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Week 5 CheckPoint

Week 5 CheckPoint

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Published by: Shanae' D. Scott on Jan 12, 2013
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Running head: MGMT CASE STUDY

Week 5 Day 5 CheckPoint

Management Case Study
XMGT/216 Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility
January 12, 2013 Rob Garcia, MBA

Shanae’ Scott

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MGMT CASE STUDY From: To: Cc: Bcc: Subject: Attachments: Dear Name: Good Morning Shanae’ Scott Tracey Hall. we have had many of our workers for a very long time and they have mastered that issue. The big idea would be. I am formally updating you on the details concerning how my division will be reducing the staff’s payroll by as much as 15%. Introduction: State the background of division personnel and any other expenses As you have mentioned in the past. and we will be catering to everyone including minorities. However it is time for a change. We can do this and also provide the new workers with an opportunity to grow in the business. I have devised a plan. no one will lose their jobs. Action Items: What needs to be done to implement and comply with EE notices. Moral Justification: How will you justify to EE's and Management With this plan in place it will sound good in the sense of reducing payroll by 15%. Ethical Dilemma: Experienced EE's v. we will teach everyone the same to be fair. District Manager Other Division Manager's Yourself? 15% Payroll Reduction Proposal None Tracey 2 Purpose: State the purpose of this e-mail. This will expand the look of the company and change the numbers totally. this can be the most innovative thing that happens in the history of this division. The bulk of the new hires were females and minorities. This is a well thought out strategy of mine and if we all come to agreement. EE Diversity (all are good EE's) Most importantly. instead we will reduce the amount of hours that will be worked. this division has previously. employed a large amount of different workers. It is totally unnecessary to remove a worker from the company because everyone needs a job. Thanks for your time! Shanae’ Scott . This will keep a happy workplace. to be able to guarantee the higher ranking some sort of job protection. Proposed Strategy: Strategy to reduce 15% within your Division? In order to place job security and reduce on payroll as much as 15%.

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