(Por Uno Cobezo)
Solo Violin with Piqno Reduction


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Administereci by Rightsong Music Inc.l- pizz.TANGO (Por Una Cabeza) Lvricsbv ALFREDOLe PERA Music by CARLOSGARDEL VIOLIN Arranged for Itzhak Perlman by JOHN WILLIAMS f 'e^ rt. r-3-----1 1ff cant. /-\ r3 ->bi Copyright @ 1961by Editorial Musical Korn Intersong SAIC Copyright Renewed This arrangement Copyright @ 2008by Editorial Musicai Korn Intersong SAIC All Rights for the U. . a.S. tf" /--\ zt-. ^ lro'lle-po di Habanera A poco accel- :=.G> G. International Copyright Secured A11Rights Reserved .

=-->P'!') f tf" > . Jz.-\ :G> ----.-\.-3 ----1 "--> 'G.VIOLIN .l loco b.<. arco @ toco boldly >-\ -..---. ..)-----:'.tre ) 4 (4.3. (:-'-"to".l.^ l- l-3-> ' .t\ 4) rol m? ff sub. . .

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