Operations Management Term 3 (EPGDM) Vinay, Vishal, Navin, Rashmi

the founder. labeling it KAIZEN Change (kai) for the good (zen) Continuous. In 1985. incremental improvement Kaizen is based on the philosophical belief that everything can be improved    . synthesized Japan’s productivity movement. Masaaki Imai.

   . training. low-cost approach to improvement. involvement. communication. and self discipline—a commonsense. morale. Recognize the need -> Recognize a problem >Improvement -> Standardization No sophisticated techniques or state of the art technology required Focus on eliminating waste Emphasizes human efforts. teamwork.

 Kaizen and Management Process Orientation versus Result Orientation Following the PDCA/SDCA cycles Putting Quality first Speak with Data The next process is the Customer      .

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