Minor project: Art In The Dockyards

This project is based on "Art in the Dockyard", The Historic Dockyard's public art competition. The competition is open to all artists, amateur and professional, aged 17 and above who live, work or study in Kent-Medway. All entrants have an opportunity for their work to be selected and shown at spring exhibition "Art in the Dockyard 2013" held in award winning cultural destination No.1 Smithery: The Gallery.

Minor project: Idea

I decided to use live action environments of the dockyards, record the sounds from the same place and use them to create original soundtrack . The sound waves of the soundtrack simulate the gravity, speed, object’s toughness and rotation in the animation. Animation is tracked to fit the filmed footage and it’s lighting.

Minor project: HDR Maps

HDR maps helped me to create realistic reflections and lighting for my animation.

Minor project: Soundtrack

I used AudioWave Plug-in for maya to transfer the sound into my animation directly. Before that I did some funny experiments in my back yard just to understand how it works.

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