Devin Cooper Period 2 English 3H January 7, 2013 Maathai Noble Prize Acceptance Speech Précis 1.

In her Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech (2004), world-renown activist Wangari Muta Maathai, attests that through by protecting the environment and educating those who hurt it, humanity can solve problems both socially and economically. 2. Maathai, in an effort to promote peace and environmental protection, utilizes anecdotes to show how educating people about environmental causes can promote economic growth; admonishes world leaders to join her cause through using parallelism to highlight the advantages educating the un-educated has made in other parts of the world; and employs connotative diction to inspire the new generation of activists to work go out and make the necessary changes. 3. Maathai’s purpose, other than accepting an award, is to inspire those present and future generations to fight for the environment and the educate those who do not have access to modern education. 4. In respect to her audience, a group of esteemed colleagues and distinguished dignitaries, Maathai’s tone is respectful, but in respect to her purpose, her tone is also inspirational.

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