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industrial defined problems
industrial defined problems

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Published by: Saideep Narasimhan on Jan 10, 2013
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Problem Statement

1. Design a system to make a house with equipments, which communicate with you while you are
away, on your mobile. Here are the examples of some of the operations it may perform. • If any visitor presses the doorbell, you receive a sms /mms / call with his photo, instantly. • Any unwanted intruder into the house gets his photo mms'ed to your mobile. • While being away, you can communicate to the security alarm in your house (through cell phone) to activate itself in case of danger. • Sms your electricity equipments to turn on or off by themselves when you are away. • It sends you an sms, whenever your loved ones reach home etc. Feel free to innovate. Prototype is desirable

Problem Statement
2.Road accidents and mishaps have always been an issue of serious concern and its graveness has reached appalling heights in the recent past. A majority of these accidents take place due to the inability to react spontaneously, which is very essential to bring the situation under control. Surveys report an increasing number of rear collisions than head-on and this is a standing testimony to the above fact. Today, drivers demand a device which will help them avoid such unprecedented collisions and make their cars smarter in the future. So our objective is to develop an anti collision mechanism in cars. Make a small scale prototype of a collision free car. Sense the front and back distances from vehicles or obstructions and design systems to avoid collisions with them. The designed accessory should be able to be retro fitted to existing cars. The device should be as practical as possible taking care of various real life scenarios. Reliability of the device will be given more weight-age; cost factor will also be taken into account. Prototypes supporting the concepts will be looked for.

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