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Published by: maged_lamiy on Jan 12, 2013
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It is not enough to take positive steps to promote creativity.

It is also essential to guard against ways which hinder creativity.

There are three broad categories of obstructions for creativity, perceptual, cultural
and emotional blocks as shown in the sketch.

Perceptual Blocks

Cultural Blocks

Emotional Blocks

Need for







1.Perceptual Blocks : Include such factors as:

−The failure to use all the senses in observing
−Failure to investigate the obvious
−Difficulty in seeing remote relationships
−Failure to distinguish between cause and effect.

2.Cultural Blocks : Include:

−A desire to conform to established norms.
−Overemphasis on competition or conflict avoidance and smoothing.
−The drive to be practical and economical.
−A belief that indulging in fantasy or other forms of open-ended exploration
is a waste of time.
3.Emotional Blocks : Include:

−The fear of making a mistake.
−Fear and distrust of others
−Fear of grabbing the first idea that comes along

Sixty-One Ways to Block Creativity:

1.A good idea but…
2.Against company policy
3.Ahead of the times.
4.All right in theory
5.Be practical
6.Can you put into practice?
7.Costs too much
8.Don’t start anything yet
9.Have you considered
10.I know it won’t work
11.It can’t work
12.Too many projects now
13.It does not fit human nature
14.It has been done before
15.It needs more stud
16.It is not budgeted
17.It is not good enough
18.It is not part of your job
19.Let me add to that

32.That is not our problem
33.The boss won’t go for it.
34.The new people won’t understand
35.The old times won’t use it.
36.The timing is off
37.The union won’t go for it.
38.There are better ways.
39.They won’t go for it.
40.Too academic
41.Too hard to administer
42.Too hard to implement.
43.Too late
44.Too much paper work
45.Too old fashioned
46.Too soon
47.We have been doing it this way for
48.Long time and it works
49.We have not the manpower
50.We have not the time

20.Let us discuss it
21.Let us form a committee
22.Let us make a survey first
23.Let us not step on toes
24.Let us put it off for a while
25.Let us sit on it for a while
26.Let us think it over for a while
27.Not ready for it yet.
28.Of course, it won’t work
29.Our Plan is different
30.Some other time
31.Surely you know better

51.We are too big
52.We can too small
53.we have never done it that way
54.We have tried it before
55.What bubble head thought that up?
56.What will the customers think?
57.What will the union think?
58.What you are really saying is?
59.Who do you think you are?
60.Who else has tried it?
61.Why has not someone suggested it
before if it is a good idea? You are
off base!

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