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Prof. Dr. Eng. Ahmed Abohbsa

Chapter I Classification of Pumps




Classification of Dynamic Pumps 1.1 Classification according to Impeller Shape 1.1 1.2 Classification according to Casing Design 1.3 Classification according to Mechanical Design .

1 Classification according to Impeller shape Single Suction g Radial Flow Double Suction Mixed Flow Axial Flow Shrouded Star Regenerative Open Impeller peripheral Propeller .1.

Impeller Shape Number ΩS (Specific Speed NS) ΩS = (gH ) ω Q 3/ 4 Q [m/s] H [m] ω [1/s] N Q N S = 3/ 4 H Q [GPM] H [ft] N [rpm] Dimensionless .

0 ΩS=3 5 10 =3.0 ΩS=1 80 4 0 =1.70 ΩS=0 60 2 0 =0.20-.80-4.60-2.5-10 NS=2733 x ΩS .ΩS=0 20 70 =0.

1.2 Classification according to Casing Design Volute Casing Single Volute Double Volute Diffuser Casing (Turbine t (T bi type ) Deep Well Turbine Pump .

Mixed & Axial) Regenerative Overhung Impeller g p Special Effect Single stage Horizontal Volute Dry Pit .1.3 Classification according to mechanical Design Centrifugal C t if l Close Coupled l l d End suction Separately Coupled l l d In Line Impeller Between bearings Multistage Vertical Type Turbine Wet Pit (Radial.

Single Stage. End Suction . Close Coupled.Overhung Impeller.

Coupled. Inline Overhung Impeller Close Coupled Impeller. Single Stage.Overhung Impeller. Close Coupled Impeller Coupled. Single Stage. Submersible .

Single g p .Overhung Impeller. p y p . g Stage. Frame Mounted . Separately Coupled.

Separately Coupled. Flexible Coupling Overhung Impeller. Inline.Overhung Impeller. Separately Coupled. Single Stage. Single Stage. Wet Pit Volute .

Axial (Horizontal) Split Case .Impeller Between Bearings. Separately Coupled. Single Stage.

Axial (Horizontal) Split Case Pump .

Separately Coupled. Radial (Vertical) Split Case . Multi-stage.Impeller Between Bearings.

Multi-stage.Open Line Shaft Enclosed Line Shaft Submersible Turbine Type. Vertical. Deep Well .

Impeller (Propeller) Type .Mixed Flow Vertical Vertical. Axial Flow.

Overhung Single Stage .Regenerative Turbine. Impeller Overhung.

Regenerative Turbine. Two Stage . Impeller Between Bearings.

Recommended Names of Centrifugal Pump Parts .

2 Reciprocating pumps .1 Rotary pumps 2.Classification of Displacement Pumps 2.2 2.

Displacement Pumps Rotary Pumps Vane Piston Pi t Flexible Member Lobe Gear Steam Screw Controlled Volume Power Reciprocating Pumps .

Rotary Pumps y p .

Vane Sliding Vane Pump External Vane Pump .

Piston Axial Piston Pump .

Flexible Member Flexible Vane Flexible Liner Fl ibl Li Flexible Tube .

Lobe Single Lobe Pump Three-lobe Pump .

Gear Internal Gear Pump (With Crescent) External Gear Pump Internal Gear Pump (Without Crescent) .

Screw Single Screw Pump Screw A d Wh l P S And Wheel Pump Two Screw Pump Three Screw Pump .

Reciprocating p g .

Power Pump .

Power Pump Horizontal Single-acting H i t l Si l ti Plunger Power Pump Vertical Si l V ti l Single-acting ti Plunger Power Pump Horizontal Double-acting Piston Power Pump .

Controlled Volume Plunger Pump .CONTROLLED VOLUME PUMPS Liquid End Assembly.

Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Pump Mechanically Actuated Diaphragm Pump .

STEAM PUMP Cross-sectional Drawing of a Steam Pump. . Liquid End is on Right. Steam End is on Left.