Targeted Assassination is Lynching Posted on November 11, 2012 by John Hamilton Another letter to the Buffalo News by John Hamilton

For many of us today, it is hard to imagine how our ancestors stood by as innocent people in this country were dragged from their homes and lynched. We like to think, we would never allow such obvious injustice! Your recent editorial supporting illegal drones attacks by the US helps fill in this historical blank. You are, in 2012, applauding the routine extrajudicial murder of human beings. Another word for extrajudicial murder is lynching. You are publicly advocating international lynching! As soon as our government names someone ‘terrorist’, they lose all legal and human rights, with your approval. They can then be dragged from their homes, and hung from the nearest tree, or, in today’s drones terms bug splattered. Some white person in Selma Alabama in 1880 is nodding, only ‘terrorist’ was spelled different back then. You can’t be unaware that Stanford and NYU just completed the first comprehensive study of US drones in Pakistan. Their conclusions: 98% of those killed were women children and locals, who pose no threat to the US. You can’t be unaware the UN charter, which the US senate ratified 89 to 2, makes acts of aggression by all nations, including the US, always and everywhere illegal. You can’t be unaware UN officials have called US drone attacks ‘ certainly war crimes’, and said they undermine the whole structure of international law. If you are unaware of these well known facts , you must be publicly shamed as journalists. If you are aware of these, and still support illegal and immoral drones, you must be publicly shamed as part of a modern lynch mob. The reality is this, folks, editors as well as readers. We are all essentially equal humans. This is both a biological and a legal fact. White supremacy fueled domestic lynching, in direct defiance of the US Constitution. US supremacy today fuels international lynching, in direct defiance of US law, US public promises, and human law. We humans all have equal rights under human law. No exceptions. You make extrajudicial murder, international lynching, sound necessary, reasonable and laudable. You completely ignore, and thereby obliterate, the rule of law. There is a horror in your banal words that chills the blood. A small town Georgia newspaper, a hundred years ago, while burned bodies dangle in the trees, is nodding in recognition.

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