slide across her throbbing clit. "ARRGHHH! OHHH." Byron said soothingly. "OHHH. "NNNGHHHH!" Julie cried wildly as she wriggled her ass-cheeks back and forth.

remembering some stories she'd heard of how women were able to take their lovers' cocks just as easily in the ass as in the pussy. relax. fuck! You've got one hell of an ass!" Byron groaned as he felt his cock jerk and bang against Julie's sweaty buns. "See if you can take this." he said." Byron said. "Ohhhhh!" Julie groaned. With that one hard thrust. Her shit-hole was stuffed with a hot torpedo-her son's prick. She closed her eyes and concentrated on relaxing and on the buzzing dildo. "Don't hurt me. But gradually Julie began to enjoy that stuffed feeling. Her pussy was filled with a buzzing dildo that was teasing her clit toward orgasm. "Easy. All you had to do was let those old ass muscles go limp. Julie was surprised to find herself actually enjoying the ramming she was getting. "Oh. feeling her snatch-walls vibrate furiously in time to the vibrations." Byron said huskily as he positioned the purple. Mom. but they were combining with the probing fingers to produce spasms of ecstasy both in her ass and in her snatch. Julie screamed and whimpered. There's more coming. It was as if she'd grown another clit somewhere deep in her asshole. and you were okay. "That's it. she told herself." Julie pleaded. The vibrations of the dildo not only were making her cunt as soft as jelly. rubbing her throbbing clit with the edge of the dildo to take her mind off her shitter for a while. and you'll be all set. Relax. slick tip of his shaft directly over Julie's puckered asshole. Gradually." Byron hissed as he pulled his fingers out and positioned himself for a butt-fuck. closing her eyes more tightly and lurching forward as she felt her body racked by unspeakable pain. "Now!" Byron grunted as he pulled her ass-cheeks wide apart and drove his groin forward and down. "ARRRGHHH! OHHH! TAKE IT OUT!" she cried out again." "ARRRGHHH!" the woman screeched as her son jammed in two more fingers and screwed them deep into Julie's shit-chute. NOOO! OH. "Just a few jabs of this. "Okay. Byron continued to probe deeper and deeper into Julie's hung. I'M GONNA BUST APART! OHHHH! ARRGHHHH!" Julie screamed in pain. "Relax! Relax!" Byron kept saying softly aver her as he held tightly onto her thighs. Bolts of indescribable pleasure. shot back and forth from her cunt to her ass. FUCKIN' JEEESUS. She'd never felt something like this before in her entire life. He carefully rotated it around in her snatch. reaching down and swirling the buzzing dildo around in her cunt like a plastic butter chum. Then you'll get used to it. smiling down at her as he released his grip on her thighs and started ramming his prick deeper into her hot hole.snatch in a mutual shuttle train of pleasure. Byron jammed his cock-head into her tight shit-chute. How could I do a thing like that?" Byron asked as he spread her ass-cheeks apart with his powerful hands. "Okay! I've had enough of the foreplay. "AIYYEEEE! TAKE IT OUT! ARRRNNGHH! OHH. At the same time he reached down and plunged the artificial cock in and out of his mother's squishing cunt. "You're my own mother. She started to twist and grind her thighs in response to Byron's finger and the vibrating dildo. Just a sharp pain at first." Byron said as he clenched his ass muscles together again and heaved his thighs .

FUCKIN' SHIT! I'M COMING TOOOO!" Byron wailed as he threw his head from side to side. "Not yet!" Byron nearly pleaded. I CAN'T HELP IT. It was that old familiar ball of sexual tension that was about to blow off in her gut. sure you can. I'M COMING!" Julie screamed. "What are you trying to do?" she groaned. Julie pushed forward to get the maximum penetration as she almost fainted with the delight of her son's expert fucking. Pussy-juice flowed like water from a broken dam out of her cunt-hole. OOOHHH!" Julie cried out in delight. Julie inhaled. "OHHH." he sneered. reaching up and digging her fingernails into her son's neck as his fingers played against his mother's swollen cunt-lips. How could he tell her to wait? How could he expect her to hold back? She had to let go! Julie couldn't control her body any more. sweaty groin. Her body was panting for release from the incredible tension that gripped every raw nerve-ending. She was about to go off-to explode with wave after wave of cunt-ripping explosions. running down her thighs and staining the sheets underneath her back. She was hanging on the edge of the cliff by her fingernails. hot teen-age jizz bubbling and spattering . fuck my ass-break my fucking ass open! Oh. "FUCKIN' JEEESUS! I'M CCCOOMMIIINNGG!" Byron screamed as he dug his fingers into his mother's pussy. The vibrations from the dildo had turned her entire body now into one big vibrating clit. God! Bust me apart. cum and cunt-juice that hung heavily in the air between them. OH. FUCKIN' JEESUS. He strummed wildly at her twitching clit." Byron grunted as he jammed the fingers of his other hand deep into her cunt and played with her slick. "Came on." Julie said incoherently as she felt her son's cock slide in her butt inch by hot. "ARRRGHHH!" the woman cried out in frustration. She sighed with relief as she wriggled her butt against Byron's hard. stopping his ass-fucking and dildo cunt-churning for a few seconds. He jammed the dildo in and out of her pussy. "OHHHH!" Julie cried out as she felt Byron pushing his throbbing prick deeper into her welcoming asshole. Their bodies slid and ground together on a thin. oily film of sweat and pussy-juice as the room was filled with the sounds of fucking. "OH. and was almost overcome by the smell of vaporized sweat. BABY. "AIYEEE!" Julie screamed. Her tits flopped from side to side of her heaving chest as her nipples poked angrily into the air. steaming inch. knocking his hands against the buzzing vibrator and nearly shoving it completely into her uterus as he felt his thick.forward. then left it alone while he fingered her trembling labes like a harpist playing his instrument. She thought she'd never feel his hairy groin as more and more young prick-meat slid into her gut. "I'M COMING! OH. "CHRIST! I CAN'T TAKE IT! CAN'T! TAKE IT! C-C-CAN'T-!" Julie stammered as she felt her belly knot up tighter and tighter. trembling pussy-walls. "JEEESUS! FUCK MEEE!" she cried out as Byron continued to chum the dildo in and out of her snatch. hot. "Make it come out of your fuckin' mouth. jamming his groin harder and harder against her upturned ass. She could feel her clit about to rip off her body. Finally Julie felt Byron's heavy balls slide against her ass-cheeks. "Ohhhh.

Somewhere deep in her gut she felt the vibrator bang against her son's cock-head as the final and most powerful contractions ripped through her body. Series after series of contractions gripped her pussy and made her lurch forward and collapse finally in complete exhaustion. he was growing excited again just by watching Julie thrash under him. The first ones went off somewhere deep in her belly. It shot out like massive." Julie said as she closed her eyes and gave herself completely up to the artificial cock. It went along with the wild contractions that were turning her flesh into a hot river of sensuality. "UNNGHHH!" Byron answered mindlessly as he felt the hot jizz explode from his balls into his fuck-shaft. "UNNGHHH! WAWWWWHHH! OHHH. Still Julie begged for more as the explosions continued. then crashed them down on her upturned quivering thighs until the skin reddened. squeezing her cunt-walls against the buzzing plastic cock while she enjoyed the full feeling Byron's prick gave her as it rested deep in her bowels. "OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHH!" Julie screeched. and each package was more explosive than the others. "Well. ." Byron said. splattering deep into Julie's ass. blasting through her twisting. "You'd be surprised what you learn in school. Her body quivered and swayed with each spasm that racked her snatch and bung. "Fuck!" Byron answered her. Even though he'd shot his load. just leave it on for a few minutes. Bolt after bolt of lava-like jism spurted into the woman's guts as Byron swayed on the bed from side to side. chuckling as he gently lowered her legs to the bed and reached down to turn off the dildo. "Mmmmmm. Then came the others. that was fantastic!" Julie cried out. what did I tell you?" Byron finally was able to say as he pulled back and drew his cock out of her shitter. It was as if separate packages of sexual dynamite had been planted in her body. SON! NNNGHHH!" Julie cried as she felt her snatch finally begin to contract. Her bung-walls gripped his cock tightly as if they had teeth and were trying to chew through his red-hot prick-skin to get at more jizz. "OHHHH! OHHH! OHHH!" Julie cried out as she felt the contractions building up in intensity. reaching down and slapping his hands wildly against her thighs. Julie loved the pain. His balls ached as the final load of fuck-juice emptied into Julie's stretched shit-hole. feeling her cunt and asshole squeeze tighter and tighter. NOOOO!" Julie screamed in ecstasy. "Ohhh. . fuck you!" Byron cried out." Byron said as he churned the dildo slowly in Julie's snatch. each one closer and closer to her asshole and clit. "NOOO! NOOO!" Julie wailed desperately. nearly blowing her twitching nipples off her swollen tits. Finally the last ones came. thrusting body like a triple-headed nuclear missile. It was exploding out of his fuck-sac and into his twitching cock. "Come. sorry about hurting you. She lay there quietly for several minutes. "AIYEEEE!" she screeched. "BYRON! OH MY GOD! OHHH. white cannonballs through his piss-slit. "Hey. come. "Ohhh. They tore through her belly and blew out through her ass and cunt.in his swinging balls. Mom! Goddamn it." the woman cooed as gentle waves of . It feels soooo good. He slapped his hands hard across her swollen tits.

But then she couldn't really say anything against what her son suggested. "Yes. His cock started to twitch again and rise. what's wrong?" she said playfully as she wrapped her arms gently around his slender. But I guess we'd better stop." she said. " Julie started to say. Julie felt thrills of excitement shoot up and down her body as her nipples mashed in against Byron's strong chest. "Well. Also. Julie sighed deeply. don't worry. black hair trail across Byron's broad. grabbing her tightly around the waist and drawing her roughly against his firm. Your father's about to come home. She wanted to protest." Byron said as he finally turned the vibrator off and pulled it out of his mother's snatch. Gloria. Julie guessed that it was Gloria Byron had seen through the living-room window curtains. and her hands were clamped tightly over her mouth. sweaty body. It was wonderful. . She was sounding like a whore talking to her stud.ecstatic spasms swept over her clit. He had every right to go out and grab the first pair of tits that attracted him. fuck. "Oh. "Ohhhhh. and perspiration dripped down his cheek. maybe you should. "I'd almost forgotten about Jim." the girl finally said. rubbing against her furry muff. standing in the doorway. "Gloria!" Julie echoed from the other side of the room." Byron said. The girl probably didn't get a good view of what was happening. you'd be surprised. Just because I'm married to him doesn't mean that I can't feel the same way about you. amazed that she could talk this way to her own son. whirling around and looking angrily at her. muscular shoulders. But even an idiot could have guessed what the two of them were doing. "If it weren't so late . Christ. But it was obvious that they'd just gotten through fucking. Mom!" Byron said." Byron made a face as he rolled off the bed and threw the dildo angrily into the far corner of the bedroom." Julie started to say. "Gloria!" Byron cried out as he wheeled around and looked at his stepsister. Especially if you're on the athletic team-any of them-those girls just throw themselves around. The girl's eyes were opened wide in horror. then climbed off the bed and walked slowly up to him." Byron said. "I can explain. "Hey. . . The two of them stayed locked in one another's arms until Julie was aware of someone else in the room. His hair hung over his forehead. "So that's what you boys learn in high school. then finished by sighing deeply. powerful waist. Julie felt a pang of jealousy rip through her cunt. then turned and looked hard at Byron. dropping her hands to her sides. Julie saw from the look on the girl's face that she'd witnessed only the last few seconds of their activities in the bedroom." Julie agreed as she hung her head down and let her long. It was Gloria." Julie crooned. She thought that Byron had never looked more handsome than he did now. She looked first at Julie. "Oh." Julie said. opening her eyes and looking up at her son. too bad. you can't even make it to your locker without having some furry little cunt thrown in your face. "Oh my God!" she cried out as she pushed Byron away from her and sprang backward to the other side of the room. "Hey. "Oh. "Maybe I ought to go out and find me something to take up the slack when you're out busy fucking Dad.

" Byron said as he ran after his mother and saw Gloria run out of the living room into the front yard. unable to think of any explanation she could hand the girl. CHAPTER SIX Jim came home that night. It appeared to her that it was obscene to be standing there like that in front of Gloria. Julie reached down and grabbed one corner of the bedspread. Where was she? What was she going to do? She told Jim that Gloria was staying the night over at one of her girl friends'. "For your sake." Byron said. but what if she didn't come home tomorrow? What could she tell her husband then? And what if she did come home? Would she start off by telling her father what she'd seen? "Well. wiping his mouth with his napkin as he pushed his dessert dish away and got up from the dining-room table. What's this sudden stand-off bit?" Byron said. Julie always thought that Jim might have had a thing for his daughter. kid. where is she going?" Julie wondered out loud as she watched the sobbing girl run down the street. "Listen. I always thought you had the hots for me." Julie said. Suddenly she became aware of the fact that both she and Byron were naked. I suppose you've guessed the whole thing before this. "You goddamned motherfuckers! You can stand there and pretend that what you've done is the most natural thing in the world! You're both sick! SICK!" Gloria screamed as she stood like a tigress." Jim said. I hope it's not to Jim."Save it!" the girl cried out harshly. stepping forward and putting his right hand on her shoulder. there were times when she hoped that he did." Byron said. "Hey." Byron said a little too off-handedly. then looked back out the window." "But the meet's not coming up for another day. dropping the bedspread and running out into the hall after her. In fact. Julie looked at her son. "Oh! OH! OH! OH!" Gloria wailed. Then she could justify her own feelings toward Byron by pointing out that he had similar ones toward Gloria. ready to pounce on a piece of meat. "Please. She was always on the porch. "It's too late. I hope she'll be home tomorrow night. But now all she could think of was the girl's sudden departure. puffing it up to cover her cunt and tits as the girl continued to sob. clenching her fists tightly and waving them at her stepmother. smiling at her. "Oh. "I just catch you fucking your own mother. So it shouldn't come as any big surprise to you. "Gloria!" Julie cried out. wondering where Gloria had gone. covering her mouth in horror as she spun around and ran out into the hall. His nonchalance drove Gloria into action. . watching Gloria turn the corner and run down the boulevard. waiting for her father to come home so that she could jump into his arms. "Take it easy?" the girl cried out. "Take it easy!" Byron said. She prayed that her son was right. "I thought she was all fired up about watching Byron here swim. easy. "Hey. leaning against the doorway heavily as she closed her eyes and started to sob loudly and uncontrollably. "Don't you touch me!" Gloria hissed as she shrank back from her stepbrother. God." Julie said. That was an excuse for one night. and you ask me to take it easy?" Gloria wailed.

I'm just going to go to sleep." Julie said. The scratches from his fingernails were visible around her ears and throat as she looked at her face in the bathroom mirror. "Easy. That little bitch can sure give a guy the slip. I know I'm looking forward to it. "Yes. Byron blushed a deep red and smiled modestly under Jim's proud gaze. Julie wiped the last drops of sticky cum from her lower lip as she rose to her feet and started for the bedroom. "Where's he going. But you know girls-they get together and never stop talking. I'm sure of it."But the final timing's being set tomorrow. "What are we going to do?" Julie hissed softly to Byron after making sure that Jim couldn't hear her. Guess they're planning a little celebration for the meet. She saw that he'd just finished unzipping his fly and had taken out his long. winking at his stepson. That should be pretty thrilling." Julie said. Even though she hadn't come herself. thick prong hanging limply now out of his opened fly with his balls hanging lazily down on the couch cushions. "Oh. "No. Maybe she and Byron would have to tell him the truth." she said huskily as she walked around to her husband and dropped to her knees in between his widely spread legs. "No. out with the boys for a while." Julie said. his long. I don't think he'll be back for some time. fingering it with his right hand. "He won't be back for a while. Then he got up. honey. She's not all that independent. then sprang out of the dining room and ran out the back door." Byron said as he kissed his mother quickly on the lips. If the girl weren't found. I don't think I can get it up that fast. Julie sighed as she thought of Byron and Gloria. smiling broadly at him. she prayed silently that Byron would find Gloria and convince her somehow not to tell Jim about what she knew. Julie walked up behind him and looked down at his crotch." Byron . Their marriage would shatter apart. anyway. "She'll be here. chuckling softly almost to himself. "Did you find her?" Julie asked hoarsely as she finished pouring him his coffee." Jim said. Would he hit her? Would he try to kill Byron? Probably. I guess so. boy. pushing the dirty dishes together in the center of the table as she got up and walked slowly into the living room." he sighed. She saw him still sitting on the couch. How she loved that feeling of hot cum flying out of his twitching prick and slamming against the back of her throat before it oozed down to her belly. hon?" Jim called out from the living room. God! She shuddered as she pictured Jim's face when he heard the story. She's not the type of kid who'll be running around alone at night. She and her girl friend Barbara'll probably be talking until three this morning. she'd have to make some kind of explanation to her husband. trying to get Jim off the subject of Gloria. The next day Julie managed to get Byron alone at the breakfast table while Jim was shaving. She's got to be staying at somebody's house." Jim said. As Julie slipped out of her clothes. hard cock. "Hey. "I'll go out tonight and start looking for her. it gave her satisfaction to know that she'd brought her husband up to a screaming climax. shaking his head slowly from side to side. kissed Julie lightly on the forehead and walked into the living room to read the paper. will he?" Jim asked softly.

reaching down and running his fingers slowly up his mother's well-tapered legs. she may talk. Jeez. God only knows where the hell she is now. you should've heard her scream. Mom. motioning to his mother to get away from him before Jim walked back into the room. "Don't worry. I moved out and hid behind some trees. I found her and snuck up behind her. Mom!" he said at the other end of the line. "Oh. "Take care. Julie followed him to the garage. God!" Julie wailed as she sat down and covered her face with her hands." Jim said as he bent down to kiss his wife good-bye. sitting in the middle of Griffith Park. "Okay." Jim said as he walked out of the house. Her marriage and respectability were teetering on the edge of complete disaster." "Okay. my cock feels lonely here without that set of cunt-lips of yours wrapped around them. So. I thought that I'd better get away before they started in on me." Byron said. She felt it juicing and fluttering at the lightest touch. and come home early. She almost shouted some obscenity in the phone and would have if her mind hadn't swung over to that side of the fence. okay. Don't forget that the timing qualifications are tonight. I'm down at the pool now. too. God! Julie couldn't believe it! Her son acted as if nothing had happened. backing away as Byron shot out of the drive. That's all I need. She screamed the same stuff at me and told me to get away." Julie sighed. She must've thought I was a rapist. waiting for some kind of call. I don't think you'd better come with me. and she'll blow her fuse in public." Byron whispered. "If anybody besides you finds her. "Well. "Nothing much more." Julie said. "I found her. off to the pits. sobbing like some kind of Shakespearean tragic queen. and all he could think of right now was fucking. getting dressed. knowing that her son was right." Julie whispered hoarsely. . "You can't!" Julie said helplessly." the boy said huskily in the phone. I'll do it by myself." Byron said as he climbed into her car. spreading her legs more widely apart and hiking up her short black skirt to give Byron a better shot at her trembling pussy. But there was no word from Byron until one o'clock. All day Julie sat by the phone.said in a whisper. "What do you mean?" Julie asked nervously. "Hey." "So you scared her. still sliding his hand up until his fingers brushed against her wiry cunt hairs. "Okay. But I'll have to stop looking around noon. That's when I've got to get ready. "Hi. There were some people beginning to get closer to us." Byron said. hon. I thought I could get her alone again and make some sense. What then?" Julie asked anxiously. okay. "Right! And make sure Gloria pries herself out of that girl's house to come with us. crouching over her son as she tried to keep her voice down. "Anyway. "This isn't any time for that. "Couldn't find Gloria anywhere. "One look at you and me together. but find her!" she pleaded. Byron said. But then she somehow got away. I'll get the guys out and look for Gloria. God." Byron said as he walked out the back door.

" So it was finally out in the open. she'd probably wind up strapping him on in public. even though Julie saw that Bertha was an attractive woman. Julie. pushing the lace curtains to one side and peering out into the morning light. don't you?" Bertha said. she just couldn't imagine her getting jealous of the secretary. What did Bertha have in mind? Was she going to blackmail her? Did she want to have easy access to Jim? "I think we can bury the war hatchets now. "Oh come now. feeling her snatch firing up." Bertha said. Bertha Moore was actually a rather attractive woman when she took the trouble to be one." Julie said. And. Besides. We've been at each other's throats for a long time-ever since I've met you. "I don't understand. Now. barely able to hide a triumphant smile from her face. I'll admit. But I think you got it backwards. smiling mysteriously. "You just keep looking for Gloria. I may call you Julie? Good. Just sit down here next to me and we'll talk. I'll admit that I guessed at that. looking closely at the older woman." Bertha said as she patted the cushion next to her lightly. it was better that way. I know where you stand with your son. "What did she say?" Julie asked in a quavering voice. Julie felt her skin crawl for some unknown reason." Julie said. Julie looked curiously at the secretary. Hoover. wondering just what Bertha wanted with her. She really didn't mind sharing Jim with Bertha. I think we can dispense with all this roundabout chatter. They could talk about it freely now and maybe reach some kind of agreement. Julie was surprised. "Come in. She'd taken care to brush her hair and fix it in an attractive French sweep. if Jim didn't mind. I've got some news for you about your daughter. Well. she was far from the faithful wife. "I'm sure you did."Never mind about my cunt-lips. Julie did as she was told. If she got any hornier around her son. All Byron had to do was talk to her and she was ready to strap him on! She had to watch herself in the future. "Mrs. Julie was shaken out of her thoughts by a sudden pounding on the door. She got up and walked to the window. "Come now. trying to act angry. Her dress was actually attractive-not the olive-drab green suit that she always managed to wear at the office. After all. smiling at Bertha. "She came to me last night." Julie said as she hung up the phone. One look at Bertha's smile and she knew that the woman knew everything that had happened between her and Byron." Bertha said. leaning back and brushing some stray hairs away from her eyes. Hoover. "Christ!" Julie said to herself. What was that woman talking about? . maybe we can get down to business. Mrs. "Well. What did she want here? Wasn't she supposed to be at the office? "Yes?" Julie said coldly as she opened the front door." Julie said nervously. She couldn't expect her husband to toe the line. it was jealousy that made me that way." the older woman said as she set her purse down on the coffee table and sat down on the couch." Julie said anxiously. She gasped when she saw Bertha Moore standing on the front porch. Obviously I was the only friend she could trust.

God!" Julie moaned. looking down at the younger woman's spread thighs and smacking her lips in expectation. She bit into the tender flesh gently. brown nipple. "UNNNGH! NNNHHHHH! OHHH. wiry cunt hairs now. She wanted to scream out that she wasn't a perverted dyke who went around sucking on cunts and chewing on nipples. I was jealous. "Don't be nervous. "That's more like it. She was amazed to see that although they weren't particularly large. moving her hand slowly across the couch until it bumped against Julie's left thigh." Bertha said rather coldly. How she'd misjudged Bertha. Julie opened her eyes and saw Bertha's tits flop free of the halter. stroking her gradually swelling outer labes. "Mmmmm. then swirled her tongue over the hard tip as she ground her thighs together. "No! Don't!" Julie said. "Ohhhh. It was the boy who was toying with her kinky. trying to scratch the growing. A dyke! And sitting next to her. GOOODDD!" the secretary cried out. She imagined it was her son who was inching his hands up to her crotch. I felt the same way about this my first time. powerful itch that gripped her throbbing clit. "I don't play those kind of games. "Ohhhh. rubbing her jugs back and forth across Julie's face. suck my tits!" Bertha groaned as she rolled to one side and hunched her body up. The bitch was actually a regular fireball with a firm body to match. slapping the woman's hand away from her thighs. suck my titties. "Then you'd like me to tell your husband all about you and your son? I just know Gloria would love me to do that. "Now you just cooperate and we'll both have a good time. Her mouth opened and her tongue flew out as she actually found herself wanting to lick Bertha's tits. YESSSS!" Bertha cried. the older woman's boobs were firm and spongy. "Oh."I mean." she said softly. "Suck! Suck!" Bertha moaned. Then afterward we can talk about what to do with Gloria. that's it. "Ohhhh. hunching forward and nearly suffocating Julie as the younger woman washed the secretary's tits with spit. but not about the person you're thinking of. sliding her hand up her knee until it started poking under her skirt. I understand. holding the trump cards. But I actually got to enjoy it." Bertha moaned again." Bertha said. Oh my God! I should have known! Julie screamed to herself as she felt her thighs quiver in horror. sliding her hand farther and farther up Julie's left leg. closing her eyes and trying to think of Byron. She slathered them with spittle until Bertha screamed out with ecstasy. the younger woman felt her clit begin to swell and throb in response to Bertha's lovemaking. "Ohhhhh!" Julie moaned. sitting back down on the couch and spreading her legs wide apart. fumbling behind her back as she unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra. Julie thought about pulling away. Julie reached up and held one tit. falling back ." she said indignantly as she tried to get up from the couch." the older woman said. suck 'em." Bertha said." Bertha said huskily as she inched closer to Julie." she groaned hoarsely. To her surprise. "OHHH. But she felt her cunt rumbling wildly. She cupped her lips around the taut. I've wanted you to suck these boobs ever since I met you.

looking at each other like two bitches in heat. Julie discovered that the older woman's snatch didn't taste too badly after all. "Suck me!" Bertha commanded. "Ummmm." Julie said as she felt Bertha's right hand slip up and down her outer labes. I can't!" Julie protested. hunching forward and burying Julie's face into her snatch. baby. Bertha sighed as she pushed her pussy against Julie's face." Bertha groaned. The younger woman backed away and looked at the thick. a girl who knows what I like. stark naked. you don't know how much I've wanted this! Oh. "Come ON. Julie felt herself sinking to the floor." Bertha insisted. Julie." Bertha said.and yanking her tits away from Julie. tanged growth of pussy hairs inching closer to her. The hot fluid that oozed out and trickled onto her tongue tasted strong and salty. God. In a matter of seconds the two women stood in the middle of the living room facing one another. "Oh. Gradually. Oh." Bertha said firmly. The nipples on their tits seemed to spark with sensual electricity. Oh. pointing at the carpet in front of her. walking up to her and placing her hands on her shoulders. "I can't take this playing around. She'd had it with the teasing foreplay of men. "Ever suck pussy before?" Bertha asked. God! It's sooo good! Oh. She wanted to get right down to sex without all the lingering teasing. "First time for everything. or we'll stay like this all night. Bertha's puffy labes spread apart as the older woman pushed her feet to either side of the crouching Julie. "All right. fuck. Bertha was her golden opportunity to do just that. shoving it hard into her trembling snatch. Julie felt her legs gradually buckling from under her as waves of intense sexual heat radiated out of her quivering cunt. while the air grew thick with evaporating pussy-juice. grinding her hairy crotch against Julie's face while she reached up and rhythmically squeezed her tits. fuck. honey. Julie flicked it up the slit between Bertha's fat pussy-lips. She could see the secretary's slick pink membranes quivering inside her juice-slicked Fuck-hole. feeling that Bertha meant what she said. "Noooo. smiling as she finished pulling off her blouse and panties. "Julie!" Bertha sighed as she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the younger woman's head. "Oh." she said in a small voice as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The two women panted heavily. The woman's cunt hairs glistened with drops of hot cunt-juice. feeling her own snatch fire up so hotly that she thought her cunt hairs would catch fire from the heat." the younger woman said. "Oh. Soon her lips were even with the secretary's puffy outer labes. springing up and tearing her bra and blouse off quickly. honey!" Bertha groaned uncontrollably. Then Julie backed away for a few seconds to catch her . To her surprise. God!" Julie said. "Ohhhh. Julie stabbed her tongue in a second time. I told you I never have." Julie cried out as she glued her eyeballs to Bertha's gleaming snatch. "Hmmmm." Bertha said as she reached up and unbuttoned Julie's blouse slowly. "You'll lick my cunt. God. Suddenly she felt something snap inside of her.

She wanted her sex hard and fast as badly as Julie herself did. noticing at the same time that the secretary's clit was throbbing and hard. She kept stabbing her tongue between Bertha's puffy labes. trying to get more tongue up her snatch. squeezing the rounded cheeks tightly as she fucked her head up and flicked out her tongue. Julie was lying with her ass pressed against the couch cushions as Bertha's kinky-haired snatch lowered down. "I'm coming! COMING!" Bertha suddenly cried out wildly into Julie's cunt. Bertha shrieked wildly. good. "EAT ME!" Bertha screamed into Julie's snatch. She licked the quivering surface of the secretary's sensitive clit. rolling her ass around in circular hunches. Julie seemed ready to obey now as she gently began licking her way in and out of the secretary's Cunt. Bertha was wriggling her tongue like a wild snake inside the younger woman's cunt." was all Julie could say as Bertha dropped to her knees and positioned herself on the floor. "Ummmm. "Let's sixty-nine it!" Bertha groaned as she reached down and gently pushed Julie's face away from her dripping pussy. It was like having Byron's dildo jammed up her pussy all over again. Just as the dark-pink slit opened up. Then she wrapped her hands more tightly around Bertha's ass. then jamming it down as Julie continued to suck. She stared with fascination at the tiny pink organ that was buried in black. FUCKIN' GOD! SUCK ON IT! SUCK MY CLIT PLLLLEEAAASSSEEE!" Bertha shrieked as she relaxed her grip on Julie's hair and ground her thighs gently against the younger woman's sucking mouth. startled by this sudden attack and change in attitude. SO AM I!" Julie shrieked as she felt her belly suddenly explode into orgasmic eruptions. "Eat me all night!" Bertha whimpered as she pulled Julie's sensitive cunt-lips gently apart and stabbed her tongue in and out again and again. "ARRGHHHH!" Julie cried out as she thought her clit was going to tear off in Bertha's mouth. "YESSSS! SUCK ON IT! UNNNGHHH! OH. licking up the slit between Bertha's swollen pussy-lips. Well. pressing them down until the secretary's hot. Bertha reacted by slamming her juicing cunt down until it was jammed once more against Julie's sucking mouth. Julie inhaled sharply. curly hair. "OHHHHH. The sudden pulling away caught Bertha by surprise. She decided that Bertha just wasn't any woman to toy with. you bitch! BITCH!" she cried out wildly as she reached out and jammed Julie's head into her pussy. In seconds. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Bertha cried out wildly as Julie banged the tip of her tongue against the secretary's erect clit. "NNNGHHHH! NNNGHHHHH!" Julie cried out. Her cunt began to . The sounds vibrations of that scream carried up to the younger woman's throbbing clit. driving it around in wide circles as the older woman's hips hunched wildly. Julie felt a tongue being slammed into her own snatch. She was glad that Bertha didn't want to either. "Get going. Julie didn't want to play around any more for a hard come. "MMMMGFFFF!" Julie cried out into Bertha's fuck-hole as she opened her mouth again and flicked out her tongue. dripping twat slammed against her sucking mouth. The sudden insertion and wiggling motion drove Julie wild with passion. Her clit vibrated furiously against the older woman's licking tongue.breath. She grabbed Bertha's ass-cheeks. She obviously didn't want the younger woman to stop.

It had been there-just below the surface. Besides. exhausted Julie." Bertha said." Bertha said pleasantly as she got up and helped Julie to her feet. slamming her snatch against Julie." Bertha said as she tried to help Julie wipe off her tits. "With all your troubles. Then she felt her pussy. rinsed off and stepped out of the shower stall. But you've got your hands full with that girl. Julie smiled to herself." Julie said. fucking her eyebrows. sweaty and exhausted as they enjoyed the warm. hot twat-juice over her friend's face as she screamed. She didn't want to make it with the secretary again. working her bar of soap up and around Bertha's hanging tits. "Come on. Maybe that kind of atmosphere-you know. we'll shower up and talk about Gloria. then started to laugh. Julie learned that Gloria had run over to Bertha's apartment after Byron had spotted her in the open field in Griffith Park. then quake violently Julie felt her cunt contract once again. it might save you a . but Julie didn't want the woman to get the idea that she wanted to make a practice out of it. "ARRRGHHHH! WAWWWWWWH! WAWWWHHHH!" Julie screamed. it's as good as I knew it would be. "FFFFUUUCCCKKK!" Bertha answered. Bertha opened her eyes widely. Then she thought again. She said she was confused and needed help. "Ohhhh. It could be fun. something that Julie wasn't going to forget. "I guess she remembered my address from a little party I had there a long time ago-it was before you came onto the scene. she doesn't know that I was going to come over here. proud that it had been her cunt that brought on this change. "I don't know. What did she say?" the younger woman asked. The younger woman was both surprised and pleased at the secretary's sudden change in attitude. Fucking with Bertha was fun for a while." Bertha said. gently brushing Bertha's hands away. "Now look. glowing feeling that gradually wrapped both their bodies. "She told me everything. Besides. digging her nails into Bertha's hot thighs. Bertha still held the trump card. bucked and moaned. it's none of my business what you do with your son or anybody for that matter." Bertha finally was able to say as she rolled over to one side and looked at the panting. Listen. girl-talk-will get through to her." Bertha said as she soaped down Julie's slackened pussy. writhed. don't tell anyone about this. it was all I could do to keep my hands off her tits. "Where is she now?" Julie asked as she toweled herself off "Over at my place. tits and shit-hole explode in fiery orgasm. It wasn't that much of a change. "Please. CHAPTER SEVEN While they were showering together. All it needed was a little pussy to bring it out. Why don't you come back with me and we'll have a talk-all three of us." Julie said a little shamefacedly. but then she didn't want to offend her either. sighing as Julie pulled away. Come on. The two women thrashed wildly on the couch as wave after delicious wave of orgasm swept over their quivering bodies. Finally they both collapsed on top of one another. I'm not going to add to them.rumble. I said I wanted to bury the hatchet-and not in your head. I'll tell you. "Ummmm. releasing torrents of fresh.

but it seemed to take ten days." Bertha shouted down from the window. drive me there. All the way over she kept thinking of what she could say to Gloria. then turned and ran quickly up the stairs to her second-floor flat." Bertha said. she saw the swim team all lined up on the other side of the building." Bertha said as she pulled her car up to the front of her building. God only knows what kind of scene she'll cause down there." the secretary said. It was only a ten-minute ride. it would be only in front of the team and the coach. She left a note saying that she was going to go to some swimming pool and talk to Byron. If it weren't for Gloria hiding some place in the building." Bertha gasped as she ran from the building back to the car." Bertha said as she stopped the car in the parking lot. She looked carefully around at the empty bleachers. she might try to make a play for Byron's coach. The drive to Bertha's was one of the longest Julie had ever taken. Julie tried to compose herself in the car and think of a perfect speech. There were a few parents and other students sitting down. and I'll take the other. and ran for the east door. Julie clenched her fingers together in a tight fist and felt her heart pounding wildly. "Hurry up. "You take one entrance. But . You win. "She's not here. "What?" Julie nearly screamed. Gloria had seen too much. Bertha-please. But first things first. Maybe she'd understand how even Byron's own mother could feel attracted to her son and finally give in when he made the first move. too. "Be right down. Now let's get dressed and hurry up. Meanwhile. "Okay. Julie felt her pussy spasm in spite of her feelings." Julie pleaded as she jumped back in and they roared down the street. "Okay. "Please hurry. As she walked into the pool area. munching snacks and talking lazily about the coming meet. receiving some instructions from Coach Paul Brown." Julie begged from the street. please. "You've got a very independent stepdaughter." Julie said in a strained voice." Bertha said as she slapped Julie playfully on the ass. "I think I'm going to have a heart attack if I have to wait too long for you. God! She's probably going to the pool where they're holding the final swim-timings tonight. Was Gloria going to denounce them both in public? Thank God she'd decided to go down to the pool before the public was there. "Oh. That was bad enough-but it wouldn't be a disaster. making a face as she remembered Gloria's look when she caught her and Byron together. Surely the girl had felt attracted to Byron. She couldn't deny what had happened. "She's gone!" Julie suddenly heard from the second-story front window. "Sure. It took them a little over twenty minutes to reach Byron's high-school pool. Even if there were a scene.lot of problems later on. Now you just sit tight and I'll be right back. But I think you'd better go in your place ahead of me and prepare her." Julie said." she panted. Maybe she could appeal to her as a woman. Bertha smiled. opening the car door and jumping out into the street. I don't think I could face another series of screams. Julie nodded.

waiting to pounce on the first young cunt that walked in. "By easy. Thought it was just one of his girl friends or something. "I don't think anybody's around here now. I can't have you guys goofing off at the last minute. I mean swim the length of this pool a few times. "Great. "So. She wanted to see Byron. Julie shrugged her shoulders and moved towards the locker room. quaking and twitching with each step she took. Julie nearly crashed through the floor. "You boys take it easy for a while. She didn't want anybody to know that she was inside. Now get those asses in gear. . forcing her voice to sound cheery. She could see Bertha slipping in at the other end of the pool and making a face when she realized that Byron had spotted his mother." Paul Brown said as he smiled broadly at Julie. I think I saw somebody walking over to the locker room. Coach. she knew that Julie was in the building. "Now what would Bertha be doing in a boys' locker room?" Julie asked as she looked up and smiled at the tall. She wanted a cock right now." Julie said. bending down to pick up his towel and walk over to his mother. Julie looked back cautiously to make sure that none of the boys saw her with Paul Brown. But Julie felt her pussy rumbling." Paul said. Julie sighed. She'd be back shortly though. She knew that Bertha wasn't in there. God only knew what would happen now." Byron said. "Hmmmm. "Come to think of it. Now Gloria was tipped off. right ass-cheek. it put a sharp edge on her already powerful sex drive. "Hey. If anything. Just couldn't keep away. You want to come in and check?" Paul asked as he slid his hand down and cupped his powerful fingers around her firm. and I want to tell her what you told me. "You can never tell about these things. there was a girl who was here a little while ago. Gloria must have gone out temporarily. "I-I'm looking for my stepdaughter Gloria. She wanted to tell her about this news. Have you seen her?" Julie stammered. handsome athletic coach." Paul said. Julie felt her snatch flutter again while her nipples poked out and scratched teasingly against her bra. That's going to determine your starting position for the meet tomorrow night." Julie said. The fuck session with Bertha was nice. the older woman would be hiding out in the girls' locker room. feeling her snatch fire up at the constant rubbing Coach Brown was giving her ass with his bulging groin. If nothing else. Julie looked around for Bertha. Satisfied that they were unobserved. But you know. what brings you over here?" Paul asked warmly. but I told her he'd be busy for at least another hour. Wherever she was. "Yes. I came here with a friend." Paul said as he walked slowly over to Julie.Julie couldn't find a sign of Gloria. scratching the top of his head as he thought for a second. "I'm. trying to calm down as she described the young girl to the coach. We're both looking for Gloria. but not as satisfying as one with a man. . and the one Coach Brown probably had between his . pushing her gently forward. "Looking for someone else?" the coach asked as he brushed his powerful thighs against hers "accidentally"." Paul said. Mom! Down here to take a look at the team?" Byron suddenly shouted out from the far end. Your final timing's up this night.

" Paul said. Julie could hear his thick matting of body hairs rubbing against her blouse as he groaned softly in her ear. "I . He was already leaking jizz out of his pigs-slit! She felt her pussy spasm wildly. It must have been at least an inch and a half thick." Julie agreed. taking her by the hand and leading her to the back row of lockers. Hanging on the rear wall of the locker room was a tumbling mat. secluded room. She could feel his big. raising her hands to her thunderous tits and squeezing them to relieve the tension that was building up in her boobs." Paul said. . Julie held her breath. . "That's all taken care of. . "What I've got here stored up in my balls can't wait much longer. hard cock poking through his tight-fitting blue swimming trunks. closing the door behind them. is there?" the coach asked as he walked up quickly behind her and slid his hands under her arms. and she nearly fell to the floor from the contraction. looking down and seeing that tiny rivulet of pussy-juice oozing down towards her ankle. "There you go. inching them up to her tits.thick. "Ohhhh." Paul said. no sense in wasting a perfectly good. mashing in her nipples while he ground his groin against her ass.. Paul let go of Julie's hand and pulled the mat off the wall. "Whew! Looks like you're just about ready." Julie stammered as she felt her knees knocking together in nervous excitement. pretending that she didn't know about the padlock on the door." Julie said. strip!" Paul commanded hoarsely as . "For Christ's sake. "My God! What if somebody walks in?" Julie groaned. uh . "No. "Well." Paul commented wryly as he slid his thumbs under the waistband of his trunks and pushed down." Paul said. . "Well. "And where? The floor? It's hard file. Instant bed. Julie smacked her lips as she watched him use the drops of pre-cum that oozed out of his prick-slit to lubricate his thickly veined. reaching down and grabbing his crotch with both hands. flushing Ted with embarrassment." Julie looked down at Paul's crotch when he took his hands away. "Come on over here." "Mmmmm. "Come on. "Looks like you're as hot to trot as I am. hairy legs would be more than enough for her. feeling another torrent of steaming twat-juice ooze out from between her puffy labes and trickle down her right leg. turning her gently around and starting to unbutton her blouse. . that is. fully stretched cock-shaft. "Ohhhh!" Julie cried out as she felt his fingers squeeze her tits." Paul said." Julie said looking down at her feet. certain that she heard him slip a padlock on the door and lock it. I don't see your friend anywhere. "Like what you see?" Paul said as he reached down with his right hand and slowly stroked his cock. too. flopping it down to the floor with a loud crash. "Oh my God!" Julie groaned. and a good eleven inches long! His balls hung low and were covered with a thick matting of black hair that was a continuation of the forest that covered his chest. uh . then gasped loudly as she saw the coach's prick spring free of the suit and bob wildly in the air. babe. She could see a growing stain in his bathing trunks where she guessed the tip of his mammoth prick was. groin and powerful legs." Julie said.

" Paul moaned as he crawled between the woman's widely spread thighs." Paul whispered in her ear as he inched forward. His hands worked over her writhing body like a professional stud's. squeezing her cunt-walls tightly together. Christ. shit. She could almost feel a suction building up somewhere deep in her gut. I need your cock." Paul said as he rotated his powerful ass-cheeks. "Oh. She thrashed and bucked on the slippery tumbling mat. trembling cunt-lips. "MORE! M-M-MORE!" she screeched as she tossed her thighs high into the air. The swim coach pulled Julie down to the mat and rolled her like a dog on her back. finally placing his knees on either side of her shoulders. Her twat hairs were matted tightly together. a suction that was trying to pull Paul's cock into her twat. reaming her quivering snatch like a diamond head drill. but give it to me slow. She couldn't believe that Paul was going to hop up and walk away. "MMMGGGHHHH!" Julie groaned as the coach pulled the hard nipple deep into his mouth while he reached down and flicked his fingertips across her quivering. He HAD to! "Okay. how I've wanted to fuck you. . Julie wanted the full length of the swim coach's prick-shaft jammed into her pussy now. "How does this feel?" Paul panted as he moved upward and hunched his hips forward. sucking and juicing like that-he had to batter her clit and cunt with his prick. rolling their sensitive nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. then stood up so that he could reach her swollen tits. "Easy. Jesus. babe. the fingers of her right hand lightly over her swollen. Oh. wasn't he? Oh. He caressed them gently. he couldn't leave her pussy throbbing. "OHHHH!" Julie groaned as she felt the slippery fat head of Paul's cock rub against her fiery pussy. He was too hot to do that. rubbing her pussy-lips together as she tried to scratch that growing unbearable itch. babe. God! GOD! DON'T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! OH. "I need your cock stuffed up my cunt NOW!" she wailed. "N-N-NOOO!" Julie cried in ecstasy as she felt her cunt rumbling and quaking violently. "Oh. don't tease me!" Julie pleaded as she felt the heat from her snatch searing her brain. God. Ohhhh. soaked with pussy-juice. fuck." Paul groaned as he pulled his dick completely out of her hot hole. sweaty flesh that seemed to sparkle with tiny electric fucks of sensuality. puffy hot snatch. "FUCK MEEE! OHHH!" Julie wailed." Paul admitted as he reached out and slid his hands over the silky flesh of her right thigh. "Oh. running. The woman felt her twat-lips fly apart and wrap tightly around Paul's invading knob.he moved forward and knelt down on the mat. Julie began to wonder if Byron had taken more than swimming lessons from Coach Paul Brown. "Oh. "This one's gonna take a long time. DON'T LEAVE MEEE!" Julie wailed as she bucked and heaved on the sweat-stained mat. "Jesus!" Paul moaned. "ARRRGHHH! WWWAWWWHH!" Julie groaned as she felt the tip of his cock-head push gently between her big fat flaps. He ran his fingers over her panting belly. He rubbed his hands one more time across her mammoth boobs before he bent forward and started lapping his tongue across the taut brown flesh. FUCKIN' JEEEESUS. blow me. He explored the hot. "Not getting away that easily." Julie groaned.

SHIIIT!" "Shut up!" Paul whispered. "MMMGFFFF!" Julie answered as she opened her mouth and swallowed the full length of the swim coach's prick. He moved his fingers easily across the dark-pink flesh of her snatch-lips. She surprised herself She was able to slide her mouth up to the roots of his cock without gagging. "MMMMGFFFF!" Julie groaned again. hairy balls swing slowly back and forth only inches away from her nose. reaching down and digging his fingertips into Julie's forehead. pretending to start to stick them into her hole. hot labes." Paul moaned as he closed his eyes and shoved forward. I'll give you a sample. The strong smell of sweat and cum filled her nose as she watched his heavy. Her lips parted and a scream of ecstasy filled the large. "UNNNGHHH. "This ought to keep you quiet!" he whispered huskily as he hunched forward and rammed the tip of his hot pole against her lips. "OHHHH!" Julie wailed. only to slide her lips back up to the man's hot. reaching down and back until his hands clamped around Julie's two bouncing titties. Julie bucked wildly on the mat. Julie felt torrent after torrent of fresh. "UNNGHHH!" Paul cried out. hairy pussy-mound. hunching forward one more time. He flicked his fingers rapidly across the hard. "FUCK MEEEE!" Julie protested as she licked her lips excitedly with her long tongue. At the same time she slowly wrapped her tongue around the coach's cock. yeah. "How's this for starters?" Paul asked as he reached back until his hand glided over her swollen. At the same time Julie screamed and threw her head hard into the mat.. sliding her ass-cheeks up and down the wet plastic top. "SUCK MEEE!" Paul groaned. She wanted to feel those leaking drops of hot jizz slide down her throat. "Ohhhhhh!" Julie moaned as she felt hot drops of pre-cum drip out of Paul's expanding piss-slit and trickle over her lower lip. gliding them over the thick layer of steaming snatch-juice that continually flowed out of her pussy. hairy groin again. OHHH. She wanted to feel his balls trailing across her chin and neck. "YAIEEE! AIIEEE! ARRGHHHH! UNNGHHH! G-G-GIVE MEEE. then pulling them out just at the last second and chuckling as he felt Julie's pussy rumble and quake in frustration. thick dong jouncing just above her half-parted lips.. Paul traced his fingers lightly over her widening gash. feeling her cunt spasm and contract wildly at the slightest touch. working her way down to the throbbing head. FUCK! FUCK!" Paul cried out. babe.Julie looked up and saw the man's long. "MMMMM!" Paul moaned as he moved his fingers closer and closer to the dark slit between her swollen. She thought her jaws were going to crack apart. pulling his finger out of her hole and wrapping his hands around his cunt-hole digger. "N-N-NOOO!" Julie cried in ecstasy as she felt "Okay. Suddenly she wanted his cock jammed down her throat. hot twat-juice pour out from between her fat snatch-lips as Paul's cock battered against the back of her throat. mashing them in occasionally with his powerful hands as . sweaty groin rubbed across her nose." Paul grunted as he stuck his right forefinger into the hole and felt her slick cunt-walls clamp around it tightly. cool locker room. down Julie's throat until his hairy. tough skin of her nipples. "Oh. driving his steaming pole down.

closing his eyes tightly and backing away. Coach?" someone asked from the set of lockers next to them. so I snuck around the back. shiiitttt!" Paul groaned." Julie moaned deliciously as she looked at Paul's gleaming red dick. clamping his fingers tightly around his prick. don't want to come like that-no. and felt her clit itching and tingling as it never had before. fleshy . Two cocks! And both in the same room with her! She wanted them both in her. "I don't know. stiff prick." Paul said in broken phrases as he finally slid his prick out of the woman's mouth. "Almost blew that one!" "Don't you have it backwards. and climbed in. I wonder if she can take both cocks at once. I kind of liked the way Mom was sucking you off. Her twat ached for Paul and Byron." Paul said wryly as he still rubbed his hot. "I suppose you didn't even try the door. "When I saw you and mom going into the locker room. Julie looked down and watched his heavy. kneeling next to Paul and stroking his cock up to its full length while he grinned widely at his mother. and looks like I won. "Don't worry. Julie watched Byron's gropings like a hawk. Coach." Paul said. "Whew!" Paul whistled. Julie couldn't believe how much she wanted two cocks stuffed inside her at the same time! "Hey. Coach I got a little suspicious of your instructions. hanging balls sway back and forth every time the coach's prick quivered. I took a chance." Byron said as he stood next to the mat. Julie wanted both men to screw her-one in the cunt. "Gotcha. one in the ass. She closed her eyes and listened carefully-she thought she could almost hear Paul's hot load of thick jizz splattering inside the tough. shrugging his shoulders as he reached back and stuck his right forefinger back into her hot hole. Coach!" Byron said as he slipped his fingers under the waistband of his suit and shoved the material down to his ankles. "Oh. "Mmmmmmm. CHAPTER EIGHT Julie inched down on the mat as she got ready for the first double fucking of her life. "No. I knew that you'd lock the door. her shit-hole twitched for the two studs. feeling the coach's cock begin to twitch and swell uncontrollably in her mouth. I heard you and Mom here groaning away. covering her face in shame." Byron said as he reached down and started squeezing the increasingly massive hard-on that was swelling the crotch of his tight swimsuit. It was covered with thick layers of her spittle and glistened like a long florescent light jangling and throbbing in mid air. and found the window to the locker room open.he continued to ram his big prick down the woman's throat. winking while he ran the fingers of his right hand lightly over her twitching nipples. It didn't take me too long to figure out what was going on. Paul seemed to guess what she was thinking and looked up at Byron. towering over them. "What the fuck?" Paul said angrily. "UNNGHHHH!" Julie screamed as she slammed her legs together and trapped the coach's hand between her sweaty. "Ohhh. She was glad that Byron had spotted her and the coach sneaking into the locker room. "Ohhhhhh!" Julie echoed." Byron said. God!" Julie groaned. leathery fuck-sac.

didn't you?" Paul asked as he slid down slightly and lowered his head. While Paul was tonguing the woman's sucking mouth. I could go on like this all night. It wiggled and crashed frantically between her teeth. "Christ. I'M GONNA COME! I'M GONNA COME!" Byron shrieked as he fell forward. juicing gash. "You don't want to waste that stuff on a pair of lips." Paul grunted as he rolled her nipples lightly between his thumb and forefinger." Paul said. "NNNGHHHH!" Byron answered. At the same time Paul hunched up against the boy. Jim was . laughing loudly as he leaned forward and inched his cock-head closer and closer to Julie's opened mouth. "Easy. "Jesus. At the same time Paul reached down and cupped the woman's tits in his hands. "Mmmm. Byron flicked off the drops of cooling cunt-juice and clung to the tips of her pussy fur while he tickled her rumbling twat-lips with his fingers. At the same time. pulling in her tongue and spittle as his tongue crashed into her mouth. Not such a bad thing for you now. "UNNNGHHHH!" Julie cried out in a muffled groan as she felt her jaws open as widely as they could. He clamped his lips on hers. "Shit! SHIT!" Paul groaned as he closed his eyes and swayed from side to side. She could feel the hot prick skin pushing against her cheeks and tongue as both cocks jammed slowly deeper and deeper into her mouth. "ARRGHHH!" she cried out as she felt her son's tongue lapping at her wiry snatch hairs. Byron got up and slid over to the two thrashing figures. babe. hot snatch-juice! I guess she's hot enough to wrap her lips around a barber pole!" Byron said. The dicks slid against one another like two slick sticks setting a fire deep inside Julie's belly. is it? You really wanted those two cocks in your mouth. She felt her pussy-lips flapping and fluttering against one another while her clit beat crazily from side to side. Julie felt her nipples mash in as Paul squeezed the hot. "Jeeesus! She's hot enough to broil a steak between her legs. Your mom's got a hell of a lot better places where you can dump it. inching his way forward until he was crouched between his mother's widely spread legs. Julie's cunt spasmed wildly as she felt Byron's lips close tightly around her box and suck gently. hot snatch. barely catching himself by putting out his hands near his mother's head. Byron pushed his head forward and buried his face in Julie's mushy. She wanted to go on all night like this. "Mmmmgfff!" Byron answered in a muffled voice as he continued to suck harder and harder at his mother's steaming.thighs. rolling over to his side and hunching up his legs as he tried to prevent his prick from spurting its heavy load of jizz on the locker-room floor. boy. "ARRGHHH!" was Julie's only answer. She forgot about Gloria and Bertha. sliding his cock next to Byron's as it popped into Julie's stretched mouth." Paul said. crashing his hairy groin against her nose like a jackhammer. pushing him roughly off his mother. "Mmmmm. churning his prick in Julie's mouth a few more times before he finally pulled it out. He slammed his groin up and down rapidly now. spongy flesh. Get a smell of that!" Paul said as he slid his hand out from between her thighs and held the fingers up to Byron 's nose.

"You're the boss. kid. your shitter's gonna burn after I get through with it!" Paul grunted as he squeezed the tube tightly with his right hand. Julie felt her asshole contract wildly as she watched the opaque gel ooze out of the tube and onto Paul's wide. battering her puffy snatch-lips with his spasming. "You fuck her in the cunt. If there was a heaven on earth. twitching boobs. rounded butt. juice slicked snatch. fucking. sweaty chest. "Jesus!" Byron moaned as he hunched his hips forward." Byron said as he stuck in two more digits .just someone in the past. wet thick lips clamping and unclamping around her snatch-flaps and Paul's powerful hands milking and stroking her hot. long cock. "Hey." Paul said as he tossed the tube away and rolled back on the mat until his prick was bouncing against Julie's trembling ass-cheeks. you can't! YOU CAN'T!" Julie wailed as she looked wide-eyed at the coach's huge. Julie thought she'd go out of her mind as she felt her slick." Paul called out from behind. But something like that shoved in her shitter! It'd kill her! "Don't worry. sticking in his forefingers and wriggling them around her steaming." Paul said as he rolled off her and rolled her to one side. sliding his powerful legs between his mother's as he hunched back and positioned his cock for a forward thrust up her fuck-tunnel. She'd be able to slip her pussy-lips around his dick and maybe blow her son at the same time. groping. At the same time Byron reached down and stroked her puffy labes. Jesus! I want to sink his prick up your snatch!" "Hey. "Ohhhhhh!" the woman groaned as Byron took up the front position. The sucking. "This'll keep you from screaming the walls down. this had to be it. "Oh. I usually use it for burns or injuries. Julie groaned. sensitive cunt-walls scraped by her son's thick fingers. flicking his tongue lightly across the reddened. "UNNGHHHH!" she groaned. Suddenly Julie felt something thick and greasy slide up her shitter. Byron. In a second he was back. I want to jam my cock up her shit-hole. thick cock-head. "Lick my assss!" Julie hissed between her tightly clenched teeth as she bucked forward and mashed her nipples against Byron's hot. swollen clit. slick tip of his mother's trembling clit. "Ohhhh. not so fast. holding a tube of something in his right hand. "Maybe a little licking would loosen her up. All she could think of now was her son's hot. "There's always a handy tube of Vaseline lying around somewhere. baby. Paul was oiling up her asshole for his dick. I think. "Christ! She's so fuckin' hot she's burnin' my fingers. Coach. "OHHHH!" Julie cried out in surprise as she suddenly felt the coach tonguing her sweaty ass. puckered skin of her bung while he gripped her firm thighs with both hands. panting-it all was heaven to Julie. I come ready for all things. muscular hand." Byron said." Paul said as he sprang to his feet and ran into the shower room. flicking his tongue across the brown." Paul said as he slid down the mat until his mouth was even with her firm. What say we get down to business?" Paul groaned as he pulled slightly away from Julie's bucking body. Babe. clutching her swollen tits in tenor as she heard the swimming coach opening up what sounded to be a cabinet. feeling hot flashes of pleasure shoot from her ass to her erect.

" Byron chuckled as he continued to ream out his mother's snatch. "AIIIEEE! AIYBEEF! WAWWWWHHH! OHHH. instant double-stuffing. Paul said. driving his juice-slicked cock deeper and harder into her snatch. looking over Julie's shaking shoulders again and winking at the boy before he went back to his butt-fucking. greasy prick-head slip in between her ass-cheeks and slide down a few inches. "Don't worry. let me know when you're going to jam your prick up her snatch. Julie continued to shriek and shout." the coach grunted. "You know the old phrase-keep it in the family." Byron chuckled as he put his anus around his mother's thighs and forced them down lower towards his quivering. The woman inhaled sharply and held her breath as she felt Paul's cock-head slip down slightly then stop and began to push increasingly harder against her tiny asshole.and pinched and tugged at his mother's beating clit. wriggling her ass and tossing her head wildly from side to side. "More?" Byron groaned. You know. Paul's asshole probing and Byron's cunt-fingering were driving her closer and closer to the edge. fully extended cock. Ma gets real relaxed when she's got a prick in her. "OHHH! GGGGAAAWWWWDDD!" Julie gasped. smiling broadly at his mother. clenching her thighs together and biting her lower lip in an attempt to keep from coming. maybe she can't take it?" Byron said. I'll be-" Byron said. lunging forward and burying his prick deep inside Julie's violated asshole. I don't want to have two mothers after you get through." Paul cried out. . a little surprised that Julie was messing around with her own son. That way I don't think shell feel as much pain from the ass. "I guess so." Byron panted. SHIIIT SHIITT!" "Hey. "Now!" Byron said. using the jizz that was oozing freely out of his prick-slit now as a lubricant while he pried the woman's butt as widely apart as he could with his left. clenching his teeth and driving his cock up in between Julie's fat cunt-lips. "AIYEEE! AIYEEE!" Julie shrieked. probing her sweaty skin until it found the edge of her brown shitter. "Christ! You must do this a lot to her!" Paul said. Her long black hair whipped across Byron's heaving chest as he hunched up again and again. SHIT! OHHHH. "AIIEEE! ARRRGGGHHH! OHHH. At the same time Paul tightened his grip around the woman's butt and squeezed his asscheeks together. "Hey. "She'll relax in a few seconds. "I told you-she really wanted these cocks. He was stroking his cock slowly with his right hand. feeling his hot. slamming more hot inches of his prick into the woman's bowels." Byron said." Paul suggested as he shifted his thighs slightly downward." Byron grunted. Julie moaned and closed her eyes. "Wait a second. I think it'd be great if we both plug her at the same time. slamming her thighs up and down her son's hand. a little concerned by his mother's reaction to Paul's ass-fucking. Just slide it back and forth. FUCKIN' JEESUS! IT FEEELS SOOOO GOOD! SOOOO GOOOD!" "Well. "You think she's ready?" Paul asked the boy as he looked over Julie's trembling shoulder. "Just make sure you've got enough grease up her asshole. "Fuck! She's gonna squeeze the shit out of my prick.

excited by the conversation going on about her. "Oh. Two cocks! Two big. The sensation of two sets of hot. Julie twitched her ass violently in rhythm to Byron's wildly spurting cock. It was a signal to Paul to let his load go. "I c-c-can't hold it back any MOOOOREEE!" Byron cried out as he slammed his crotch wildly against Julie's stretched. "UNNGHHHH! OH. "Hey. steamy breath blast across her neck as his balls slapped noisily and angrily against her reddening ass-cheeks. groans became shouts of unspeakable ecstasy as the woman felt Paul's prick swell up incredibly." Paul said. hot tits. But that was impossible. running into Byron's hands. trapping her son's dick inside her snatch one more time as Paul slammed his rod deep in her bowels. She rubbed her tits into his muscular chest. Julie had never felt this feeling before. gripping the men's cocks tightly in her gut. "Ohhhh. squeezing. Julie threw her arms around Byron's neck and pulled his body up tightly to hers."OHHHH! FUCK MEEEE!" Julie screeched again. crashing down against Julie and letting his cock twitch deliciously inside her hot shit-chute as he reached over and started squeezing the woman's spongy. "FUCK!" Byron groaned." Paul panted from behind her as he worked himself up to a climax. chuckling softly. sending hot inches of prick-meat deeper into her sucking snatch as his balls ground against her battered groin. then twitch crazily in her bowels as the first steaming load of cum blew into her belly. "Don't come!" she was finally able to grunt out as she heard the coach begin to breathe unevenly. Byron! DON'T!" Julie pleaded as she beat his shoulders wildly with her fists. Julie would squeeze her cunt and shit-hole muscles together. Julie could feel the coach's cock swelling deep in her ass. "Let's share. She prayed that Paul and Byron could go on plugging and licking her forever. shit!" Paul panted. twitching snatch-flaps. throwing his head back and jamming his groin hard against Julie's mushy pussy. MOM! MAAAA!" the boy cried out. Julie wondered if it was too much for her son. Julie could feel the coach's hot. long cocks sweating. churning and throbbing in her body! She closed her eyes and squeezed her pussy muscles together again. they're mine. Now it felt as if her son was about to blow his wad. "SHIIITTT!" Paul groaned. As Paul and Byron completed their down strokes. hairy balls slapping against her cunt and ass almost drove her into a hard climax. She felt Byron's crotch hairs scratching her puffy labes desperately as the first wads of the boy's hot jizz exploded in her cunt. He ran them over her hard brown nipples. The room was filled with the smell and sound of fucking." Julie groaned as she felt the two men fighting for possession of her nipples." the boy said possessively. tugging and stroking her heavy tits while the men continued to pump away in her body. driving. First she was worded that Paul was coming. Then she'd rotate her thighs slowly from left to right. . How could she stop herself? Julie had become one giant fucking machine. It was too late. "No! Don't. "Keep it in her. His ass shoved up rapidly. churning their cocks in her holes before relaxing her muscles and letting them slide their pricks out. He was going to shoot if she didn't slow down. Grunts became groans. Two sets of hands roamed freely over her fleshy boobs.

I . did you hear something in the room?" Paul said suddenly." "I think she could take on the whole swim team. trying to sound indignant. "My husband's secretary. FUUUUCCCKKK!" Paul shouted out again." Byron said. But there she was. "God. twitching cunt. The woman was so frazzled from the double-fuck that she didn't care who had sneaked into the room. pulling his prick out of the woman's violated shitter and rolling over on his back. "It's Bertha."FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!" Paul shrieked out as he dug his fingers hard into Julie's quivering. "Well." Byron said. "I don't see anything funny in that. Over here. She knew the secretary would be smirking when she took one look at the three of them. Maybe she'd be able to finish them all off before dinner." Paul whispered to Byron. feeling her face flush red with shame. loving the feeling of two hot jets of jizz streaming into her body. She'd break everybody's balls. "Bertha." Julie cried out. "Hey. "Shit!" Paul said." Julie said. stopping his laughing and sitting up quickly. chuckling softly as he reached up with his right hand and stroked his mother's sweaty boobs." Julie said. "How did you get in here?" Byron asked." Bertha said a little sarcastically as she stepped out into the aisle and confronted the three of them. She screamed mindlessly as a torrent of hot juice spewed out of her pussy." Julie finally groaned as she felt every muscle in her body go limp with exhaustion. I guess the same way you all did. "Who?" the coach said. "I-I think! I'm. Julie watched nervously as the two men crept on their hands and knees past her and down the long row of lockers. pulling his cock out of his mother's slackening cunt with a loud pop." Julie whispered to Paul. spinning around and looking at her. When I couldn't find your mother. feeling bolts of pleasure shoot out from her clit as Byron's slipped his cock out from between her still-puffy labes. "Come on. "Shit! I forgot to lock the window behind me when I climbed in. She felt as if someone had exploded an atom bomb on top of her clit.she felt wave after wave of orgasmic spasms roll over her swollen. When she thought about it." Paul said.OMIGOD! ARRRGHHH! WAWWWWHH! AIEEEE!" Julie screamed desperately as . we'd never have a swim meet. "Julie?" she heard someone call out in a tiny voice. It's okay. "Your mother's one hell of a hot number. "Ohhhhh. "The window. sweaty sides. the Bobbsey Twins and their little friend. slamming his muscular groin up and digging his prick in as far as it could go. "OHHH. Julie groaned and bucked. lying on a tumbling mat in the middle of a boys' locker room with a cock still stuffed up her gut and jizz leaking out of her asshole." Julie called out as she stood up and looked for the older woman. It was only mild curiosity that made her get up and creep behind Byron and Paul. "Ohhhh. I don't know. taking on the swim team didn't sound like a bad idea. rolling from side to side with laughter. I think we've got a peeping Tom on our hands. She knows the scene-more or less.

" Byron finally said. honey. but I'm not stupid. turning to Bertha. "You pretended to be my friend. He pinned her arms down to the mattress and clamped his powerful hairy legs over hers.thought she'd gone outside." Byron said as he watched his dick slowly get longer. too. I think what you need is a good fuck to set you straight." Bertha said. "Hey. moving up behind Julie and rubbing his hairy crotch against her smooth right thigh. honey. So. "Christ! We'd better close that window before the paper boys come in. I may be a little older than most of you. "Gloria!" she screamed. "No problem. "My God! I think she's loosening up!" Julie said as she watched her stepdaughter's writhing slow down. "Bertha!" Julie cried out." the secretary said." Paul said as he lurched forward suddenly. backing away until her firm ass pressed against the back set of lockers. the better they'll be tonight." he said. ma'am. then moved up to her chin and finally ended up by clamping his lips tightly on her mouth. Listen. "Let me go!" Gloria wailed as Paul climbed on top of her. Then I walked by the window and heard all this groaning. "That's my mom. "The more laps around the pool they make. "Nope. thicker and harder. "What about the team?" Julie asked in a husky voice as she felt her cunt-juice begin to flow again. She could tell from the looks in their eyes that they understood Bertha's meaning. smiling broadly. jumping away from Paul and covering her tits with both hands. I decided to check it out. "You just don't quit. "You think you can get that thing up to full size?" Bertha moaned as she finished unfastening her dress and let it slip down to the tiled floor. "You whore! WHORE! Fucking your own son and-and HIM! And you!" Gloria screeched. Something told me that where you hear grunting. reaching up and rubbing his hands lightly over her boobs. don't worry." Paul gasped as he grabbed Julie tightly around the waist and spun her around. "Don't you touch me!" Gloria shrieked. She couldn't believe it! Was that woman going to mount her right here in front of the two men? "Oh. "I think I can handle this one alone." Paul said as he moved towards the girl. I can make it with men just as easily as with women. My friend! And you're no better than the rest of them!" the girl wailed as she clenched her fingers together angrily and beat them steadily against the lockers." Bertha said as she reached up and scratched her right tit. The girl's eyes opened wide in horror as she looked down and saw that the coach was obviously aroused by her anger. Her pussy walls started to throb and contract again. Suddenly she remembered the original reason for visiting the pool. Julie flushed red with embarrassment as Byron and Paul wheeled around and stared at her. then turn into a . But that's no reason why we can't get something going here. "And don't forget the old coach. "DON'T! DON'T!" she pleaded as Paul licked the base of her neck. slowly unbuttoning her dress. you find Julie Hoover. do you?" Julie heard a girl's voice from behind wail out. laughing loudly as he reached down to his limp prick and started playing with it. grabbing the girl by the right arm and spinning her around until she crashed down on top of the mat. "Have you found Gloria yet?" Julie asked nervously." Paul said.

He was kneeling between the two women. She felt her pussy twitch and ache. The girl's pussy hairs were frazzled with excitement. virgin ass-cheeks. buck and toss in sympathetic rhythm to his probings. Julie heard Bertha moan next to her and guessed that Paul was finger-fucking her. moving down until it came to rest on the tip of her swollen. She felt Paul spreading her thighs as far apart as he could. "You take her on. wet muff Julie guessed that her son was sucking on Gloria's clit. making the two women writhe. It slid over her fluttering pussy-lips and down into her steaming hole. Julie's head exploded as she felt Paul's right finger slide over her thighs and inch down to her hot cunt-mound. exposed pussy. throbbing groin. throbbing clit. Julie prayed that her son's screwing would finally bring Gloria to her senses. God! The coach was going to give her the same sucking that Byron had given Gloria! Julie moaned in approval as she felt her pussy rumble in expectation of the coach's tongue. son. Then he slid down until his face was even with her twat. Julie saw that Byron had left off sucking on the girl's cunt and was crouching over her now. "I'll tell you what. having placed one knee between her legs and the other between Bertha's. forcing herself to get control of herself so that she could look back up and see what was happening. Jesus! What do you want us to do?" Bertha asked as she ripped off her bra and panties and lay down next to Julie. Paul rubbed both of the quivering clits.steady hunching against Paul's hot." Byron looked at Gloria. They bounced off each other. Oh. Suddenly. "FUCK MEEEE!" Julie heard Gloria shriek out." Paul said. Byron had taken another mat off the wall and rolled Gloria onto it. It made her sensitive nerve endings quiver and explode with unspeakable pleasure. Julie could still feel her son's cooling jizz splashing around in her trembling twat. pulling away from Gloria and rolling over to one side. Her eyes were gazed over with passion. "NOOOO! DON'T! DON'T!" Gloria shrieked. hot cock was bouncing off Gloria's upturned. "Just lie there. and the odor of vaporizing pussy-juice seeped out from under her skirt. Then they screwed their sweaty asscheeks deep into the mat as he pushed his fingers deeper and deeper into their shuddering cunts. She rolled her eyes back and saw Byron's face still buried in the young girl's hot. grinning as Julie felt the coach's hands slide down her belly towards her pussy. Julie could hear the young girl's groans as her son busily lapped away at her young." Paul said. grinding their sweat-slicked thighs against each other. "AIYYYEEEE!" the woman shrieked as she felt Paul . sliding his rough tongue over her sensitive. begging for a cock again. His thick. "ARRRGHHHH!" Bertha groaned. Julie saw that the girl was ready for a fuck. As Paul and Byron proceeded to rip her clothes off. She wanted to feel it rubbing against her snatch's sensitive wet walls. CHAPTER NINE "Ohhhh. Gloria's legs were resting on his shoulders and the boy was spreading her cunt-lips apart slowly with both hands. Julie closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. Tiny electric sparks seemed to fly out from the ends of her muff fur as she bucked and thrashed on the mat. while I finish off your mother and her friend here. then nodded to the coach. I'll do the work. "OHHHHH!" Julie echoed. miniature organ.

then pulling away and snaking its way down to her asshole. They were panting and writhing on the gym mat like bitch dogs in heat. Before Julie could understand exactly what he meant. Oh God. girls. He made her cry out again and again as his tongue drew back and upward to stroke her swollen clit. She was even willing to give dry-fucking a chance. It didn't matter that two cocks had rammed her cunt and shitter only seconds earlier. His spongy cock-head stretched Bertha's asshole. It made her want to scream. She realized that she wanted Paul's cock up her ass as badly as Bertha did. "JEEESUS. Paul had changed tactics.sticking his tongue into her snatch. But Paul obviously had ether plans. the Vaseline!" Julie cried out as she started to get up to search for the discarded tube. But Paul reached out with his right hand and pushed her down to the mat again. thrashing around and rolling against her thighs. knowing that she would have screamed the roof down if the coach had tried to dry-fuck her like that earlier. flipping over finally and grinding her hot pussy walls together. Paul moved back to Bertha and leaned forward." Paul said. she guessed that her son had just sunk his heavy." he said to Bertha. Now he was biting her. "NOOOO! NOOO!" Gloria echoed from somewhere behind her. She didn't care if he rammed his fist up her new friend's snatch. Julie heard Bertha still moaning. pushing his cock-head against her puckered pink asshole. She couldn't stand to wait any longer. All Julie knew was that Paul's tongue was sliding in and out of her cunt. GO SLOW!" Bertha cried out. she did. hot prick in his stepsister's pussy. but then the tugging seemed to do something to her nerves. Julie could feel Paul's heavy. then looked at the two women. she wanted to be fucked again. Julie thought she heard an audible squish. Julie watched what was happening and felt her own asshole twitch excitedly. pushing her ass-cheeks into the air. Julie looked over at Bertha and saw that the older woman didn't seem to mind the ass-fuck. He had her right cunt-lip in his teeth and he was tugging on it. He rammed the full length of his prick into her asshole until his balls rested against her upturned . glancing at Julie and leaning over. uneven breathing on her snatch. "FUCK ME!" she shrieked. Soon she was tossing her ass off the tumbling mat in a silent plea for more of the same. and guessed that Paul was still finger-fucking her while he was licking her off But she didn't care what was going on any more. The secretary look at Julie and winked. She wanted a cock now. He was moving his head down again. making her cry out in pain and delight. she watched him push down. running the tip of his tongue along her snatch-lips and down to her shitter. "UNNGH!" Paul groaned. She wanted to shout out for him to fuck her. and when his tongue tried to ram its way into her asshole. If it wasn't her imagination. He ran his fingers lightly over her drenched cunt hairs and made her pussy shudder in response. "Turn over." Paul said huskily as he pulled away. "It's going to be a double-fuck. She was trying to impale her bung on the coach's twitching prick.. At first it hurt her. "Ahhhhhh!" Bertha moaned. "ARRRGHHHH!" Julie shrieked out. She shuddered. "Just what I'm about to do. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Bertha panted next-to her. Julie cried out again. "For God's sake.

hoping that Paul would hear her and get back to her pussy. She hated to be left high and dry. Then it became irregular. knowing that his prick was probably covered with some of the secretary's shit. She felt that familiar hard knot deep in her belly slowly begin to untie itself and give way to a spreading flash of heat that flushed her tits and made her nipples ache for relief. The woman's body quivered excitedly with each thrust up her butt. There was a steady squishing sound that matched the squishing sound coming out of Gloria's violated cunt. FUCKIN' GOOOD CUNT! UNNGHHH! SHIIIT!" Paul cried as he swirled his ass in mid air. But it felt so good. He was back to . Paul opened his eyes once and stared into hers. Julie turned around again and watched her son's prick slam faster and faster in and out of Gloria's stretched cunt. "MORE! UNNNGHHH! UNNNGHHHH!" the secretary groaned. Now Paul had yanked out his cock and shoved it into Bertha's waiting asshole. The boy groaned again and again. He pulled his cock out to the tip of its head while the puckered ring of Bertha s asshole tried to clamp shut. But Paul didn't seem to hear her. then closed them again. "YESSSSS!" Gloria shrieked out suddenly. begging Paul to fuck her ass again as she slid her fingers under her hunching thighs and speared her hot hole with them. Julie groaned and watched Paul fall into his regular pile driving rhythm.ass-cheeks. Julie saw that he was tugging on Gloria's tiny organ. churning his prick around the outer edges of Julie's pussy. trying to pump the cum from his balls. Bertha continued to moan next to her. "My ass! MY ASS!" the older woman screamed. Then he eased his rod inside the tight ass again. Julie groaned in frustration. BABY! YOU'VE GOT A GOOOOD. "YES! YESSSSS!" Julie cried out as Paul leaned forward and sucked her tits and bit her shoulder. "MY CUNT!" Julie groaned. He was pumping it into her pussy now. Julie saw her stepdaughter's tits visibly swell and shake as Byron's prick slammed into her like a runaway piston. Paul obeyed. "AIEEEE!" Julie cried out as she felt Paul reach down and touch her clit. quivering shitter. Julie watched him hunch his butt up slightly. making her whimper and beg him to fuck her harder and deeper. Somewhere in the room she heard Bertha and Gloria groaning. then slamming his prick-shaft back down into her fuck-tunnel. Julie heard Paul's breathing become heavier and turn to gasps. pulling his cock about halfway out of Bertha's violated shitter. He fucked his cock in and out of her cunt furiously. "FUCK! OHHHH. Julie shuddered. and her pussy walls were closing around the thick shaft and crushing it. Suddenly Julie was aware of a crushing weight. There was no resistance. She realized that Paul had pulled out of Bertha's ass and was on top of her now. His cock slid easily into her cunt. slapping his balls against Bertha's butt. She had begun to feel her pussy contract. All she could do now was scream and whimper. pulling his prick out of Julie's cunt and plunging his rod back into the secretary's loosened. Then he plunged his rod back in again. reaching down between their grinding bodies and grabbing her clit between his thumb and forefinger.

His fingers trailed down her thighs. She forced her right hand between his body and hers. then slam forward again. "Don't worry. "I'M COMING! COMING! COMMMMHINNNGGGG!" Paul suddenly shouted as he slammed his groin hard against her upturned crotch. was in her cunt again. Julie felt her tits and belly flash hot as the first powerful contraction broke loose in her cunt and shit-hole. Then he realized that the older woman had collapsed exhausted on the mat. "Christ. She felt her pussy muscles contract under the coach's powerful thrusts. They gripped and grabbed at his cock desperately as Paul shouted obscenities at the woman. "MORE! MORE! I WANT MORE!" Gloria screeched wildly as she reached up with both hands and squeezed her titties hard. "What a cruel thing to say about such a sweet girl. It was all over for her. closing his eyes and driving his crotch harder and harder against his stepsister's pussy. Julie pushed Paul gently off her body and turned over to see what was going on on the mat behind hers. The woman thrashed violently and groaned like a wounded animal as her cunt broke out into a series of crotch-killing contractions. squish. and wondered what it took to satisfy this man's fascination for ass. Julie thought he was going to shoot his load of jism into the secretary's bowels. But Bertha had other plans. JEEESUS! FUCK! FUCK!" Paul screeched. She didn't know what was happening around her any more. "Christ! That's the one thing about kids. sweaty young thighs high into the air and against her brother's groin. Gloria continued to scream desperately. shouts and grunts. "WAWWWHHH!" Julie shrieked. she's beginning to sound like you. She felt Paul jerk back at first. Julie groaned mindlessly as she felt her cunt tighten up with every passing second. "N-N-NOWWWW!" Paul screamed. Julie could only scream like a homeless ghost as she thought her clit and nipples would rip off her body and sail into the air. When it was over. babe. He moved back to Julie and. sliding under her crotch and inching back until they found her asshole. and she continued to stroke the tiny hairs that covered his cum-sac. Paul was too worked up to notice what had happened. Julie felt him forcing one of them inside. "FUCK! UNNNGHHHH! UNNGHHH! NNNGHHH! FUCK YOU! AWWW. His fucking became more frenzied. As soon as she felt the first wad of hot. Your cunt's gonna get my load. "Fuck me!" Gloria cried out as she dug her head into the plastic mat and hunched her quivering. All she knew was that she was squishing and bouncing and sliding over the mat and against Paul's body to the sounds of cries. "FUCK!" Byron cried out. Julie guessed that Bertha's fingering had been too good for her. "OHHHH!" Julie responded.slamming his cock harder and faster into Bertha's ass. looking over at Julie and nudging her also. almost on cue. thick jizz spatter into her hole. They've got better endurance than us old folks." Paul said as he joined Bertha and Julie in watching the boy and girl screw. and she was coming now." Paul grunted. feeling around in the air until she had gotten ahold of his balls. She flung her ." Bertha said." Paul said as he nudged Julie playfully. She smelled her cunt-juice again. Lightning flashed in her seared brain as explosions went off all over her body.

"Better hurry. Pun-time's over. screaming incoherent obscenities as spasm after spasm of pleasure ripped through their bodies.arms around Byron's neck and locked her ankles behind his back. Soon the mind-breaking contractions of coming would explode deep in her gut and flare out to her throbbing clit. unsure of which direction she wanted to go. The way her head was tossing from side to side meant only one thing." Paul said. All she needed was that warning. . "Christ. Gloria met him halfway. Then she realized that Gloria was teetering on the edge of orgasm. Julie. "Well. "Mmmmm-huh. "Ohhhh!" Julie groaned. Byron and Gloria scrambled around the tiny back aisle of lockers for their clothes as Paul hurried towards the front door. Her shit-hole quaked with excitement as she felt Byron's cock swell and throb out of control. Byron. then the next." Paul said." she groaned. but I've got a team to coach. rolling off the mat and reaching down for his swim suit. Say good-bye to your sister and come on out to the pool. We'll do it differently this time and walk out the door. Those old familiar pre-orgasmic rumblings were rumbling through the young girl's pussy. They'll be some tall explaining to do to the team if they come in here and find all of you like that. Bertha. Gloria looked as if she wanted to keep her brother's prick inside her pussy forever. With every downward thrust the boy made. feeling her snatch fire up again as she watched Gloria and Byron finishing up their fuck and collapse exhausted on the tumbling mat. look at her!" Julie said to no one in particular as she watched her stepdaughter meet Byron's attack with thrusts of her own. and her clit was rubbed up to a violent climax. Julie saw her son's hot. shoving her thighs into the air and crashing into his powerful groin. milky-looking jizz leaking out from between Gloria's swollen labes as the boy continued to shoot load after load of his cum into his stepsister's pussy. She went over the edge. "UNNGHHH! UNNGHHH! ARRGHHH!" the boy moaned. At first she thought the girl was having a stroke. Julie could tell that Gloria was getting close to orgasm. Come on. "NOWWWW!" Byron screamed. and get out of here. stuffed with her brother's young meat from her cunt-lips to her womb. laughing out loud as he took off the lock and pushed the doors open. "JEEESUS! I'M COMING! COMMIINNNGGGG!" Byron screamed as he pushed his ass up high. looking up into the swimming coach's eyes and smiling dreamily at him. I'd love to fuck you-and your friend. "N-N-NOOOO!" Gloria shrieked. digging his fingers so hard into Gloria's sides that he left black-and-blue marks wherever he touched her. "ARRGHHH! WAWWWWHHH! WAWWWHHH!" Gloria wailed as the two of them thrashed and jerked against each other. She was swaying first one way. "Christ! You're ready to go again. then thrust down violently. She was full of cock. Her cunt boiled with juice and heat. gang. too. Julie watched the girl freeze suddenly in mid air. Gloria threw open her eyes and wrapped her legs more tightly around Byron's quivering body. aren't you?" Paul asked as he watched Julie slide her hands down under her thighs and start to strum her stiffening clit.

before slicing gracefully into the cool green water of the pool.. Goddamn him! Julie said to herself as she felt her clit spring up and throb away in frustration. She wanted to push his lips against her tits while she rubbed her crotch against his stiffening prick. "But all this doesn't mean that I don't love your father any more. we can fight them off and become a pack of neurotic crazies. "That son of yours is going to be in the Olympics someday if he keeps up his style and speed. coaxing the girl forward to the front door of the gym. "Well. "What do you mean?" Gloria asked as she stopped and looked into Julie's eyes. " Julie's voice trailed softly off. Julie sighed. As Gloria stepped into the car." "And Byron?" Gloria asked. "I-I don't know. "Gloria. looking down at the floor and shifting her feet uneasily. "Besides." Julie said. In a few minutes they were all dressed and out of the locker room. you and he can do anything you want to. But all she could do was cheer along with the rest of the fans and tell her pussy to wait. Julie sighed. That's why I married him. It was true that she and Jim would probably have more fun in the bedroom. I think you've seen this afternoon that we've all got certain urges that we just can't help. We've had some difficulties in the bedroom. but she wasn't going to give up her son-not yet." Jim said as he moved slowly over to Julie. "Mmmmm." Julie said as she saw Bertha pull up to the front of the building. "Honey. "I'll go out and get the car. She wanted to run out of the stands and wrap her arms around his head. Or we can enjoy them for what they're worth. How proud she was when the officials announced that Byron was the winner. anyway."Bastard!" Julie shouted out playfully as she flipped her tits back into her bra. As for the coach. seeing her son's smoothly muscular body jetting through the water. ." Julie said proudly as she took off her coat and threw it on the living-room couch.. Byron had patted Gloria playfully on the ass as they stepped out of the locker room." she agreed. But there wasn't any reason why she couldn't share Byron with her own daughter. "What a meet!" Jim said as he and Julie walked into their home two nights later. And I think you'll have more time to fool around with your brother." Julie said softly as she pushed Gloria gently out of the gym. what I guess I mean is that I still love your father. then ran to the other end of the pool to finish up his practice session. "I never thought Byron could take first place. She was lying of course. and that's why I turned to your stepbrother for relief. Now. "If nothing else. well . Julie turned around and saw her son dive off the high board and arc smoothly into the air. then reached up and wrapped her arms around the girl's shoulders. Neither of them had bothered to switch on the lights. if you know what I mean. I really didn't. seeing that Julie wanted to be alone with her stepdaughter for a while. do you think we can bury the battle hatchet now?" Julie asked hesitantly." Bertha said. your father and I are getting along a lot better now-sexually." the girl said.

then felt a flash of guilt . I'll just bet they are. And sharing the same cock." Jim said huskily as he unzipped his wife's dress with one hand while he reached in and started kneading her tits with the other. You know. It was too early to sound him out on this. dark gash."Hey. I hope so. Maybe he'd be interested in making their cozy threesome a foursome. Then she stopped. In a second Julie felt her quivering pussy-lips pushed apart by her husband's sinking dick. hurry. I mean that you and Gloria seem to have broken down the walls-you're talking to one another. Nothing would make her happier than to get Jim into their little circle. baby. I suppose that means-" Julie began. "Ohhh. "Mmmmm. knotty prick brush up against her hand. "Well. Then an ides struck Julie. let's screw here. where did they say they were going?" Julie whispered as she felt her pussy firing up like a bonfire. he said that we should all do more things together. honest man who obviously loved his new family. silent promise to work on it." Jim panted as he tore off his clothes. Julie thought to herself as she slowly tightened her legs around Jim's hunching back and . "Get down there. the kids won't be home for a while. "Ohhh." Jim moaned in her ear as he hunched up and dragged his hot. Julie thought wryly. "Gloria said that she and Byron were going to join some of the kids later on at a party or something to celebrate." Jim said." Jim said. A family fuck-oh God. FUCK MEEB!" Julie cried out as she pushed her head down into the couch cushions. Julie felt a hot flash explode all over her body. No more was he yawning and stumbling up the stairs for the bedroom. "Baby. Jim had been busily strumming her fluttering flaps. "OHHHH. Gloria and Byron be doing this behind Jim's back? He was a kind. babe." Julie cried out in a tiny voice as she felt the fire in her pussy grow hotter and wilder. Jim had changed completely. I'll bet he did. but Julie made a solemn. Julie thought to herself. "Hey. hunching up her thighs and grinding her spasming cunt against her husband's stiffening. obviously pleased with the turn of events. Julie thought to herself "And even Byron's come around to me. hot long cock-shaft." Jim said as he let go of her nipple and looked at her." Jim said meaningfully as he slid his hands around her waist and moved them up to her thunderous tits. Her son was going to swim again tonight-up the old fuck-canal. "NNNGHHHH!" Julie groaned. heavy rod up her raised ass-cheeks until it slid against her hot. she still desired Jim. I'm too fucking hot to march up to the bedroom. "What do you mean?" "Well. She guessed that Byron and Gloria were going to do a little hole-plugging before they wolfed down a pizza or Coke. feeling her husband's large. Jim crashed on top of her and immediately went to sucking off her left nipple. Although she wanted Byron between her legs. pulling off his shorts and shoving Julie backward to the couch. I'm really happy tonight. and was now toying with her erect blood-engorged clit. How could she." Jim said. "Christ! Thank God!" Julie said out loud.

she thought again as she ground her pussy against Jim's plunging. THE END . hot. hotly fucking cock. hairy groin. I hope soooo.slid her twat up to his hard.

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