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Adverbial Clauses of Result

Adverbial Clauses of Result

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Published by: briana2010 on Jan 10, 2013
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 Adverbial clauses of result may be introduced by THAT following an adjective, adverb or noun preceded by SO or SUCH or SO THAT.  An adjective or adverb is preceded by SO, a noun by SUCH.  So . . . that, such. . . that and so that are followed by a present tense if the main verb is present, and by a past tense if the main verb is past. e.g.: The man speaks so fast that I can never understand what he says. It was so foggy that we couldn’t see the road. It was such a foggy night that we couldn’t see the road. He worries about his son all day, so that he can’t sleep at night.  Sometimes for emphasis so is placed at the beginning of the sentence. The verb must then be inverted. e.g.: So absorbed was she in her work that she did not hear the knocks at the door. Exercise 1. Combine each of these pairs of sentences by using: so . . . that, or such . . . that: 1. The cake was good. I ordered another one. 2. Tom was tired. He went to bed. 3. It was hot coffee. I burnt my mouth. 4. We had fun. We want to go there again. 5. The music was loud. It gave me a headache. 6. She is an ambitious girl. I’m sure she’ll be successful. 7. The wind was strong. It blew down several trees. 8. It was foggy. The driver couldn’t see before his eyes. 9. He speaks fast. I can hardly follow him. 10. It was a heavy chair. I couldn’t move it by myself. 11. I waited a long time. I finally had to leave. 12. The light was dim. I wasn’t able to read. 13. The coffee was bitter. I couldn’t drink it. 14. It was a difficult problem. I couldn’t solve it. 15. The table was heavy. I couldn’t move it without help.

Exercise 2. Translate into English: 1. Ea a vorbit asa de clar incit noi am putut intelege tot ce spunea. 2. Era atita lume la teatru, incit nu am putut gasi un loc. 3. Atit de repede vorbea ea incit de-abia o puteam urmari. 4. El a fugit atit de repede, incit noi nu l-am putut prinde. 5. Nu-1 puteam auzi pe professor, asa ca (eu) m-am mutat in fata. 6. Hainele nu I s-au potrivit, astfel ca el le-a dat. 7. Atit de violent a fost furtuna, incit copaci intregi au fost dezradacinati. 8. Nu mai aveam cerneala in stilou, asa ca nu am putut scrie scrisoarea. 9. Ea a fost atit de impresionata incit a izbucnit in plins. 10. Ai spus ca vii, asa ca te-am asteptat. 11. El nu a putut rupe sfoara, asa ca a taiat-o cu cutitul. 12. Carnea era stricata, asa ca (noi) am aruncat-o. 13. (Ea) arata asa de nefericita incit (noi) am lasat-o in pace. 14. Fotoliul era atit de confortabil incit (el) a adormit. 15. (Ea) era asa de scunda incit nu putea ajunge la raftul de sus.

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