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Writing Green 2013

Writing Green 2013

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Published by: griffinsusan on Jan 12, 2013
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Learning to write naturally with Susan Griffin

Write Naturally with Susan Griffin
Susan Griffin teaches craft, guiding writers through the process of writing and editing work in a wide range of genres.. The best literary work reflects the natural rhythms and contours of unique minds. Though writing requires sustained and focused effort, it is only by listening to and using your own thoughts and feelings that you can realize your vision. Susan teaches students and writers to identify and explore what inspires them, addressing problems such as writer’s block that arise in the creative process. She helps writers to begin new works, and craft, polish and complete works in progress. She can also help with the preparation of college applications, grant and book proposals. Her work helps students to: begin new work find the heart of a project trust and grow the vision develop craft cultivate a voice edit sustain and complete work. To enroll write to: griffinsusan@comcast.net or call 510 528 9296

To study with Susan write to griffinsusan@comcast.net


What Students and Colleagues Say about Susan Griffin’s teaching
“ She is a masterful teacher. In her writing, teaching and thinking, she pairs precision,...with creativity, artistry and imagination.” Drew Dellinger, author of Love Poems for the Milky Way “To say she is a dynamic teacher is to understate the situation She is a one-of-a-kindteacher.” Mary Watkins, Co-Chair, Community Psychology/Liberation Psychology/ Ecopsychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, co-author Toward Psychologies of Liberation. “Susan Griffin is a catalyst for miracle and mastery” Joan Miura, author of Morphologies of Silence

About Susan Griffin

Susan Griffin has taught writing for over forty years. Among the twenty published books she has written, A Chorus of Stones was a NY Times Notable Book and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Her groundbreaking work, Woman and Nature is considered a “It was as if her teaching ignited a part of classic. The Book of the Courtesans was a my mind that I’d been trying to access for best seller. Her play voices won an Emmy for years, one that was willing to take risks, think its local PBS production. Co-script writer out of the box of linguistic cliché, and at the for Academy award nominated, Berkeley in same time write closer to the bone.” the Sixties, the was named by the Utne Kim Rosen, author of Saved by a Poem. Reader as one of a hundred important visionaries for the new millennium. Recipient “Susan is a wonderful teacher with a of an NEA grant and a Guggenheim fellowwealth of knowledge about poetry and writ- ship, she is a well-known writer, celbrated in ing in general, she is an incisive thoughtful many genres. and sensitive editor, and she has a luminous to study with Susan spirit and presence that I find nourishing and write griffinsusan@comcast,net inspiring.” or call: 510 528 9296 Rebecca Foust, author of All that Gorgeous Pitiless Song

To study with Susan write to griffinsusan@comcast.net

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