Astrology Gemstones - Raashi Ratna - Navaratna Pendant Bracelet

Stone Planet GemStone Colour, Nature

Wearing Day

Substitute GemStone Star Ruby, Sun stone, Agate




Red, Hot


Gold, Copper


White Pearl

White, cold



Silver, Gold


Red Coral

Deep Red, Hot


Garnet, Red Cornelian, Red Gold Jasper

Mercury Emerald

Green, Cold

Green-jade, Onyx, Green Wednesday Aquamarine, Peridot, Turquoise



Yellow Sapphire


Thursday Golden Topaz


Opal / Venus Diamond Bluish Friday

Tourmaline, Rock crystal, white Zircon, white coral. Neeli, Amethyst, Black Topaz, Lapiz-lazuil

Silver, Gold, Platinum

Blue Saturn sapphire



Silver, Platinum


Cold Brown. Moss Agate. Garnet. Beryl.amethyst. opal. brown agate Tiger's eye. Onyx and Peridot Unlucky Stones: Carnelian and Jade 2 .Rahu Gomedh Maroon grey. onyx. Agate. Green. agate. Opal.citrine. Emerald and Quartz Special stone: White Sapphire Unlucky Stones: Agate and Topaz Aries . malachite. Hot Saturday Brown Tourmaline. tiger's eye. ruby. jet Lucky stones: Ruby. Saturday Silver What is your Birthstone? Capricorn . lapis lazuli. Yellow. Pearl. Amber. Silver Ketu Cat's eye. Jet and Tiger's Eye Special stone: Serpentine Unlucky stones: Lapis Lazuli and Opal Aquarius . Chrysolite. Celestite and Zircon Special stone: Jargoon and Jacinth Unlucky Stones: Aquamarine and Carbuncle Pisces . Chrysosprase. Agate. Coral. carnelian. sapphire Lucky Stones: Turquoise. Lepidolite. Sapphire. Carbuncle and Ruby Special stone: Haematite Unlucky Stones: Ruby. rock crystal.smoky quartz. Emerald. Chrysolite. Diamond. ruby Lucky Stones: Bloodstone. Garnet.jasper. aquamarine. Jet and Pearl Taurus . Sapphire.rose quartz. rutile quartz Lucky Stones: Agate. moonstone Lucky Stones: Rock Crystal. Garnet. Lapis Lazuli and Jade Unlucky Stones: Garnet. Amber. moonstone Lucky Stones: Amethyst. Sardonyx and Jacinth Gemini .turquoise. Turquoise.

beryl Lucky Stones: Aquamarine. agate Lucky Stones: Tourmaline. agate. adventurine.garnet. sapphire Lucky Stones: Carnelian. obsidian snowflake Lucky Stones: Sapphire. emerald. Turquoise and Spinel Special stone: Amethystine Sapphire Unlucky Stones: Jade Gemstones for Birth Signs and the Zodiac Zodiac Sign Aries 21 Mar . Lapis Lazuli. Sardonyx and Jacinth Sagittarius .20 Apr Diamond Bloodstone Zodiac Gem Other Zodiac Stones Taurus 21 Apr . ruby. Magnetite. Jasper. Amethyst. Smokey Quartz and Obsidian Special stone: Magnetite Unlucky Stones: Garnet. Aventurine and Topaz Unlucky Stones: Aquamarine and Carbuncle Virgo .quartz crystal. Ruby. Pearl. Moonstone. Sardonyx.carnelian. jasper.olivine. jacinth. moonstone Lucky Stones: Emerald. Chrysosprase and Selenite Unlucky Stones: Opal and Lapis Lazuli Leo . jasper. Rose Quartz and Malachite Unlucky Stones: Ruby. Jade.topaz.Cancer .21 May Emerald Rose Quartz 3 . Chrysolite. Topaz. Sapphire. Jet and Pearl Scorpio . jade. sapphire Lucky Stones: Opal.emerald. Topaz and Chrysoprase Libra . Amber. bloodstone. Tourmaline and chalcedony Unlucky Stones: Agate. diamond. Moonstone.

23 Aug Ruby Carnelian Virgo 24 Aug .21 Dec Topaz Black Obsidian Capricorn 22 Dec .22 Nov Opal Unakite Sagittarius 23 Nov .23 Oct Sapphire Lepidolite Scorpio 24 Oct .Gemini 22 May .20 Jan Garnet Malachite 4 .22 Sept Red Jasper Amazonite Libra 23 Sept .22 July Pearl Gold Tigereye Leo 23 July .21 June Agate Green Aventurine Cancer 22 June .

html choosing gemstone by day of vitality You can increase your vital energy by wearing gemstones associated with your days of vitality. 2030 Ruling planet: MERCURY Emerald.jewels-empire.20 Mar Amethyst Moonstone http://www.18 Feb Aquamarine Fluorite Pisces 19 Feb . 1958. Ruling planet: JUPITER Avoid Yellow Stones 5 dog 1934. Wednesday. Your day Your day of Chinese zodiac sign Years of Birth vitalit y and gemst one to wear of obstac les and gemst one not to wear . 2018. 1994.Aquarius 21 Jan . 1970. 1946. Beryl. Jade. 2006. 1982.

2027 monkey 1980. 2016. 2004. Ruling planet: MARS Avoid Red Coral 6 . 2003. 1968. 2015. 1979. 1957. Ruling planet: MARS Avoid Red Coral 1956. Monday. 2028 Thursday. 1991. Citrine. 1969. 2017. rooster Tourmaline 1931. Ruling planet: MOON Natural Pearls Thursday. Thursday. Yellow Stones: yellow Diamond. 1943. imperial Topaz Tuesday. 2029 Ruling planet: JUPITER Yellow Stones: yellow Diamond. 1945. Tuesday. yellow Sapphire. 1981. Ruling planet: JUPITER Avoid Yellow Stones goat 1955. 2005. 1993. 1967. Ruling planet: JUPITER 1932. 1992. 1944.

1996. 1974. 1949. 1995. Ruling planet: MARS Red Coral Wednesday. Ruling planet: SATURN Avoid Blue Sapphires pig 1959. 1972. Jade. Ruling planet: MARS Red Coral Tuesday. 2031 1936. 2008. 1983. Ruling planet: SATURN Avoid Blue Sapphires Saturday. 1948. imperial Topaz 1935. 1950. 1971. Citrine. Ruling planet: SATURN 7 . 1947. 2020 ox 1961. 1984. 1986. 2021 Beryl. rat 1960. Ruling planet: JUPITER Stones Friday. 1973. 1962. 2007. 2009. 2010. 1998. 1985. 2022 Saturday. 1997. planet: MERCURY Emerald. Ruling planet: VENUS Saturday. Ruling 1937. 2019. Tuesday.yellow Sapphire. green Tourmaline Thursday. Avoid Yellow tiger 1938.

1952. 1977. 1988. 1951. 1939. 2013. 2014. 1987. Avoid Yellow 1941. Ruling rabbit 1963. Ruling 1940. green Tourmaline snake 1965. 1990. 1989. Ruling planet: VENUS Diamond planet: MERCURY Avoid Emerald. 2011. 2012. Friday. Jade. green Tourmaline Avoid Diamonds Friday. 2000. Ruling planet: MERCURY 8 . 2026 Friday. Ruling planet: JUPITER Stones Wednesday. Jade. 2023 dragon 1964. 2001. Ruling planet: SATURN Blue Sapphires Wednesday. 2002. Ruling planet: VENUS Wednesday. 1978. 1999. 1954. Beryl. Ruling planet: VENUS Avoid Diamonds Thursday.Blue Sapphires Saturday. 1976. 1966. 2025 horse 1942. planet: MERCURY Emerald. 1953. 2024 Beryl. 1975.

Avoid Emerald. Diamond Beryl. green Tourmaline 9 . Jade.

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