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Hatchery Manual

Hatchery Manual

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Published by: masgnik on Jan 10, 2013
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As a student of hatchery operations, the bulk of your time will be
spent working in and learning about the hatchery techniques. In order
to start a viable enterprise of your own, it is essential that you learn to
produce your own fingerlings because it would be expensive and
risky to import all your fry.

This hatchery here on this site consists of six concrete tanks, which
are 21 x 10 feet deep and thirty-two inches high. The water is kept at
twenty-six inches. It is important that the dimensions of each of the
tanks are exactly uniform so that the net frames and other equipment
can be designed to work or fit all of the tanks.

The heart of the hatchery operation is the individual cage breeding
colonies. Each cage has two sets of colonies.

We will go into detail on the need to construct the cages just right
from a practical and operational standpoint.

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