Republic Act 7586, also known as the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act of 1992 provides

the legal framework for the establishment and management of protected areas in the Philippines. It was approved on June 1, 1992, only days before the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, likewise called the ‘Earth Summit’ in Rio de Janeiro. The implementation of the NIPAS Act is currently on its 19th year. This law is enacted primarily for biodiversity conservation intended to provide a rational way of organizing and managing the country’s many different types of conservation areas into a system of uniformly created and managed protected areas and to secure for the Filipino people of present and future generations the perpetual existence of all native plants and animals through the establishment of a comprehensive system of integrated protected areas within the classification of national park as provided for in the Constitution. As defined in RA 7586, "National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS)" is the classification and administration of all designated protected areas to maintain essential ecological processes and life-support systems, to preserve genetic diversity, to ensure sustainable use of resources found therein, and to maintain their natural conditions to the greatest extent possible. However, just as every law in the country, there seems to be a difficulty in the proper and strict implementation of the NIPAS. It has to be synchronized with the other laws, rules and regulations of the so it may stand stronger and further command application. Habitat destruction and loss is widespread in the Philippines. It can be attributed to anthropogenic and nature-wrought causes. According to the Philippine Sustainable Development Network (PSDN), anthropogenic activities include destructive and unsustainable practices such as logging, fires, land conversion, siltation, destructive fishing methods, and encroachment and occupancy in protected areas while naturewrought destructions are due to natural calamities like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, and pests and diseases. The Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruption has resulted in the loss
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