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I Caught Santa Review

I Caught Santa Review

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Published by Stephanie Seymour
A review of I Caught Santa, the latest and greatest way to prove to your kids that Santa Clause is indeed real! Everyone should check this out.
A review of I Caught Santa, the latest and greatest way to prove to your kids that Santa Clause is indeed real! Everyone should check this out.

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Published by: Stephanie Seymour on Jan 11, 2013
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December 18, 2012 by Stephanie Seymour, http://onesleepymom.com When my big girls were little, I told them all about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc. And I used all those magical entities as bargaining tools. Okay, some might call it blackmail, but whatever. You had better be good or Santa, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy won’t bring you presents. I know half of you do that with that creepy little Elf on the Shelf thing. No offense. The elf just creeps me out. Especially some of the things you all have him doing! Anyway, there was always that rotten little grinch in my kid’s school that wanted to destroy everyone’s Christmas. He (or she) would tell the kids that Santa wasn’t real. I always counteracted with “You have to believe if you want to receive.” We would track him via NORAD on the radio (the internet wasn’t so readily available then), and I would send them to bed when he got close by. That tactic worked for about another year. Eventually, like all kids, they figured it out. Now that they are grown, we have much better technology. We track Santa via NORAD online, and we can even “catch” Santa in the act of checking his list and leaving presents for good little girls and boys. ICaughtSanta. For less than ten bucks, you can get a picture of Santa in your own living room (or wherever in your house you want to catch him). It’s so easy. No technological knowledge necessary. We all know that I’m not so good with the technical stuff. You upload a picture of something, and insert one of 20 Santa figures. You can zoom in, zoom out, change Santa’s size, and play a little with the color of him to match your picture. Here’s mine:

Yup, we caught Santa sleeping on the couch with A’s baby blanket. You can try it out for free, using different pictures and different Santas (there are also ethnic Santas), and then, when you’re completely satisfied, you can check out. You can download your picture in many different sizes for different pictures, or you can even have it sent to your local Walgreen’s to be printed and picked up the next day. You can email it, Facebook it, and tweet it. I did all of the above. They also give you the link to 5 customized videos of Santa, which are really cute. They’re not downloadable, but you can bookmark them and watch them whenever you want. A few things to take note of: Take a really good look at the picture you uploaded. For example, my tree appears to have all the ornaments on the left side. My teenagers do that to irk me because I’m all about the symmetrical Christmas tree. If I would have taken a better look, I’d have fixed it first. I flipped Santa to have his head resting on the head of my couch. I didn’t notice until after I approved the picture that the belt buckle is backwards. Maybe Santa had a little too much egg nog that day. Must be why he needed the nap. Couldn’t even get his belt on right! And here’s the cool part: ICaughtSanta is offering a discount to my readers. Instead of the regular $9.99, you can pick this up for $7.50. Make sure to use this link, or you won’t get the discount. As a little gift to all of you, ICaughtSanta is offering 5, yes 5, free pictures of Santa in your home. Enter the Rafflecopter form below. I’m only running this one for 3 days, so get those entries in! Good luck! Disclosure: I was provided with a promotional product in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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