Open Letter to Judge Tara Smith, District Justice Court, Bellevue, Pennsylvania And to the Allegheny County Sheriff

As seen below, a Portable Electric Meter has been hooked up measure the AC amperage electricity which is flowing from my kitchen wall outlet to my electric skillet, on my apartment, which is 72 South Fremont Ave., Apt 65 the Carol Apartments managed by Prudential Realty, which is registered in Pennsylvania as a fictional corporation with the Secretary of State.

As you can see, the AC amperage is only .029 amps when BOCA (The Building Occupation Code Authority) requires 15 amps AC, as does the Pennsylvania Implied Warranty of Habitability.

Thus my apartment and every other apartment with such substandard electric amperage should be considered substandard from a Code point of view. Landlord and Tenant law states that a tenant

can pay substantially lower rent when there is a substandard rental unit. (See, Pugh vs. Holmes). Anthony J. Fejfar, Pro Se Litigant

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