Describe and Draw

(I describe myself in writing you draw what your imagination envisions)

HOW TO JOIN THE PROJECT: To show your interest in the project itself, send the following information to the project moderators: Pia Avolio de Martino or Joyce Fisher at (as soon as possible) - Teacher's email - School /city / Country / - Number and age of students If you are already registered to Kidlink Association, you can do it by kidmail to Pia Avolio de Martino and Joyce Fisher or send an email to Kidlink Google Forum (to know coordinator email you must be logged in and then click on coordinator's name on the bottom of the project page) TIMELINE:

Describe and Draw is a multicultural collaborative project that uses observation, imagination, and drawing to enhance descriptive writing. It allows students to describe their physical and psychological aspects; therefore, enhancing awareness of their behaviour, interests, habits, and traditions. Students use writing and graphic design techniques coupled with technology that enables them to promote creativity, visual expression and communicative development. Join us at:

Registration deadline - January 31st. Project Begins – February 11th