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Training- Grammar Exercise

Training- Grammar Exercise

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Published by: Imelda Arreglo-Agripa on Jan 11, 2013
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1. They live about _______ from here. a drive of an hour an hour of drive a drive hour an hour's drive 2.

My daughter is planning to spend a year before university working in Australia, _______ seems to me to be a sensible idea. what that which where 3. It was the collapse of the dotcom boom that finally did _______ him. with out for off 4. _______ with being so busy both at work and at home, she became increasingly tired and badtempered. Where How Which What 5. Thank you very much — I haven't been to _______ party for ages. the so enjoyable so enjoyable so enjoyable a a so enjoyable 6. This time next week I won't be in a stuffy office, _______ on a beach in Spain. I'll have lain I'll be lying I'm lying I'll lie 7. Did you really understand all _______ he said? what which when that 8. I'm sure he only said those things _______.

off by out for away with over from 11. by with for in 14.for annoying me to my annoyance to annoy me for annoy me 9. We were at a disadvantage _______ that we did not have a very good knowledge of the language the others were using. I've never heard _______ ridiculous speech. Capital punishment was done _______ in Britain nearly half a century ago. he in fact just lay in bed watching videos. the _______ I like him. _______ your house repainted every year? Have you got Do you have Have you been Have you 13. such a so a a so a such 12. However Nevertheless Whereas Despite 10. less most much lesser . _______ he should have spent all the weekend preparing for his test. The more I get to know him.

the so much better the better so much so much the better so the much better 1. What 5. Which 3. So enjoyable a 6.Less 15. I’ll be lying 7.In 14. That 8.Such a 12.Do you have 13. To annoy me 9. For 4. If you can win his attention _______ for you.Away with 11. Whereas 10.15.So much the better . An hour’s drive 2.

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