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You may have read Ads everywhere about CIA!!!

CIA in 90 Days ! Pass 1 Attempt ! The lowest Fee !


My reply to this.

We do not CLAIM! We do what all effective teachers do and that I did it all over again i.e. RESEARCH !!!

We wrote following books in Urdu for CIA students before they start CIA
Raising Above Personalities (Internal Control) Travel to Chitral (Urdu Story based) Keeping the SOX on (Corporate Governance) Real Life Examples Missing Millions (Fraud) Travel to Dubai (Urdu Story based) Souls are Weak, They are Liability (Risk Management / ERM) Travel to London (Urdu Story based)

CIA is a specialized certification and is in Pakistani Law as well as worldwide recognized Certification for Internal Auditors

Why you see ACCA/CA without CIA in Internal Audit Field because its illegal to shoot them No Offense!!!

Step 1 Register with local

chapter of IIA. Rs 3,500 and they will take your email for future communication to confirm your registration with IIA. And they will provide you user ID and passcode for online account at This will take 30 to 60 days. Dont wait for Step 2.

Step 2 Pay your $50

one time via online account via debit/credit card.

Step 3 Start your

classes with us on Weekends.
Being DRY and technical subject Traditional teaching makes student sleep. We changed this by story based learning (BRAIN FRIENDLY LECTURE while strictly adhering to the contents of BEST books of Gliems on CIA. We follow up next day with revision and TIME bounded TEST and Gliem Questions at Chapter End. On 3rd day we let students apply knowledge and skills on Gliem Software and results.

Friday Brain Friendly Class (Gliem Book recommended but we have brain friendly lectures that complement Gliem book) Saturday Gliem Book Q/Test in exam like environment. Aim 100% not 75%. Sunday Software Questions of Gliem Software. Be sincere with yourself from day first.

When all have finished syllabus then.

Step 4 - Revise everything


Step 5 pay for your

exam via online account $105/per paper and then you will get code to use for Pearson VUE center website ia/ Make account their by

using code provided after your fee clearance at IIA website and they will let you interact with LOCAL TESTING centre and will choose LOCATION of your choice. It will take 48 hours for VUE to contact again once you select to send confirmation letter via email. Take print out of authorization letter. Or call 0060383191085 VUE Malaysia Asia

Step 6 Take leave from

your office. Settle down near exam location and finish HOCK software all Q in one sitting on laptop.

Step 7 On Exam night

only review standards, practice advisories, practice guide and solve few questions to be in a flow to slove Q.

Step 8 Leave early,

provide them your identity, they will capture Biometrics if this is your first time and let you solve exam. Take full time.

Step 9 Revise your

exam before exit. Also, you will be asked to complete study survey regarding CIA.

Step 10 Results sheets

are given within 5 minutes of exit of exam screen. IIA enforces non-disclosure policy.

Q - Its paper passing percentage is 75%.
Board of Directors and Audit committee are not drunk all the timethey will not recruit you if you have vague and non-sense concepts of Internal Auditing. Its a matter of LIFE and death for organization.

Q What strategy you suggest to get pass ?

Well. Study own your own but REGULARLY during those 3 days. And never forget in other weekdays. Hit search engine and read though articles. CIA is not difficult at all. Its not PHD. Its technical knowledge. Let me explain with a picture.

Q Well why you teach us being serious in study from day one ?
Organisation can not take risk to TRAIN you in their organisation on the cost of failure of Organisation. You study from those who know this field well and can impact you for change from day 1.

Q What you recommend Time Management or Self Management ?

Being a success in your education. This proved you studied by managing the time. Now being in professional study you need to manage your SELF to be on PLAN. Do not sleep when you TIRED. Rather I sleep when goals are achieved.

Q Why you and your college ?

After research of over 4 years.Our lectures are so friendly and tailor made and disciplined 3 days approach ignite your inner self to be Professional; its in your own best interest.