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Movers Key Test 1

Movers Key Test 1

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Published by: thaingoclantho on Jan 13, 2013
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MOVERS’ reference test 1

Actual TEST D1 Part 1 1/ (A) She is riding a moving walk. (B) She is pulling he!" :u;gage along. (C) She is packing her bags for a trip. (D) She is lining up at the check-in desk. 2/ (A) They're enjoying the view. (B) They're reviewing some documents. (C) They're having a discussion. (D) They're sitting in a circle. 3/ (A) He's buying a newspaper. (B) He's sending a text message. (C) He's holding a publication. (D) He's adjusting his tie. 4/ (A) The loaves are being taken out of the oven. (B) The loaves have been arranged on the shelves . (C) The loaves are being prepared by the baker. (D) The loaves have been displayed on the table. 5/ (A) The lighthouse is under construction. (B) The beach house is being tom down. (C) One structure is taller than the others. (D) There is a path through the field. 6/ (A) He's making notes in his planner. (B) He's typing on the keyboard. (C) He's facing the monitor. (D) He's turning the computer on. 7/ (A) All of the flowers are blooming. (B) There are trees along the path. (C) It's snowing in the forest. (D) There are piles of logs on the road. B/ (A) He's entering a library. (B) She's fixing a bookcase. (C) He's indicating something on a page. (D) She's turning the pages. 9/ (A) The lamps are being installed. (B) The windows have been left open. (C) The kitchen table is being set. (D) The chairs are placed around the table 10/ (A) The people are meeting with a travel a (B) The people are boarding an airplane. (C) The people are waiting in a terminal. (D) The people are booking their flights. Part 2 11/ Where can I park my car? (A) It's $4 an hour. (B) Until 6 tomorrow morning. (C) You're welcome to leave it in our garage. 12 /When is the play starting? (A) Not that far. (B) Right, it was wonderful. (C) Not for another hour. 13 /Who approved this year's budget allocations? (A) Someone in management. B) Yes, they have improved. (C) It costs a lot. 14/ I heard Tessa called today. (A) A friend of mine is called Tessa. (B) NO~ Ldid~eive any calls yesterday. (C) Right, she left a message. 15/ Is Ms. Jones available at the moment? (A) She's not at her desk right now. (B) Yes, it's available for the right price. (C) I'll meet her for a moment. 16/ When did you receive the email from the supplier? (A) Last week. (B) Office supplies. (C) At my office. 17/ Where is your main office located? (A) It's the man's office. (B) I haven't received any offers. (C) In the central business district. 18/ Have you donated any money to charity this year? (A) Thanks for the donation. (B) I've been meaning to. (C) I've never worked for a charity. 19/ You refilled the ink cartridge, didn't you? (A) Right. You can print that document out now. (B) No, I haven't installed the fridge. (C) It was the bridge near the riverbank. 20/ How are you getting to the party? (A) I couldn't make it. (B) The staff party. (C) Carl is giving me a ride. 21/ Do you think it's going to rain today or not? (A) I'd take an umbrella just in case. (B) Yes, it rained all day. (C) He wants to be a weather forecaster. 22/ Would you mind ifI borrowed your stapler? (A) Yes, I'll borrow it. (B) You'll need to refill it first. (C) I ordered it from an office supplies' catalog. 23/ Are you going to the seminar on Thursday? (A) It was really interesting. (B) The training will go all day. (C) Do you think I should go? 24/ Please pass me the salt and pepper. (A) Yes, this food is too salty. (B) I'm full. Thanks anyway.

MOVERS’ reference test 1
(C) Here you go. 25/ I need an extension on my deadline. (A) I'm afraid that's not possible. (B) No, I didn't see the headlines this morning. (C) I hope you extend your stay. 26 /Where should we get together? (A) No, they weren't together. (B) Let's meet at the train station. (C) Around B o'clock. 27 /Who told you to turn off the air conditioner? (A) I don't use hair conditioner. (B) Ms. Walsh asked me to do it. (C) Yes, it's in good condition. 28/ Are those the sales figures from this month or last month? (A) They transferred from marketing last month. (B) I have only been working in sales for two months. (C) They're July's figures. 29/ What did the lawyer say about the contract? (A) That client is very loyal. (B) She told me she'd let me know later. (C) No, I walked along the track. 30/ Aren't you going to the movies tonight? (A) I attended the film festival. (B) No, we've changed our plans. (C) Well, I have done some acting work before. 31/ Would you like a paper bag, or a plastic one? (A) I'll tal<.e a paper one, please. (B) No, I didn't buy a plastic bag. (C) I don't often read the newspaper. 32/ Do you know how to run this software? (A) Sure. I'll help you in a minute. (B) From the hardware store. (C) I don't know who did it. 33 /Why don't you take some time off? (A) No, I'll take off my coat. (B) I've got too much work to do. (C) It's almost 6 o'clock. 34/ Could you fill in for Mr. Greg while he's on vacation? (A) In Mexico, I think. (B) I've already filled it in. (C) I'd be happy to. 35/ Don't you think we should catch a cab? (A) I'd rather walk. (B) I got caught in the rain. (C) It should be in the cabinet. 36/ The meeting is in the conference room downstairs, isn't it? (A) Yes, I enjoyed the conference as well. (B) No, it's in Mr. Jenner's office. (C) The parking lot is downstairs. 37/ Haven't we gone over this proposal already: (A) Yes, we looked at it yesterday. (B) He's working overtime. (C) She accepted my proposal yesterday. 38/ Let's arrange a meeting with the investors. (A) It is a very wide range. (B) What time would be convenient? (C) The meeting went very well. 39/ Why haven't you collected all the invoices? (A) Do you have a sore throat? (B) It was a collect call. (C) I've been too busy. 40/ Did Tim get the promotion, or did someone else get the job? (A) He has been offered the position. (B) No, Tim still works for the firm. (C) It was a very emotional story.

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