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Lesson One

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Dear Student, Welcome to studying with Ophiel! In Lesson One of this Correspondence Course in these Foundations of Occult Knowledge you will find a great deal of information that is preliminary to the Course itself. Don't be disappointed that Lesson One does not give you any startling revelations of Occult "secrets." Certain things have to be taken care of in a certain sequence, and you will find all the Occult Knowledge that you can handle as you progress in your study-work. Lesson Two begins the study of the "planes", and goes into detail concerning the Physical Plane, our relationship to the Physical Plane, and the necessity for starting our Occult Work on the Physical Plane where you are now. You will also begin your first practical work with Occult Symbols. Lesson Three carries you on to the study of the Etheric Plane and its relationship, and control over, the physical Plane, and continues your practical work with Occult Symbols, And each lesson carries you one step further in both the acquiring of Knowledge and the practical work that brings to you the Inner Meanings of your studies. If you are registered under either of the automatic plans, you will receive your next lesson around the 15th of the month. And each lesson will come to you automatically every 1st and 15th day of each month for one year. If you are under the single lesson plan, make a note in your calendar now to send for Lesson Two in about two weeks, and make additional notes so that you send for a new lesson every two weeks or so. We do not feel that you work any faster than this as the Course is designed to allow certain underlying growth to occur. If you wish, however, you can fill in your background knowledge between lessons by studying the suggested books recommended with each lesson. Now, we want to wish you every success in your Occult study-work. Remember, Ophiel's Course, is designed to be put, to practical use to make your life better. As you study the lessons you will see how this is done. Sincerely, THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* LESSON I - Preview of the Course A Personal Message This first lesson is preparatory to the entire Course, and your reading and understanding of it will be important to your study and assimilation of all of Ophiel's work. I want you to pay particular attention to the following points: 1. As students, you should know that on, and of; the study of the Occult there exists no real standard, for a student, whereby a definite value can be set up and an Occult Course judged thereby.


2. The "OCCULT WORLD" is full of self-styled teachers, each with his own ideas and standards, and each claiming that he is the “Only one" teacher that is right and all others are wrong. 3. I in my searching-work over the past thirty years, have contacted every system I ever heard of; and as far as getting out good basic OCCULT KNOWLEDGE that could be "used" to obtain results of a definite nature here, on this Physical Plane, they were all of a negative nature and of no real practical value. However, do your own testing! Maybe a new one, or one that I have overlooked, will come along and be highly satisfactory in every respect --but-- I have come to doubt it. 4. In this Course that you are now pursuing, you will be given the very best OCCULT KNOWLEDGE I possess, which knowledge came from sources connected with meditation work upon the "purest" Occult System we have, the Qabalah. 5. This first foundation course contains OCCULT KNOWLEDGE. You can do nothing unless you know what you are doing, and this is why this is called a "foundation" course. It is upon the foundations that all your occult work and life are built. 6. The second foundation course will contain OCCULT PRACTICES based upon the Knowledge gained in your study of this first course. This second course will not be released until a certain number of students have completed the first course and satisfactorily demonstrated their grasp of the principles of occultism. Upon completion of the two foundation courses you should be able to accomplish some degree of CONTROL OF, AND OVER, MATTER. There are a number of preliminary things concerning these lessons that I would like to take care of in this first lesson - so that I will not have to refer to them again, and you and I can both rest easy concerning them from now on. These matters are both personal and general. 8. In any kind of teacher-student relationship there are all kinds of opportunities for misunderstandings to arise. Should any misunderstanding arise between you and Ophiel, you are to address your complaints direct it to Ophiel and then wait for an answer. This may be slow in coming because Ophiel is 1) very busy teachings and preparing new material, 2) swamped with letters from all over the world, 3) may be away on a trip of importance to this occult work. Ophiel travels constantly looking for new sources of knowledge and for other reasons connected with the Occult School. Patience is just as important to all your occult work and study as is application and persistence. It is to be understood by you that Ophiel assumes no responsibility for the loss of monies and/or checks sent to hum unless he cashes them personally. You should never send currency through the mail unless you register the letter. In the past, checks and money orders have been stolen out of Ophiel's own mailbox, and his name forged and the checks cashed. To protect some other innocent victims, Ophiel paid -- in the past -- all the monies back, but now new safety procedures have been set up so that Ophiel is responsible only for what he receives himself personally. If your money is lost in the mail you are to hold the Post Office responsible, BUT DON'T FILE ANY COMPLAINTS WITH THE POST OFFICE OR ANY OF THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAUS, IMAGINED REAL THOUGH THEY MAY BE. AGAINST OPHIEL! 3

Please read the above over until you understand it thoroughly. The whole Physical Universe is made up of Forces. This is the way matters sometimes work out between a teacher and a student who are not ready for each other. or "vibrations". The whole matter is also referred to Ophiel's attorney who is retained by the ear. as worldly goods go. a larger one. form. There are. inner meaning when you deal with Occult matters. so this is not something confined to the Occult alone. plain over-doing of Occult work. in so filing such a complaint. and in the books and pamphlets written. INNER MEANING FOR THE WORD. and that is the "danger" of Occult studies and work. look-up. and lots of CAPITALIZATION. take the above word . or.A search in the dictionary. familiar meaning of the word. The reason we must do this is that in the English language there are no real "spiritual" words – words.Ophiel. 11. hidden. shows that this word comes from a Greek root word. How much danger is there. or manner. Now we will take up another subject of the Occult that we hear so much about. however. strong and then weak. you are going to find a different kind of appearance than is usual in most books. first. in-trans-cen-dent meanings. Later you can carry on heavy concentrations and all that quite easily. take another look and strive to get a “DEEPER” meaning to the word. . but for he start you must make haste slowly and not let enthusiasm interfere with your self-discipline . exercises. REAL. indeed in any other line of endeavour. and when some depressing or adverse set of forces come along. the use of italics. but to A DEEPER. but you were not sensitive to it before. which carry deep. and so on. And this is especially true in the beginning of your first real Occult study and work. There is a reason for this! And you will always find a good reason for everything Ophiel says and does. In the lessons in this Correspondence Course. forces. You will find "heavy" punctuation.etymological. the etymological meanings of words.any more than at some later time can you let laziness or disappointment interfere with the program of work and study. UNDERLYING AND HIDDEN. or deal under-handed with you in any way. and still to be written. Too much intense concentration will have the same results. Thus. especially those capitalized and punctuated words. And the second thing is the fluctuating Astrological. Therefore anyone so filling such a complaint against Ophiel is instantly cut off from any further communication of an Occult nature. This has happened all your life. Therefore you have to "look" and probe for a deeper. For example. etymon. etymological means to hunt for the "true" root word which gives the meaning to the word itself. when you come across such punctuation and capitalization. which in turn means TRUE. by Ophiel. shape. and Ophiel wishes to minimise the "wear and tear" on him self. He must do this so that he can keep up the Work. is plainly evident. The student's immaturity. You must also get hold of a good dictionary and check. Therefore. usual. The reason here being that when Ophiel capitalizes and punctuates a word he does so to call your attention not to the casual. which we "receive" somewhat like a radio set does. and he obviously is not ready for Occult Knowledge and Training. in the daily course of astrological events. and the heavy punctuation and capitalization is your cue to do so. you will feel it and it will definitely affect you. is well off and does not have to steal your money. Your Occult training-study will make you sensitive to the reception of these forces. These forces ebb and flow. It is only in this way that you can truly progress in the Occult. back and forth. Now you will be! 4 . really? In all my years of Occult work there are just two "dangers" that I have found to be somewhat real and to be looked-out for.

at this time and place in this Course of Occult Study . This will be an early part of your advanced course work. I will teach them to you as best I am able. The annual MOON SIGN BOOK and the STAR BOOK ASTROLOGICAL CALENDAR published by Llewellyn Publications are both quite valuable in this respect and much of the work is already done for you. which I should also mention at this point. The chances are that you will not encounter what I am about to describe until you are far advanced in your Occult work ."eastern" . A time can come.to spare you ."metaphysical" etc. This concentration and negation is Magic and the true use of occult Knowledge. This may not sound like much to you now." Can be done by Occult Means. now. and this awareness of their daily effects. to in-voice-in-call it. There are Occult "Powers. or become discouraged with Occult study and spend the rest of their lives being superficially interested in various "new thought" . to paint it. When they are waning you will feel weak and depleted. ‘hell’ with him or her. when one of these. and I apologize for it. One of the Occult projects you will be going later is to make a birth talisman. That is what I am trying to avoid in advance.to concentrate on the ones you want to affect you and to negate the ones you do not want to affect you. which concerns the ebb and flow of the forces above noted. and an adverse reaction between you and Ophiel." "Things.When these astrological forces are waxing you will feel strong and powerful as you respond to their increase. So learn the general knowledge about Astrology if you don't know it.so for God's sake don't be suggestible and imagine you have this problem before you actually do. but only a part. do remember that the effects spoken of apply to a great number of people and cannot be easily applied specifically to individuals as such.e. and especially to yourself alone. Then read about and study your planetary ruler. Find your birth-sign and read all about it in the MOON SIGN BOOK. in the life of an Advanced Occultist. There is no need for you to become disappointed or discouraged if you are willing to use common sense and to be patient and apply yourself to the practices and study to be described in these Courses. You can learn a great deal of how to deal with the Physical World in a day-by-day awareness of the positions of the astrological forces. So you see that an Occultist's life is not a bed of roses at all. I have not given too much "Occult" in this first lesson. So those are the so-called "dangers" Be warned! I must say a word about Astrology. Astrology is part of the Caballa. and learn to INVOKE it. ‘ebb-ings’ does occur that is almost a complete withdrawal of all forces for a period. but I wanted to get several other matters out of the way and especially the matter of any possible future misunderstandings with your teacher. They are all you will need for a long time. And it may never happen to you at all. Many people expect the "Occult" to be something other than what "it" is and are greatly disappointed then they become very angry at the/a teacher and raise. There is another matter. The way to use these Astrological Forces is to become aware of them in the background . There is an "Occult". philosophies and cults without ever having that which first brought them to the Occult satisfied. i.this disappointment and discouragement. But. 5 .. Ophiel. but there then exists an empty feeling that is quite unique and one that I do not want to experience again for a while.

"Fire” "Air" "Water" and "Earth" Signs? Do you know what this means? Did you wonder what it meant? What do you think it means? Save your answers until asked for them. Moon and Planets actually do have influence on your mind. Maybe you cannot all become Occult "big shots" and conquer the Occult World by storm. 2. but you may wish to undertake some supplementary reading. Study the MOON SIGN BOOK and the STAR BOOK ASTROLOGICAL CALENDAR daily. personal manner. 5. but the amount of degree of this something depends also on you and your aptitude and work at it. HOW PLANETS AFFECT YOU. The annual MOON SIGN BOOK. Much of the following lesson material will be given in an informal. 4. Did you note that some signs were called. They are in no way necessary for your completion of the course. This will conclude the first lesson. What is your birth sign? Do you like your birth sign? Who is your planetary ruler? Do you like him or her? How closely do you resemble the characteristics of your sign? (Be honest!) 6. body and 6 . SUGGESTED READING 1.Now! Whether you can receive these "teachings" or not is beyond my personal influence. This book explains how the Sun. Some lessons will have such questions and some lessons will not. Also the annual STAR BOOK ASTROLOGICAL CALENDAR.and enough to benefit yourself in living your life in this "hard" Physical World.Answer these questions. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. . but you should all learn something . You will also find a few books for suggested background reading. 3. Remember that there is a reason for everything thee Ophiel does in his teaching. rather than in the formalized style usual with correspondence and self-study courses. On the next page you will find a few questions. Do not be misled by this informal manner of presentation. 2. I do believe that every student can get something out of these teachings. by Llewellyn George.

business cycles.emotions. BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ASTROLOGY. and shows how we can exercise FREE WILL despite the appearance of FATE. plant life. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 7 ." etc. 3. and how they affect health. and how astrology works. Answers questions about the relationship between astronomy and astrology. the place of astrology in modern science. Illustrated. by the American Federation of Astrologers. what a horoscope says about a person and about the "future.

including photocopying. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. For information address the publisher. The answer is no. As pointed out in this lesson. First. these are available in more stationary and artist's supply stores .Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C.but if you live in a area where you find difficulty in buying these supplies. electronic or mechanical. we believe that a certain "inner working time" is needed between each Lesson. even more than in other fields of study. We want you to think of this series of lessons as a real COURSE OF INSTRUCTION. this Course is not printed in large numbers of lessons. Lesson Two ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student Here is the Second Lesson in your Correspondence Course in the Foundations of Occult Knowledge. Just ask for the BASIC SYMBOL DRAWING SET. In occultism. and not just as a set of booklets. recording. Ophiel will supply a set for you at the current cost of $8. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. in part or in whole. No part of this course of lessons. and proceed with the Course at their own speed. In this lesson you are starting your basic work with Occult Symbols. 1 . as much as we want to encourage your own initiative in Occult study this Course is not prepared in that way. You will gain the greatest value from it by following the planned combination of study and practice. and that is why we space the lessons about two weeks apart under the automatic lessons plan. self-discipline is important . Each lesson is printed only in relatively small quantity so that lessons can be revised to meet the students' needs. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. Occasionally students ask if they cannot receive all 24 lessons at once. You will see that you are required to secure some simple drawing and painting materials. Peach All rights reserved.because you are working at the inner level as well as the outer. and recommend that the single lesson students proceed at this pace also.00. Second.

from ONE (no-thing) to ALL THINGS is quite a jump. The Physical Plane. and pleasure. consists of descriptions of the effects of the descent of these original "upper" Forces on their way "down" to these planes.) 2 . and to charge more for the lessons. "HERE. Advance at your own speed. to proceed: At the outset. you have accumulated a little store of the Basic Knowledge from your first lesson work and study. however. the plane we are no on and which we know best. When some projected ideas of this work were given out in advance for comment and criticism. working under a feeling of pressure. and to give the Knowledge out in dribs and drabs. The following knowledge is very important to your future growth and advancement. you cannot accomplish anything of any value along Occult lines. So learn each basic knowledge-bit. is the.all the occult Knowledge that exists. of an entire series of "planes. So. master. you'll find this basic Knowledge coming up again and again. Sincerely. from above to "here". in this way. as well as all other knowledge that exists. All your future Occult work depends upon your personal understanding and mastery of Occult Knowledge. and that jump concerns – contains . which will pertain to all the lessons. All that is only what the physical plane IS! In the next lessons immediately following this one. without feeling yourself to be under any amount of pressure. This Occult Knowledge is a growing knowledge and is not standing still. If you read my books. understood completely. I was advised to hold back some of the Knowledge. of this Occult Knowledge. and do more symbol work. and also attempt to notice the Forces in their descent. as said before. Don't neglect answering the questions at the end of Lesson One and Two just because you are not being asked to send them in as yet. (Everything that follows is connected with that statement. and “use it" without. and take other lessons from me." Again. (Knowledge of this leads to all the magick powers there are. But you will also find something is added each time. it its along this line. I will tell you the one and only Great Secret: ALL IS (comes) (from) ONE! Now.In Lesson Three you will study the Etheric Plane. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. we will attempt to study these Inner Planes and trace some kind of connection between them. and you must make a strong effort to understand. all Occult Knowledge. tail-end. Fit it into your life and let it grow from there." which series ends "here. But my answer to this was! The subject is so vast that a hundred courses like this will never put a scratch on the surface! So much for that! The Knowledge I am going to give you for some time is bone-basic. and watch for the additions. that we will make a start to master the foundations of Occult Knowledge. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* I trust that. and work that you will undertake in this course.) So. So consider this statement as applying to all further lessons without any further repetition. I repeat. I am going to make a statement here. so look for the connection. Without your knowledge." as aforesaid.

and yet is "attached" to a physical body and is forced to live in and deal with a solid physical planeworld.all of these and whatever special physical requirement applies in your life-situation. there seems to be a Law that YOU cannot control any one plane unless you control the plane above that one.not . and then work to understand. the object of your control work is to master Physical Matter. we may never know what it is . but if you can make a better guess let me know about it. the Etheric Plane (which we will begin to study in the next lesson. there is another matter connected here at this point that you should know and understand thoroughly. as aforesaid.' Hardness . in preparation for you first practical work: As a large part of your necessary practices for learning about the Physical Plane it will be necessary for you to develop skills in drawing and painting symbols.you think of some other words that describe this characteristic of the Physical Plane. such as Inertia. (None of us do.hard-physical-application. handling controlling. learning to master the use of at least one physical tool!!! By. not let it master you! To gain this Physical Plane Control-understanding you must use all approved physical methods first. You must learn all you possibly can about YOUR Physical Plane.the important thing is to do your best. Now. to proceed further.) But. . The only possible reason for our physical existence is that we are "here" for some Reason. It is supposed to be easily "lost" (!!?!!) It is something like a little "YOU". the first part of your Occult Work will start on the Physical Plane. measure accurately.while living here on this plane. appendage. Now. attention to details. Therefore.) Also there is something funny about this soul. You will surprise yourself at finding it is easier than you thought. and which is still another reason why you have to start here. I repeat (for clearness.) Remember. such as concentration.) So.) it is the object of these lessons to start your Occult work now. Notice and study the basic structure of the Forces you bring to bear on Physical Things." I mean. you must master the Physical Plane first. so-called. the plane above the Physical.attached to the physical body by a sort of string. This is a guess of mine." Here. you will not be able to control-handle the Physical Plane without first. have you? I have seen glimpses of other "bodies".We begin with the Physical Plane! The outstanding characteristic of the Physical Plane is. and this Reason is not connected with our personal Wills and Desires. balloon-like. However. Although.’ that physical Be-ing is a fact there must be a reason for it. according to this Law. . This whole world's ideas are all strange when you think of it. etc. the Inner Planes "back-up" each in turn. (Doesn't this seem strange to you? Well it is darn strange.not-easy-tochange-ness . Here is a list of drawing materials you will need: 3 ." Apparently we are supposed to have something called a "Soul. Stability. and that is.it is alien to all things physical. and work "back up. but no soul." (What is that? I have never seen one." as you know. don't get all worried that you are going to "fail" this Course if you are not an artist . on the Physical Plane. ‘Being. when you reach the point when you will want to create magical Talismans for Magical uses you will need this knowledge and skill very much. And. and floating over you???!!! This "soul" is obviously not a . be neat and clean. and master.shaped. Thus. where you are now.physical object . . "We" " Occupy" a physical "Body.not-easy-to-move-ness. . and draw carefully.

and then use your ruler to draw two lines in pencil across the paper from edge to edge. Just go to any good stationary or artist's supplies store. The following directions pertain to all the symbols. A simple drawing (or drafting) set consisting of both a pencil and an ink compass. Some good paint brushes. I will try to carry a set of materials for your convenience. you will make these drawings differently than the student will who follows these instructions. If you first set up the drawings described in this lesson and the following lessons in pencil and then ink them in several times you should be turning out good work in a reasonable time. You will have two lines parallel to each other and 4 inches apart now.” First of all study the diagrams at the end of the lesson. 6. You now have a line down the centre of the paper. and you have a perfect square. If you are a professional draftsman. A good ruler. Join these two points together with two vertical lines that will be four inches apart parallel to each other. but you will find that it is easier that you at first 4 .1. If you live in a large or medium sized city you'll have no trouble getting these things and in any quantity you desire. Ophiel had to do them many times and he still spoils a drawing occasionally. and it is something you must do for yourself.2 cm x 10. You will save yourself a lot of disappointment if you invest in a geed metal ruler with a non-slip back. 2. write me and I will advise you the cost of a set. I have devised the following step-by-step instructions for your guidance. or "India" ink. But follow the instructions step-by-step! Practice until you acquire the necessary skill. There are many ways to draw make these symbols. small ones. measure two inches out towards each side and make a mark. 4. For those of you who do not live in a large city.2 cm). You can make a square by measuring along the top edge of the paper and the bottom edge and in each case marking the centre with a pencil dot. 7. A good artist's eraser. These instructions may sound a bit complicated. Developing a drawing skill is part of your first Occult Training. and some artist's white drawing card board cut to size 4 inches by 4 inches square (10. and a good ink drawing pen. Now. As most of you are not professional draftsman and are without expert drawing skills. starting at the point where each of these horizontal lines cross the vertical line. and two pointing compasses for transferring measurements. 3. and have all the professional instruments and skill. Take your practice paper and draw a 4" x 4" square (102 mm x 102 mm) with your pencil and ruler. or to most any large department store. Now measure along the two side edges of the paper and make dots two inches on each side of the centres. Some paper to practice on. and then draw a straight line with your ruler between these two dots. 5. Mixing pan. “HOW TO DRAW THE SYMBOL OF THE ELEMENT OF EARTH. Watercolour paint set. Drawing ink. Try to obtain them locally first. but if you have trouble.

then you must do it over until you feet and know it is a good job. Make a pencil circle and draw the inner square. and learn them well! ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 5 . and parchment is expensive and can't be wasted.must be as perfect as you can get them. You will not regret the time taken in increasing your drawing skills. Water . Water. Ether (not the anaesthetic used to put you to sleep before an operation. Do a very careful job. I suggest that you make a number of these practice diagrams until you get them perfect.Prthivi.all of them that you will do in this lesson and the following lessons . To close this lesson. You may have to make several of these cardboard squares before you have a perfect one. Fire. You must learn to think of these Forces as Elemental Forces or the Powers named. Then take your ink pen and heavily ink the two squares . There are four of these Elemental Forces Symbols that you will make and use. and not as the actual physical existencerealities themselves of actual Air. brushes. They are Earth. Erase the pencil lines. a 4" x 4" square of white card board. Later on you will make these symbols on parchment. After you have developed your skill so that your squares are perfect. Next. and Air. and you will have a perfect inner square. Fire. You must develop this skill. Air . make your squares as near perfect as you possibly can. The last step is to use your water colour set and paint the inside of the inner square yellow. and then only for knowledge rather than use. fine pointed. make a circle with its centre at the intersection of the two cross lines (which is also the centre of the square). or make. with your ruler draw a line in pencil from each corner of the square across to the other corner.inner. The point is. I will give you some material to ponder over.Apas (or Ap) and Earth . Take your pencil compass and setting it to the distance shown on the diagram (a radius of 1 3/4". and bring the point of the brush just up to the black ink lines.Vayu. or 45 mm). no one else can do it for you. Physical Earth is the representative reality of the Symbol of the Element of Earth. You can see now what you should use small. And after drawing a few squares you will probably find other ways to do it. The symbol you make in this lesson is the symbol off the Element of Earth (not physical earth). If your finished symbol is not perfect in your eyes. draw the cross lines. which is ethyl oxide) is the nearest English name for this Force.think. and outer along the edges of the cardboard. I repeat. take. This fifth elemental force is named Akasha (or Akasha). but the fifth one is not going to be used by you for some time and you will make it last. Water. Practice the painting and drawing work until the next lesson. These symbols . and then only for a very special kind of work. Fire -Tejas. With ruler and pencil connect together the points where the circle's circumference. Learn these names. Actually there are five elemental forces. and Earth You must also learn the Hindu names for these forces as Occultists use them quite frequently. Akasha is not used except by the highest type of Occult worker. and the space between the outer squares a deep blue.

Practice drawing the Symbol for Elemental Hearts until prefect. "without” your knowledge. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 6 .QUESTIONS 1. you can not accomplish anything of any real value along Occult lines?" 3. understood completely. ASTROLOGY. HOW AND WHY IT WORKS. Why must we begin our Occult study and work with the Physical Plane? 4. Why do you think that. Learn the Hindu names for the Elemental Forces. of this Occult Knowledge. Why do you think perfecting your skills in drawing and painting the Elemental Symbols be so important in your Occult work? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. SUGGESTED READING 1. The basic factors of horoscope analysis are explained and illustrated in terms of everyday experience so that you learn as you read. 2. Do you understand the difference between physical earth and Elemental Earth? 5. by Marc Edmund Jones. What do you consider to be the difference between your "personal understanding and mastery of Occult Knowledge" and mere book learning about the Occult? 2.

For information address the publisher. you have notes that you have made as you read the lessons and supplementary readings. but you will find the keeping of a notebook very helpful in your studies. No part of this course of lessons. and you have the Lessons themselves that you want to keep in good order. And that you punch the pages of these lessons as you receive them and keep the lessons in numerical sequence in the notebook binder. Peach All rights reserved. 1 . 3 is one of the shorter lessons. but you are introduced to a number of very important concepts for your study of the Etheric Plane. but to continue holding these answers rather than sending them in at this time. Lesson No. Now that you have reached this point you probably are already accumulating some questions you want to ask. And you should realise that all study . you have the questions you yourself have answered at the end of each lesson. For one thing. We don't sell these notebooks. in part or in whole. and somewhat automatic.is a personal systematisation of knowledge and data. or most drug or variety stores. electronic or mechanical. for you to occasionally review the earlier lessons and your own notes. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. And again there are some questions we want you to answer.of whatever subject . Lesson Three ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. And you will find that you will benefit a great deal by this natural review. and to add this to your growing collection of Occult symbols on the 4" x 4" white cardboard squares. recording. and a notebook is a very basic help along this line. you will find that it becomes both easy. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. including photocopying. Here is Lesson Three of your Correspondence Course in the Foundations of Occult Knowledge. We would like to suggest that you buy a two or three ring loose-leaf notebook binder and an inexpensive hand punch at any stationary store. and that you add additional sheets of paper upon which you keep your notes and questions to insert next to the lessons. You are again expected to draw one of the symbols. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. and we are not trying to get you to spend money on anything that's not needed.

too. and controlled. “Glow. there is no "all") I am sure. Fire. It is with the Etheric Counterparts that we are now to learn to deal. The 'material" of the Etheric Plane is more plastic than the material of the Physical Plane.’ (Remember.’ you are achieving a tremendous step forward by understanding them. We must save the "deeper stuff' for other lessons .and that is why it is called the INNER LIGHT. to start over again. This is shown in the esoteric side of the myths and legends that form part of the history of the civilizations that make our cultural heritage and individual psychological backgrounds. ‘Light-glowing. among the endless amount of material available. but it has to be modernized and brought up to date to be understandable to us today. Be sure you remember this distinction. ‘Fire burn’) or to. but you cannot "Command" them as of now.) and there is the. in effect.’ They are related. ‘Two Ethers. it is subject to manipulation by both semi-physical and quasi-mental means. It is usually said that this plane is the plane next "above" the Physical Plane.much as I wish I could give it all here and now . I am constantly XXXXX in writing these lessons as to what. Most of you have my books THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION and THE ART AND PRACTICE OF GETTING MATERIAL THINGS THROUGH CREATIVE VISUALISATION. Read this again and think on it. And your understanding is in part achieved. full of light . in ‘Lesson Two’ I told you that there is a fifth elemental force in addition to the elemental forces of Earth. and Air. Some of you have some of my Sealed Lessons in Occult Power. 2 . In the Greek myths the God System is set up as a family. There are really. not “Command!” But in learning to deal with the “Counterparts. or even understand. Higher up is the reflecting ether of the storage house of all images ever conceived of on earth since the beginning. What I am trying to achieve is to give the necessary occult information so that you can start to use this knowledge as quickly as possible. Much practical wisdom is hidden in this ancient lore. for the confusion of concepts that result from ambiguity of terms has been one of the difficulties on Occult study. Thus. and so it is. the next plane to this ‘Physical Plane. ‘Ether.’ or ‘Akasha. You deal with. in its peculiar way. We are dealing here with the.’ of all physical things.) Here I must move cautiously.’ and not the. the plane above the plane you were trying to control. ‘ETHERIC PLANE ETHER. Now. but also the balanced inter-relating of various facets of information with your own background experience .) There "exists. in the ‘Psychological Growth. Being plastic.) On the Etheric Plane (Lower down "near" the Earth Plane. ant Plane unless you understood. ‘Element of Ether.and this takes a certain amount of time even though you are not consciously aware that there is a process of "psychological digestion" going on in the meanwhile.’ that is the.’ (For want of a better name.’ so don't neglect it. each God is positive male to the Gods below and negative female to the Gods above him/her." which is a description of its appearance to psychic sight. that you realise that your progress in Occult Work is not just a matter of getting information about all things Occult. Each God has a Goddess as a sister or wife who is his opposite counterpart.’ i.The Gnostic Institute. (All things/appearances on the Inner Planes are.(of course.’ process related to your work on the. ‘Symbols. Water. The plane we are going to examine in this lesson is the "Etheric Plane"." the ‘Etheric Plane Counterparts.’ is the ETHERIC Plane. ‘Elemental Ether. but they are not the same thing. to put down here at this time. The word "Ether" comes from the Greek word meaning to “Burn" (But not.e. You will recall from Lesson Two that I said that you could not control.’ There is the original. ‘Etheric Plane Ether.

To complete this Lesson. 4. which plane it rules by "governing"." the first Elemental Force of Akasha is still another "First" substance. each elemental "FORCE" has a "plane".by keeping a new concept in the background you begin to surround it. This is the reason that. In "back" of. and you will be given more of this later in Lesson No. but keep it in your memory-background. Make your 4" x 4" square as instructed in Lesson Two. The English translation-definition of "Prakrti" is undifferentiated Cosmic Matter. I wrote them for you. so to speak. 10. as you will recall from Lesson Two. ‘Laws’ which "Govern" the immediate lower plane. Now this undifferentiated Cosmic Matter is pretty "thin" stuff.) Akasha is the basic original Force of all the other Forces and into which they all change back into. (Which is all I now know about the matter. the symbol of the Element of Water. which is called. ‘MAN IS THE REAL RULER OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD. "above. thinner than the "Stuff dreams are made of. but I do want you to think about it once in a while. it is sometimes referred to a merely "Water".” You will hardly ever be called upon to use this Knowledge in practice. and the personal sacrifices necessary to acquire the knowledge in the first place. Both the books and the lessons deal with the subject of . with other bits of knowledge and experience in a natural way. I'm sorry they're not free but all material work and supplies necessary to produce the books cost material money just to produce the physical part of the books . in a very definite sense. (By governing we ‘Mean’ to make the. There is THE Elemental Force. You will not use this force at first. and then not for a long time. and equally. 3.All my work deals with inner plane/outer plane controls. that each element also consists of "parts. Measure off and make a line vertical down the centre of the square. The Hindus call this changing Akasha the "bowl" into which all the others are poured and also poured out of. I can add here. and rules them instead of allowing the Forces to rule him. of each of the other elements.’ When he learns how to grasp the powers of the Elemental Forces. Don't be confused by this." in some degree. back of the other Forces.all four elements are therein combined in man. also. Remember always that it is the Element of Water. which is referred to.and this takes in no account the years of study and work practices. AKASHA. all combined in a natural manner according to certain rules. you will now make your personal symbol for the Etheric Plane. and not actual physical water itself HOW TO DRAW THE SYMBOL OF THE ELEMENT OF WATER 1. Using your measuring compass make the dots as shown in the first illustration.and that's the understatement of the year! Now. called in Hindu PRAKRTI. This cooperation can greatly help you through life .Etheric work cooperation work to compel the Etheric and the Physical to cooperate.) Also. Note: Even though this drawing is a symbol of the Elemental Force known as the Element of Water. 3 . back and forth. each Elemental Force rules its plane by virtue of the emanations of its own peculiar "FORCE". 2. Ink in the outlines so that you now have a "half moon". except that it is so!) I will also mention here that man is a four-fold creature . (This is how much of your real learning takes place . which force is rampant-supreme of that plane. as each of the elements has a symbol. Set your pencil compass and make the half circles as shown.

SUGGESTED READING 1. What. ‘Create a Being.’ of Spirit in your life through recognising and responding to planetary cycles. Astrology as dynamic life process.’ being positive or negative? 3. How can. 4 . What is meant by a. HOW TO CREATE A FAMILIAR. Practice drawing the Symbol for Elemental Water. ‘CREATIVE RELEASE.’ by Dane Rudhyar. To paint. What do you think "God" or "Goddess" means in the context of this lesson? 4. leave the half moon white. ‘God or Goddess. do you think the ‘Etheric Plane is?’ 6. Shows you how to. Why is Man the "ruler of the physical plane?" Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. What is meant by "Etheric Counterparts" as used in this lesson? 7. Does the statement in this lesson Each God has a Goddess as a sister or wife " really mean that there is a Goddess for each God.5. 5.’ out of the Etheric and Astral Planes that works as an extension of yourself. ‘THE PULSE OF LIFE. but don't forget to wash the ink out of your brush before it dries. You can use black ink with a brush for this. Rudhyar shows how the birth-signs reveal how consciousness and cosmic purpose are being fulfilled in your life. by Ophiel. and as a means to your attainment of mastery over this physical life. XXXXXXX ILLUSTRATION 3 0 X ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. 2. is meant by the "Inner Light?" Where. Etheric "Things" be manipulated by Occultists? 8. or does it mean that both are aspects of the same God? 2. and make the rest of the space on the card black. and then make a perfect one on your 4" x 4" square of white cardboard as you did with the Earth Symbol. and how you can effect the.

or the "Serpent Power". including the visualization and vitalisation of the psychic centres. Powell. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 5 . etc. THE ETHERIC DOUBLE AND ALLIED PHENOMENA. This book. by Israel Regardie. Fohat and Kundalini. in various psychic phenomena. by A. is not a rehash of Eastern Yoga. The Etheric Body is the vehicle between.3.E. ‘Etheric World. 4. materialisations. however. man's physical and his astral and the "inner" worlds. THE ART OF TRUE HEALING.including Prana. the principles of prayer. ‘Etheric Body’ that is employed in "Magnetising" objects. and the study of the. sound vibrations of the voice. It is the. It is of the utmost importance in health and healing. Mind discipline and magic that can be used in almost any circumstance of daily life.’ is truly the study of man's energies . telekinesis. Shows how to use psychic force in healing. but is soundly based on the Western Magical Tradition and upon the Qabalah.

Your work is therefore clearly cut out for you.not a grain but a POUND OF SALT! (Salt . based on my work. including photocopying.EXISTENCE.and being so different . You must understand this and assimilate and adapt it as you follow these directions and penetrate into the Inner Planes. in order of expansion. No part of this course of lessons. with this subject. Now that you understand this fully (and I admit. recording.Two of them! The next plane we will deal with. AND EXPECT. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. one over the other. I have a strong conviction. "up" from the Physical. You are still living on the Physical Plane. you will have to take the following material with . in part or in whole. Peach All rights reserved.alchemical symbol of the. ‘Inner Planes. but we do not recognise the.94% of the "time". may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means.SET UP . therefore. “YOU MUST LEARN TO ENTER THE INNER ASTRAL PLANES AND LEARN TO RECOGNISE THE PLANE'S "INNARDS" FOR WHAT THEY ARE. I can only speak of the Astral Plane in terms of the Physical Plane. is the ASTRAL PLANE. ‘Element of Earth.” This is the method of all correct systems of the Occult which lead to control over the Inner Planes. and thus lead to knowledge and control over MAGICAL PROCESSES .in words . like the higher controlling the lower.’ because they are so different than/from the Physical .because it is so very different from/than the Earth Plane. until the "effects" reach the Earth Plane. AND NOT LOOK FOR.’) You should now understand that I have to write here in material terms as if the Astral Plane was physical. I am struck here again with the difficulty of dealing accurately.you simply do not recognise the Astral Plane when you are there. So. that we do . knowledge and control over the Planes. BY THEMSELVES.which means. in the English language. For information address the publisher. Lesson Four ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* THE ASTRAL PLANE (S) .Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. let us go on! 1 . and then only in Physical Plane words. SOME KIND OF A GLORIFIED PHYSICAL PLANE . We are talking about an INNER PLANE and there is not very much that can be said about it clearly .during our sleep . except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. electronic or mechanical. I am still living on the Physical Plane 99.freely enter and move about on/in the Astral Planes. I still don't understand it completely myself). basically.

It has been called the Storehouse of Images. Thus they "act" accordingly as you wishfully thing of them doing. This section of the Astral is well known.” Will recall the statements about the "sinking" feelings generated in a person's stomach when travelling up or down in a. I repeat. ‘marked’ that in the Hindu terminology this actual. and everyone thus comes. You may. ‘Upper Etheric’ and ‘Lower Astral. and the differences between these two parts is so. both on the path "down" and the path "up". and this rule holds good throughout the planes' transition points. thought. and even say. ‘Astral Plane. .’ formed the place of the "Storehouse of Images". of course. I am told that every thing and every thought ever said. the most "dense".’ It is regarding these "reflecting ether" images as REAL . In the Inner World. and done since the world began is recorded/stored on this "reflecting" material of the Higher Etheric and Lower Astral. the planes merge into each other . ‘Two planes. more or less.’ This sensation is your physical experience of the separation point between the Physical and Etheric Planes. Everybody is somewhat "psychic". They do. done by that ‘AS LONG AS YOU KNOW WHAT THE IMAGES ARE. sensing.but based on nothing really real. With the foregoing out of the way. just what you "think"/desire then to do and say. these images is all right by itself.’ is one of the most important planes existing. This is true. in believing the stored up reflecting ether images to be REAL that leads to all sorts of trouble. it is in regarding.’ dissolves into some kind of ‘NON-MATTER. more or less. feeling. The Astral Plane demonstrates this idea of graduation more strongly than any other plane. but you should learn to notice this point after you have done some exploring of the Etheric. give you back what you inwardly desire and thus filling you with delight . or may not. rather like the "upper" part of the Etheric Plane where they connect. the Astral Plane is divided. This transformation accounts for the violent disturbances in connection with this plane.’ is classified as. No harm can be. and those who are coming into. and represents the "high point" of the Physical Plane. we can now proceed with our study of the Astral Plane. ‘TREMENDOUS CONCENTRATION OF EMOTIONS (E-MOTIONS) CONNECTED WITH THIS PLANE.those people coming "up" from "below" encounter here the first place in which. Those of you who have read my book. “THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION. ‘One plane.’ Seeing.’ We shall discuss some of the differences between the Hindu and the Western terminology later in this lesson. For these reasons.in the sense of Physical Real .All of the Planes seem to have progressive densities to them.I will admit that the "higher" part of the Physical Plane is hard to detect from the "lower" Physical. The "lower" part of the Astral Plane is. they find can be manipulated.’ find that they are "cribbed" and "confined". ‘Incarnation. Now note that I said that. ‘Abrupt changeover. as it were. thus responding to your unconscious desires. a "higher" and a "lower" part. in the Astral Plane. At all these transition points any two planes most closely resemble each other. And the images. have reasoned this out from your studies of the previous two planes . The lower part of the Etheric Plane is very much like the upper part of the Physical.’ which. and there are the usual wild struggles against confinement.’ It is here. but what I want to emphasise in that this place where the two planes merge into each other is not so well defined as the material world is.there is not an. One of the many reasons for this is that there is a. and many other connected reasons. From this it could be said that the. into inward contact with the Lower Astral and "sees" and "feels" these images. The main trouble comes from the fact that these images are plastic and easily respond to any and all kinds of thoughts and influences. that these "raw" emotions are changing into " forms".the Physical and the Etheric. These "disturbances" on the Astral Plane come from both directions . The lower part of any Plane is. becoming imprisoned in form from a previous free state. ‘High-speed elevator. 2 . ‘MATTER. as mentioned before. So you can see how you could easily deceive yourself by unconsciously influencing these contacted images.that the trouble can come. into two parts.

‘Crystallized Emotion.Earth. of course. I don't know the exact reason for this. and you will make all the symbols of these five steps later in the Course. in her story of the. ‘Psychics. and where your form desires/ideas coming up from "below" change back into emotions-desires.’ tells how a man. even from the work-a-dayworld idea that a "chair" is the. which is always the result of this sort of thing. etc. You may also find the. ‘Unconscious manipulations. 3 . ‘Inner Plane. in one of the southern provinces. as it were.’ movements bewilder our untrained earth-experience senses."to sit" . However. ’Own wishes’ and nothing else.000. creating a chair. in a hidden Occult sense Operation." Now each of these single five steps also changes by five steps from one into the other. got a bee in his bonnet from the missionary's talk of Jesus and claimed he was the reincarnation of ‘Christ. as you want it to be and does what you want it to do.coming down from "above" meets the point of changing from an emotion to a form. than feeling a chair. There is a Universe of this Knowledge tied up in this exploration of the Inner Planes. by their. "feel" a chair? Well actually. The higher part of the Astral Plane is more. with all its ‘Flashing Lights.’ going to change things around.’ of the. The Operation. for example. Also Pearl Buck. Her "revelations" have resulted in cruel deaths for many. it is easier for us to understand the mental ideal of a chair. but ‘Accept it.’ is sooner or later. This Lower Astral is truly a fairyland where everything is.Fire Water . In regard to the densities "inside" the ‘Inner Planes. manipulated them about to suit themselves. Don't fret over this knowledge now if you don't immediately understand it as this knowledge is advanced and definitely not too easy to understand so hidden it is. ‘Western Caballa’ idea of a ‘FIVE-step.’ of these Lower Astral images into all kinds of fake religions and "revelation" movements. ‘Everybody.’ note that the Hindu teachings refer to a plan of ‘SEVEN’ steps up or down through the planes. This five-step change would be either way in this order: Akasha . you do! However.’ ‘Changing’ into ‘FORM’ to be somewhat baffling. calm.Air . with. SO LOOK OUT!!!! It is necessary that you should learn your way through this plane as quickly and easily as you can. ‘Hell. will use the.Even some of the most intelligent and advanced ‘Occultists’ in the world have been selffooled by their. These two people were. Akasha being the "lightest" and Earth the "heaviest.’ who had contacted this ‘Store house of Images’ and. And it appears to be here in the. especially in a more primitive society. But stop and think . and the real knowledge of the Occult you will have to get when you project/explore it for yourself. ‘Middle Astral. For example. It is rather more filled with what comes down from "above".’ so that 20. We. ‘Concept’ of ‘EMOTION. in the newspapers at this time of writing is an account of a black woman in Africa named Alice who claims to have been talked to by God and given different sets of distractions as to what to do here on earth. So you can consider. ‘Infinitive verb. guided. however.’ and act accordingly. ‘Last Empress of China. in spite of my warning you will probably be fooled by these images. where the chair ." The MENTAL Astral Plane is where these two conceptions meet. Can you.’ where these two kinds of "creations" meet. The student viewing this section of the Inner Planes from a projection exploration has a terrific experience.’ change through the planes up or down.’ to “sit. All I can do is warn you. If you will look at history you can detect many other examples of this now that you know what to look for. On our present type of physical plane existence we do not usually associate emotions-feelings with Physical "forms".000 people lost their lives as an end result. do you. and not so easily ‘Contacted’ with what come sup from "below".what is back of this mental "thought" of a chair? Is it not first the desire "to sit"? A mental picture is then formed of the desire "to sit" which begins in a mental image of a chair and ends in a Physical Chain.’ and wild. and raised.

Paint the space inside the triangle red. Refer to the remarks about "counter parts" in Lesson Three. Your physical-astral plane work this time will be to draw and paint the symbol of this plane. the symbol for the Element of Fire .. often become victims of self-illusion unless they have been properly prepared for this experience? 3. the phenomena of the Astral Plane? 2. or your own experience. I am working on an idea’ for the exploration of this. and some of it is ‘good’ and will help you gain a background understanding that will be useful in your own exploration. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. Do you understand the problems of describing.’ by means of building a permanent path "in there".Much Occult literature is concerned with the Astral Plane. ‘Astral Plane. Fill in the lines connecting the dots in pencil. and of recognising. 3. Make your 4" x 4" square as instructed in Lesson Two.e. and keeping it "in place" by means of a physical map on the physical plane as a help to students. Do you understand why people who do contact the Astral Plane. 2. Can you think of some samples in history. That's the value of all the ‘textbooks’ and ‘guidebooks’ to give you the background so that you will recognise necessary. but must also experience things for yourself? 4 . HOW TO DRAW THE SYMBOL OF THE ELEMENT OF FIRE 1. i. and the space between the triangle and square green. of such illusions? 4. Measure off and make a line vertical down the centre of the square. Using you’re measuring compass measure off and mark the dots as shown on the sample drawing below. Why is it that you cannot just be taught about things Occult. 5.a red triangle on a green background. and the Store House of Images. Ink in the lines that form the outer square and the inner triangle and erase your pencil lines. ‘Landmarks’ in your own travelling of the path. 4.

Fictionalised accounts (Based the author says. THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION.) of contacts with the Astral Plane that illustrates various Occult phenomena. the Chakrams. Kundalini. and also a system of ETHERIC projection. THE ASTRAL BODY AND OTHER ASTRAL PHENOMENA. Illustrated. astral entities. Description of the. This is by far the most important book on the subject. etc. Where do you think the "heavens" of the many religions (and the "Summerland" of Spiritualists) have their existence? Do you see any connection between the teachings in this ‘Lesson’ and the instructions in the various BOOKS OF THE DEAD? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. A complete description of the astral world. 4. Make your Symbol for the Element of Fire. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 5 .5. and a description of the use of such a filter. and the only truly practical one that teaches you how to project your consciousness via the astral body with absolute safety. THE HUMAN AURA. Kilner. by Dion Fortune. Watch your dreams for experiences of an ‘Astral nature.’ SUGGESTED READING 1. by A.E. Teaches four different methods. by Ophiel. 2. TAVERNER. by Walter J. ‘Aura’ in health and disease as seen with the aid of filter of dicyanin dye. Powell. thought forms. development of astral bodies. including the BODY OF LIGHT and SYMBOL techniques. 2. 3. on true cases known to her. spiritualism. THE SECRETS OF DR. the nature of the astral body and its relationship to clairvoyance.

’ The ‘TREE OF LIFE. a system into which you can place the different things you learn and observe so that they fit into an overall pattern of relationships. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. and something about the "Forces" operating through the inner planes. Peach All rights reserved. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE ******************** END OF LETTER ******************** 1 . And as you begin to see a broader pattern of relationships. is a "guide" to a way of thinking. you will unconsciously begin the process of a new adjustment and control over your life. With this lesson you will begin to see that the fundamental to Occultism is a way of looking at the world.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. as you begin to perceive some of the inner factors that lead up to your present outward circumstances. Lesson Five ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student.’ as you will study it here. ‘TREE OF LIFE. that the Occult does not confine itself to just the "Inner Side of Things. It is important to remember. however." for Occultism is also concerned with using your Occult Knowledge to make a better life for you. and part of the study of science today is the "Philosophy of Science" which is an analysis of the way in which the scientist must look at the World. recording. Later in your Occult study and work you will take a more conscious direction over your environment and life. With this lesson. in part or in whole. electronic or mechanical. Science. In the first lessons you have learned something about the "material" of the physical world and the Inner Planes. With your next lesson. including photocopying. Lesson Five of the Correspondence Course in the Foundations of Occult Knowledge (first series). Number Six. This is true of all systems of study. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. is really "the Scientific Method". you are going to start your introduction to the study of the Qabalah with the. With this pattern of relationships you will have a guide to the ways in which the Forces of the Universe function. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. No part of this course of lessons. Sincerely. we end the preliminary study of the planes. The Occult Way of Looking at the World is concerned with what goes on behind the appearance of things. for example. For information address the publisher.

Let us attempt to explain the use of the word "Mental" in this connection. You will not use the Mental Plane directly but only through the agency of the DEMIURGOS (Look up the meaning and etymology of this word. Thoughts. We will deal with this process later. Forces. the next plane above the "two" Astrals is called the Mental Plane.." etc. referring to the essence of these things. the Mental Plane consists of. are presently in existence. Ideas and Images. Etheric.’ You cannot do mush with. original patterns already set up and clearly delineated . Mental." "emotions. and ex-(out)-pressed in/or the Physical Plane as a final resultant. How this is done is part of a later study. dealing with Forces when the reach the lower planes where we. it is in/on the next plane further "down" that these colours-forces become the "watery" forms. or about. Much.’ I said that your future glimpses of the Mental Plane would show it to be all colours. So far we have dealt with the following planes: Physical. These are the basic colours of the. for now confine your understanding of the word "Mental" to the idea of. Where do these Forces come from? An answer. as it were. All our physical existence consists of the qualities of these planes fused together.’ Therefore. and now. In this first course of lessons we will not go above the Mental Plane for the reason that the object of our studies at this point is to gain basic Occult Knowledge that can be used in living Life. but for now IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU BEGIN TO THINK ALONG THESE DIFFERENT LINES ABOUT LIFE." "desires. ‘ARCHETYPAL. of course. To those of you who have my book. etc. In these lessons. and later becomes "solid" forms. as Physical lives.although we do partake of the prime essence of these states when we express these states ourselves. Please decide for yourself a quality that characterizes each of these planes . So. or. ‘ELEMENTAL FORCES.’ and ‘Typos. beginning. ‘Moulding’ and ‘Forming’ work has to be done.’ meaning: the MIND . and deals with. with time and with practice you may make a cautious personal contact with this Mental Plane. will be that of lots of colours. ‘Archi’ . The sight/view of this Plane to those of you who will penetrate that far in the Inner planes. a wild "assembly" of colours. ‘THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION. but again we are faced with the inadequacy of the English language and this is the closest we can come. and probably you all can/will get a glimpse of it sooner or later (a glimpse is all you'll need!). The word comes.Thinking. ‘Thinking.’ them selves as they exist in the. When you "see" the Mental Plane all that you will "see" are colours. of course. This will all be treated later.’ The word "archetypal" comes from two Greek words.meaning ‘Stamp/Pattern. As I said.meaning ‘Beginning.’ of just. 2 . This is the so-called MENTAL PLANE. to "exist" (Etheric Plane). ‘Pure-State.if you can conceive of colours as anything like a form appearing to the drawn-out semi-physical sight of the clairvoyant.) As this subject is rather hard to assimilate I am going to review it for you. from the Latin ‘Mentes. the "raw" forces on the Mental Plane in any direct manner. The Mental Plane consists of Mental Forces. and it is given that name because of the distinct mental quality of this Plane. After you have accumulated enough of the basic data of Occultism we will take up the details of this work in later lessons. and to switch away from your former way of. of course. as could be said.inertia.’ . which colours represent. As you should be beginning to know/think by now. and not so much to our personal expression of these things . and having no qualities yet of desire to be "real" (Astral Plane). Astral. ’BE-ING. we are.but only of a mental-idea-image-nature. when we refer to "mental. and the raw Mental Plane Forces are conducted down through the "lower" planes to HERE. "Mental Plane" is not a very satisfactory name for this plane.such as Physical .We now come to the next plane above the Astral Plane/s. is that these Forces come from "above" the Mental Plane. and the colours you see are the "forms" of the Mental Forces . and to "force to be existent" (Physical Plane).’ and who follow the instructions therein.

We will not use the planes higher than the Mental, but we will deal with them in a knowledge manner. Dealing thoroughly with the Inner Plane Forces, and handling them properly, then becomes an ART, the proper use of which can enable you TO LIVE A PLANNED PHYSICAL LIFE. You should realise that all Magic, Metaphysics, Clairvoyance, Witchcraft, Second Sight, Medium-ship, etc. has to do with the different planes and with YOU SHIFTING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AROUND BETWEEN THEM, BACK AND FORTH, TO AND FRO, etc. Your thinking about these things, and about life itself, should, therefore, become adjusted accordingly from now on to this Occult Way of Looking at Things, and will become still more adjusted towards this point of view the further you proceed in these lessons. Try to adopt the approach to life that asks yourself the question: "How would this (thing, event, problem, etc.) Look to me from the Inner Planes?" Remember that Physical Plane things are the end result of a long, behind-the-scenes series of Inner Planes' processes. It is not that the Physical Plane is just an "illusion" as some of the Eastern philosophies say - it is "real" enough - but it is part of a much larger reality of which you have had, at best, only a partial vision. In fact, it may be very helpful for you to try looking at some of the more ordinary things that happen on the Physical Plane as if you were witnessing a theatrical production, and trying to think about the various operations that have occurred leading up to this outwardly visible performance. In the case of the play there is the creation of the stage scenery, then there are the many rehearsals in which the performance took its final shape, and before that there is the bringing together of the various elements and resources that make the play possible, and before that there was the writing of the play itself, and still earlier there were the idea that lead to the writing of the play, and so on. In Physical Life Happenings there are many levels of activity behind-the-scenes too. From your Occult Way of Looking at Things you will become increasingly aware of these Inner Plane activities, the "Inner Side of Things." Now make your symbol for the Mental Plane. HOW TO DRAW THE SYMBOL FOR THE MENTAL PLANE - THE ELEMENT OF AIR I. Make your 4" x 4" square as instructed in Lesson Two. 2. Draw two pencil lines from opposite corners to intersect. This establishes the exact centre of your square. 3. Set your compass to correspond with the diameter of the circle shown below, and make the circle from the centre of the square. 4. Ink in the outlines.

5. Paint the circle blue, and the space between the circle and the inner edges of the square orange.

********************* END OF PAGE *********************


QUESTIONS 1. 2. 3. Describe in your own words and ideas what the Mental Plane consists of, and deals with? What is the meaning of the word "Demiurgos", and what is its etymology? What are the qualities of the, Mental Plane Astral Plane Etheric Plane Physical Plane 4. Where do the Forces of each Plane, come from?

5. Write at least one paragraph answering this question: What did you think the Occult, or Magic, Metaphysics, Witchcraft, Medium-ship, etc was before your study of these lessons. Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. Make the symbol for Elemental Air. 2. Take some Physical Plane Happening, and write down a description of it in terms of the "behind-the scenes" operations as if it were a theatrical production you were seeing. Do not try, as yet, to describe the, ‘Inner Plane,’ operations behind the Physical Plane Happening, just confine yourself to getting the feel of thinking in terms of the various levels of activity on the Physical Plane that lead up to the production of a play. SUGGESTED READING 1. THE MENTAL BODY, by A. E. Powell. The nature and function of the highest of man's mortal bodies, and the mechanism of thought transference, mental creation, the Akashic Records, the Devas, concentration, meditation, etc. 2. THE ART AND PRACTICE OF GETTING MATERIAL THINGS THROUGH CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, by Ophiel. This book shows how to use the Laws of the Inner Planes in order to gain material things, and how to develop your power of, ‘Creative Visualization,’ to gain positive control over the Inner Plane factors in your life. 3. REGENTS OF THE SEVEN SPHERES, by H. K. Challoner. A poetic description of the Devas, the beings who build in etheric matter, that gives the reader an introduction to the ways in which the various creative intelligences of the Universe function and the ways by which they can be contacted by man. Illustrated in colour. 4. THE SOLAR SYSTEM, by A. E. Powell. An occult description of our Solar System and the various streams of life evolving within it, demonstrating the importance of the Mental Plane in man's evolution and showing the relationship between the various kingdoms of being, angels, man, etc. ********************* END OF PAGE *********************



CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. Peach All rights reserved. No part of this course of lessons, in part or in whole, may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights, except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. For information address the publisher. Lesson Six ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student, Here is Lesson Six in your First Correspondence Course in the Foundations of Occult Knowledge. With this lesson you begin your study of the Qabalah and the "Tree of Life". You will find that your study of the Tree of Life is something that is going to continue for as long as you are interested in the Occult, so it is probably going to continue the rest of your life! Not only are you going to study the Tree of Life, but also you are going to learn to use it as a means of study. Soon you will begin to think of it as a "filing system" (or even as a "computer program") by which you classify your knowledge and observations into an inter-related whole. In your studies of the Tree of Life and the Qabalah you will learn how to look behind things to see how they are to be classified into this filing system or program, and as you study "things" you will learn to think in terms of their interrelatedness. Also, as your studies of the Occult continue, you are going to see more and more how the Occult becomes part of your entire life - not just a special compartment - not just a "Sunday religion" - not just a "party dress" - and everything in life is going to have new meanings for you. You will find that you can look upon other fields of study as rather specialized studies in various aspects of the Occult. In your next lesson after this, for example, you will read something that could give you a new insight into that interesting school of modern philosophy known as "phenomenology", or a new understanding of what happens in cases of hallucinations, or a better appreciation of the different kinds of realities presented by different artists. In later lessons you are going to develop a new concept of the material cosmos, and of your relationship to it. So, don't neglect your study and work on the Tree of Life. The effort you put into your study now will be reflected in your later work. Sincerely, THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE.


Africa. So you see your part in and of life is very important . and some people learn to avoid them and to work round them. and later parts will be written in free hand. or the Occident. The Truth you arrive at. Greece. I do not know the reason for these blocks. and when you reach the top .you find the same thing/truth at the top. and they shift about. I can give a hint here.’ this lesson may seem a bit short. and some people have them more than others. Part of the diagram is made with your compass and ruler in pencil. and these things go for non-business types of life.gaining knowledge of what has to be done. There are even time when all six doors are open at once and you can get through them quickly and easily. These two are further subdivided in many different ways. how to do it. There is only one Truth. Persia.by any religious system ." The TREE OF LIFE is a part of the system of the Caballa. Let us say that these six doors are opening and closing all the time so that at some times more doors will be open. In point of ‘text. and this is especially true of the Eastern System. through all the doors not just any one of them.) In the sphere of the Occult there are two great systems: The WESTERN SYSTEM and the EASTERN SYSTEM. and then doing it. and then fill it in with the names. In fact we all do it all the time.’ 2 . but now the thoughts of power do not always work fast enough because of the Astrological "blocks" (see Lesson One) set up in our life paths.This lesson is the introduction to the Occult Knowledge data called the "TREE OF LIFE. They are movable. For living a spiritual life too. symbols. This basic-basic system of the West.how you go about living your life is a big factor in a successful life's living. But you should have plenty to do in making up the diagram. Well now. Kabbalah. the Caballa system grew from beginnings of simple Natural Magic . You will make a number of these diagrams and be adding new material from time to time. The exact origins of this system are lost in the mazes of antiquity. Copy this diagram now. Quballah. In time your thinking can become very "POWERFUL" in that it can bring about changes in your physical plane surroundings quickly. These Astrological blocks are not "solid set" things. I will use various different spellings in these lessons because I want you to recognize the older spellings if and when you run across them in your readings. and other material as it is given to you. Cabalah. or closed. to get where we want to go. at the same time than at other times. is a thing you gain through being guided "there" by means of a System of thinking and corresponding acting. Qabalah. do a good job. Thus. Let us imagine some picture like this . If I had the space to give you just a list of these divisions you would be astounded at their diversity and complexity.Quaballa. etc.with many additions from Egypt. The word "Caballa" means to receive (roughly) in Hebrew. and many other mystery systems of places this side of the Orient. and others never learn at all how to live a life by working around their astrological blocks. ‘More about this later. All I know is they are there. and which you are seeking for in this course of lessons. (The name "Caballa" is spelled several different ways . but still. naturally if you are an aggressive person you will always be on the alert and always pressing against the astrological doors . if you are not interested in Physical Success.and when suddenly they do fly open you dart on through even though you may have been waiting a seemingly endless time for them to open. It’s a good idea to make several of these diagrams until you feel you understand the layout. is the System called the Caballa". too. Babylon. so you don't have to be over meticulous with this first one. And certainly this system does not consist of any kind of merely "believing" in something! No! It consists of all kinds of . Also in this first diagram you can feel free to make a few arrangements of your own.Let us say that we are faces with a series of doors through which we must pass.WORK . but I'd say that it originated by becoming composed of fragments of demonstrable metaphysical truths which advanced persons of all nationalities and nations exchanged with each other as they progressed enough to recognise the deep basic Truths of the Physical Cosmos.

Also. ‘Plane.4.Now with regard to the diagram you are going to work on for this lesson. THE KABBALAH.as the subject is a complex one . "ten planes" and even other numbers of planes. all true. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1.) This study is so fundamental to your building of a. So if you have heart about these other systems of division forget about them now. and are in. For example. Also the Mental Plane can be divided into a higher and lower.we recommend this one to prepare you for later books.2 . as mentioned before. This is a good introductory book to the study of the Kabbalah. of Occultism that you will probably build an extensive library of books on the Kabbalah. and each of these sections considered as a separate plane. What do you understand to be meant by the word "system" in this context? Do you feel that you are a person who has more "astrological blocks" than most other people you know? Or do you feel that you have learned to work around these blocks? How do you think these blocks generally work in your life? How do you think that you can change your approach to life to live your life more successfully? 4. the astral Plane can be divided into two parts and each part listed as a separate plane. each of the. ‘Ten Circles.) 3 . and .’ we are concerned with here. and work with the Four until you are more advanced and can work the others out for yourself Make your drawing of the diagram on the left side of your paper as per the sample on the next page. Colville. and make a plan for doing this in your own life. Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. J. you have probably heard or read of "seven planes". The other numbers are all arrived at. 2. These will be rough approximations of the idea of the four planes we have studies so far. Next. its literature and its views of the Soul and its relationship to Biblical traditions.’ by itself alone. What is the basic system of Western Occultism? If "there is only one Truth". divide the drawing into four sections as indicated and label them 1 . Draw three pencil lines connecting the three columns of the circles as indicated. (Additional books on the Kabbalah will be suggested in subsequent lessons. Think about this matter of learning to live around the astrological blocks. Then fill in the information on the next page after that. by W. SUGGESTED READING 1. foundation knowledge. Follow the sample illustration on the next page pretty closely this first time. Make the drawing of the TREE OF LIFE as instructed. The above book is not the "best" book on the subject. Its history.3 .’ in the diagram can be considered a. These number divisions are. then how is it that there are in the Occult "two great systems: The Western System and the Eastern System?" 2. these ‘four planes. 3. by making other kinds of divisions of these four planes. but it is a good "starter". and do your first work on this diagram in pencil so that you can continue to add new material as it comes to you. As I mentioned before.

********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 .

recording.suddenly you see more. as you begin to see things differently. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 1 . No part of this course of lessons. More and more you should realise that the study of the Occult is much more than merely reading some books and lessons. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. ‘Power and Responsibility. but put a great deal of effort and attention into them.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. Another thing you should note. you will begin to make your own determinations of how YOU should act. As you learn to THINK OCCULT you will find that you experience a much greater reality than ever anticipated. and you see more clearly. and we are going to be saying it many more times. in Occultism as in all things. Occultism places the responsibility for your life right in your own shoulders. electronic or mechanical. and the way you see yourself. and asked again to meditate upon the metaphysical process described in this lesson. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. as you THINK OCCULT. Sincerely. you should make your Occult Knowledge part of the way you see the world. In the Practices prescribed in this lesson. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. in part or in whole. the real study and work in Occultism depends upon your DOING the things called for in the lessons. It is like putting on a new pair of eyeglasses . But it also shows that you have the POWER to make your own life what you want it to be. Occultism does not tell you how you should act. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. You have now completed one/fourth of the first course. This is important. Here is Lesson Seven in your First Correspondence Course in the Foundations of Occult Knowledge. Don't neglect these Practices. We have already said it several times. For information address the publisher. including photocopying. and what YOU should do in given circumstances. Peach All rights reserved. Lesson Seven ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. It does not give you sets of rules or commandments but. You should begin to "think" Occult! That is. and don't just do them "in passing". But now you should also begin to see how what you are learning in your Occult Studies could be applied to your daily life and you should begin to make this application as you begin to see how it can be done.’ always go hand-in-hand. you are again called upon to make a drawing of the TREE OF LIFE.

’ as if with an "X".' These.) Now look at this diagram. I will give you all the PRACTICES I have.and therefore they are forever barred from giving you anything.’ is the/a Physical Cosmos symbol. to "emanate. just what are you doing? A ‘saltshaker. You cannot help but notice that the first triangle has the "point" upward. but always end up with a good inked drawing." Arriving at the memory library point the electrical impulse sets off. ‘Two triangles. THAT. this I say. and then add/refer to it many times later on. while the other. enters the cornea of the eye and hits the back of the eyeball. that you are sitting at the kitchen table and looking at the. the stored up memory images of saltshakers and identifies the object on the table as such. where it is changed into an electrical current which travels along a nerve. to a portion of the brain in which memory images are "stored. ‘10-circle pattern.’ Now. ‘saltshaker. The reason I can do this is that I have received the Working Knowledge direct. you cannot help but notice that the diagram consists of ‘triads. And now we had better go into another subject. after you learn as much of the Knowledge as I have available. Let us say.A few Teachers and a few Schools do have material on this subject of THE TREE OF LIFE. as an electrical impulse. Rather. you look.’ meaning "e" = ‘out’ and "manare" = ‘to flow. Your eyes look at the saltshaker and what happens is the. Each single circle alone is called a ‘Sephirah. ‘Sephiroth. But you can make a start in "doing" as soon as you understand some of the Knowledge part. as shown on the inside covers of my book.’ and the whole ‘Ten’ of them altogether are called the. ‘LIGHT. 2 . YOU ARE ‘CREATING?’ BY YOUR DIVINE POWERS. ‘SALTSHAKER’ ON THE TABLE!!!! This requires some explaining. Well to start at the beginning. Make it in pencil first and then ink it in (for some of this work you can make free hand drawings.’ that is sitting there on the table and you "looking" "at" "it?" The answer is ‘NO!’ You are not. while "they" received it through some Occult Lodge they joined under oaths of secrecy . for example. which Basic Knowledge you are now getting. Again let us ask: "What happens physically when you sit at a tale and look at a saltshaker sitting there?" I should say "physiologically" speaking. and will take up the rest of your incarnations for a long time. There is still another kind of a triangle on the last circle.) You have been making 10 circles in and on a certain kind of diagram. “Looking at" a saltshaker sitting "there" "on the table". ‘Ten Sephiroth.’ is what happens. The reason for this will be explained later. is ‘physiologically speaking.’ reflected from the salt shaker object. Some of this material is valuable. and much of what they received in the first place was not of too much value because of a lack of the BASIC KNOWLEDGE.’ triangles. I will not give you the basic name for these circles. ‘Three. Now.’ have the point downward. ‘Just what is the Physical Universe?’ (This is the most difficult subject I ever tried to explain! I will make a start here. This circle is divided.’ The word "Sephirah" means Emanate. which is. or use it for after we learn the Knowledge part?" (!!!) In this Course. but much of it is worthless when it comes to "What the heck can we do with it.’ hence to "flow out". Get out your drawing materials and make another "Tree" diagram. from the Latin ‘Emanare. in reality.’ of them. (Draw a free hand circle and put an "X" in it as in the diagram.’ on the diagram of the Tree you have ‘made’ is a symbolic representation of the Physical Cosmic Universe! Everything in our Physical Cosmos can be classified and filed away in and/or on these 10 pattern/filing cases! This. ‘THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION.) First (of all) let us start in a simple way. but get used to the idea now. at the bottom of the Tree. or activates.

and in the same general location draw the half Moon symbol of WATER. As we have said before. AND SUSTAINING. IN. Just to the right of the right upper Sephirah and above near the top write the Y. and therefore some the. Somewhere along the path of the above outlined process you should be able to "interfere" and change things about to suit your new power ideas. the plane labelled "2". and put adot beneath it. ORIGINALLY. You do this because this is the plane that AIR "rules. The first material to put on the chart is the elemental symbol for the number 1 top section-plane. And in about the same place in the No. And just because we include an illustration of the diagram with this lesson don't think you don't have to make your own drawing and think it out just as if you didn't have a sample. starting from the top of the chart label the first "plane" section "1" Next one down "2" The next one down "3" And the last space "4. Here. as much of your future success in magical work depends on your own work. the symbol of FIRE. put it down and you will grow into the Knowledge of it as we go along with the lessons. 3 plane write V for Vav. The symbol that you will place there will be the circle of AIR. a triangle. And there in No. In one of the few magical books of any value that I have found (you don't need t now. Now come down to the next plane. You place t where you feel it belongs. AND WHICH ORIGINALLY INVISIBLE EMANATIONS YOU CHANGE. If you can't decide of yourself an exact place for the AIR symbol. which stands for the final Heh. However. or YODHEH-VAV-HEH. as instructed in Lesson Six. think of the illustration that we include with the lesson as if it were a diagram drawn on a blackboard in a class room. “THE ABOVE PROCESS IS EMBODIED IN THE DIAGRAM OF THE TREE OF LIFE. In the next lesson you will learn something about Y. Now.” which you are now. Make your TREE OF LIFE diagram. from the usually accepted idea of the physical Universe. there is an inner learning process going on as you do the practices as instructed n these lessons.) YOU DO NOT "SEE A SALT SHAKER "THERE" in the "first place". these words-materials you are going to put on your chart may be strange to you now. YOU SEE. and you are told to make your own diagram in your note book. BY YOUR NATURAL MAGICAL POWERS.HV. In this case. 4 plane write the second H. This idea followed out can make a great difference in your life. then I suggest you place it in the centre of the space to the right of the three Sephiroth. PHYSICALLY INVISIBLE EMANATIONS. So put them down on your chart this time. CONTINUALLY!!!!’ This is quite a radical conception. I do not know how much "occult" you now know and possess. metaphysically speaking? (It will be hard for you to grasp because it is so different from our usual material conception of how things are. you.But what happens. 2 lane write H for Heh. COMING FROM A METAPHYSICAL OBJECT WHICH RESEMBLES A ‘BASIC PRIMAL ARCHETYPAL IDEA’ "IMAGE". so don't ask about it) this "oval space of self creation" surrounding us is called the "Magic Mirror of the Universe. This is often the way with learning the Occult. INTO (In this case) THE SALTSHAKER!!! It therefore follows that everything material around. the connections will be made in the following lessons.H. And then come down to the last plane and in the same general spot draw the symbol of the EARTH plane." Better make all these in pencil so you can erase them and make better marks in ink when you have mastered this idea behind this phase of the work. in the same location. Do not make it larger than approximately 112 inch across. making freely. which stands for Yod. and about." Now. ‘YOU CREATED!!’ and. Now do try to make good drawings." Next you drop "down" to the plane below the top one. the one labelled "3". ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 3 . In about the same spot in No. a square. departure. ‘ARE CREATING CONTINUALLY. make the symbol of that plane.

One of the particular values of this book is in answering the question of why this method of Occult Knowledge and Work is most suitable to the Western temperament. PRACTICES 1. 2. and look at a saltshaker or some other simple physical object. 3. after studying this lesson? Save your answers until asked for them. rather than for mere reading. ‘THE ROMANCE OF METAPHYSICS. One of the best books on the subject! Explains the system of the Qabalah and the use of the Tree of Life as a meditation symbol transmitting the Western Occult Tradition. Describe. and think about the metaphysical process as you have learned it in this lesson.? 2. ‘unity. and shows how that they are all related in a common. illus. in your own words. etc.’ as an occult curiosity or abstruse subject. What is the name of each of the circles on the Tree of Life? What is the name for all the circles together? 4. of some of this century's main metaphysical movements. 306 pp.’ is a complete text and reference work. by Dion Fortune.QUESTIONS 1. 288 pp. ‘Kabbalah. and mental health and vitality. 2. what happens metaphysically when you look at a physical object. What do you think Magic is. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . Think about how this new Knowledge can affect your life. Cloth bound. and one to which you will be able to refer throughout all your occult studies. 5. through these lessons and in his other writings. as are the many other books dealing with the. Make the drawing of the TREE OF LIFE as instructed. Why is it that Ophiel is able. theory and psychology. emotional. Cloth bound. ‘THE MYSTICAL QABALAH. and should be one of the most important books in your occult library. and write a note to yourself about how you can now take a more positive approach to life.’ of practical application in the achievement of physical. One of this century's great occult writers examines the history. SUGGESTED READING 1. to give out real Working Knowledge of the Occult while other teachers and schools seemingly can only hint at the "great Truths". Sit down. THE MYSTICAL QABALH. This is a book for actual use.’ by Israel Regardie.

5 .

and the best way to do this is to put the formula to work. In your next lesson you will be called upon to use your paints again and your 4" x 4" cards. it is a tool that augments ordinary work and increases the certainty of bringing success to your efforts. No part of this course of lessons. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. For most of us. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. As the practice prescribed in this lesson. Sincerely. Here is Lesson Eight in your First Correspondence Course in the Foundations of Occult Knowledge. recording. including photocopying. so check your drawing and pain supplies now.’) in the practice of MAGIC. or the application of Occult Knowledge. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. As such. in part or in whole. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. merely reading about this Formula will not mean that we will automatically get everything we desire. ******************** END OF LETTER **************** 1 . and study the record (or "Magical Diary") you make. Peach All rights reserved. electronic or mechanical. In this lesson you will learn something "practical" in the way of the application of an Occult Formula. we have requested that you do just this and we want you to keep on doing it. it would be foolish not to employ MAGICAL TECHNIQUES to make your ordinary work more productive and successful. for you will learn from studying the working out of the process. For information address the publisher. Now. Do this. and recording each step as you do it and how the formula works in each case. Lesson Eight ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. and studying what you do and how it works.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. On the other hand. you certainly should know by now that there is nothing "magical" (In the ‘Sense’ of ‘Being Easy.

NOT ANY OTHER. and expansions. So be aware that there is always more coming that every bit of Occult Knowledge presented here will be later expanded and added to and later you too will learn to add to the treasury of the Occult. of course. (At this point refer back to Lesson Seven and what was said about the "Magic Mirror")I am going to say it again. which we know so little of.’ which mean a wonderful happy place or condition. if what you say is true. by using it. I seems I can only proceed by additions and/or expansions of the basic-basics of Occult Knowledge. and much additional material. in many different times and many different places. will have to be handled later in other courses. and I want you to ponder it: “YOU CREATE YOUR PHYSICAL UNIVERSE!!” Your self!! By your own Magical Powers!! Now. don't skip over this presentation here. a material things (or. Grasp all you can for now and read-study it over and over until you have absorbed it fully. In this sense we are dealing with.) Which is "final" and cannot be divided any further. and that manner is: I lay out a series of Occult Knowledge facts.’ ‘The Law.’ ‘Eldorado’ and all those other. Then later I follow these first lay-outs with additional facts. that is all you are going to hear because. BUT TRUE IT IS. really. and you use it by acting as if it were true. If you have had some of this material before. “THESE ELEMENTAL FORCES ARE ALL THERE IS. And this statement itself is well worth pondering.As I continue writing out these lessons I am struck by a peculiar fact that I seem to be teaching in a certain manner. ‘The Philosopher's Stone. You might (and possibly not be too far wrong) even think of this change/becoming as a "turning inside-out" of a non-physical "world" "into" a "physical world"!!! (Remember this is a first basic course. I'll try to cram into these lessons all the knowledge-material you can possibly use for the present time. 2 .) Some of this material has been given in previous books and lessons of mine. ‘things. the word Elemental means BASIC (note how the word basic appears in these lessons over and over again) first. for it contains a great deal of wisdom. and attempting to develop a concept . just HOW is my Physical Universe created or just HOW do I create it? The answers are: “YOU CREATE YOUR PHYSICAL COSMOS THROUGH YOUR USE OF THE BASIS FORCES. You must prove it to yourself. it will be ready for you.” You are going to be hearing more about these ‘Elemental Forces. This procedure seems to be my modus operandi of teaching the Occult. then again. Therefore we will return again to the concept of the Four Elemental Forces which make up the Physical Cosmos we are all so familiar with and.” known as the.’ ‘A Magick Wand. either more or less advanced. I tell you this because this manner of presenting these lessons seems to be almost beyond my control. and each will help you see a little different facet of that which is being presented to you. All kinds of paradoxes can be brought up as evidence that the statement is not true. and for more advanced work.’ ‘Jehovah. a fact. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE IN ANY PART OF THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. in a sense. As aforesaid. This knowledge has been called.a concept of a material cosmos "becoming" out of a non/physical material Cosmos. “ELEMENTAL FORCES. a statement like this brings up endless protestations and denials. do not skip that either. Then when you are ready for more.) Many different people have called the knowledge embodied in the above statements. and. although I cannot prove it to you. in fact. And then later I still further expand these basic facts and the additions. Your natural question at this point is: Well.’ from now on.” (NOTE. and then following the results. as each presentation will be different. THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE ONLY. and if you run into it again in another book or course.

It does not take too much thought to see that you can look out of a window (wind-door . but a formula." Those of you who read the Bible. which also operate here and unless all of them are in one straight line at once. with the image of a thing.) You have fulfilled the first three parts of the Law. which constitute a formula. 3 ." as I said. HEH. The letter YOD stands for Air. I will first tell/explain the matter in a very easy manner and then elaborate as fully as I can in later lessons." the heretofore "Image" (Any mental image. by implication. don't you? (Look at your chart. the two actions are somewhat exactly alike. The letter HEH itself means "WINDOW" (wind-door). mental. only one is physical and the other is. the Formula will not work instantly. you fulfil the conditions of the second letter in the Formula. ‘ADD TO YOUR CHART.’ as that is distinctly what it is. as through a wind-door and see a mental image of something you want-desire. (You will find this easier to follow if you draw a new chart as you go along. HEH is pronounced JEHOVA. ‘LAW’ or ‘The Law. And to look "into" your mind.you want. The essence of Air is MOVEABILITY. and 4th line ." The next natural thing to do is to "UNITE" the Image of a thing by bringing it "down" to Earth by doing a number of other actions such as "seeing" and "feeling" as real."wind" "desire" "air") and see something. especially the Old Testament. This last letter is another HEH with a dot in it which dot then signifies the solidity of the previous mental image. thus.’ as thus. "REAL. you fulfil the condition governed by the second letter HEH (Hay). of course.East.thus the first state/condition if the letter YOD is fulfilled. It is popularly supposed that the "Law" given to him was the Ten Commandments. In applying this formula to yourself it goes as follows: "YOU".The little. the formula of the Physical Universe! This word is translated as ‘LORD’ in the Bible. VAV. as yet incomplete. whose symbol is a Sword. will remember how Moses was given the "Law" in the desert. It is not a word. YOU DO SO. YOU EXPAND IT.) Now that you have fulfilled the first two parts of the "Law.’ the Four Quarters: Top Line . E-MOTION IS A MOVEMENT . is in the four (sacred) letters. a "Law" and also "The Law of all Laws.) The Formula works this way.’ (Look again at your chart. and happens as a result of the first three actions. So by the action of connecting your ability to move. A sword is certainly something that is moveable. decide to desire something. Your decision arouses the/an Emotion of Desire. Thus. Now "YOU" continue the Air action of Desire and "EXPAND" the desire into an image of the Thing (or state) desired.North. real attention was diverted from the real secret recorded therein. and this is what the world was supposed to ‘think. to this state. table you started to make in Lesson Six will contain all the secrets of the Physical Universe and also. While the above Formula is absolutely true the most common sense should tell you that you could not work the Formula. and the "action" you do when you "fasten" the two together? You see it. Every action in and on the Physical Plane happens according to this Formula.’ there are a million other factors. how to gain them! YOD. the secret you are about to be given. The action covered by the last letter hen happens.West. The "secret. Do I have to tell you the obvious connection between the VAV. NOW.) The name of the next letter in the Formula is VAV and this letter means "NAIL". The absolute correct translation should be. At this point a great deal of misunderstanding arises. 3rd line .South. you in your capacity as a free agent. nail. 2nd line . a thing. an image . ‘EVERY TIME ON EVERY THING. ‘A Formula of Action/Creation.

The South Wins is Notus. Therefore in your work in the Ritual you will "Feel" the. which carry out the. ‘ZEPHYRAS. The object of this ritual will be to develop the Powers of your Imagination along Occult lines. correct once and for all. It is only when we come to the West Wind. you added the. and in the last section write the word EARTH near the North Boreas.’ with your. Four Winds: The East wind is Eurus. and in may cases these symbols will mean the same thing. We will make one more addition here at this time. You will be given a ritual. In the second section write the word FIRE near the South . I wish I could give you this knowledge in someway that I could force you to ‘grasp it.Also add the.’ of the East (Not of the. ‘BOREAS. Your Chart.’ rather ‘Abundantly’ but the other’ Two Winds. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 .Eurus. In the third section write the word WATER near the West .’ hardly at all. will now contain. They are the vehicles. The West Wind is Zephyrus. I want you to make a strong effort to develop your own ideas about your chart." The ancient Greeks had this Knowledge and dropped a.Zephyras.’ when they portrayed the.YODHEH-VAV-HEH. ‘mind.’ through your powers of imagination. and if you want to later change the positions of a symbol just erase it and do it. only with a shade of difference each time a new symbol is presented.’ that we find some images in Greek sculpture for these two Force bearers. ‘Powers of Expression. which has been growing since we started it in Lesson Six. the name of the East "Wind" is EURUS. Ordinarily you contact an Occult Force by visualising the accepted Occult form/pattern of the Force.’ but I just don/t see any other way than going over it again and again in a different way each time. The North Wind is Boreas. ‘Winds’ and not bother with the ‘Images. and the same is true for the South Wind. In the upper first section write the word AIR near the East .’ in fact you will "feel" all the. ‘Fat Juicy Hint. ‘West Wind’ and the. ‘East Wind. "he" is the carrier of the ‘Powers of the Quarter.’ East. As I said.’ in this lesson and their direction/quarters. which ex-press-ion. Boreas is the most important to us. These Winds represent the singular "Forces" to their respective Quarters.’ I find that not many images in Greek art are available for him. You are going to add some more symbols to your chart. Why is this? You should recall that I told you AIR was the "thinnest" of the Elemental Forces and EARTH the "thickest.Notus. besides the "Tree of Life" a basic elemental symbol for each of the four planes .’ and the North Wind.’ of the Four Quarters. All this is done in pencil on your chart so far. ‘East Wind. ‘Four Winds. For example. The reason that you are learning about this is so that you will know him and ‘LEARN TO CONTACT HIM. ‘North Wind. Also. as you will use them later.’ of the Winds at all. get that conception. constitutes the/YOUR PHYSICAL WORLD. In the case of the. as you will see later. Try to keep these in mind. ‘Physical Direction.

in your own words. 5.THERE IS NOTHING ELSE IN ANY PART OF THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. the occult meaning of the word ELEMENTAL FORCE.’ you have and write out each step of the. Describe your reaction to the statements: THESE ELEMENTAL FORCES ARE ALL THERE IS .’ as given in this lesson toward the ‘Realisation’ of a ‘Specific Desire. 2. Add to your chart the material given in this lesson. ‘Thing. ‘FORMULA OF ACTION/CREATION. Apply the. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 5 . 2. Define.QUESTIONS 1.’ you want. ‘Four WINDS?’ (Not just their names?) Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. ‘Formula’ in terms of the specific. What are the. Describe your reaction to the statements in this lesson: YOU CREATE YOUR PHYSICAL UNIVERSE! Yourself)! By your own Magical Powers! 4. What is The Philosopher's Stone? 3.

these bits of preliminary information will be later followed up with more information. you also learn that it is important to work in harmony with the Universal Forces . Sincerely. so this would also be a good time to review the earlier lessons. Lesson Nine ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. For information address the publisher. Here is Lesson-Nine in your First Correspondence Course in the Foundations of Occult Knowledge. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. and how it is that you gain control over your own life. electronic or mechanical. your continued study and work with Symbols and the Analysis of various physical data into the connection with the Tattvas will prepare you for this later study and work. and then with still more intensive data. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. No part of this course of lessons. As you have found throughout this course. recording.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. in part or in whole. And you will soon be starting some very important work involving these combinations. so pay particular attention to the preliminary information about this given in this lesson.and so you are given information about the PLANETARY HOURS. In the meantime. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. In this lesson you will learn more about your Powers of Creation. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* 1 . But. Peach All rights reserved. which is part of the background of practical astrology you are building. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. including photocopying. In the next lesson you will learn more about how the Tattvas combine together in making up the Physical Cosmos. You are also given some preliminary information about the TAROT CARDS and about CONTROLLED BREATHING.

through the understanding and control of the Tattva Forces we will take up one of the many phases of Control over Physical Matter and the Tattvas: the so-called Science of Breath-Breathing. In each case my requests for further information as to WHY the breathing work was being done met with a dead silence or an admonition that I was to obey. we can attain a degree of FEELING for this Process and even. Note the differences and additions. It is an attempt to harmonize ones self with the Great Law I mentioned before through the Great Law's general manifestation of the Universality of the Tattva Law. In this book. beginning with sunrise. when you know more about Prana. we can never. shut up. show the Tattvas in the construction. THE ART AND PRACTICE OF GETTING MATERIAL THINGS THROUGH CREATIVE VISUALISATION. (You will transfer this information to your own chart later. As I have already said. I wrote this book for a single purpose of helping people who need material help. It is through these senses that you create the/your Physical Cosmos. you don't have to know ALL about Prana to use and work with it . So it is with those of us who attain a certain degree of direction and power over this control of the Tattvas. and the Tattvas as shown in this lesson are what are called PRANA.In the last lesson I gave you some knowledge about the GREAT LAW and a rather sketchy illustration of how it worked. The basic idea of controlled breathing has some value. I myself was exposed to this several times in different "courses". to carry out that simile. for the whole of the Physical Cosmos. OUR PHYSICAL COSMOS is made up of the Tattvas and their play and counter play with and upon each other. the Control of Matter. or else! I know now that the two answers were given because the "teacher" didn't know anything about the subject himself and merely acted from rote. Somebody had given it to him that way without an explanation and it was being passed on in the same way. obtain a degree of DIRECTION over our lives in somewhat the same manner as we can learn how to drive an automobile. so make it up like this example for now). Anyone who has done some Occult reading and research has heard of the teaching that. I confined myself to the phase of the Law pertaining to the acquiring of necessary material things to live a successful life.the Life Process in which we each create the Physical Cosmos by our own magic powers. we can learn to be good drivers but we must still look out for other drivers all the time. The Great Law and the Tattvas are connected they are the same. Therefore in pursuit of our avowed object. But again. you will note these relationships all the time. and indeed all bodies human or otherwise. ALL IS THE TATTVAS. every time you observe any thing in the Physical Cosmos. Later. in time. and do what I was told to do. I have written a book describing the workings of this Law in greater detail and to the best of my ability to get it down on paper.but just enough to get the feel of it. The columns listing the senses are the most important in this cart. as said before. Much ado about Breath-Breathing has been given out in the past by "teachers" of the Occult. The whole human body. But. The idea of Breath controlled Breathing is connected with this Universal distribution of Prana. 2 . and continuing on through the 24 hours. the process is a terribly complicated one but it is true nevertheless. each hour is ruled by a planetary ruler. The first things of the Universality of Prana we will consider are the DAYS AND NIGHTS. learn all the million processes embodied in the Life Process . Of course. Make up in your own handwriting a chart like the one in this lesson. as human beings. and by studying these now you are starting to learn their mastery.

) HOWEVER. The Tattvas change back and forth into and out of each other in this way . is ruled by Akasha. And lost they were not today millions of people play cards. To start. to preserve the cards from being lost through lack of use. but you will probably run across these names elsewhere.For example. and Sunday by the Sun. but do keep it in mind at all times. Now the same thing holds good in the same manner for the Tattvas.or rather stand for the same thing. and so on. Many centuries ago the Tarot Cards were converted to "playing cards" by some "sharpie". in all probability an Occult Adept. Friday by Venus. which is what a symbol does (stand for. Club. and as soon as anyone is given the right hits they can recover the entire Occult Knowledge "hidden" behind the cards. are only A PART of the Caballa system and being only a part of the Caballa are incomplete when it comes to the idea of final perfection in Occult Knowledge studies. which is very important.you can consider the Akasha Tattva as the "lightest". Monday. I feel. the changes are made in a certain manner. that of Wednesday by Mercury. Hence the. Now. and you know by now that the next Tattva is Air (Vayu. the first "unit" of a day from sunrise. The first "hour" of the Day is ruled by Akasha. Add the Hindu names of the Tattvas to your chart. otherwise you will not use it much now. Thursday by Jupiter. Baking was done on a Saturday because Saturn rules the Baker. So. the flour. Mercury. Back in Lesson Two I gave you all the Tattva names in Hindu. and he did this. and from that you will recognise the others. but they all mean the same thing . Jacks. Jupiter.) Much ado has been made in certain Occult circles over the TAROT CARDS. Mars . So I will put down all the common spellings. the first hour of Monday is "ruled" by the Moon. Saturn. therefore.and then starting over Sun. The Moon rules water. The order of the hours in each day is always Sun. Moon. which then changes into Earth. each "hour" of each day is of a different length according to the season of the year. and the Prthivi (earth) Tattva as the "heaviest". that of Tuesday by Mars.) Now going back to the changes in the Tattvas for each hour . proceed to make the cards as indicated on the next page. So therefore an "hour" of 60 minutes cannot be used exactly for each planetary hour of the day. Diamond. like Astrology. Dig out the connections for the other days yourself. Mercury. Most of you will remember the old time applications of this system. Saturday by Saturn. Venus. and frequently you will find them spelled differently. and Saturn. for which there isn't any good English equivalent. so that the family's wash was always done on the Moon's day. Heart. The nearest is Ether. from whence comes the wheat. IN BETWEEN THESE TWO "LARGE" CHANGES ARE FOUR OTHER "ETHERS". This knowledge is used in certain kinds of Magical Work. second hour of Monday is ruled by Saturn the second hour of Tuesday by the Sun. At any time of the year the whole period of daylight and the whole period of darkness will have to be divided into 12 equal periods and a planetary ruler assigned to each period in the order given. Wednesday by the Moon. Queens. which then changes into Water. Princesses there is not a princess in the playing cards now-a-days. (I will try to spell the Tattva names the same all the time. etc. HOWEVER. but generally I have been using the English names except for Akasha. which then changes into Fire. These symbols come from different sources and different ages and different systems. and of Kings. this will explain the inclusion of Spade. Please note that all these symbols you have added to your chart are interchangeable with each other. Saturn rules agriculture. so learn it. After you have made a chart for this lesson. Many teachers have attempted to build an enduring solid Occult system upon these cards alone but the Tarot Cards. 3 . Venus. of course. Moon.the change is from "light" to "heavier". but all the Tattvas are Ethers. EACH SEPARATE AND DISTINCT BY ITSELF. which then changes into Air.

3.".) ********************* END OF PAGE ******************** 4 . YOU CAN NOW START TO MAKE ADDITIONS TO THE LIST YOURSELF. King. (Many newspapers give the time of Sunrise and Sunset for your town. Queen and Jack (the Prince) and numbered cards ACE through TEN. and write down the order of the Planetary Hours for he entire Day and Night periods. and study this information along with the information already noted in the last lesson and on your chart of the Tree of Life. As you know. and write down a description of the experience. ********************* END OF PAGE ******************** Questions. Why is there a difference in the number of minutes in a PLANETARY HOUR and a "Clock" hour? 4. It is my intention to have you transfer all the data in the list on the next page to that type of chart. Make the chart as described in this lesson.The Princess card is now represented by the TEN card. Why do we say that an occult system built just on the Tarot Cards. What is the basic idea behind "Controlled Breathing?" 3... and in fact it could grow to cover the whole Physical Universe . Try to think of an example of how you yourself have experienced the fact of the statement "it is through these senses that you create the/your Physical Cosmos. WHICH SHOULD BE PART OF YOUR OCCULT WORK THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. 1. or just on Astrology. BUT. Now that you have started this list you will find it is a growing list. a deck of cards consists of three picture cards. In Lesson Six you first made a basic outline chart and you have probably made several more like it since. What is the order of changes in the Tattvas for each hour? 5. 2.. and give the time as you work it out when each hour starts. Write down your reaction to the statement in this lesson "It is through these senses that you create the/your Physical Cosmos" 2. Pick a day during the same week in which you receive this lesson. Some of it you have already done in Lesson Seven and Eight.so I will now limit it to what is already listed. is incomplete? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1.

In this lesson. and it will start you on a series of exercises and work that will become the central point of your Foundation Occult Study. Sincerely. Lesson 10 is short. I gathered it together from many different sources and reorganised it so that it could be understood better and more clearly. I did not discover this material ""from the void". For information address the publisher. some diagrams and tables. you also are introduced to a new phase in your understanding of symbolism. You had better get your drawing and painting supplies in good order. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. ********************* END OF LETTER ***************** This lesson will contain. Peach All rights reserved. Again. and you will continue studying this subject for the next several lessons. but your next lesson will be longer.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. and let it's meaning grow as your studies advance. this apparently simple beginning is of much greater importance to your Occult Work than you can realise now so meditate on the last sentence in Lesson 10. I am afraid. Study this subject well! It is more important than you can now realise. you are going to learn more about the Tattvas. Lesson Ten ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. electronic or mechanical. including photocopying. recording. 10. in part or in whole. and not very much text for which you'll probably be thankful) I want here to acquaint you with some of the general properties of the Tattvas the common properties I mean and I want you to learn them well. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. In this Lesson No. No part of this course of lessons. 1 . as it were.

they did not. MAKE THE TABLE FOR YOURSELF. for magical work: Akasha Ham Air Pam Fire Ram Water Vam Earth Lam All I can tell you now is . That's all for now. look at just the arithmetic side of it: 1/2 + 1/8 + 1/8 + 1/8 + 1/8 = 1 Or. like in a recipe. I do not have the full technique on hand and I will have to get it for you and give it out in another more advanced lesson. If you will take my advice I say shun all teachers who speak. EVERYTHING IN THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE CONSISTS OF A FIVE-FOLD "MATERIAL" (4) (Read the following carefully. all the material was. (I) (2) (3) (4) (5) H=H/2+P/8+R/8+V/8+L/8 P=P/2+H/8+R/8+V/8+L/8 RR/2+H/8+P/8+V/8+L/8 V=V/2+R/8+H/8+P/8+L/8 L=L/2+V/8+R/8+H/8+P/8 2 . This shows the composition of a molecule of AKASHA. one part Fire. you must do as you please. one . AUM. and between that and his English I had a time make a course that was workable out of it. or hint. or using initials Ak = Ak/2 + A/8 + F/8 + W/8 + E/8. One Akasha Molecule consists of 4 parts of Akasha. these five words are connected with AUM. Please notice that I do not say: "I have to contact my master and get it from him!" THERE ARE NO MASTERS. Once you do force the un-different Tattva material to take on FORMS. that is. Study the following tables. ONE molecule Akasha = 1/2 Akasha + 1/8 Air + 1/8 Fire + 1/8 Water + 1/8 Earth. I have to write in this way but you must make your own translation/transition).all like. which "Occultists" love to chatter about but of which no one knows the meaning or how to use it? Well. So. what they are. one part Water and one part Earth. plus one part Air. but/and. but you will not use it for some time.alone . At some/the/a BEGINNING. starting with Akasha and ending with Earth. had not. are all busy on their own work and as you have to get it all yourself they cannot "GIVE" you anything.you all know about the "sacred" word. He did his best with the English he knew. In fact. In order to enable you to learn the new names quickly and easily. the "material" of the Cosmos was un-differentiated. combined with each other UNDER YOUR DIRECTION TO FORM YOUR/THE COSMOS. As I said before. To make this clear. You should learn this for now so what it is about. Ophiel has invented the following nonsense sentence: "Harold puts rags very low. each molecule of a Tattva takes on some part of the others to become a five-fold molecule. It has to be this in order to ACT by your direction in the Physical Cosmos. are used by Occultists.Much of the material is from a book written by a Hindu in 1889. about having a Master! But. Now I have to introduce you to another way of naming the Tattvas." Now this nonsense sentence if very easy to learn and in it are all the names of the five Tattvas. The following names for the Tattvas. In this state it could be said that the Tattvas were SINGLE . The Masters. he left out many connecting links. set up your first table again this way. like all good Occult books.alike .

(Colour. I made this chart outline a little larger as you can see. Taste.H ordinary 2.to throw together something like a picture. ALSO REMEMBER THAT ALL THESE STATES ARE THE SAME STATE ONLY "THROWN" INTO THESE DIFFERENT FORMS BY YOUR POWERS. pre-ceding "here.V heavy cool astringent. The etymological meaning of the word symbol is from the Latin-French SYN. and we cannot perceive them by our physical senses. just study them until you do. Touch. They change into each other (Remember the Great Law) and go back and forth into and out of each other state all the time. Sight. so make another chart outline and transfer to the new chart the previous list as directed. This table illustrates the 5 qualities of the Tattvas after the division into 5. as defined by this lesson? What is your idea about how you influence matter? What is a symbol? Save your answers until asked for them 3 . hot red-hot 4. which is an inner force of some thing/kind/type. 3.and that is all clairvoyance amounts to. If you don't understand them immediately. don't fret. Now here we are obviously on the physical plane "looking back up" the series of Inner Planes that precede this one. Do this transfer all in your own careful handwriting. The lines. When we have to deal with pre-physical Forces from here. and all these Forces are the Four Elementary Forces and modifications there of! ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. Thus.L deep slight hot sweet yellow sweet Lesson ten's little tables are important in that they give you some idea of the nature of the Tattvas which constitute all physical matter. white astringent 5. acid blue acid 3. on which. and what we see here now is the final resting form.P very light rather cool. The dictionary definition of symbol is a sign by which one knows or infers a thing. all of the things. everything now "here" came here from "above" here. I had better deal here a little more with the subject of symbols. Remember this . I now find that the list has grown too long for the old chart I made.) 1. Smell. which means "with.R tight very hot. but often perceive them by the use of the pre-physical senses which is then called Clairvoyance . As I said before. 2. What is clairvoyance." The things preceding "here" are not physical. A copy of this chart is attached. we have to use Symbols to do so. symbols you put on your chart are symbols for Inner Plane Forces. STUDY WELL.Here is another table for you to study – now remember Cosmic undifferentiated material is at "first" homogeneous in all ways. the circles are drawn. of everything." the BALLEIN . are called "Pillars" by Dion Fortune.it is only after it has been forced into a 5fold state that it becomes the Tattva state. Sound. and is a concept.

the Mystery of Shekinah.PRACTICES 1. E. Study the tables. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . Waite A complete text and exposition of the Kabala and its relation to the Occult Sciences and to the religions of the West. Make a new Tree of Life chart as directed. SUGGESTED READING THE SECRET DOCTRINE IN ISRAEL by A.of "Beginnings" of the Physical Universe. This book is of considerable value to occult students for its chapter on the Soul in Kabalism. Sex. The author treats such traditional Biblical Legends as that of the Deluge. as symbolic presentations of basic Occult Wisdom. Write a paragraph description . the Covenant with Abraham. etc. 3. Moses and the two tablets. etc.in your own words . 2. the Doctrine of Sheol.

or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. It is! In this course. and then focusing your eyes on a plain white piece of paper of closing your eyes. Ophiel asks you to draw and paint a perfect set of 4 x 4 cards containing these symbols . Peach All rights reserved. and you will continue this over the next several lessons. You can check the complementary colour out for yourself by staring at the primary colour in a good strong light for a minute or two. electronic or mechanical. we are taking the bits and pieces that you may have gathered in your precious Occult reading and are making them into a solid foundation for your further study and work. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. and even if you worry that your "artistic" ability is not as good as it might be. mention is made of "complementary colours". No part of this course of lessons. Always remember. Sincerely. but let them "grow" on you. in part or in whole. you are starting work on the twenty-five Tattvic Combinations. Lesson Eleven ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. including photocopying. Don't let ideas or words "throw" you. even if you have some familiarity with the ideas and work you are given in any of these lessons . recording. In the instructions for painting the combination symbols. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. For information address the publisher.and it is important that you do so! Don't neglect this work. you will see the complementary shade in the same outline as you saw the actual primary colour. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 1 .Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. do your best and your best will be good enough! You will also start some practical work on Breathing in this lesson. In Lesson Eleven of your First Correspondence Course of Occult Knowledge.do the work and study as if this were the most important subject in your life.

first on the left side and then on the right side. very few people persist in this work that far. one way or another (not that this matters much either one way or another). (There are also other things.Tattvas. the word positive. In fact. is breath. and about the simplest. Now if we were in perfect harmony with these Tattvas. no over work. which is what he (we) does (do) all the time. You recall I told you that each "hour" of the day was "ruled" by some Tattva of combination of Tattvas. etc. in that much of it cannot be proved exactly. you'd be in harmony with all things in nature. and negative refers to the copper wire end. DISPUTE THE ORDER OF THESE TATTVAS and pervert them to his own "uses". AND THESE REVERSALS ARE SYNCHRONISED WITH THE CHANGES IN THE TATTVAS AS THEY CHANGE FROM ONE INTO THE OTHER!!! These changes have some connection with positive and negative forces. or it could be said to "regain" the harmony you might have once had on some other plane where things are easier in all ways. a personal harmony. A tremendous amount of confusion exists over these two words positive and negative. refers to the copper wire. In and out: Now you might think that you breathe steady each time but if you stop and watch your breathing. There are a number of ways to aid in bringing yourself into harmony with the workings of these Laws. nor would you want to if you could. and you will find that you hold your breath expelled for short intervals. etc. such as positive and negative ions. in a sense. and then on the other. what you are trying to do by your Occult studies is to come into this harmony. the body will breath first on one side. or vice versa." How? Easy! As you know we breathe! at an average rate of 72 time a minute. You do this because of emotions affecting you at different times. Thus. Thus. with these automatic Tattvas workings as you can. each passing day is a different order of procession. the order of these Tattvas change all the time. Now I will have to leave that part for a while and develop another phase of this breathing matter. the cosmos. It is this interference I am referring to when I say you interrupt your breathing rhythms. But life is different than that. we would get along much better and easier in Life. There is very little that you can do to change or alter these workings. if we were in harmony with them. but I felt I should mention it again. Generally. but of. all the time. To return to the breath idea. We can "get back" into "tune. You will find that you hold your breath inhaled for short intervals. being a creature created of and consisting of all the Four Elements . Breathing with a degree of control and simple regulation. No. all "things" would come to us easily and even would be propelled to us by the Tattvic forces. if you were in harmony with the daily order of the Tattvas. Of course. The actions described are fair approximates of the workings of the Great Law through its "agents" the Tattvas. MAN. The control way of the breath lies and depends upon the fact that "day" and "night" are ruled-governed by a succession of Tattvas in ordersuccession.. If nothing interferes with the normal breathing processes. But all is not lost.) 2 . HAS THE POWER TO RULE. the occult object is to bring yourself into as close a harmony. the body has a curious way of breathing. which the electric current flows. in electrical terminology. In accordance with the Tattvic law set up in our Physical Cosmos. The usual meanings of these two words have a connection with Electricity. all the time. A word here your breathing is automatic. which the current returns through. One of them. you will find that you interfere with the steady breathing.Much of the previous material has been rather theoretical. so under no circumstances should your work be carried to the point where there is some interference with your automatic breathing! Fortunately.

The same thing affects itself according to its position.) You should make. frankly. Air of Akasa. That trick has been done times without number by others who ran societies or groups. In the next lesson we will continue with breath study. THE LAST NAME IS THE MAIN NAME. and paint these cards (Called compound Tattvas) a perfect set of them. the words positive and negative refer to the following: Conceive/picture a stream of creative force/vibration ready to express outward from a "no"/nothing state to an "all" something state.for instance. You should study them frequently and as you study them recall that they represent the working pattern of our Physical Cosmos. There seems to be a further extension of this idea of self-influence. I trust you are able to paint these cards properly. as I said. I am going to give you here the entire twenty-five Tattva Compounds in a freehand drawing. What we will do. then turn your attention to the composite drawings. Try hard to do a good job. It seems that the impulse to go out is also directed/changed to the reverse impulse as soon as the go-out reaches its limits . What you are to do first is to study these freehand drawings so as to become familiar with them. to take up space in your lessons. the basic force is Akasa changing into air.In connection with the Tattvas. and in-between states. and whose "teachings" bog down in endless chatter. There are many that you can see with your own eyes. Painting them necessitates your mixing the colours your self. Now. they are also considered "cooler. of course. fire. you'll have Air or Akasa and you'll have Akasa of Air! Which is which? You can tell it in this way . even seconds. There will be two names in and on each card. but it seems I could not avoid it this time. You draw them up as perfectly as you can. water. one from the other.) It seems that the manifestations NEAREST the beginning are considered positive and the (complete) manifestations furthest "out" are considered negative. I'm going to draw out the next twenty-five cards. Leave Akasa to the last. There will be two names for each of these compound cards and the names can become confusing . is this. "Spirit" to "Matter. THE FIRST NAME IS THE COMPOUND NAME. on 4" x 4" cards. and ebb and flow. I.reread the cards. There are some things I just can't teach you. for example. from Akasa to Prithivi. There are many of these ebbs and flows that are counted in minutes. and all kinds of heavy background material which gets nowhere. got a little confused in the lessons over the presentation of these compound cards.air.) Now I must apologise for giving you some material that is not immediately usable." (The different states .") This conception of positive and negative is.negative changes back to positive. When you are familiar with them and have an idea of what they consist of. I do not want to do that. For now. considerably different from the usual electrical-physical idea. you must master them yourself. You can conceive of the "same thing" as making a/the change from no-thing physical to some-thing physical (positive to negative) and then affecting itself due to these out-changes. draw. and learning this. Do the best you can for now and learn all you can about colours. The normal course of this out-pressing is. are all the same thing differing only in vibrations. and there are others that take millions of years to even start back on their cycle (circle. I would like to have you continue the series of cards containing the changes I just mentioned as taking place when Akasa (no thing) becomes Prithivi (Physical Earth. of course. "time" does not enter into this in all phases. 3 . the air being the first step outwards as aforesaid. I finally decided. the compound Tattvas of Air. Start with the second line.

in the case of the compounds of Water. the next outline.and Earth of Earth. you can find the symbol you want by studying the composite symbol. not me. but due to the press of time. the Akasa outline. What is the object of your occult work as explained n this lesson? 2.Each of these composite symbols are the entire five compounds in one symbol. SUGGESTED READING None. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. Follow this idea all the way through.) If you should have a little bit of trouble making these compound Tattvas.Water of Water .Air of Air . a very expensive material.Fire of Fire . When you are ready to start to draw good final symbols. and then work on the subsequent rows of five cards each during the successive two week periods). Make the set of 25 cards of Compound Tattvas*Do the second row first. I can only answer those who enclose $1. the Air cards during the next two weeks. The most difficult symbols to make are the Akasa of Akasa . Note. Example: In Air of Akasa. We are planning to keep these compound symbols on hand at all times for those who just cannot draw the outlines. you can write and ask for some more directions. is coloured indigo. you will make them on Parchment. What is the Occult conception of "positive" and "negative"? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES I. in the case of the compound. in these compounds.00. You will have a great deal of work to do with the 25 Tattva cards. Please note in colouring the compound symbols. this half-circle is coloured black and the bottom half is left white. What is the basis for breath control? What is its purpose? Why do we need to exercise some control over our breathing in occult work? 3. (Please Note. Later in more advanced courses. the minor Tattva is coloured only in its own main colour and not in its complementary colour. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . although I do try to answer all letters eventually. you are given a circle with another half-circle above that. and outside that is coloured amber. as the secretary gets that. due to the fact that there must be a space provided to indicate their basic basics. the inner circle Air is coloured blue. you were given a simple half-moon in the original symbols.

5 .

we are going to return to the idea of breathing control. and the other side. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. You should have completed the Air Combinations given in the previous lesson. I went into detail about the Tattvas. electronic or mechanical. You will also continue your work on the Tattvic compound cards. recording. in your First Correspondence Course of Occult Knowledge. In this lesson. Peach All rights reserved. In the previous lesson. but "unnatural" ways of civilised life require. You will also learn one of the major ways in which we get "out of tune" with the natural rhythm of the Tattvic Forces and how we can relieve the pressure that the rather necessary. Here is Lesson Twelve. the right side. is positive. but I finally got a grip on it. There is a sort of discrepancy here. Read over the details in the previous lesson and lessons. Sincerely. which I had a hard time accepting in my own mind. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. you are going to learn more about how you can restore your body to this NATURAL condition through a controlled breathing exercise.) 1 . is negative (To prove this is too much.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. No part of this course of lessons. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* In the last lesson. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. but if you accept it for now and act on it. Lesson Twelve ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. the left side. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. you will experience results. in part or in whole. you were told that the occult object of your work was to "bring yourself into as close a harmony" with the automatic workings of the Tattvic Forces. including photocopying. and now should proceed with the Fire cards. Occult teaching says that one side of the body. In this lesson. For information address the publisher.

it follows that is all of us dealt only in things Universal at the time. Regardie has them in mind.e. ACCORDING TO THE NEEDS OF THE MOMENT. the response of the body to the changing incoming Tattvas is quite natural and correct and automatic. in point of distance. however. Even then. Now I tell you that your breath changes from side to side in your nostrils in accordance with these negative changes!!! (How it changes to adjust to the body's needs is stated below. which. now you should be getting an idea of what is constantly happening to all of us all the time when we work or engage in daily activities. The book is called." However. So. As long as you do not interfere with the body reception. the more cool. which I strongly advise you to read. now and again. and also how they change from one to another by means of the compound Tattvas. Let us illustrate this by an example. and it is these effects to which he refers in the book. the more or less 12 daily working hours which make up our working day. We will try to have supplies of this book available here for you at all times. ‘THE ART OF TRUE HEALING’ AND IS BY ISRAEL REGARDIE.with moderation. It would seem at first. I think you should have. the right and left sides of the body are of equal "distance" as far as being "out" from the original course. the knowledge instructions I am giving pertain more to how not to interfere with your natural breathing than otherwise. give enough attention to your breathing so that you can note which nostril you are breathing out of at the moment." which one "thing" occupies "all" of our working hours. there are probably triggered BY THE NEEDS OF THE BODY TO RESPOND NEGATIVELY OR POSITIVELY.A little thought will also show that you cannot be all positive and/or a negative or neutral ALL the time. the way things are now in the world.. The body. establish a return to the proper state. which also "ruled" at that "time. This book has been out of print for many years. the left side of the body is more passive than the right side of the body. the more negative. practically all of us deal/work/labour at only one "thing. i. Hence. There remains one more point to clear up. the further out. Regardie has just allowed it to be reprinted (July 1. but that the Tattvic positive and negative is a matter of distance out from the source. I explained to you about the flow of the Tattvas and how they change from one into another. changing front one to another with no shock or disarrangement of any kind. The heart is more to the left of centre than to the right in the body. we would employ the continual flow of the Tattvas easily. I advise you to get this book and study it carefully. some other exercises. 2 . The nerves are the electric centres of the body. You will also recall that I told you the positive and negative sides of the Tattvas were not like the positive and negative sides of our electric systems. and at the end of this lesson. Mr. The heart is the active centre of the watery blood-negative system of the body. I'm going to repeat some of the above. which can help you. So. Then. but Mr. His book also has another good expostulation in connection with breath. Actually.You can. the more cool. I am going to interrupt at this point to tell you about a book. I will give you a first breathing exercise you can start to do . 1964) in England. so there has to be some/a change. later. the/a physical body is just about as far "out" OUT as you can get. All "things" and all actions are connected with the Tattvas and are "ruled" by the Tattvas.) For clearness. Although he does not directly refer to the Tattvas themselves in this book. Remember these Tattvas Forces started out from the top of the Cabalistic "Tree" and came down to the outpost of the/a physical body. that. Now while the above changes do take place. at certain times the works we were doing would be much "easier" to do because the work pertained to "things" ruled by a certain Tattva.

is of benefit to our physical Being. is able to determine the exact breathing exercises and body postures suitable in the individual student situation. tear. There is one little breathing exercise we can use to balance the Forces. this form of yoga is undertaken only under the direction of a Guru (teacher). since we all have to work at some job or profession. the man (all of us) has to stick to his job no matter what the Tattvic flow is. Magic. you will learn a great deal of valuable Occult knowledge by studying good books on yoga. All things are "ruled" by certain single or combination Forces known as Tattvas However. First of all. and from his clairvoyant abilities. which act upon us and upon our nervous system. and may even be antagonistic to it! Yet. This Breath will counteract the intense wear. so use it. or practically all of us. we have to deal with all things. have to work with one Tattvic for long periods. Now I hope you can see what we are all up against. there are many kinds of yoga. but the one essential feature is the control of the Tattvic Forces as they relate to your personal lives. how such a thing as a "coffee break" and/or a rest period during our work day is of such a great benefit. the combinations are not favourable to this job. but in general. and this prolonged dealing is what tires us and wears us out and finally does us in at an/the end. enable you to regulate the Forces themselves and control your own sensitivity to them. as Fire and Water are involved here. We cannot change the pattern of the whole world. 3 . the furnace-boiler is ruled by Fire. and yet. What you are learning here about breath control is not yoga. Now obviously. Here it is: Hold the right nostril closed and take four deep breaths through the left nostril. This is called the Negative Breath. This form of yoga emphasises breath control and intricate postures to regulate the flow of the Tattvas to the various portions of the body and to certain specific "organs" in the etheric body. and pressure from the concentrated application of our work. which is what I have been leading up to.We are engaged in living our lives. is called HATHA YOGA. This pressure can be greatly relieved by using the negative breathing exercise occasionally. we usually have to deal with one subject all the time. or. you will find some borrowings from yoga and the Occult techniques of India that have been adapted to the needs and situation of the Western student. In living our lives. just as we have learned to turn on and off electrical switches to regulate the electrical currents we use for out convenient living. Anything. We all. The continual dealing with a single Tattva creates pressures. we advise a great deal of caution and temperance in your approach to this subject. the concentrated application of one Tattva on our physical Being. There is a great deal of popular misunderstanding about the subject of YOGA. some combination of Fire and Water (or is it Water and Fire?) (It could be both Water of Fire and Fire of Water) which combination of Tattvic Forces is not constant throughout the day? Such a favourable combination comes along only twice in 24 hours. And. who from his long experience in training Chelas (students). The form of yoga that we in the West are most familiar with. All the rest of the time. which reduces the preponderance of one Tattva. exhaling through the same nostril. which subject is ruled by one Tattva alone. greatly misunderstand. Yoga is a highly developed and specialised Occult technique that is not generally suited to the physical bodies of the Western student nor even generally possible for a student to undertake in our complex and nerve-racking industrial civilization-environment. Yoga may be use by the Western student as a good health regimen under the direction of an expert teacher. the Occult technique of the West. but there is one little thing we can all do. In these lessons and in good Occult books. You can also see from the principle of stopping what you are doing and making a change. In India.Let us take a man who tends a furnace-boiler all day. To summarise . Yoga increases one's sensitivity to the Higher Forces.

!! 4 . In closing. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* NO QUESTIONS ETC.We might go further and suggest that not only is Magic the Occult technique for the West. let me again emphasise that the breathing exercise you are being taught have a place in your Occult studies. but that it is the technique most suitable for the present-day student no matter where he lives in the world today. but you must be cautious in overdoing anything of this sort.

Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. including photocopying. It is a goal of your Occult Work to become a maker of your own destiny. No part of this course of lessons. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. recording. You are being taught Occult Knowledge to help you make your life better. and never put them to any kind of practical use. For information address the publisher. Lesson Thirteen ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. the use of Occult Knowledge to help accomplish personal ends is right! What may be wrong is the study of the Occult merely to gain "POWERS. as you become an Occultist. electronic or mechanical. screwdrivers. but now. Peach All rights reserved. you will consciously select goals and set out to accomplish them and to make these goals part of the purpose of your individual life. and that includes making it better in a material sense. balanced meal. In fact. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. etc. such as hammers.." Sooner or later in Occult Study you will meet people who tell you that the use of Occult Knowledge for personal ends of any kind is "wrong" or "evil." just as it may be considered bad to merely accumulate a great store of other tools." Don't you believe it! Using Occult Knowledge is no more wrong in itself than the use of knowledge about agriculture or the use of knowledge about nutritional values in preparing a healthful. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* 1 . except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Lesson-Thirteen of this Correspondence Course gives you the basic introduction to the subject of "MAGIC. Sincerely. in part or in whole. you always have been the maker of your own destiny. In once sense.

" However. 2 . as the place/time seems right for it. is automatic. and you would do well to note them and study them and their successes. hit-or-miss impact of the Forces. Well. and who have not a smidgeon of knowledge about the Occult or any idea at all about the Tattvas and what they are or consist of or anything else about them. You must appreciate that a person living an ordinary daily life would not come into contact with this kind of knowledge in a.) THE TIME CAN AND WILL COME WHEN. that there might well be a system of repeat living called re-in-carnation. daily-hourly. you should be arriving at a point wherein you are beginning to understand that all magic consists of the understanding and intelligent application of the Forces of the Tattvas. believe me!! Enough of that for now: to proceed. Ophiel is in a very strange position. these things BETTER THAN OPHIEL DOES IN THE FINAL END. At all times. and develop the use of. it is you who are the User of these forces. Ignore the bad part and start here. to set yourself the best future you can for the rest of your life. and it is the ignorant. left many scars. and not they who Use you. as Occultists. YOU WILL DO IT BY "SUMMONING" THE APPROPRIATE TATTVIC FORCE AND. The world about is full of these successful people. He can do many things (not healings however) but he doesn't want to do them. Naturally. Ophiel. These researches. THROUGH THIS FORCE. or who had neglected such learning in previous lives. What I really meant to convey is that it is the over-use or misuse of these Forces that can injure you. who have no control of and over the Tattva Forces which. You can well understand this since you know. "good" or "bad". which injure us. In point of fact. There is an additional concept I must emphasize here at this point in these lessons. now. When you become a/the Master of the Tattvic Forces. or you'd not be reading these things in the hope of learning how to regulate your life through Magic. which ignorant people call "luck. HAVING A NECESSITY TO DO SOME CERTAIN OBJECT IN LIFE. there is a terrific resistance to the clear revealing of this knowledge. you are indeed a controller-maker of your own destiny. Now I do want to emphasise here again that your control over the Tattvas is automatic . I repeat.your control over the Tattvas. not otherwise. Ophiel had to do many things in order to get this knowledge and then get it on paper this way. Ophiel had to make huge sacrifices for many years in order to penetrate this far into this knowledge. (Some of this has been mentioned before. in answer to the above. are life. mistaken. has lost much desire for things and to do things. "bad" and "good. or to attain them! You should be able to use. It is through the Tattvas that all actions. ACCOMPLISH THE CHANGES YOU WANT TO MAKE IN YOUR LIFE-LIVING OR IN THE LIFE-LIVING OF OTHERS.Although it is really a little too early in this course. It would naturally follow that a person/man "soul. and your use-application of it. not the use of the Forces themselves." are done and come about. for it is to be "working" for you. you yourself are probably looking forward to success in the future. you are all wondering if Ophiel can and does do this easily and all the time. and it becomes worse as time goes on and more comes. Therefore. don't worry too much about it. I'm afraid I've given the impression that you are/could be a helpless victim of these forces. because you did not have the impact of all the difficulties Ophiel had in researching for this material. in order to first get this knowledge and its workings. There are many people in this world who do make a fine job of Living Life." who had accumulated some experience and knowledge of the Tattvas during previous lives could come into this life with better basic equipment than one who had not lived many times before. 1000 years. Such a one would naturally make a good showing living life.

How does the more advanced Occultist accomplish desired changes in his life. There is another phase of this one-closed-nostril effect that you can try and see what kind of results you can get. At night. You will recall that I told you that all physical things had an etheric counterpart. (You should be on the Water cards by now. that we can perform one of a number of simple breath-control exercise-movements and restore the normal balance-flow for all purposes for our well-being.Physical Life . The purpose of this is quite simple. even though such pure air is essential to life . should not have the same set-up on the Inner Planes. have counterparts of the "materials" of all planes on up to the "highest. 4. How do we make simple adjustments in out daily work life to meet the changing "tides" of the Tattvic Forces? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. The reason being that at night. Continue your work with the 25 cards. this type of breathing will have a very seething effect. Because of this.of course. It is not quite as simple as this.It is indeed a good thing for us that when. we overload one single Tattva too much. of course. as many people seem to think." There is no reason why air. Actually. The next thing you will do is to increase the holding time of the first negative exercise. it is not the air that contains the Tattvas. it is just to increase the negative accumulative effects of the rectifying action. and the negative is the strongest in the heart section of your body. How can the use of Occult Knowledge lead to self-injury and how is this avoided? What is luck? 5. of other people? 3. will have an effect to you. To clear up this point. There is a lot of confusion here about the inhaling of air in connection with these breathing exercises. though. or in the life-living. in our daily round of living activities. you can reverse this process and take four deep breaths through your right nostril while holding the left nostril closed. What is Magick? 2. thus disturbing the normal change-flow of Tattvas from one to the other.) 3 . ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. but this effect is one of integration into a more perfect state. when you are ready to sleep. the preponderance of positive and negative is reversed. I feel reasonably sure that the actual Tattvic connection with physical air is through the etheric counterpart of physical air. and the others to come. but the fact remains that breathing the two exercises you were given. and indeed. the positive held-breath action is then of a balancing benefit at that time. In many people.

********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . but they all should have a good acquaintance with it.what it is. This abridgement is both a complete reference work. AN ABRIDGEMENT OF THE SECRET DOCTRINE by H. do you believe in it. P. edited by Elizabeth Preston and Christmas Humphries. and an introduction to a complete study of the larger work. why? SUGGESTED READING 6. This is a more readable and valuable condensation of the great occult reference work.2. the basis of Occult symbolism. Blavatsky. and the evolution of consciousness. Here you will find the whole description of the formulation of the Universe and the appearance of Human Life. Write a paragraph describing your beliefs concerning -the idea of reincarnation . Few occult students ever read the entire SECRET DOCTRINE.

In your Occult Work. to enable you to accomplish "miracles" overnight. including photocopying. and they are made both consciously and unconsciously. First Correspondence Course of Occult Knowledge. you will learn one of the reasons why you should not expect your growing knowledge. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* 1 . may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. In this lesson. you are given some preliminary work on the Cabalistic Cross Ritual. in part or in whole. Sincerely. Lesson fourteen. This is important. and the powers you are developing.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. Lesson Fourteen ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. No part of this course of lessons. Do it "religiously!" This is only the beginning of a new phase of your occult Work and the development of real Occult Power. and both in your "outer" life and “deep in” the Inner Side of your Being. recording. electronic or mechanical. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. For information address the publisher. You will learn to accomplish things. These changes are slow. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. of your. but you cannot become an expert overnight! In this lesson. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. you are changing your basic approaches to some of the problems of life. Peach All rights reserved. and you are also making changes in your relationship to the Forces of the Cosmos.

Breathing is of some importance. If only things were like this! You will recall that I said that pour daily activities were usually duties. no Tattva became "overloaded" or "overworked. and is summed up in a single word "REGULATION. then. and whatever else there is of you. (Note especially. I further said that this order of flow was a natural flow. this is not due to a lack of material but a surplus! If I were dealing in nothings as many do. I will proceed to give you the next exercise in point of growth . Further. More than this. I do not attach the terrific importance to breath and breathing that so many occult schools do. This pressure is relieved by the negative breath exercise as given above. have a definite amount of Healing Power. rather having gone more towards the Intellectual aspects of the Occult. long concentration on one single Thing can become overwhelming and over-pressure the nerves and the nervous system. more to "what is behind it all?" Therefore. which positive pressure could be relieved by the negative breathing exercise. they encounter the/your present residual Tattvic Forces and become influenced and altered by them. Occult teachers. I cannot go into here.) Actually. This work on one specific Thing overloads the body. Perhaps I had better repeat here that the left side of the body is considered the negative side of the body (remember I said the forces are dual.you closed the right nostril and then you breathed four times in and out through the left nostril. every natural Force that exists has a tendency to work correctly for and with us. I offer a further explanation for it. and to select the one line out of so many millions is what is difficult. I'd have it easy. extend to physical states called sickness. in other words.These lessons are becoming more and more difficult to prepare and write. many times. You will recall that I explained before that the Tattvas "moved" in a certain order from dawn to dark and then from dark to dawn. either for "Good" of "Bad. is in the previous lessons. and others. but I am constrained to produce "hard" occult stuff that can lead to genuine use. However. I will proceed with more One Breath and the Tattvas." As I said before." I would like to say here that the “bad” noted above can. the Negative side is considered as having all THINGS in potential. I hope you have been doing it. that these schools don't explain to you WHY. do not expect that a few breathing exercises and some thought about the Tattvas will cure you or others of sickness. Accordingly." because each ran its course in time and order. What is required in our lives is to bring our selves into harmony with the "Flow" of the Tattvas. the WHY is not too hard to come by? The answer. Do you understand this? As a preliminary to your next breathing exercise. both in one). because they don't know themselves. of course. The next exercise is. 2 . and it with nature. and to attempt to get all we can out of their intelligent use later when we know and understand more. but it does not possess the powers many schools attribute to it. or. the second the Tattvic Forces contact and enter the/a human body. and all "nature" was in harmony with it. all forces are positive and negative. by a positive pressure. All we can do here is to start to understand the existence of the Tattvas and to start in their use. rather different. according to its own being/Law. Remember that it is mostly for daytime use. expand omit as I may. which consisted of work and concentration on one specific thing. surrounded by its egg-shaped Aura. while the Positive side has SPECIFIC things already expressed. but my talents have never gone in that direction. And again I say it. Hence.you will recall the first simple little exercise wherein you used the left nostril only . I have never been a "healer" many people.

********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. Then close the right nostril and inhale through the left nostril. inhale right. inhale right. Do this four times . and then the left shoulder. a ritual. and it was in so doing that I discovered that the possibilities that lie in this ritual are endless and capable of unlimited expansion.four negative breaths and four positive breaths. Do the initial Cabalistic Cross Ritual described in this lesson. my plan is to develop the ritual from a rather simple beginning into an elaborate work of the Magic Art.) Place the thumb and forefinger of your right hand over the nostrils so that by alternative pressure you can close first one then the other . Get set . then exhale through the right nostril. courses later. because I had not given the ritual much attention when I first saw it. (1. then increase the exercise one more time for each period. PRACTICES Do the breathing exercises prescribed in this lesson. And this was very much to my surprise. “The Ritual of the Cabalistic Cross.Begin by a deep exhalation.the right side and then the left side. exhale left. inhale left. That will be all for this first time. touch the forehead. This ritual is pretty old and is rather well known. then inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. (1. that is. For your first work then: Select a place to work where you are alone and won't be disturbed for the few minutes necessary to perform the Ritual. hold a second. then the right shoulder. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. There are no. 3. and use. There is a little variation to this exercise. certainly. I suggest that you do one about mid-morning and one about mid-afternoon. then the chest. 1. more advanced. which I said were to be given another. what you are going to do is to start to develop.) Face the East. Then. Then close the nostril. turn to the West and repeat. it will be almost like practices. exhale right. so no advanced work will be done in this lesson. Why does Ophiel say that he finds it difficult to prepare these lessons for What is the importance of breathing control? What is the purpose of the breathing exercise given in this lesson? Save your answers until asked for them. as explained before and take two complete breaths. (2. The ritual is called. exhale right. turn to the North and repeat.” I used this ritual in several different forms in my books and other lessons. If you feel better after a time. exhale left. not a Calvary Cross: but an equal-armed Cross. but it will be a splendid practice for the advanced work to come. I plan to keep adding to the exercise for the rest of this course. inhale left. However. and finally.This is accomplished by the following exercise. turn to the East again and make another Cross. At the moment. you? 2. In fact. 3 . definite number of times per day for you to do this. turn to the South and repeat. at first.) Make a cross over the front of your body. which I want you to start on.

********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . and describes the kind of training that they offer.) SUGGESTED READING THE ESOTERIC ORDERS AND THEIR WORK. tells you what an Occult Order really is. and why these differences are necessary even though both traditions are based on the same wisdom. In an introduction to this book. (You should be on the Earth cards by now. Continue your work on the 25 Tattvic Combination cards. This book provides the serious Occult student with a background of information concerning Occult schools and orders. by Dion Fortune. and how to build a direct mind-to-mind contact with an adept. Gareth Knight explains the difference between Eastern and Western Occult methods. who the "Masters" are.2. This book also.

that the whole purpose of your Occult Study is to master the Tattvic Forces and to use them consciously. are confronted with a part of that inscription all the time. Over the archway of the Temple was a famous inscription cut into the stone. you are told that this Ritual is of really great importance to your Occult Study and Work and we cannot emphasize this too much." 1 . including photocopying. you are being given the first of these promised enlargements In this lesson.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. The part we generally have thrust at us is the phrase. “KNOW THYSELF!” There happens to be more to the inscription than that. In the previous lesson. in part or in whole. the more dedication and work you do on it. For information address the publisher. and Within This very Temple. The Tabernacle of the Living God. recording. you were given some beginning work on the Cabalistic Cross Ritual. No part of this course of lessons. Thou shall see God Face to Face. Peach All rights reserved. Sincerely. We. and its coming additions. and you were told that more material on this Ritual would be given in later lessons. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* In the ancient spot in Greece called Delphi there was the famous Temple of Apollo. Oh Man. The more you practice this. will make your learning about these Forces an Inner Reality to you. "Know Thyself. This Ritual. Lesson Fifteen ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. electronic or mechanical. Thou Art Indeed. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. today. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. which was used by the then existing Greek Nation of City-States. The whole reads. the greater will be its results! Remember too. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. Already in this Lesson Fifteen. This Temple contained an Oracle.

Well, of course, this is a very heavy promise/statement. I don't suppose there are any of us who would refuse to "see" God face to face, but we know, instinctively, when we read these words, that it is for some kind of an end future. While we would not turn it down as I said before, many of us, until the bog event comes off in the end future, would still like to have some little help in our daily living experiences here and now. Many of us would like to have the taste of some success in a human way. It was more to the human success end that these lessons were written, as I have intimated in the beginning, and not so much to divine contacts. I trust you have noted that I have started several different approaches to the subject of SUCCESS IN DAILY LIVING in the previous lessons. To review a little, you have been given a bit of physical work, some mental work, some basic Occult work, etc., so that now you have some different approaches to the same goal, a combination of success here and now and a look forward to a future achievement on a "spiritual" level. In order to achieve these two goals, the one now and the other in the future, it will be necessary for you to work these several different approaches until they come together in and at a final end/result/point. Hereinafter, I will take up again one, or another, of these various approaches and follow, it along for a while. I am not going to tell you about the switches from one to another as I make them. Instead, I am going to leave you to figure it out as to what category I am dealing with at the time and also, whether it is concerned with a "mundane" object or a "spiritual" object, a "now" or a "hereafter" object. So, off again: As far as the Physical Cosmos is concerned - your physical world Cosmos, your success will rest on a foundation of correct Knowledge and use of the Tattvas. Basically, Tattvic knowledge is All Knowledge - all the real Knowledge there is. Now, I am not saying that unless one had, and masters, this Tattvic knowledge, there is no success, physical or otherwise in the world. Oh never! Many men and women, automatically and instinctively, grasp and use the Tattvas, often while very young in years. However, if you will study these people, you will find that many of them end up burnt-out physical wrecks at an early age - especially those who OVERDID the forces and didn't use ordinary common-sense restraint in their uses, or rather, in their over uses. I am mentioning these people because these are the ones you hear about most, and you are apt to draw the wrong conclusions from them as examples. In the other hand, many men and women do use the forces and do not over-do them. At the time/date that I am writing these words, Mr. Herbert-Hoover is just being laid to rest in this hometown of West Branch, Iowa. If you will study his career, you will note a conventional use and successful application of these Tattvic Forces. You, however, are different - YOU ARE GOING TO LEARN TO USE THE FORCES CONSCIOUSLY. BUT, you must remember that other things are not to be overlooked, and you will have to develop some of these other things also, if you are going to achieve an all-round success. It is necessary for you to make some more drawings at this point. I told you before that the Tattvas changed back and forth into each other. You can understand this readily, since you have been taught here that: All comes from One and One is All: You hear this all the time in almost all religions, but they never have explained what it meant. We will take up, at this point, the making and painting of simple Akasa symbols which I put off making at first because of the nature of Akasha. I do this so that you will understand that Akasha is not used as the others are used (except in very unusual conditions.) Take your 4 x 4 cards. Using a pencil, make the border first. Divide the 4 x 4 card in the middle horizontally. Then, following the sample design given in Lesson 11 and in this lesson, make the half-circles on both sides, as shown.


Then ink in the outline and finish the border. Paint the centre symbol indigo - blue - red, and the space outside the symbol Amber. (However, check the complementary colours for yourself each time.) You will not have the symbol of Akasha (Also spelt as Akasa.) There are actually no simple symbols such as I have given you up to now. I had to give you these simple symbols to introduce you to the subject. You have to make them for this purpose, part of which was also practice in drawing and painting. For those of you who did the symbols quickly, and also for those who can do the work when they get around to it, I am going to give another part to the Cabalistic Cross exercise. Look at the drawing of the two stars accompanying this lesson, practice making this star on a piece of paper and then practice making it in the Air in front of you. Use your right hand. There are two starting points, depending on whether it is morning or night. In the morning, when you arise, make the star starting from the top point, come down to your left hip (approximately), cross over to the right side, then to you (left side, then down to your left hip, and then back to the top, completing the star. This is for the morning. At night, make the star by starting at the lower left-hand point and go up to the top and then around, as shown practice making this star in front of you, until you get the motions down perfect. Now, add this star to your ritual, which is called the Cabalistic Cross Ritual. Start by facing the East; make a star and complete it. Then turn to the South and repeat. Turn to the West and repeat, then turn to the North and repeat, and finish by turning to the East. Meditate, and get firmly fixed in your mind, that the "directions" you are facing, each in turn, are more than the "directions" of East, South, West, and North. THEY ARE THE "QUARTERS" OF THESE DIRECTIONS. In this case, "Quarters" means the spheres of Actions for our life-living movements. And, while they are related to the directions, the Quarters have a much wider sphere of Action, extending on through and into the Inner Planes. In lessons following, you are going to add to this ritual progressively, so give some meditative thought to each development as you go along. Actually, this ritual will be as important as any other practical "working" in the Occult that you will ever learn. As you study the lessons of this first course and the lessons of successive courses, you will learn to add to the ritual and you will learn to use the ritual itself for different purposes. Try to do the ritual every morning and evening in the way that you are being instructed, but never feel guilty if you miss occasionally. Your constant use of the ritual will slowly bring you into contact with Occult Forces, and will slowly transform your thinking so that you will be able to handle these Forces safely and constructively. In addition, your performance of the ritual will develop some very practical powers that you will utilise in all phases of your life and this, of course, is true of all your Occult work. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. Write a paragraph giving your own interpretation of the inscription over the archway to the Temple of the Oracle at Delphi. 2. What is the foundation of your success in the Physical Cosmos?

3. What danger? Is faced by people who instinctively, but without full knowledge, make use of knowledge about the Tattvas? How are you going to use them?


4. What are the "Quarters" you face in the Ritual? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. 2. Make the drawings of the five Akasic Compounds as instructed. Learn, and practice every day, the Cabalistic Cross Ritual.

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Start Night Time Banishing Diagram A

Morning invoking

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there is no symbol. Peach All rights reserved.) review Lesson Ten showing how the Tattvic Molecule is made up. In this lesson. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. is the real one. This same situation is true of the other Four Elementary Forces. you drew the single symbol for Akasa. Sincerely. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ADDITION! Be sure to devote a considerable effort to it. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. and you will soon be "over the hump" in your studies. you are again given an addition to the Cabalistic Cross Ritual. For information address the publisher. recording. the "double" symbol. double symbol was still that for Akasa. electronic or mechanical. the other. In this lesson. From the Occult viewpoint. I might as well give you their names again here since you have made and painted then in the past few lessons. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. which you drew and painted. Keep up all your work.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. The double Akasa symbol you drew is called Akasa of Akasa. No part of this course of lessons. ********************* END OF LETTER ***************** In the past lessons. including photocopying. The "second" symbol. you will makeup Composite Symbols of the Tattvic Molecules described to you in Lesson Ten. Lesson Sixteen ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. no Elemental Forces symbol that is single. 1 . You will recall that you drew similar symbols for the other Elemental Forces and that you were directed to do this because this was an introduction to the subject. Again in Lesson Sixteen you will see that we are concerning ourselves mainly with the Tattvic symbols and the Forces they represent. in part or in whole. and in the next four lessons. You must give this study of the Tattvas more effort than anything else you have undertaken in Occult Study and Work previously. Review the Lesson on the Planetary Hours (The changing "tides" of the Tattvic Forces throughout the day and night. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. Even though you drew one symbol at first. This means that the symbol represents the ultimate of Akasa. and review all your twenty-five symbol cards. All Elemental Forces are "compounds" of one kind or another.

and even if you got a computer to do it. As you have seen. ALL SIMULTANEOUSLY CAST AND SIMULTANEOUSLY PROGRESSED AND DELINEATED ALONG WITH THE HOROSCOPE OF THE CITY-TOWN-COUNTY-STATE AND NATIONS. The next work will be mostly practice. my early expectations were not fulfilled to any degree. Fire of Fire. which I will have to find available somewhere and at the right prices then. TO BE USEFUL. These symbols are used in Magical work. WOULD HAVE TO BE CAST IN THE FOLLOWING WAY: THE PERSONS HOROSCOPE. and to do this is the object of this course. their names. it is called a "charged" symbol. and when a compounded symbol is uses. Make a Star. By now. and Earth of Earth. the above names represent the names for the symbols. Conversations with those of higher types (!) brought forth some grudging information that the Cosmic Forces were too vast to be pinned down to any one single individual or event. They are the only Forces. Certainly Akasa of Akasa is "lighter" than Akasa of Earth. but it is better b y far to build up your own personal Powers in such a way that you "lift yourself over" and avoid much of the ordinary trouble in life. Shut your eyes while doing the Ritual and FEEL the DOING. I will review some of the previous Knowledge in this lesson. I might add here that there is a corresponding "plane" for each of these charged symbols. 2 . I REPEAT. Later. Your later work in making Talismans will depend on your symbol-making abilities. and this will necessitate learning something about colours. each in turn. I was much taken by the prospects of solving all material questions and material troubles by Knowledge of the Astrological Forces AND THEIR APPLICATIONS TO DAILY LIFE-LIVING. of which these are the basics. All these things figure in later Magical Operations. about Astrology? I must confess that when I was first studying the Occult. however. I trust that you are having no trouble in making your symbol cards perfect. a plane different from the other planes. which are doubles of them selves and represent the ultimate Force shown by the symbol. To repeat for your better understanding. all the others are compounds. then. it still would have to be interpreted properly! You can get some general help from Astrology.Their names are Akasa of Akasa. You can see this is a job. How many of you know a little. A compound Tattvic symbol. Please work on them and keep working until you have them quite perfect. Start by facing East. but try hard. When that time comes. you should be facing the Elemental Quarters. or a lot. STUDY YOURSELF HARD WHILE YOU PERFORM THE RITUAL. is basically a combination of two Tattvas. with any degree of accuracy. Air of Air. you must get the proper colours for the proper symbols. and making a Star. symbols of Forces. ALL AT ONCE. etc. You can now really begin to understand that these Forces change one into another. however. NOW WATCH YOURSELF VERY CLOSELY. A HOROSCOPE. Well. a compound Tattvic symbol is a large Tattvic symbol with a smaller symbol on it. THE PERSONS PARENTS' HOROSCOPES. Repeat a number of times until you can feel of yourself while you are doing the Ritual. If you do not get the colours quite perfect now. as you might say. I hope to be able to supply you with an exact line of colours and shades. I found that I could predict nothing with any degree of accuracy. We will now return to the ritual you are learning. The change is by means of increasing changes in weight. AND THE PERSON'S GRANDPARENTS' HOROSCOPES. it won't matter too much in these learning-drawings. and to recognise them at all times. Water of Water. and then passing on to the next Quarter and making a Star. which are "pure".

Make your Elemental Earth square first and then "work out" from there. The first drawing will be that of Akasha or Akasa (different people spell it in different ways). If you wish you can colour the main symbols and leave the space between the edge of the symbol and the edge of the 4 x 4 card blank .I told you before about the Moon Sign Book and Calendar which are published by Llewellyn Publications. These two publications contain all the available assistance that you can get out of Astrology. Why do we say that there is no Elemental Force Symbol that is single? 2. the basic Elemental Force of each of the next five composite drawings is the main one-half of the basic Elemental Force involved therein and the others should be one-eighth. You will recall that each of the Elemental Forces was made up of. which is the only true relationship that exists between these two "Things.) Remember. Some of these colours in these composite drawings are not going to be too easy to colour. use your own judgement." You were given a table previously in Lesson No. proper colours. Name all 25 Tattvic symbols and indicate which ones are "pure" and which are compounds. Set up the pencil guidelines. as I said.white. other proportions may vary. we will tackle the Astro-signs and their relation to the Elemental Forces. Sometimes. you should make up . which do you like best? This is the way the different Elemental Forces appeal to and affect you. 10 which showed the composite make-up of each of the Elemental Forces. however. then more Earth will show. as you know. or consisted of. one-half of "itself' and one-eighth part of each of the other Four Forces which adds up. What is a "charged" symbol? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. Practice the now expanded Cabalistic Cross Ritual. and I'm sorry I cannot give you some samples to follow. and it is assistance that you can USE. 3. or you can paint of in the complementary colour of the main colour. in order to bring this valuable lesson home to your consciousness.if you want to paint the upper part of the moon crescent black. 3 . Get that "feel" of yourself doing the Ritual. Here is an example of what I mean by using your own ingenuity .create these two composite symbols and colour them in their natural. There is plenty of room for your own ideas as to the expression of your own creative personality in the colouring of these symbols. if you leave out the black upper top. So. Now. to a complete one hundred or 100% whole. of course. but you really do not need a sample -just follow your own ideas and the lines (Remember that the guide lines shown in the sample drawings are in pencil and are erased when the ink is thoroughly dry. Do what seems desirable to you follow your own ideas. Get a copy of each and glance at it every day. I suggest that you start by making a good outlined 4 x 4 card. Try to time your actions and note the results. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. then this will not leave much for the Elemental Force of Earth only the four corners will be showing. Later in this course.

the Flashing Colours. Butler. The Body of Light. Building of the Ritual. and the general background preparation for magical work. but the reader must also keep in mind that the author allows certain of his prejudices and personal attitudes to be reflected in his remarks. the Astral Light. and probably more true about books on the Occult than any other field. by W. HIS TRAINING AND WORK. E. (But . SUGGESTED READING THE MAGICIAN..2.with much valuable material on the Tattvic Tides.) ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . and hence should not deter one from using them judiciously. the Magical Use of Sound.this is true of a great many books. Draw the Composite Symbol for Akasa as instructed. This is a good book to use fro reference. This is an excellent book to read about magical training .

Peach All rights reserved. 1 . except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Learn to think in the "Tattvic" way. Try to become conscious of the Forces at work . all the Elemental Forces change into each other back and forth. Water. No part of this course of lessons. electronic or mechanical. you are going to make the Composite Symbol for Air. Air. in a strong sense.in their combinations . recording. Also. and are taking place constantly all the "time." Of course. automatic. Lesson Seventeen ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. as I explained before. and also this order in reverse. the automobile. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. in part or in whole. including photocopying. you will draw and paint the Composite Symbol of the Element of Air. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. Fire.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* In this lesson. all the forces come from Akasa and return to Akasa.in the objects and conditions around you. This is the method of the Occultists. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. on the Inner Planes they change rapidly but "slow" up by the time they reach this "outer" plane. These changes are.in the moods and character of people around you. of how you should analyse objects to reveal the Elemental Forces at work.in their combinations . For information address the publisher. Sincerely. Do this for other objects. Earth. Try to become conscious of the Forces at work . Please give it some study. You are also given an example. In Lessen-Seventeen. Try to apply this thinking to making improvements in things and conditions around you. You see.

it seems. For example.. as are the tires. a large sedan of no particular make. as I said. when new. ‘Inward Forces. The Sedan referred to. the functions of Air and Earth are dearly seen in the movement/operation of the automobile. 2 . axles. The function-operation of Fire and Water are not so clear. especially the function of Water.also basic . round. I would like to introduce a concept for you to mediate on. the symbol of its "final" "resting" on the Physical Plane. the cylinders become "cone-shaped. nor is it very strong. You will find many objects. IT HAS. as you know." or tapered. however. Also. the . I will do a little more than introduce the subject now. Now the thing you should notice is that. but for now. which square-ness is due to the influence of the Element of Earth.) you will have to look for it in the "workings" of the engine. Water is used in the operation of the Sedan. and gears. although the basic shape of the sedan is symbolic of its final being on the physical Plane.At this point. the basic shape of the sedan is square. which tapering is an effect/shape of Fire. you start to look at and study the Physical World about. They all pertain to and are creators/conductors of movement. in your mind. which is symbolised by a "round" circle. I told you before that the Tattvas were "in" every thing. however. and square is the "shape" of the Elemental Force of Earth. and now you know that move-ability of the characteristic function of the Element of Air. the shape becomes a cone-shape (Remember the combinations of the Tattvas. however. was square. therefore. When Fire and Air are combined. So. noting the. Now. however. and it is certainly at "rest" here 0 "final. to make a cone-shaped automobile or a round one. more particularly. thus giving the pistons a rather cone-tapered shape. The function of the contracting quality of Water is also not so plain. Its only function is to be stable. and so one can note the many rounded parts on the edges of the body. as the automobile is in "final" EXISTENCE. and all physical objects in final physical existence were the result of Tattvic Forces. you. the rims. etc. You should strive to act. and among these powers was that of modifying the Tattvas in many/all ways. Let us take an automobile. as they call it. We will return to this subject again and again. many of the world's greatest inventions and designs are now modifications and combinations of different Tattvas.move-ability. Let us proceed with this conception a bit further. I told you that Man had many powers. of the basic square. ruled every thing. it was found many years ago that the pistons would function much better if they were designed in a rather cone-shaped pattern so that the lower part could expand when heated. it would be senseless. and of.object of the Sedan's existence is movement . which are of the influence of the Element of Air. Accordingly. ‘Outward Effect’ of the. These show no signs. but please give it your best attention. and then look for it in the "effects" Fire would-does-have. upon long usage. Consider also the shafts. Thus. of course. The symbol of Fire is a triangle. Remember. The fuel of the car is a waterlike substance in which the principle of condensation has already taken place. Are not most buildings and houses square? The desk I am working at is oblong/square. but still there. not pronounced. but it was intended for moving. of being cone-shaped. an automobile which pertain to MOVEMENT. check over the "things" "parts" on. The wheels are. And yet. in accordance with the properties of the Tattvas and not against them. Think. which exists on the Physical Plane and with which we are all familiar. The place Fire functions in the Sedan is in the engine and. Let us take a final object/product. a "square" shape.) As Fire does not contribute too much to the shape of the Sedan (You figure out the reason.’ upon the objects of the Physical World. which will not conform to the Tattvas. of how many of the "final objects" on this Physical Plane are square. My desk is a square oblong and has no moveable function. in the cylinders and against the pistons.

” by Ophiel. “BINDING” the action you don't want so that you can keep your gains. which takes them away from you unless you learn the secret of. and in seeking to create the kind of things and conditions you desire. Try to pick out some object and describe its parts and functions in terms of the Elemental Forces. This is number 5 of the first series of Sealed Lessons in Occult Power. just as the example of an automobile was used in the lessons. Learn it so well that you can perform it without stopping to think what comes next. Make the Composite Symbol for Air. 2. SUGGESTED READING “THE POWER OF SPEAKING THINGS AND CONDITIONS INTO EXISTENCE. What is the basic shape of things that are moveable? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. 3. you also create the very situation.So. Continue practising the Cabalistic Cross Ritual as given in the last lesson. Give the order of change for the Elemental Forces. What is the basic shape of most things on this Physical Plane? 3. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 3 . you can't lay down any hard and exact rule on it. really. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. 2. Everything in the Universe has two sides. Continue the/your work on the ritual which I gave you the last time.

except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. recording. PSYCHOLOGICAL INNER WHOLE. Peach All rights reserved. Lesson Eighteen is again one of the more important of your lessons in this First Correspondence Course of Occult Knowledge. You are a WHOLE BEING. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. electronic or mechanical. And. No part of this course of lessons. Be sure you do the practices described! All your lessons are. of course. But you must constantly remember that you are wasting your own resources and potential if you do not follow the instructions and undertake the various practices called for. extending from the Physical Body through to your "spiritual" nature and you must learn to live your life as an integral whole. and remember that you are now two/thirds of the way through to your first goal completing this Course you will soon want to start reviewing and getting ready to send in all your answers. Lesson Eighteen ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. important and when we say that one is "more important" we mean only relatively so. rather comprehensive examination! Sincerely. including photocopying. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* 1 . for all the lessons taken together form a.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. in part or in whole. That too is part of the Occult! Keep up your good work. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means." You must act! You must complete the life-role your Inner Self has assigned to you on this Physical Plane as well as on the Inner Planes.) come only through good intentions sometimes vaguely described as "love. For information address the publisher. there will be a final. Occult growth does not come through mere reading! Nor does Human Growth (Your development of the inner evolutionary potential of humanness.

then your right shoulder. Cross. your making of this. we hope to expand these signs in other ways. bend down the first finger to the palm of the hand and say first finger. . At this point in your ritual work you are facing each of the Elemental Quarters in turn and making the sign of the five-pointed Star. which is a cross in which. and The Glory . In the Ritual. and . Amen.) Look and study your hand. Say "Thou Art .second finger. After three more days. . and so on down to the thumb. Later.) We will now start a new line of work. and then your left shoulder. finishing with Amen." and then the third finger. then touch your breast. Cross. Then reverse this process.Later you will learn these words in another language and will hum or sing them. . and the Glory .touching the breast. the vertical line is longer than the horizontal line.In this lesson. (We may use this technique again so master it this time. making the Star differently in the morning and in the evening. Some of you may have previously acquired my little lesson called. start the following exercises. and then do the same for the third and then the little finger. When the further study of the Tree of Life is resumed in these lessons I expect to go into the reason for this Cross very exhaustively. use your left hand in the viewing.Thumb! Then. no strain.Thou Art .Make the Cross. as indicated before. After three days of this.The Power .lifting it up and saying "little finger. in these lessons we are going to expand that FAMILIAR work in another way/manner. At any rate. Start by looking at your right hand! Look at your hand as if you had never seen it before. Cross you will make. you may have acquired it since you started these lessons. (Aum. Also. but for now. making the five-pointed star at each Quarter.the Kingdom .’ or. is not a "Calvary" Cross.at the same time .touching the forehead. say the following words and learn then so well that you can always repeat them without hesitation.Please do a little meditative work on this.Amen. starting with the little finger .touching the left shoulder. Look at each hand in turn.the horizontal line represents (You facing it) the right side . then bend down the second finger and say . which is called "vibrating" them. but do it all again as you can never get too much practice on Occult Work. After six days of these exercises. the lines are equal. some of the work is going to be repetitive. Now you can add the following new motions to your ritual: make a cross by touching your forehead with the fingers of your right hand. which is connected with the Ritual. Then proceed around the Circle of the four Elements. Come back to the East and repeat the Cabalistic Cross exercise. Do this while making the Cross. you should be able to shut your eyes and recall to your memory the image of your hands!! 2 . Repeat this with both hands many times. Do this for three days for three or four minutes at a time but don't force your eyesight. The words are . Now this.touching the right shoulder. This "Cross" is called the Cabalistic Cross. first bend the thumb over the palm of your hand and say . Cross is a sort of salute to your present existence and an acknowledgement of your present situation combined with a resolve to conquer the conditions represented by this symbol! While making the.THE FUTURE. So now your ritual becomes the following: start by facing the East . let us say that the vertical line represents NOW-NESS .The Power. ‘HOW TO CREATE A FAMILIAR TO HELP YOU THROUGH LIFE. and while looking. For ever and ever. and then clasping the two hands together in front of you.The Kingdom .and the left side . The morning Star is considered an invoking sign and the evening Star is considered the banishing sign. In the.THE PAST . we will return to the Ritual.

3. These effects are called Magic.Now. "Stand" behind the image as "it" performs the Ritual and follow it around. THE FUTURE. At any rate. This image which you have built up on the Inner Etheric Plane can. The first immediate work you will do is to use your image hands to assist you in the ritual. on the Cabalistic Cross . become your Familiar which can be trained to do many kinds of Inner Plane work for you . and to the left. Keep this practice up and vary the combinations as much as you feel like doing. instead of just reading about them? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. In this lesson. 3 . All of your achievements along these Inner Plane lines depend in your practice. Then arise and perform the Ritual physically. you should start to do the same for the rest of your body. 2. or one hand at a time. seat yourself. and BRING UP THE BEST INNER PLANE IMAGE YOU CAN AND WATCH THE INNER PLANE IMAGE PERFORM THE RITUAL. Why must you actually do the practices in building your Inner Plane achievements. you know what I mean so. You cannot remember when you were a baby and couldn't use your body at all well. repeat the statements and PERFORM THE FINGER MOVEMENTS WITH THE INNER PLANE IMAGE FINGERS.do it with the Physical Hands alone . close your eyes. then do it that way. Mediate. What is it you are doing when making the Cabalistic Cross? What are you actually doing when you study your body in the way described in this lesson? What is the definition of Magic you can give based on this lesson? 4. with further work. Vary the exercise now .those of the Element of Fire. proceed to build up as complete an inner image as you can by whatever method which is best suited to and for you. as instructed. If you can visualise a body and make it work by looking at your self in a mirror. a Familiar. After you have become proficient in the handwork. as instructed. shut your eyes. 2. but the only way you gained control over your body was to use/practice.work which can lead to effects on the outer plane. Build up an Inner Image. Then.do it with the image hands alone.the vertical line representing NOW-NESS. you will do the next of the Elemental Forces Compounds .do it with the physical hands and the image hands together . ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. and the horizontal line to the right Tf1E PAST. recalling the images of your hands. ALSO SAYING THE MOVEMENT DIRECTIONS. and you will have to repeat the same process here. Put a chair in the middle of the room and seat yourself in it facing East.

Here is one of the few books available with practical instructions for the detections of psychic attacks and defences against them. etc. however. including the projections of the Etheric Body. the psychic side of sexual union. the making of artificial elementals. 2. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . is the understanding of some of the practical workings on the Inner Planes that he can gain through the study of this book. PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENCE.” by Ophiel. Of greater importance to the student. “HOW TO CREATE A FAMILIAR TO HELP YOU THROUGH LIFE.SUGGESTED READING 1. by Dion Fortune.

Remember to try and become conscious of the inner side of other physical actions too." No ritual is ever "empty. Again in this lesson -nineteen. In other words. but this is a condemnation of the "authority " of that group which teaches a practice without revealing its meaning. electronic or mechanical. like a great many things you do. it has various levels of "reality. and you will begin to make all of your life more alive. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* 1 .building the ritual on the Inner Planes as well as on the physical. and you will certainly enjoy doing it. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. By this time. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. No part of this course of lessons.in the last lesson . in part or in whole. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. and not a condemnation of the use of ritual. you will be gaining an instinctive understanding of the use of ritual.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. For information address the publisher. Sincerely. your primary work is to expand the Ritual. recording." and one of the things you have learned is to look for these different levels "behind the scenes. including photocopying. Lesson Nineteen ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. Ritual Magick is both a system of Inner Development and a system of psychological growth and integration. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights." Sometimes we may run across certain groups who perform rituals without any awareness of their inner meaning. You will make your ritual alive because you start with knowledge about the Inner Planes. Peach All rights reserved. and y o u are .

" Touch the lower chest and say "Malkuth. You can add the following Hebrew words to use interchangeably with the English ones I gave you before. and other words. recalling it perfectly. Study this blue flame and look at it closely until you can reproduce the blue flame exactly in your visual memory. Touch the forehead as say "Ator." Touch the right shoulder and say "Ve-Geburah.) Turn to the East and make the appropriate star for the time of day.A. you make the banishing star when you do the exercise at night upon retiring. The part of the circle thus passed is to be outlined in Blue Flame also. For this Lesson. Visualise this star outlined in Blue Flame. Pour out a few teaspoons of subbing alcohol into a saucer. then stab the Star in the centre and say "Yod-heh-Vav-heh. then do so. for the South . and then add them to the Ritual this way. or look at one in a museum.I. are vibrated. Now there is another addition you can make at this time.H. we will now continue with the addition/development of the Ritual. you should have a circle in Blue Flame and four flaming stars. Upon completion.D. contrary to what is said by "teachers. pronounce. Also.N. No one's recall is 100% perfect.I. 2 ." as previously instructed. Do the best you can on this. combine these three things and add then to the ritual as follows: take your steel dagger in your right hand. and for the North . in fact. Holding the dagger point out in front of you. or your left hand if you are left-handed. Next you will add four more names to the Ritual.Y. and then add the following. Also.. or sing them depends on you and your individual personality entirely. If your recall is not 100%.L. I will give a list of books and describe the general information and ideas to be gotten from them. and. pass around to the South Quarter.G. pronounce.A." you can and do learn "Occult" through books. Take the names you have learned for the Quarters as I gave you previously. You make the invoking star in the morning when you exercise after you arise. fostered by "teachers. books are the only real teachers there are. There seems to be some kind of an idea.. And. and visualise the dagger outlined in the blue flames.." Touch the left shoulder and say "Ve-Gedulah. (Of course. When you have the previous actions and material down perfect. If you feel an inclination to change some time.. you are visualising the dagger itself as well as the blue flame. Don't forget to make the proper star according to the time of day or night. Light the alcohol." that unless these. which should waver and flicker. I might as well announce that in the last lesson of this first series of 24 lessons." Much nonsense has been written about how to vibrate these words. spoken. one at each Quarter.A. and look at it until you also recall the image rather easily . Also.H. don't give up. pronounced "Yod-heh-Vav-heh". So. They are: for East .H. they will not "work. "Ah-gal-ah. "Ah-don-nai". strictly speaking." This is not true. Make the South Quarter star and proceed around the circle to the other Quarters and complete the circle. don't be hide-bound. or pronounced in one certain way. and. After you trace the flaming star for the East Quarter. or look at a picture of one.H.V.A. Some people of one type of personality prefer it one way and some another. get yourself a real steel dagger. There are no "masters!" (At least not masters who will teach you. sing/vibrate these names as suits your personality and wishes/inclinations. "Ehhe-yeh".I am constantly asked about books. how you say. or sing them. Use on to start and one to close the exercise and use your own ideas of which one you want to use for which times. The words "work" no matter how you say. Also." Hum." Clasping the hands together in front of you say "Le-Olahm. The alcohol should burn with a light blue flame. find out definitely which you instinctively prefer and use that way. for West .) In the next to the last lesson in this series of 24.Now. Practice this flame circle for a while before proceeding. I will describe an Occult Society I am starting for your benefit. Have the room dark or do this at night.

" and so to the starting East. Since I first found this Occult exercise." Proceed around to the West with the Blue Flame Circle. What is the "truth" about the question of how you are to "vibrate" the Hebrew words? 2. or. as you have been doing them.Proceed around to the South. and will prepare you psychologically for later work.as you prefer. Make the Composite symbol for Water. but your reading of this book will increase your general background of magical knowledge and understanding. Now add the following: When you reach the starting point again. 2. SUGGESTED READING APPRENTICED TO MAGIC. you are undertaking your own training with the Gnostic Institute. and stab it in the centre saying.black. Ophiel says. meditation. and the lower part white. E. Practice making the Circle and Stars in the visualised blue flame until you master it. and the subjective world. Learn the Hebrew words. and on my left hand is Auriel. make the Flame Star. Of course. By developing this. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1." Proceed on around thee the Quarter of the North. I have discovered that the way to master its use so that it is of greater value to you is to develop its use gradually instead of starting out full-fledged with the full Ritual." Repeat the Cabalistic Cross. 4.(Indicated by the broken line on the diagram) .the concave section . you must learn to recognise the basics by their general form and shapes. So. you will note that the Water symbol is a little different. Regarding the compound/composite symbol you are to make for this lesson. Before me flames the Pentagram and behind me shines the Six-Rayed Star. in this lesson. Make the Flame Circle and Flame Star. Many have been distorted by being in combination with other Forces as we discussed before. you develop the use and effects and the benefits of it better. you can leave it white . Butler. by W. 3. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 3 . Practice the Complete Ritual with all the additions given to date. Remember that many of the Symbols are not necessarily perfect. and say them until you find a way of pronouncing them that pleases you. Stab the Star and say. On my right hand is Michael. you can paint the upper part of the Moon . "Eh-he-yeh. I made it this way to show you this particular method. This book is written as an introduction to Magick for the student. Make and stab the Flaming Star and speak the word. Behind me is Gabriel. that it is better to learn a ritual gradually rather than starting with the full ritual. Why do you think this is so? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. Practice the above. extend the arms in the form of a cross and say the following: "Before me is Raphiel. Ritual several steps at a time. When you paint the Water symbol. It outlines the kind of training that you undertake and clears away many misconceptions about yoga. "Ahdon-nai. "Al-gal-ah.

Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. Peach All rights reserved. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. etc. electronic or mechanical. each story is a formula showing the Forces acting in a particular kind of situation. and coming into contact with. You must bring your imagination into play here. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. Mythology is then rather like algebra. that myths embody a great deal of wisdom about life. For some of you that have had little or no acquaintance with the myths. however. recording. In Lesson Twenty. No part of this course of lessons. Mythology and Folklore contain a great continuing wisdom of mankind.) you are learning about. certain aspects of the Elemental Forces at work. We recommend one book in particular as a source book – THE CLASSIC MYTHS IN ENGLISH LITERATURE AND ART. and urge you to consider this as a part of your most fundamental Occult Library. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* 1 . By studying the gods in the various mythologies (Greek. and the myth gods represent the Elemental Forces in various manifestations. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. but you must also gain some real background in the myths. Aztec. Sincerely. this may seem quite strange. in gaining Occult Knowledge. You must realise. Egyptian.are being portrayed. by Charles Mills Gayley. Roman. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. For information address the publisher. but the key to their interpretation is to meditate on how the Elemental Forces. and you must relate your study to the Tree of Life. in part or in whole. we introduced you to the idea of using mythology as an aid. Lesson Twenty ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. including photocopying.

" In most all cases and actions in our lives. I want you to understand this thoroughly. that.) (Etheric Plane continuations of Physical Plane objects are called counter-parts. and other things. follows this line. To be sure you understand this fully. (In the last lesson of this series I will give you the name of a book that deals with the subject of the Etheric Plane. By your examination you will find. “THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION. as soon as you are used to this type of work. is there between concentration on your job and concentration on an Occult Magic Practice? In both cases. which we may be considering will have as its major colour the colour of the Force which "rules" that object. which are drawn from all sources. this Inner Plane action is automatic. if not all. Let me take a rather simple example. In this case. THAT ETHERIC PLANE "BOOKS" ARE COMPOSED OF NUMBERLESS TINY POINTS OF MANY DIFFERENT COLOURED "LIGHTS. upon "first sight" some Etheric Plane books look very much like Physical Plane books. in a broad basic sense. Now. for instance. The/any action on the Physical Plane goes right on back up the Inner Planes to the single source of all "actions" and " things. The major definite colour is the colour of the basic Force which "rules. which is called. whether you are aware of it or not. the mixture includes Paper. so that you can work yourself "into" it.As we approach the end of these series of twenty-four lessons in the Foundations of Occult Knowledge.) exists upon the Physical Plane. you can move. such as chemicals in the paper and inks. And. which "Ruler" makes the laws that "govern" the object/material. of your . Any other object. I will go over it again in a slightly different way. If you succeed in developing some Inner Plane sight and projections. Ink and Thread. What difference. it will be found that a majority of the lights are of one definite colour.) Book counterparts on the Etheric Plane look very much like Physical Plane books. consider the existence of books on the plane "next" above the Physical Plane." in this case. Physical Plane books are made of Physical Plane Materials. Let us take libraries and books. books exist in the Inner Planes. the Etheric Plane. etc. that particular object. and how little actual practical use is made of it. The basic material of each of the book's physical components/elements has a "Ruler" "behind" it.” you may be able to develop a degree of Etheric sight and projection ability. as you know. however. and. (See the differences between "rule?" and "govern?") 2 . And. we can do very little to alter the basic-basic structure of our life/lives. I am struck by the diversity of the vast amount of material available on the subject of the Occult. An "object" (In this case a book. and adjust your life. you can "examine" books on the Etheric Plane.exist.." would be a more correct word. in decreasing numbers and amounts. you know what Physical Plane books are like. Therefore. you are using the inner Planes at the same time that you are using the Outer Plane. Glue. Closer examination will show. or maybe two of them. because much. once you understand these basic things. books. the indisputable fact is .and the world's – activity. he other colours which will be found in the Etheric duplicate of the/a physical plane book are the basic colours of the "rulers" OF THE OTHER BASIC MATERIALS WHICH MAKE UP THE REST OF THE PHYSICAL BOOK. to your advantage.that BOOKS . Colours for the inks. Now. If you will follow the directions as given in my book. Books exist on the Physical Plane. perhaps "pulsating." Still closer examination will show that these coloured lights are gently moving and "flowing". Its/the book's Physical Plane existence consists of the material existence of a large number of Physical Plane Materials mixed together. The Physical Plane book you know about. I am also struck by the strange fact that Occult practices parallel human life practices to a tremendous extent. If the tiny points of pulsating-flowing lights are examined still more closely.

stones. upon Etheric sight/examination. or becoming in "tune. naturally. The other colours are the colours of the rulers of the rest of the materials of the book. talismans. you should organise your Inner Plane contacts with the object just as you do your Physical Plane contact. that. Attempt to see the Etheric Plane Counterpart of a common Physical object in the way described in Ophiel's. what Inner Plane Power rules books? Hermes (Mercury) does. what role did Hermes play? How does this relate to books? What is a. as a matter of fact. if you are connected with the business of books. If the Etheric counterpart examinations continued "up" into the next plane the lower Astral. and everything connected with him. but only colours. even if you don't feel that you are going to be successful. You should find out all about his symbols." with Hermes (Mercury. colours. but this will be an "emotion" of books. and describe your experiences even if you don't feel that you were successful. I also remember that sometimes you can hold an object in the bright sunlight and see that its surface is composed of many points of colours. or class of objects. the object on the Etheric Plane (called the counterpart). libraries. ‘sigel?’ (Look it up in the dictionary. What suggests itself to you? To get back to our example of the book. or writing. This then is roughly the process of the Inner Plane "back upwards" to the beginnings of an object. You should build a small altar to him painted in his colours and burn his incense upon it. this colour being the colour of the main Force which rules the object itself. 3. Hermes rules books and.) You should find out all you can about "him. So then. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. Well. "How?" you ask. you should spend a long period of time becoming acquainted. to proceed. Whenever you are deeply connected with an object. 3 . you will find no forms at all. and the "form" of the book will become less and less. this can be seen if you look hard at the surface and turn it from side to side.” and describe what you experience. Try it. sigels.It occurs to me now. “ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION. What is the difference between "rule" and "govern" as used in this lesson? In Greek mythology. Also attempt the Astral and Mental Planes. 2. This plan given for Mercury above is a model for all other objects you deal with in life. you will find the colours becoming brighter and brighter. again I suggest to you that you study the life process and find a way to enter into it. So.) Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1. consists of countless tiny points of coloured lights with one predominating colour. When you reach the Mental Plane." starting with Greek mythology. according to their proportions in the book: To continue. while I said before that you would have to penetrate into the Etheric Plane with your consciousness in order to detect the "points" of Light/Colours which I described above.

This book describes how the Occult student makes with the inner side of things. It is of particular value in your study of the Qabalah for its chapters on the Four Worlds. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . and the Veils behind Kether. SUGGESTED READING MAGIC AND THE QABALAH. Make the composite symbof for Earth. and how he can gain Occult Knowledge in direct contact through the psychic faculties and the use of the Qabalah as a method of gaining knowledge. by W. Butler. Adam Kadmon. E.2.

Peach All rights reserved. Your lessons will give you general directions. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* 1 . As mentioned in the lesson. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. For information address the publisher. 'Does it FEEL right?" Your feelings here are Inner Plane contacts. in part or in whole. Instead of drawing it on a 4" x 4" card. In Lesson Twenty-One you will complete the Ritual with its final additions as far as this course work goes. but when it comes to something specific and you feel that the directions are uncertain. as you have done with the other Symbols. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. In following your feelings in situations like this. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. so be guided by your feelings on the matter. including photocopying. It is a summation of your work. you are individualising your Occult work for your present need and situation. Occult students are concerned to know if they are doing something exactly right. You will also complete your Symbol work for this First Correspondence Course in the Fundamental of Occult Knowledge. Lesson Twenty-one ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. No part of this course of lessons. Sincerely. make it on something larger as large as you feel inclined. you can safely trust your feelings. electronic or mechanical. the final COMPLETE SYMBOL is a summation of all your symbol work so far. and at the same time they are individually you. Ask yourself. and you should look upon it as such. Often times.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. recording.

" You will recall that the Element Air. (Le-Olahm. an example occurred to me. get out your compound cards and see which of the 25 cards you made and painted has this feature on them. to comprehend easily. or you can use one for starting and one for closing. and you note where you pick up new material. and there is nothing else in the Physical Cosmos. say to about 8 feet by 8 feet. which hints of the Firepower. Start the Ritual by facing East. apparently?) Visualise a scene like this "inside" the Star.) "Forever-Amen. The name of the east Wind is Eurus (E-U-RUS).In this lesson we will complete the Ritual. those changes are not so clearly seen with the physical eyes. Say. for any Elemental Force to function. to make it simpler. ‘Air. physical things. Air of Water. which. and the Power.made up of Combinations of Elemental Forces are quite clear and plain. very carefully. Proceed to enlarge the Star. So. However. we must proceed." (Malkuth). A long time ago. but is always in the background) Air of Air. cool" morning breeze coming from the clouds in the Star and passing over you. I put the Invocation of the Four Winds into the Ritual where it so clearly belongs. Take an artillery shell. so call "him" (as if he we r e a person." (Ve-Gevurah) touching the right shoulder. The Four Winds are the.) "Imagine" and "Feel" a "soft. for the above reasons. For example. as Air being moveable and Earth being not moveable certainly presents a contradiction. real earth).’ Ophiel did the concept. now you can see somewhat clearly that these Elemental Forces must and do not change into each other. as I said before. "and the Glory. etc. and also the first of what follows next making the stars around a circle of blue flame. Naturally. A beautiful dawn: Pink to rosy-red clouds. then clasping the hands and fingers together in front of you say. so study them again. It occurs to me that this combination might be a hard one to understand. “Vehicles.’ In fact. So. which propels the bullet. The. Do you begin to see now some ideas behind Occult Magic Practices? All things. either in Hebrew or in English or both. and Air of Earth. Please ponder over the above until you understand it fully. ‘Four Winds. "Thou Art. So here is Air and Earth qualities combined! Also notice that the bullet is cone-triangle shaped. even though a clear expostulation of the above would take a hundred books. It is very important. a compound symbol with movability as a part of it. touching the breast. take the Combination Air of Earth. You found them." (Ator) touching the forehead. Air of Fire. symbolises movement-move-ability. The changes shown by . (The close to understanding this fully is in your 25 compound cards. The East is the Quarter of Elemental Air. Now you are facing East. This bullet is certainly "earth" (Iron. 2 . although the Elemental Forces do actually change into each other. "the Kingdom. Therefore. (Does not the Sun "move" from East to West? At least. The shape is clearly round (cylindrical). I will go through the complete Ritual as it should be done." (Ve-Gedulah) touching the left shoulder. however. Again. or even a bullet. and they also change back and forth into and of each other . and THROUGH you. it would have to partake of some degree of Air's movability. are made up of the Elemental Tattvic Forces. you notice the shape of the bullet. and you have made the Blue Flame Star. does not figure in "ordinary" operations. if you like. Make an equal-armed Cross and say the words.” of the Forces of the Four Quarters. the Four Elemental Quarters. the Four Cards are (leaving out Akasha. Hence." Most of the above you have been doing up to now. and enigma. of the ‘Four Winds’ and their introduction into the Ritual. When any one of the Elemental Forces functions (‘Moves?’) it partakes of the nature of. and yet it moves.in and out. I remember reading in some Occult literature where the Elemental Forces were referred to as "The Four Vital Airs. Now.

Paint the outer Akasha section indigo. visualise within it all of the material Things that you think you need to make you happy here on this Physical Earth. All. the West Flame Star. 2. the Flame Circle of the Quarter of the South and make the Blue Flame Star. Paint the triangle Red inside. FILLING YOU UP. and then turn to the Quarter of the East and close the Ritual exercise in the manner I taught you before. If you wish. palm trees swaying in the wind. You now have completed the basic Cabalistic Cross Ritual. Keep up your practice on this.if you want . finish with the West Wind by gently erasing this mind picture. although you may make still more additions from time to time. You will now make your final Symbol.clouds of mist full of rainbows. Visualise and see inside the Flame Star a Waterfall pouring over a medium-high cliff onto the rocks at the base. and all things return from Earth. This is the COMPLETE TATTVIC SYMBOL. It is the Quarter of the Element of Earth. and "he" is the best-known Wind. Master it and practice it every day. After a time. After making your outlines. after gently erasing it from your mind picture. When you feel filled. after making and enlarging the Blue Flame Star of the North. refer back to Lesson Eighteen where you started to do visualisation of your body. Paint the next inner space Amber. colour the COMPLETE SYMBOL as follows: 1. On this low island. the forces end in Earth. The West is the Quarter of Water and the name of the West Wind Force is Zephyrus (ZE-PH-ER-US). and if you feel artistic enough. A tropical coral island: White-capped waves dashing on the coral reefs. and. which holds all the good things that are necessary for your happiness here on Earth.over your fireplace mantel or wherever else it will constantly remind you of your Occult Work. Call him. go ahead and make it into a large painting on canvass.Keep this up for a time. Now. erase it. Note that you will not make this painting on a 4" x 4" card as you have done with the others. which competes your drawing work for this first course of lessons. Paint the inner square Yellow. 5. coming towards you AND POURING INTO YOU. When you are through with this visualisation. for we will make a very important addition to this work in the next lesson. So call Him! The North is the Quarter of the Element of Earth. 4. finish with the South Wind and erase the scene out gently! And continue the Flame Circle on around to the Quarter of the West. 3. and enlarge. Picture the water. and hang it . Paint the inside circle Blue. Make. Now. rather. you should make it as large as you please. After a time. From these rocks arises a mist . The name of the North Wind is BORUS. shorter at first. It is the summation of all the symbol work you have done to date. Therefore. after it hits the base of the falls. continue. The South is the Quarter of Fire. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 3 . continue the Flame Circle around to the North and make the "North" Star of flame. and then increasing it as you go on. and the name of the South Wind is NOTUS (NO-TUS) so call him! Enlarge the Flame Star and visualise in the Star the following scene. FEEL the warm to hot breath of NOTUS coming from the scene in the Star and let it pass through and through you. Leave the lower moon section white and paint the upper part Black. finish with the East. 6.

SUGGESTED READING “MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. Clairvoyance. and then do it in your imagination . What is the basic idea behind Occult Magic Practices? Save your answers until asked for them PRACTICES 1.QUESTIONS 1. Chapters include the Principles of Ritual. if you keep a clear head while reading Crowley. etc. Do this Ritual every day. 2. Make a COMPLETE TATTVIC SYMBOL as instructed. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . Do it just physically first. but it does have some rather good sections. "ravings. What are the Four Winds? What is their function? Why do we leave Akasha out of our considerations? 3. Over 400 pgs. you will have access to one of the most inspirational sources of modern Occult literature. Evocation and Invocation. Enlarge and complete the Ritual with the Four Winds as instructed.” by Aleister Crowley. This book is actually more famous than it is valuable. Magical Links. Body of Light.just as you have done with previous additions to the Ritual." In fact. and you should have enough basic Occult Knowledge now to pick out the worthwhile material from Crowley's sometimes egocentric. if possible.

there is probably no question that you will want to go on to the Advanced Study. Sincerely. Please realise that you are now entering a most critical phase in Occult Study and Work. you still. recording. No part of this course of lessons. Second. have a chance to catch up. in part or in whole. We are coming to the end of your First Correspondence Course of Occult Knowledge. and becoming a member of the Gnostic Society for Self-Development. it cannot be easily shut off. ********************* END OF LETTER ***************** 1 . except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Please do your practices every day. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. If you have studied and worked. you will soon be faced with a decision as to going on to the Advanced Study and' Work with the Gnostic Institute. You will never regret having started on this Path if you keep to it.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. if you haven't been doing all the practices prescribed in the lessons. Lesson Twenty-two ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. and constantly review your past lessons. For information address the publisher. electronic or mechanical. First. but you will regret having not kept to it if you don't keep to your work. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. and once your Occult Interest is awakened. and are completing a few matters only before your final lesson and examination. Real Occult Interest cannot easily be satisfied with most of the material available outside an organised program of study and practice. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. including photocopying. Peach All rights reserved.

) One of the basic Magic phases is the ability of the Magician to. feel the cool winds about you. Feel the element of water. Attempt to partake of the nature of the East air. I begin to introduce this concept to you in parts of the Cabalistic Cross Ritual. enlarge the Star still more and make an effort to step through the blazing Star and into the scene itself? For example . not knowing what to put down for this lesson. You will recall that I gave you some work with your hands and then gave directions to extend this to as much of the rest of your body as you could do conveniently. which is "Airy. but I want you to be perfect so be patient with me and take the steps I give you one at a time.entertainment . Do this many times.in the Star of the East. make a strong effort to function in this image body. and time." When you come to the Star of the South. I like the North West Corner but you choose the point that you like and use it. go through the motions of breathing and absorbing the air of the Quarter of the East. You should feel the hot wind blowing through and through you.but how would. become wet through and through. Finally the day can come when you can gently project yourself into the visualised Image. and I trust that you did this or as much as you could do. This method is called the Body of Light Method. which goes considerably beyond what you have done before. I could write down here all kinds of "advanced" "stuff' which would make interesting reading . pass through the Star and step down on the sun drenched Tropical Island. 24. and we will get around to many of them in time. when you are set up for your Cabalistic Cross Ritual. Oh. (I was going to start you out on symbols in the end of this first section. 2 . the scene is a Pink pre-dawn with a cluster of Wind Clouds. and therefore one can often be deduced from another. ordinary kinds. Also. step through the Star and stand on a rock at the base of the Falls.yet!) Perform the entire Ritual with your visualised image. do the following. You are now ready to make an attempt at this work. moving and tumbling about as the strong upper Winds push them about. Perform the Cabalistic Cross Ritual from start to finish in your Physical Body. we will return again to an oft-mentioned phase. (There are thousands of other phases. VISUALISE YOUR FORM IN THE CENTRE OF THE CIRCLE .SEE YOUR PROJECTED IMAGE OF YOURSELF STANDING THERE! (It is not YOU . Fortunately.) Therefore. or could. The difference consists of the fact that here I have collected several different techniques and merged them into a composite work. Therefore. try variations of it. do the following. Feel the water pouring right through you. When you have reached some degree or perfection in this work. you practice this "stuff'?” with so many missing links of knowledge! No.for you . it partakes of the Method more than any other system. In the work I have given you so far. get a chair and seat yourself off to one side of the centre of the room. in the "beginning" category. Perform the Ritual many times this way. Now. when you visualise the scenes in the Four Stars. a very good job could be done with what you know up to now. When you have done this. after you have attained a degree of mastery over this type of projection. That is. then do it now. Pass on through the Star and stand on a Cloud. Now. many of these phases differ only slightly from each other. Part of the trouble is that I have to keep this first Course up to Lesson No. Feel it. When you come to the Star of the West. FUNCTION ON OTHER PLANES BESIDES THE PHYSICAL PLANE. Make them pass through you. Now. If you didn't. but I have been "told" to start first on some of the more simple. the ability of the Magician to Practice Basic Magic.I feel so guilty when I take up your lesson space. the "foundations" category I really mean.

that you can improve your life situation if you will accept normal limitations and take them in your stride. Live life consciously and fully. Why does Ophiel refrain from writing about "advanced" Occult work in this first course? 2. see. in time. There are many other endless ways and things you can do to bring results to you on the outer Physical Plane. practical Occultism can be defined as the conscious application of your Inner Plane Knowledge. the cause of all things. let us say luck. and with awareness of how today's actions relate to tomorrow. this task is very hard to do in an ordinary lifetime for an ordinary person. with much more power than the one who has no Inner Plane knowledge. the physical Things. attempt to do something. in the matter of precise Occult Knowledge. 3. and developing power. you want or need to make your physical life happy. which is your environment of life-material resources. Now. you have to amass all of these endless factors yourself.” However. The above is one phase of the work you can do along the lines of planes other than the Physical Plane. but use them you do. though. Do you feel that you have the "luck" background mentioned in this lesson? Are you beginning to use your Inner Plane knowledge consciously? Save your answers until asked for them 3 . “THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION. or as ordinary people not interested in the Occult. You remember I told you that all Physical Things are duplicated on the Inner Planes. I say to you however. Now. There is a definite question of background. All material things are in the North Quarter. The North Quarter is the end result of all the other Quarters. which provide the background of solid security. The only difference between these older Occultists and you. a million other factors enter here. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS 1. And. to all of the detail of your life situation. whereas we know the Physical Plane to be the Effect of the Inner Plane causes. “THE ART AND PRACTICE OF GETTING MATERIAL THINGS THROUGH CREATIVE VISUALISATION. consciously if you are an Occultist and unconsciously otherwise. and. the things. More information on this building of your material foundations is found in my book. from which advances can be made. when you.” or you can do as I said in these lessons. you should use the Inner Plane knowledge consciously. as practising Occultist. You have to make one step at a time in enlarging your "sphere of availability". is that they were bound by their limited knowledge to regard this Physical Plane as the ALL-important end. As an Occultist. The older Occultists called these duplicates counterparts. you can follow the directions as given in the book. but those of this life to all your future. that is. and you will be then relating not only your Physical Plane activities to your Inner Plane activities.When you come to the Star of the North. there are endless factors. in the Quarter of the North. you use the Inner Planes consciously or unconsciously. If you do not have this natural background.

including the making of Rites. Perform the Cabalistic Cross Ritual with your Projected Image. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 4 . as instructed. SUGGESTED READING INITIATION INTO HERMETICS. Bardon. communication with one's Inner Self. projection of the elements. "Step into" the scenes imagined in the Quarters. for the real practice of magic: You can also use it as a valuable review of your entire study of the Foundations. and as background for your more advanced Course Work with the Gnostic Institute. etc. healing. 2. making of a magic mirror. mastery of the Akashic principle. development of the Astral senses. making of talismans. the creation of Elementals. by Fr. Every phase of ceremonial magic is covered. An excellent and most complete reference work.PRACTICES 1.

in other words. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. Lesson Twenty-three ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. For information address the publisher. a little play-let so you can see things in action. because even fiction is the presentation of Occult Facts and Laws in dramatic form. in your imagination.. recording. they are "case" examples of how these things work out in real life. but we have given the entire list here as a rather minimum introductory library of Occultism. There are very few good Occult novels. perhaps being reprinted later. but they are worth your attention. We will try to keep these books available. Here is Lesson Twenty-Three in your Correspondence Course in the Foundations of Occult Knowledge. Many of these books have already been suggested to you. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. You should try this in everything you do. even Occult fiction. electronic or mechanical. You yourself should practice this. When you study. No part of this course of lessons. This is called "game theory. but many are in print only a relatively short while and then go out of print. Peach All rights reserved. When you are considering some new action. as "dry runs" of new ideas. etc. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. try it out in your imagination and see how it goes. in part or in whole." and is being used by large corporations.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. Some students are surprised to see any novels mentioned in our list of books. military people. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 1 . try to visualise how the things you are studying would work out in real life. Sincerely. Make up. Sometimes you can find the out-of-print ones in second-hand bookstores. scientists. including photocopying. Included in the material of this lesson you will find a list of Occult books recommended by Ophiel.

Several years ago when I first conceived the idea of a Society. for the use and benefit of the members. 2 . There are two distinct kinds of "Occult. or rather. so much so. when this is well under way. beyond a doubt. To proceed. (Again. whatever that is?) and to "escape" from this Physical Plane. I cannot go into more exact details here about the physical set-up of the Society. and in the courses to follow. two kinds of Occult Students (all this is repetitive.In the last lesson of this 24-lesson series. we can proceed with information about the Society in the next lesson. and then. from now on. therefore. to this day. the members can benefit themselves to the fullest extent possible. It is amazing how the two kinds of Occult have become mixed up. all Occult stuff and quickly separate the two above kinds.(But don't count on it. run. you will be able to determine at once to which class it belongs . there are. Part of the work of this course is to train you so that after you have taken it you should be able to look/examine as I said. of the existence of this society is to be. when the idea of a Society was "given" to me (I was ordered to start thinking about the subject. and for. its not really worthwhile in the long. The main object. of course. So. by the use of this knowledge. called the Gnostic Society for Self-Development. etc. I will not have much of the "spiritual" material to offer you for the following reasons. govern. as I said. that the "road" to the Spiritual Heights lies through the lower reaches of the lower Earth first. Years ago.) I trust you will. In this course of 24 lessons. and. and has for some time. So with that clearly understood and out of the way. and don't let then become confused together in any way. on this physical plane and can. I was presented with some notes about this subject. The other kind of "Occult" has all to do with the control and mastery of the Forces which rule. enjoy many of the "whisked" sensual pleasures as well. Occult Knowledge.) There are those students who are looking for magical ways and means to better their Physical Lives here on the. was working under the guidance of a poor windbag of a teacher. when I was starting out on my Occult Career Work. I am struck by their forcefulness and timeliness. also. and make up the Physical Plane. I plan to explain about an Occult Society I am starting and maintaining. through the conquering of the outer planes. I cannot fathom what he was trying to teach me or find any system to his work. when any and all kinds of Occult materials are presented to you for your study and consideration. the refinement of your "soul" (Whatever that is. I will work this out and inform each of you in time. even in the Church. that the skilled Controller will have an easy time (!?) living. but more especially in magical ways wherever this is possible. The society is to exist for your benefit and not for my benefit." One kind has to do with "development" of "Powers" of.). As I read them over now. to the members so that.) Your advancement along a pathway which is supposed to lead "upward" and "onward" and so out of this world. so I have decided to reproduce them here in full. In my opinion. I mean that. and there are those Occult Students who are looking for ways and means to better their "Spiritual" lives. as there are two kinds of Occult. we will act accordingly learning how to conquer the Outer Physical Planes FIRST. from now on. Physical Plane. presumptively. unless and until different directions "come down" from higher up.the "earth" kind of the "soul" kind. The main Society benefit to be striven for is first to teach knowledge. but I want you to master the distinction. first. the conquering of the Inner Planes must come. It appears to me. turn our attention to the Spiritual Planes. the members are to lend positive support each to the other so as to help each other out in all ways. or short. keep these two kinds of "Occults" definitely separated in your mind. wherever possible.

of the right kind. or the Etheric Body. are the repositories of about all the Occult Knowledge there is and far exceed the capabilities of many teachers. but I soon discovered Occult books and began to question him about them. The first books you should get.” This book contains a very profound system of healing which we will explain in the next series of lessons. The next books on the list are the books edited by Lt. THE ASTRAL BODY. which must be taken with a grain of salt. I would not give up the books! We parted company soon thereafter. which are among the best on the Caballa.As I knew nothing better then. Rather to my horror. you know something about its nature and how to handle them/it and how not to be harmed by them or it. Regardie now lives in Los Angeles and is a practising psychologist. the affairs of the world. There is a book called. She also wrote some Occult Novels. and. and once you learn about a Force. Although the Occult Leaders claim that Occult books contain no real Occult Knowledge that is not true.” by Max Freedom Long. “THE SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES. “THE ART OF TRUE HEALING. “THE HISTORY AND POWER OF MIND. and study Occult books. and read. and you are to note how these powers are described and handled. The next book you can get is an old Occult stand-by. The next two books were written by my friend Israel Regardie. Some material in this book is outdated. contain vast amounts of Occult Knowledge. The Occult writer Dion Fortune has written a number of books. These Forces ebb and flow. and all you need to so is to use some common sense in following the directions in these books. and it is their ebb and flow that cause the flux of. The second book is. 3 . Dr. and then ensued my first rebellion. and consume are: THE MOON SIGN BOOK and the STAR BOOK ASTROLOGICAL CALENDAR. The first book is. We will have more of this in a future series of lessons. I am going to give you a list of books in the order in which they should be read and studied. I have since found that many "Occult Leaders" do not want their "followers" to acquire. You cannot attain perfect control over these Forces so as to stay them in these courses. I went along with his teaching directions. Occult books. Col. Powell. and it should give you a great deal of insight into different kinds of Occult. The whole matter is worked out far in advance. in fact.” I found this book most illuminating. The first three books are extremely valuable for Occult Students. but it contains a lot of good ordinary stuff that you should read over once or twice. In the next series of lessons we will deal with and expand a selected amount of her material. and THE CASUAL BODY. “THE ROMANCE OF METAPHYSICS. and I advise you to get them and keep then for research and study. and in. This book is valuable because it described the nature of the Astral Light. and to ask questions about the material contained therein. They are called THE ETHERIC DOUBLE. THE MENTAL BODY.” by Richard Ingales. but you can learn some definite things about them. and the reasons are obvious. In these books you are to look for descriptions of the Powers I told you about." This book gave me more insight than ten other books did. read. he forbade me to read any Occult book. my first Occult rebellion. They are useful for ideas. Arthur E. and study. or even to read anything but his banal material. Remember there is one thing you must keep in mind at all times. which Powers constitute the Physical Plane in its entirety. The Forces I told you about are contained therein and are described fully. which it called "sticky.

Unite with the Society. Well. Dion Fortune said. but many factors tend to make it that way.She could give out some common knowledge. What is the basic purpose of the Gnostic Society for self-Development? What are the reasons for joining such a Society? For studying the Occult? What is meant by the "ebb and flow of the Cosmic Forces"? Save your answers until asked for them 4 . I hope you have not been disappointed. which remained in his possession after the Golden Dawn Society blew up many years ago. Get the books in the list I gave you. all laid out in THE MOON SIGN BOOK. etc. that Magical Operations failed for many people because of the lack of secret Charts. the secret charts are nothing more or less than the Astrological Forces and their set-up is. III. which you were given up to now in this course. These books were edited by Israel Regardie and represent the/a collection of documents. She said these Charts concerned the ebb and flow of the Cosmic Forces. We are reaching the end of the 24 lessons First Course. Keep working at the material. etc. since the plates for volume one were destroyed in a fire and volume two is out of print. You can notice it all through her books.” you will read a chapter on Neville. Describe the two kinds of Occult. Power development is a slow process. ******************** END OF PAGE ********************* QUESTIONS I. Neville has become quite well known over much of the country. He also lives in Los Angeles but is not available for public consultation the last I heard. You recall what I told you about Spiritual Growth versus Material-power Growth. “THE ROMANCE OF METAPHYSICS. but since she received most of the Occult Attainments through a society under oaths of secrecy. This chapter was written a long time ago. When you read Israel Regardie's book. These books propose to pertain to Spiritual Attainment. You will find his books to be quite valuable. There were originally four volumes of this set which was called THE GOLDEN DAWN. Only volumes Three and Four are available now. there are many parts that can be adapted to daily use for the development of your special Powers. as I told you. which never left the possession of Secret Societies. which I will describe in your next lesson. II. Now we come to the last books on this list. It doesn't have to be slow. However. especially in their discussions of creative visualisations. however. in one of her books. Since then. I hope you didn 't expect too much as I did at first. she really has-been much handicapped in trying to say something and yet giving out nothing she had sworn never to reveal. and one of the worst factors is impatience. Doing all these things should keep you in close touch with growing sources of Occult Knowledge.

E. Powell THE ASTRAL BODY. ROMANCE OF METAPHYSICS by Israel Regardie THE ART OF TRUE HEALING by Israel Regardie THE ETHERIC DOUBLE by A. 2. THE MENTAL BODY.PRACTICES 1. 6. 2. 4. Keep working on your Complete Tattvic Symbol drawing/painting. sometimes visually. if you haven't already finished it. SUGGESTED READING 1. ******************** END OF PAGE ********************* 5 . 3. NOON SIGN BOOK and ASTROLOGICAL CALENDAR THE HISTORY AND POWER OF MIND by Richard Igalese THE SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES by Max Freedom Long. 3. 5. APPLIED MAGIC by Dion Fortune and ASPECTS OF OCCULTISM. Keep practising the Complete Cabalistic Cross Ritual. sometimes physically. Keep up your review of this Course. And THE CASUAL BODY.

and with it you will have completed the Work and Study forming the basis for our First Correspondence Course in the Study of Occult Knowledge.Ophiel's CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN THE FOUNDATIONS OF OCCULT KNOWLEDGE First Course Copyright C 1967 by Edward C. Also in Lesson Twenty-Four you will find a good deal of information about the Gnostic Society for Self-Development. Frankly there is not much in the way of Occult Study and Work in this final lesson. In answering the questions you should feel free to refer to any part of the Course. although. Sincerely. and an application form for joining the Society if you wish. and for us to help you in that check. We will then return to you all your answers and notify you as to whether we consider that you have successfully completed the Course. but some of you will still prefer to work alone and independently. except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Try to send in your completed Examination at the end of two weeks. or by any other information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the holder of these rights. everything you do need to refer to should be in your notebook by now. Lesson Twenty-four ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* Dear Student. It is designed primarily for you to check yourself. We hope you do. ‘HAVE TO JOIN. recording. whether with Ophiel and the Gnostic Institute or independently. but we don't want you to think that you. Peach All rights reserved. or other reference books. in part or in whole. No part of this course of lessons. THE GNOSTIC INSTITUTE. electronic or mechanical. and allow us approximately two weeks to check over your work.’ in order to keep on with your Occult Work and Study. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means. you do not have to take this Examination under any kind of supervision! It is not that kind of test. frankly. ********************* END OF LETTER ******************* 1 . For information address the publisher. or to your notes. Here is Lesson Twenty-Four. It is designed in part to encourage and enable you to finish your assigned Practices from previous lessons. Now we want to answer right away one question that might occur to you. including photocopying. The Society is a convenience for you. and we hope you will benefit in many ways from association with other Occult Students and from the Society's Knowledge-Information and Group Work. and to review the entire Course of study in answering the Examination Questions.

Thirty years ago. but keep up the appearance of life for a long time. up to this day. YOU DO EVERYTHING FOR YOURSELF AND. but back of them was NOTHING! Nothing spelled with a big N. YOU DO NOT GO OUT OF YOUR MARKED-OUT PATH TO HELP THEM. I found . enough to get started on forming a Lodge.practically moribund. I would like to tell you about a project which has been held in abeyance for some time period. AND THAT WILL BE YOUR JOB IN THE OUTER CIRCLE AND NOTHING ELSE. and a few tenuous inner plane connections have been made. YOUR FIRST WORK WILL BE TO DEVELOP YOURSELF TO YOUR FULLEST CAPACITY. here and in England. since the quickest way to learn anything for your self is to teach some knowledge to others. I just never gave up and kept on looking. I dreamed of finding a powerful Occult Society of which I could become a member.one based upon the Caballa System (a system that works!) First I would like to say that. but he or she died and left no successor to carry on Occult knowledge-power-use-developments further. you are the All-in-All important centre. it will have to be started. The present plans call for quite a different conception of a Lodge from the usual stuff heretofore set-up. This is not a violation of the first principle/rule mentioned. The present plans call for just two grades. the marvellous attainments possible through the Knowledge and Use of the Magic of Occult Forces. Some groundwork has been done. “The Outer Circle" and “The Inner Circle. Also in the Outer Circle. when I was starting on the Occult Path. at least in my own case. but if I had found a real genuine group that really put out POWER. I sincerely hope. HOW CAN YOU HELP OTHERS UNTIL YOU CAN FIRST HELP YOURSELF? SO. I found a number of groups. Many of them had been founded by a more or less gifted person. and this was all that was holding them up as aforesaid. YOU DO ALL YOUR OWN WORK FOR YOUR OWN SELF-DEVELOPMENT. Instead of the above dream. which they had purchased decades ago when land was very cheap. THEREFORE. The project is the formation and maintenance of a True Occult Society . but being a Capricorn. the above discoveries greatly dismayed me. Many of them owned real estate holdings. already dead but who wouldn't lie down. big sounding names.' I cannot name these groups here as there are laws against that sort of thing. with names of various kinds. you will help yourself. 2 . the higher-grade members will assist and teach the beginning members. that in the Outer Circle you help only yourself. thus greatly helping themselves by doing so. organisations. Most of the groups I found were old in years and members . I would surely have named them to you for your benefit. as witness the many churches that have become mere shells and yet have large congregations. and so the places grind slowly to a stand still. because by teaching others.Now that you have reached the end of this course and benefited there from. I stand convinced now that if there is ever to be a good Occult Lodge.Zero! Oh. in all ways. and a mean one. called circles. etc. This Society (and also Occult College) would have a powerful teaching staff and would have powerful courses in Occult Magic and would be already demonstrating. However. and I propose to make this that start." In the Outer Circle. WHILE YOU ARE KIND TO OTHERS.

in gaining mastery of the Physical. on the Making and Use of Talismans.from time to time . Members of the Outer Circle do not concern them. Following the Course on Astral Projection is a Course on Clairvoyance that teaches the actual basis for Clairvoyance. The main requirement boils down to a real basic desire to better yourself and to conquer the Material World through Knowledge and Power. It is hopes that this programme will attract earnest Occult Students who desire to participate in a balanced growth programme FOR THEMSELVES AND NOT JUST LISTEN TO SOME PERSON TELLING YOU HOW WONDERFUL HE IS AND WHAT GREAT POWERS HE HAS! As pointed out in the previous lesson. ********************* END OF PAGE ********************* 3 . you are also building accomplishments on the Inner Planes. You have to first FULFIL your physical lifedestiny. and send these answers and the answers to the questions for the previous twenty-three lessons with your application for membership to the address given. Your answers will be returned to you along with notification of your acceptance and other information you will require as a GNOSTIC. and.so that they may learn to help themselves in all ways. you will be put into contact with other GNOSTICS in your community. in your Occult study. but rather recommend that the others pursue the same course that he is . We repeat. Following the above mentioned courses of study will be more specialised studies on certain forms of Clairvoyant work. All the Courses offered by the Gnostic Institute are PRACTICAL. as the membership grows. by those students who have successfully completed this first course in the Fundamental of Occult Knowledge: and who indicate a desire to participate in the Gnostic Programme. you are also fulfilling a Cosmic Plan relating to the effect your work in material things has on the Physical Plane Purpose. complete your work on this First Course. which is truly the Royal Road. on the practical Occult use of Astrology. in the process. you are learning to consciously use your Inner Self in Integration with your Physical life/work.After you have attained enough proficiency in the Occult so that your personal life and possessions thereof are secure. and. From time to time. answer the Examination Questions included with this lesson. These requirements are automatically fulfilled. the use of the Tree of Life and the Basic Elements in directing your Clairvoyant Work. YOU CAN ONLY TURN TO HELPING OTHERS AFTER YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR OWN FULLEST POSSIBLE ATTAINMENT WHICH INCLUDES BASIC FINANCIAL ATTAINMENT AND SELF-SUFFICIENCY. Now. and demonstrates its functioning in the many different forms we are all more or less familiar with. and you will be expected to make every effort to participate in this work. To join the Gnostic Society. It should be obvious to you all by now that the real way to the Spiritual Heights is not by escaping from the Physical World but by CONQUERING it.special rituals to perform as part of the Society-wide Inner Plane Work. You will be sent . selves with "helping" others or "Interfering" in their affairs. and still more specialised study. and to the fulfilment of this True destiny and Obligations. The Outer Circle of the Gnostic Society for SelfDevelopment is open to all who meet a practical minimum of requirements. and all are part of a balanced programme of Occult Advancement. The GNOSTIC devotes all his time and energy to understanding and developing his own personal Inner Self. Institute. THEN YOU CAN TURN YOUR ATTENTION TO HELPING OTHERS. there are many Occult Students and Teachers who concern themselves with the "spiritual" and who seek to deny and escape from the Physical World.

1. or your own. the following questions cover the entire Course of 24 Lessons. Please either prepare your answers on a typewriter or write very clearly. and you are to send your answers. Why did the Roman Catholic Church make "saints" out of these planetary forces? 4. the ‘remainder’ of these.) 4 . 3. give your personification of the seven gods and goddesses. Give correspondences from other religions and mythologies to these Forces. Using either classical ideas. (Please note.EXAMINATION Note. Name and describe the Elemental Forces and their compounds. 2. ‘Lessons’ are not ‘here’ as I did not ‘receive’ them from the ‘person’ who ‘gave them’ to me. along with all the answers to the precious 23 lessons to: Each question requires at least a long paragraph to answer it.

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