47 Canal Xavier Cha November 30, 2012 - January 13, 2013

The Kitchen. Her work has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Contemporary Art Museum St. Moscow Biennial. Taxter & Spengemann. but it’s just me and I’m still here. Sometimes I go long periods of time without acknowledging or paying attention to them. with my own senses. NY. Philadelphia. Miami. Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. Really missed this person. I’m able to see with my eyes again. . Louis. Sound design by Jonathan Coward. It wire brushes your sensory. de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space. wire brushes off your jaded interaction with your senses. before my vision. Institute of Contemporary Art.” “I really missed someone.UK. like those clouds. Paris and Hammer Museum. NY. NY. Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art.” Xavier Cha lives and works in New York. NY. what is inside of them. Special thanks to Twig Harper for his invaluable help.47 Canal “There’s nothing… there seemed like there was something and it could be lifted off. Sculpture Center. It’s like I can step back a phase in my ocular nerves. I have some really consistent ones. I haven’t compartmentalized not seeing… I am seeing the cloudiness in my vision. Asia Society Museum. LA among other galleries and institutions. NY.” “I have a lot of ocular damage. le Plateau.

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