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Patriot Fine Gravity Airbrush (105) Fine Detail or Low Air Pressure Applications (baked goods, cosmetics, auto art, nail art, fine art, scale model detail, illustration, photo retouching and other detail applications)
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Anthem Airbrush (155)

Artistic Painting Applications (airbrush tanning, body art, mural art, fabric painting and other artistic applications)

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Siphon Feed Airbrush (200NH)

Precisions Finishing Applications (ceramics, nick & scratch repair, model & hobby finishing, stenciling, woodwork, antiquing and other finishing applications)

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Single Action Airbrush (350)

Uniform Spray Coverage Applications (backdrop painting, base & clear coating, chocolate coating, woodworking and other spray coverage applications)

Aspire Pro Compressor (TC910) For daily use. Works in all applications. Portable / Auto start-stop / 1/6 hp / 57 psi

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Cyclone Compressor (AS180-12) If used a few times a week. Works in most applications. Portable/ Auto shut off /1/6 hp / 40 psi

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Breeze Compressor (803N) If used a few times a month. Works in various applications. Lightweight/Portable/ Auto start-stop / 30 psi

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