WARNING: We, Waqf Ikhlâs Foundation, publishers of this book, have prepared books in English, in French, in German, and in other

languages for the purpose of rendering a service to those virtuous people who wish to learn Islam correctly. Each and every one of these books is a compilation of knowledge borrowed from works written by great and true Islamic scholars. Names of those works are appended to some of our books. They are mailed out on request immediately by Hakîkat Kitâbevi, whose address is printed on the front page of this book. We believe that, if a reasonable person reads these books with due attention, no matter who he is, he will develop a sincere belief in the Islamic religion and will become a Muslim willingly. For the Islamic religion is a composition of credal and canonical principles that would receive a cordial welcome from people of common sense. People with a poor sense, psychotics, libertines and egoists cannot recognize or appreciate the Islamic religion.

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