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IBM Values_Group 6

IBM Values_Group 6

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Published by: Deep Patel on Jan 10, 2013
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IBM Values

A lesson in corporate citizenship Group 6, Section B

The measure of any enterprise or institution is not what it says about itself. Rometty President and Chief Executive Officer. as neighbors. and whether they choose to affiliate with it—as employees. but what others say about it. as clients. as fellow global citizens. Virginia M. IBM . as investors.

make them identify with and internalize those values and apply them in order to be in sync with the company values Dedication to a client’s success Innovation Trust and personal responsibility in relationships Business Conduct Guidelines as the LCM of all reporting. contractual and financial integrity transactions.IBM Corporate Citizenship    CEO Sam Palmisano’s ―Values jam‖ to find common values for all its employees.signed every year by every IBMer from new hires to managers . ethics.

trade liberalization.g. community relations and reform philanthropy CTO also oversees product safety & quality.g. people mobility.K12 public education reform).. IBM could leverage its position at the govt.education. policy table on diverse issues (e.. OSS standards) .Beyond Responsibility: Innovation that matters to the world     Taking values and responsibility from within IBM to the entire supply chain so that all stakeholders are benefited Various executives worked on government relations. environmental issues besides R&D Due to social initiatives (e.

Web portal for Arab women. using IBM specific skills and through external business partner ◦ RE solutions: wired for learning.Strategy and Values  Reinventing Education ◦ Process of joint solution finding ◦ Globalization and innovation agenda ◦ Business transformation by integrating resources. EXITE technology camp .

)  Accessibility ◦ Making technology accessible for people with disability ◦ Donated hardware.. worked effectively and promoted ◦ Best Mainframe Developer of IBM. India is visually challenged . software. curriculum assistance for training centers ◦ supportive environment for IBM employee with disability ◦ Angelica Galve.Strategy and Values(cont. HR director – lost his eyesight due to diabetes.

cancer research project.Mobilizing Individuals  On Demand Community ◦ Largest corporate community volunteer program ◦ Empowered individuals to take responsibility as desired ◦ 37. Fighting AIDS. 1.000 signed up. global hunger etc. .4 million hours of service in the first year  World Community Grid ◦ Power grid technology to address critical health and environmental issues ◦ Projects: Human proteome folding. drought prediction.

KidSmart quickly expanded to all provinces of China    2000 KidSmart Centres in 400 kindergarten and early education schools T3 programs for role model teachers. a first for IBM. to train other teachers. with a foundation as a committed partner 75 centres in less than 18 months Dramatic increase in school environment and drop in teacher attrition Access to interactive educational software propagated rural schools ahead of many city schools In China. were very successful Russian implementation faced difficulties. it received wide public reception and extensive media coverage . but when it was launched.IBMSmart  Leveraging right partners to enhance IBM’s role in producing social value      KidSmart was introduced in rural India. with central government’s dominant role.

remote access to holdings The scanning technologies were used to scan the entire collection of the Hermitage museum under the hermitage project The hermitagemuseuem. found uses in telemedicine application        Vatican library scholarly project-Two dimensional manuscript scanning .org displayed the entire collection and taught art history as well Eternal Egypt project digitized Egyptians cultural treasures and connected museums together with historical and cultural sites Virtual reconstructions connected with current sites usin robotic cameras. critical for winning future projects and shielded IBM from reactions to post 9/11 events . used for digitally restoring Michelangelo’s Pieta. accessible from cell phones Tour guides came on board after realizing the project’s value Eternal Egypt successfully portrayed IBM as a global organization which can deliver.Cultural Heritage Projects  Three dimensional scanning techniques.

Cultural Heritage Projects  Forbidden City Initiative combined elements of Eternal Egypt Project with an interactive virtual world   Established as one of top ten priorities of IBM Other cultural initiatives ◦ New Museum of African American History.an oral history website ◦ English Arabic social networking site with machine translation features ◦ Brazil’s museum for Portugal language with futuristic exhibits based on IBM’s webospehere .

Key questions Why CSR?  What lessons can businesses learn from IBM’s experience  What can IBM do more as an GIE  Is direct community service the way forward  .

Why CSR? Carroll’s four-part model of corporate social responsibility .

Why CSR?      Preserve the ecosystem of your consumers. employees and partners Engage Customers ◦ 50% of customers prepared to pay an extra 5% (Landor Associates) ◦ NEW CUSTOMERS – 83% of people will trust a company more if it’s socially responsible Employee Engagement ◦ 29% of 18-24 year olds would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company (Burson-Marsteller) Disruptive innovation ◦ CSR is increasingly becoming a source of developing products at lower costs to serve the bottom end A case for corporate ethics through CSR: Friedman’s Theory? – BP. ITC .

public goodwill. . government’s respect were the added benefits Transition to Training/Public Service programs allowed IBMers to envision meaningful work in later stags of life alongwith meeting societal needs. instead it established IBM as a company oriented towards building long-term relationships IBM’s societal initiatives triggered many innovations and demonstrated IBM’s capabilities and commitments Media attention.Lessons from IBM’s experience     CCCA was never a distraction for IBM. prime partners.

Doubles Employee Leadership Development and Public Service Program IBM and University of Antioquia Cooperate to Seek Drug for Leishmaniasis Treatment IBM Helps to Support Kenya's Electronic Government Development Goals IBM Awards Grants to Help Build a Smarter Planet IBM Reduces $50 Million in Electricity Expenses. recent initiatives    City of Philadelphia. IBM Announce Efforts to Improve Workforce Development IBM Opens $50 Million Smarter Cities Challenge Grant Program to 2012 Applicants Mayor Emanuel Announces IBM Grant to Reinvigorate Chicago's K-12 Schools and City Colleges. What it has already done more.How to do more?.5 Million Hours of Volunteer Service to Communities Worldwide as Part of Centennial Day of Service     . Boosts Conservation Efforts IBM Donates More Than 2. Help Increase Student Readiness for 21st Century Jobs   IBM Boosts Commitment to Africa...

meeting civic and societal challenges and serving millions in need.000 projects in 120 countries. retirees and their families have donated more than 2.Direct Community Service  Part of its Celebration of Service. IBMers. designed to allow employees.000 IBMers around the world . . 300. clients and business partners to donate their time and expertise during the company's Centennial year.close to three quarters of its global workforce involved Volunteered in more than 5. retirees.    Since January 2011.5 million hours of service to communities worldwide.

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