Original is Eb Love's In Need Of Love Today - Stevie Wonder - CAPO 3rd FRET Chords: Bbdim: x12020 G6: 3x2003 G9sus

: 3x321X Fmaj7: x33210 Gsus4: 3x0013 Em7: 020000 Fm7: 131111 Gm6: 3x233x Fm6: 1X0111 Dm/C: X3x231 Dm7: XX0211

C Bbdim Good morn or evening friends Dm7 G6 G Here's your friendly announ-cer Dm7 G6 G Fmaj7 Em7 Dm G9sus I have serious news to pass on to every -bo - dy C Bbdim What I'm about to say Dm7 G6 G Could mean the world's disa ---ster Dm7 G6 G Fmaj7 Em7 Could change your joy and laughter to teeeeeeeears Dm G9sus and paaaaaaaain It's that C Am Em7 Love's in need of love today Dm Dm/C Don't de -lay Am Gsus4 G Send yours in right away C Am Hate's goin' round Em7 Breaking many hearts Dm Dm/C Stop it please Am Gsus9 Before it's gone too far Break: C , Gm6, Bbdim x 2 , Dm x 2 , Fm7, Fm6

You know that hate's. Don't delay. goin' round Breaking many hearts.bo----dy C Bbdim We all must taaaaake Dm7 G6 G Precautionary mea-sures Dm7 G6 G If love and peace you trea-sure Fmaj7 Em7 Dm G9sus Then you'll hear me when I saaaaaaay Oh that Love's in need of love today Don't delay. Breaking many hearts. Gsus4.G End of Break C Bbdim The force of evil plans Dm7 G6 G To make you its posses-sion Dm7 G6 G And it will if we let it Fmaj7 Em7 Dm G9sus Destroy ev. Dm x 2 . . Stop. People you know that Love's in need of love today.Fm6 C. Send yours in right away. Gm6..y. Bbdim x 2 .C .er. stop it please Before it's gone too far. Fm7 . Hate's goin' round. Before it's gone too far.---. Stop it please. Send yours in right away Hate's goin' round.

hate's. Send yours in right away. .It's up to you cause Love's in need of love today. before it’s gone too far Hate's. Don't delay. before. hate's Hate's goin' round.hate's tried to break my heart many times. breaking hearts Don't. Love's in need of love today Don't delay Right away Just give the world LOVE. love is very peaceful So bring it down a little Well. Breaking . stop it please Before. hate's goin' round Bring it down a little. you've got to stop it please. please stop it Uh L-O-V-E love Oh. You know that hate's.

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