What Set for Clerics #1: MR set (2300+ is to Magic base moves It is a must needed

and Why? Ideal) ~ For fighting against sorcs and SM. High resistance from other classes and highly resistance towards godstones. requirement for Dragon Lord's Refuge (no exceptions).

#2: Block set (2900+ is ideal) ~ Great to fight against chanters, sins, rangers, gladiators and templars. Reduces damage drastically. #3: Pure MB set (2700+ is ideal) ~ Great for getting those mithrils from fort si ege and solo'ing instances. Also ideal for duo/trio groups for instances. (Examp les of damages at 3k MB)

#4: Hybrid MB/MA set (2300 MB + 2000 MA is ideal) ~ Like solo PvP? Like Duo/Trio PvP? This set is ideal for you.

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