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Published by: Sonny Meinhofer on Jan 12, 2013
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Jesse Finley Reed presents

4 Guys, 96 Beers

4 Guys, 96 Beers
Proposal for a performance work and installation
work in progress - draft 1

As they finish each beer. 2009 . 96 Beers. and will position themselves around the perimeter of a solid. is considered disqualified. paired with grunting and belching. 96 Beers 4 Guys. and galvanized buckets. Four men enter the space. will be considered the winner. After completion. 96 Beers Proposal for a performance work and installation PERFORMANCE DESCRIPTION The audience enters the gallery space and encounters a pink neon sign that reads Jesse Finley Reed Presents. causing both the bottle and mirror to shatter. stools. performers and atmosphere suggests a sense of competition and reeks of testosterone. centered in the middle of the space. The performer who cannot consume all of their beer. Each of the participants are required to do this with each of the beers they finish. The performer’s positions are delineated by colored six-packs of beer. remain seated or standing around the mirror for the length of the performance. They must. which lays flat on the ground. The first one to consume and throw all of his 24 beers. they hurl the empty bottle at the mirror. or should happen to pass out. square piece of mirror. The setting.4 Guys. or the last one left standing. The galvanized buckets are provided as a receptical with the expectation that the performers will need to urinate during the performance. Performers begin consuming beer in a competitive spirit. Jesse Finley Reed. Underneath black wall text reads 4 Guys. The mirror is framed by plexiglas walls. he will walk around the perimeter of the mirror showing himself off. however.

Performance overview (audience view) Performance overview (view from above) .

will become a sculptural installation in the exhibition space. Think hockey rink) PROPS • 4.Sets of 4-6-Packs of Beer.PERFORMERS • 4. 96 Total) • 4 Safety Glasses DURATION 1-2 Hours (depends on the length of time required by the performers) DOCUMENTATION • 3.. They should be actors or skilled models SET • Pink neon sign Jesse Finley Reed presents.stationary camera.8’ x 8’ mirror • 1. from above shooting down over the mirror 1.. muscular. They are shirtless.8’5” x 8’5” frame and base for the mirror to rest on top of.Good-looking. Mirror tests . overall view 1. In addition. the product of the performance. the documentation of the performance will be edited and projected on a wall adjacent to the main space. • 1.cameras will record the event.operated by a camera person to record actions and detail shots INSTALLATION DESCRIPTION The shattered mirror.stationary shot from one side.Plexiglas Barrier surrounding mirror (approx. • 1. 3’ tall.Galvanized Metal Buckets • 4. Each set of bottles are different color glass (24 each. athletic men.Metal Stools • 4. This will ultimately contain the broken mirror. wearing faded blue jeans. 1.

Performance overview of smashed mirror (audience view) Performance overview of smashed mirror (view from above) .

to art and literature. Mirror is an undeniably loaded material which has had a rich. written in pink neon. symbolic role in fields ranging from philosophy and film. lifestyle magazines highlight this seasons fashion must-have’s next to articles about electronics and how to give your girlfriend a better orgasm. This phenomenon is being carefully branded and marketed so as not to feminize the male consumers they are trying to reach. Meterosexual man. The participants. This trade off is far from ideal— blunt masculinity is being swapped for consumerism and new forms of physical insecurity. 96 Beers is the central focal point in the performance. suggesting a queer read with a nod to Warhol’s branding skills. hired. thereby creating a rift in the historic construction of masculine identity. TRASH of male skin. 96 BEERS Jesse Finley Reed presents.. 96 Beers. we see men becoming more concerned with their superficial beauty. Products.. One example that captivates me is from the opening scene in the 1960 film Butterfield 8. stereotypical models of masculinity perform such ridiculous tasks as drinking beer and pissing in buckets under my creative direction. All of this takes place around a large. if you will. Over the last decade.. Awakening to find a note and $250 from her boyfriend as compensation for their evening together. which serves as the playing field. something which has plagued predominantly women. health and beauty products catering to the new.. are specifically geared to address the needs Andy Warhol presents. An interesting tension is created by this trend. sets the tone of the performance. Through this naming convention. The signage. such as skin creams.NOTES AND INSPIRATION BEHIND 4 GUYS. we have seen men become more concerned with their vanity and conscious of the aging process. glass mirror. in the performance. The marketplace continues to respond with a growing number of mens-related lifestyle. I claim authorial responsibility for the piece: the implication of a queer man orchestrating the actions of 4 overtly masculine male performers.. The mirror in 4 Guys. Elizabeth Taylor’s call-girl character Gloria Wandrous aggressively picks up a pink lipstick and bluntly scrawls No Sale on the bedroom ... 4 Guys..

If lipstick is the sign of Gloria’s femininity. wealthy male. In many ways 4 Guys. but exploits socioeconomic differences in an effort to create both product and entertainment. As we take a step back. The exploitation that occurs with 4 Guys. in 4 Guys. bracketing the work as otherwise. Mimicking the aggressive relationship between a character and the mirror. then the beer bottle is the product that symbolizes the masculinity of my performers.. The result of the performance is a shattered mirror and broken. concurrently writing the words over the reflection of her own face. A still of Taylor in Butterfield 8 Jackson Pollock working on an Action painting Aaron Young’s 1% . It is through these same actions of symbolic masculine expression that a concurrently homoerotic event is orchestrated. 96 Beers lipstick is replaced with another commercially produced product. 96 Beers I am interested in turning this paradigm on its head. Despite the participants being financially compensated. Similar to a collegiate-like hazing process or competition. With 4 Guys.mirror. In writing with the lipstick. 96 Beers happens across the board. literally inscribing her self-worth onto her forhead.. Thus modern male vanity is shattered at the very onset of self reflection– a casuality of masculine expression. she confirms and validates her power and femininity. he intentionally hires marginalized figures to perform for him: a white. and actions. As the performers are read as heterosexual by their clothing. it is only when the male performer goes to smash the bottle that his image reflected. Young’s sensational performances and installations such as Arc Light and 1% provides a structural framework in which to view 4 Guys. colored glass. the work engages in an uncomfortable paradigm where it not only maintains. and reversing the power relationship between myself and the performers. it is through the consumption of beer and the hurling of the bottles at the mirror that masculinity is both established and maintained. In Young’s work. the pink neon sign and my directorial presence “out” my role in the piece. body language. 96 Beers engages even more directly with the contemporary practice of artist Aaron Young. the final sculptural product pays homage to Jackson Pollock’s action paintings in its gestural aesthetic. beer. Due to its location.

jessefinleyreed.JESSE FINLEY REED jesse@jessefinleyreed.com www.com (917) 531 6046 .

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