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Dark Heresy Space Marine Career Path

Dark Heresy Space Marine Career Path

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Published by Brian Rae
For Dark Heresy
For Dark Heresy

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Published by: Brian Rae on Jan 11, 2013
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another widely employed pattern of the predator tank, the annihilator features twin-linked lascannons on the turret.

type: ground Vehicle
size: enormous
armour: Front 32, hull 21, rear 18
traits: -
narrative speed: 35 kph/65 kph
Combat speed: 10/20/45/70/90
handling modifer: Drive (ground Vehicles): +0
armaments: turret-mounted twin-linked lascannons (consider unlimited clip size, as lascannons take energy
from the predator’s powerpacks)
Crew: 2 (Driver, gunner)

passengers: 0

access points: two hatches on the top, ramp at the rear
options: Dozer blade (gives the all-terrain trait, but reduces the speed to 30/50 kph narrative and
10/20/35/50/70 combat and imposes a -10 penalty to the handling check), extra armour (+5 armour to all
locations), two side-sponson mounted heavy bolters or two side-sponson mounted lascannons. if the sponson
option is applied, the side hatches are unavailable.

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