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Promotion Speech

Promotion Speech

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Published by: BPDH286 on Jan 10, 2013
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Promotion Ceremony 11/30/2012 Good afternoon and thank you all for being here today.

Let me congratulate all of those being promoted. In celebrating your promotion today, we not only recognize this personal and professional achievement, but the commitment you have made to this Agency to step forward as leaders. Ours is a simple mission, to protect the citizens of this great city, and to do so with honor and integrity. The realization of this mission, takes the combined effort of thousands of hard working and dedicated people in this department. From dispatchers, to crime lab technicians, police cadets to our front line troops, they all share one thing in common, the desire to be led by talented and dedicated individuals. Tomorrow, all of you will have subordinates, all with varied experiences, all with different backgrounds and personalities, religious beliefs and political ideology. It will be your job to blend all of those personalities into one cohesive unit. Take a moment to reflect on the various supervisors that you have had throughout your career. There have been those that have risen to the great challenge of leading and inspiring. They were there to offer you guidance, firm when necessary, but always concerned for your well being. And they were successful in uniting you and your coworkers. They brought everyone together to work towards the common purpose of fighting crime. And

they did it by staying true to the idealistic principles, of integrity, honesty and public service. I don’t need to elaborate on those that didn’t reach this pinnacle of excellence, other than to say they can be as impactful as their inspirational counterparts. You must resolve here and now not to be that negative influence. You must reach deep within yourself and rise above the pressure to be friends with those whom you now supervise. This is the challenge that has been laid before you, and by accepting promotion, you accept that challenge. You must take ownership of your squad, shift, unit, district or area and to be willing to make the tough calls. You must be willing to stand by the men and woman under your supervision when they have been wronged, and to praise them when they are right. You must ensure that they are serving the citizens of this city in the manner that they not only expect, but deserve. We are servants of the people, and the noble calling of policing with integrity and commitment must not fall by the side, to be replaced by apathy or disdain. It is the courageous leader who is the guardian of, and must insist on, these lofty ideals within their respective units. It is with the principled leader that the success, or failure of our great task rises and falls. I have confidence that you will rise to this great challenge and help to move our department in the right direction and I’m proud to have you by my side.

Those of you advancing in leadership know well the words that I have just spoken are true. You have faced all the challenges that supervision has to offer. You also know how rewarding it can be. Today yours is a different challenge. Today you become further removed from the front line. The challenge before you is about tone now. From my new Lieutenants to my Lieutenant Colonels you are all commanders. That very designation is in the title from “Shift Commander” to “Area Commander.” How successful your shift is, how successful your district is, how successful your area is, how hard the officers under you push to reduce crime, how committed to the ideals of public service they are, how protective of the neighborhoods they work in will all flow from you. The tone you set will resonate throughout your tenure as a commander, and it will follow you for the remainder of your career. From the rookie just out of the academy to the seasoned veteran, some with more time than you, they will all follow your lead. Now the burden falls on your shoulders. We put those bars, and those oak leaves there for a reason. There weight should be a constant reminder of the tremendous responsibility you now carry. These words may sound idealistic, but at your core you know them to be true. And we should be idealistic. We should have a vision and a direction for where we want to go as an agency. We owe this to the people that make up the very neighborhoods that have placed in us, the trust of providing to them a safe place to live and to work. We owe them a city that is vibrant and a place where people want to raise families and create lasting roots. My job is to create

that vision and to deliver it to you. Your job is to be that commander, that leader, that first line supervisor I need you to be. I need you to inspire those who serve under your leadership. I need you to help me execute my vision and continue this historic reduction in violent crime. So, today, you have accepted this great challenge. You have earned the right to wear and display those symbols of leadership that we bestow upon you. Make sure that you lead with integrity, with compassion and concern. Lead with resolve that you will not tolerate anything that brings discredit to this badge, or to this uniform. Honor those who have come before and take inspiration from their struggles. Encourage those who follow you. Mentor and challenge those below you to reach for leadership roles themselves. Do all of these things and we will continue to be the greatest police department in the nation. All of that though, can wait a day. Today, take time to celebrate with your friends, families and loved ones. Everyone of us in this room owes the people sitting behind you a great deal of thanks. To wear this badge you have missed more birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and holidays than any of us care to admit. That is the price we pay in this noble profession of ours. It is because of the love, support and understanding of those sitting behind you that you have been able to achieve the success that you have. So, today, take a moment to celebrate and thank those who came here today to share this momentous occasion.

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