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Hatchery Manual

Hatchery Manual

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Published by: masgnik on Jan 10, 2013
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First, you need to concentrate on is the production of a suitable
fingerling. The fingerlings I most seriously recommend right now are
the Pennyfish which are the result of crossing the Male T. hornorum
with the female Orange T. mossambica. Both gene lines are special
gene lines that I have created here on my farm in Palmetto, Florida.

The T. hornorum gene line has more than 100 generations of
selection for body form while maintaining its purity as a pure gene

The body form improvement allows the farmer to get about 9% more
fillets out of a 1.25 pound or 600-gram fish. This is about 54 more
grams more than the normal T. hornorum ancestor formerly provided.
The total yield is around 252 grams of fillet from a 600-gram hybrid,
or 126 grams per fillet instead of 90 grams per fillet from a normal
body form.

In addition the fingerlings can grow at just above 5.5 grams per day
average so that from a ten-gram fingerling you can get a 600-gram

2004 Mike Sipe 10

fingerling in around 110 days (5.5 grams times 110 days = 605

Because Pennyfish are a true unmixed hybrid they all grow at around
the same rate of speed so that less than 7% are below 600 grams at
the 110-day mark while approximately the same number are above it.
Also because they are an F1 hybrid and the father is a natural
, having both chromosomes for maleness when
crossed with a pure natural XX female like T. mossambica or T.
nilotica the only chromosome combination possible is the ZX
chromosome, and since the Z chromosome is dominant in 99.9% of
the offspring you get virtually 100% males. This means that in an
outdoor mud pond you can stock a known number such as 6,000 per
acre and with proper fertilization and feeding harvest 6,000 1.25-
pound fish in around 120 days.

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