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Hospitality - Love of God

Agenda – November 3, 2012 7:30 Arrive for set-up  Place RMGS markers on pews  Finalize sewing set-up – sewing machines, supplies (scissors, manual, seam rippers, thread, bobbins), ironing boards, embroidery supplies, sewing machine diagram, snack table 8:45 Girls arrive for Mass 8:55 Enter into Mass  6-7 Pews 9:00 Mass 10:00 Prayer & Snack – prayer before instruction, & grace   Attendance Etiquette when Father visits us

10:10 Welcome Back  Recap of last month o Sewing project o Hospitality chart Ice breaker if time permits

10:15 Hospitality & Love of God – Talk by Fr. Beaugrand    Virtue Lesson – read the Little Women’s Hospitality handout from last month or Lit. Reading/Fr. Talk Review Handout/insert take homes into the binders from last month

10:30 Sewing – must be quiet during this sewing session so you can hear if your name is called  Intro to apron o Show completed apron - basic sewing lesson to give you an introduction to sewing on the machine o Brief the girls on the starting points of the two groups o Review the steps of the apron making process, refer to the pattern instructions Assign girls to a sewing machine – one girl sewing, another girl observing on the opposite side of the table o Aprons placed at sewing machine Assist the older girl groups with prepping aprons o Pin apron (leaving spots open for the straps) or All girls not working on their apron will need to work on their nametags – split stitch must be used. Girls will need to start over if another stitch was used.

 

11:40 Skill Wrap Up & Clean-up (area should be as you found it) 11:50 Review  Review skill & virtue o Re-iterate Father’s lesson. Lit reading, etc… o Ask what was learned this meeting o Inform the girls of next month’s plan  Older girls on machines, first three groups will continue where they left off  Mother can sign out the apron  Another meeting outside of our normal schedule will be held so that the sewing machines can be be used – sign ups are required Share work Reiterate homework (work on hospitality – activity sheet, review sewing handouts, encourage girls to pull out a sewing machine and work with mom, big sis, etc., remind girls that we will be working majority of the next meeting) Thank girls for their hard work at the Bake Sale

 

12:00 Closing Prayer & Departure

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