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Published by: maged_lamiy on Jan 10, 2013
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The eminent politicians of opposing parties met on a train, and during
their chat discovered that they agreed concerning primaries.

"It is the first time," said one, "that we have ever agreed on a matter
of public policy."

"That is so," the other assented. "The fact leads me to suspect that I
am wrong, after all in this matter of the primaries."


A tramp devised a new scheme for working on the sympathy of the
housewife. After ringing the front door bell, he got on his knees, and
began nibbling at the grass of the lawn. Presently the woman opened the
door, and, in surprise at sight of him on all fours, asked what he was
doing there.

The tramp got to his feet shakily, and made an eloquent clutch at his
stomach as he explained:

"Dear madam, I am so hungry that like Nebuchadnezzar I just had to take
to eatin' grass."

"Well, well, now ain't that too bad!" the woman cried. "You go right
into the back yard--the grass there is longer."


The senator from Utah was able to disarm by flattery the resentment of a
woman at a reception in Washington, who upbraided him for that plurality
of wives so dear to Mormon precept and practice.

"Alas, madam," the senator declared with a touch of sadness in his
voice, "we are compelled in Utah to marry a number of wives."

His fair antagonist was frankly surprised.

"What do you mean?" she demanded.

The senator explained suavely:

"We have to seek there in several women the splendid qualities that here
are to be found in one."

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