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Dark Heresy Space Marine Career Path

Dark Heresy Space Marine Career Path

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Published by Brian Rae
For Dark Heresy
For Dark Heresy

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Published by: Brian Rae on Jan 11, 2013
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“Do not ask me to approach he battle meekly, to creep through
the shadow, or to quietly slip on my foes in the dark. I am Rogal
Dorn, Imperial Fist, Space Marine, Emperor’s Champion. Let
my enemies cower at my advance and tremble at the sight of

like the Ultramarines, the imperial Fists now adhere
strongly to the codex astartes laid down by the Ul-
tramarine’s primarch roboute guilliman. through-
out their long and glorious history they have proved
themselves dedicated but extremely stubborn, diffcult
to convince to abandon a task, a position or a battle
once joined. this has proven an advantage to their en-
emies on a number of different occasion and can make a
brother of the chapter diffcult to integrate into a team.
the codex is so heavily ingrained that deviation from
its wide ranging tenants can be diffcult and confusing
for an imperial Fist. they usually dislike and mistrust
guile and stealth, seeing in it the works of the great
enemy, and prefer a straight fght.









BlooD angelS

In moments it was all over, and all that was left was a scene
of devastation and carnage. Sergeant Mordax waited uneasily
in the deathly silence that followed the battle as the Blood An-
gels Captain strode towards him. Over the corpses of Varlek’s
troops. It required all of the Guardsman’s will power not to
cower before the seven foot warrior. He could imagine the cap-
tain’s eyes burning with barely-suppressed blood lust behind the
visors of his helmet. The urge to kill was still on him.

Space Marines of the blood angels chapter are an-
gelic in visage but conceal a ravening thirst for carnage
and like the Dark angels, the blood angels are a cult-
like chapter with dark secrets. they are devastating in
combat, but their methods can be horrifc to many im-
perials who witness them fghting. a warrior from this
chapter is the epitome of the angel without, the beast
within – having been transformed from a scarred, brutal
scavenger into a tall, proud and handsome warrior. the
black rage and those who survive in body, but not in
mind, are a constant reminder to blood angels of what
they could and probably will turn into. long-lived by
Space Marine standards, they have the time and incli-
nation to turn their hands to craftsmanship and arts at
which they excel. perfection in all things is often their
stated aim but tragically most know they will end their
days as snarling beasts lusting for the blood and fesh
of others. a blood angel knows this and in his heart
fears and hates it...

iron hanDS

His Mark IV armour was polished a lustrous black, and a
white, wool cloak embroidered with silver thread hung to his
knees. A greenskin had taken his left arm three decades ago and
a Deuthrite fenser his right barely a year later. Now both his
arms were heavy augmetics of burnished iron, but Balhaan wel-
comed his new mechanized limbs, for fesh, even Astartes fesh,
was weak and would eventually fail. To receive the Blessing of
Iron was a boon, not a curse.

the marines of the iron hands do not resemble an-
gels like the blood angels – although they share their
skill in craftsmanship, they retain their original form.
practical and aware of the weakness of fesh, they seek
to improve themselves both in battle skill and physical-
ly, being able to draw upon their unusual relationship
with the cult of Mars. Straightforward in nature, they
are as often seen as direct as the Space Wolves. they
still retain their ancient clan structure (karakul, terra-
watt are named together with the elite oarlocks), rather
than companies – again much like the great companies
of the Wolves. a great council, rather than one com-
mander also lead the chapter, with a single member of
each clan serving on the council. the links with the

adeptus Mechanicus, much stronger than with the nor-
mal ancient pacts, mean that the arcane art of technol-
ogy is less mysterious to them than is normal amongst
the men of the imperium. a respect for the customs
and beliefs of the cult of Mars is also more likely to be
encountered in an iron hands Marine. Scarifcation is
common among the chapter’s warriors.


“Know this, son of Guilliman. The father of our Chapter
watches over us always. He knows your soul, your strength,
and aye, even your doubts. The chain of command must not be
broken or we are nothing. Discipline and order are everything
on the battlefeld and the army that lives by the credo will al-
ways triumph.”

— Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines

in many ways the most respected and well known of
the great chapters, they deal with mortals directly and
more often than other chapters, as they govern and
administer their own sector of Space. rigid adherence
to the codex can make them infexible and somewhat
predictable. the recent devastation of their home and
those they were sworn to protect has twisted elements of
the chapter make up with many of the survivors seek-
ing vengeance on the tryanid menace, perhaps setting
them on a darker path. others have begun to question
the codex itself, at least in their own minds, even as the
chapter Master himself has had to formulate non- co-
dex reactions to deal with the Xenos threat. any Ultra-
marine at this time stands at a crossroads, will they and
the chapter evolve and grow stronger or fracture and
shatter under this unforeseen internal pressure?


“Into the fres of battle, unto the anvil of war!”

like the raven guard, the Salamanders suffered griev-
ously on isstvan V and have never reached the num-
bers of the other great chapters. they remain solid
and steadfast, “refusing to admit defeat even against the
greatest odds.” recruiting mainly from the high grav-
ity world of nocturne, they are perhaps the most inte-
grated into imperial Society, with much of the chapter
living and working alongside the population. this re-
lationship gives a Salamander a unique (for a Marine)
insight into the life of humans and helps foster their
resolute defense of the people of the imperium, even
against the actions of their peers. in this regard they are
most akin to the Ultramarines. the disdain that many
Space marines hold for mere humans is less likely to be
manifest in a Salamander, and even if it should be so is
likely to be punished by his brethren or superiors.


















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