the tension levels are high so to maintain a good environment they celebarte all the traditional indian festivals as well few western festivals to keep the spirit going.alertness. Environment-Due to high job pressure in dealing with customers the employees need concentration.etc. .FACTORS IN AXIS BANK INFLUENCING QUALITY OF WORK-LIFE… Attitude.Axis bank helps its employees to develop leadership quality by implementing TEACH INDIA PROGRAM.presence of mind.

Additional services-payment of cellphone and reimbursement for travel expenses.the bank employees usually face mental stress and so to avoid employee burn-out they are given few facilities like continued 2yrs of unpaid leave after 2 yrs of confirmed service. Career prospects-an upward career path is assured for those willing to dedicaate themselves to work and are sincere. . Stress level. party twice a year.Opportunities-banking is not a job for fame but here the culture is so maintained that employees have opportunity to share their knowledge within their branch and there are brain storming sessions with the other axis bank branches.intelligence thus it is a challenging is a responsible and accountable job needing soft skills. This encourages research.on case-to-case basis. innovations.decision making abilities. paid maternity leave. self-development and enhancement of skills. Nature of job.

Technical skills. the new recruits are sent for training to improve their interpersonal skills to make them a better listener. .immediately after hiring. 3.with the advancement of technology the nature of work changes so with the introduction of some major technology the employees are given required facilities to update themselves with it. Interpersonal skills. 2.Development of employees… communicate their ideas clearly and help them become a team player.As the work of the bank employees is in relation to accounting qualified people are hired. When a migrant is hired they are given special training for understanding the basic regional language to build his communication skills and avoid inconvenience to the customers. Basic literacy skills.

5.this training is mainly given form the executive level upwards. .4. Problem solving skills. Performance evaluation and feedbacks.

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