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Barclay Meade CIMA Presentation

Barclay Meade CIMA Presentation

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Published by: Rotimi R Agoro on Jan 12, 2013
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Joe Maher and Nigel Lynn, 23rd February

Agenda • Introduction • Career progression • How to make yourself marketable • Current state of the market • Tracker overview • Summary • Q&A .

Pharmaceutical.Introduction Nigel Lynn • ACMA qualified • Over 25 years experience in professional staffing solutions • Accountancy experience in GKN Westland. Max Factor. Upper St. Merck and Meggitt Holdings Plc Joe Maher • Over 4 years experience • FMCG. Martin's Lane. Travel & Leisure. London. Business Services • Part-qualified to FD level focus Orion House. Retail. WC2H 9EA t: 020 3301 6800 .

Career Progression • Breath of sector experience. both industry and function • Don’t specialise too soon • ‘Engine room accounting’ is essential • Aim to have an ambition of a goal you wish to achieve and plan it back .

How to make yourself marketable • Your CV • The art of networking • Finding the perfect job • Interview techniques .






The art of networking • • Differentiate yourself – online. offline Expose yourself .

www.barclaymeade.GAAP Web .com .Finding the perfect job • Online .CIMA Global .Linked In • Consultancy .

STAR .Have them at hello • Competency based interviewing .Focus on your achievements • Eye contact and body language .Interview techniques • Preparation .Do more than just look at the company website • Talking through your CV .

The current state of the market • Always a need for strong CIMA candidates • Part qualified with the mindset of a qualified – a fast learning PQ who will add value to the business • Strong sectors: .Oil & Gas .Forecasting and budgeting .Retail • Skills required: .Energy .Telecommunications . adding value within a relatively short period of time .Adaptable and have both communication skills and an ability to develop.

composure (62%). honesty (71%).Number of female directors has increased from 12. providing hope that with greater clarity of the economic landscape hiring activity will increase .com for a copy . strong-minded (62%) • Zillah’s story • Email info@barclaymeade.Many business owners remain optimistic for 2012.9% .Tracking UK Recruitment • Our quarterly market report • Key Messages .5% in 2010 to 14.Suggested managerial qualities include: decisiveness (85%).

Summary • • • • Email for follow up – see Julia Groves The market is boyant Remember what makes you different? Don’t become a specialist too quickly .

Q&A .

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