The Grand Officers of the York Rite Bodies of the State of Indiana wish to welcome you and your

Lady to our annual sessions. We hope you will have an enjoyable time with us in Indianapolis.
Make reservations with the Marriott: 7202 East 21st Street Indianapolis, IN 46219 (317) 352-1231

Sir Knight’s Program
Thursday, April 22, 2010
5:30 P.M. 7:00 P.M. 7:00 A.M. 7:30 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 9:00 A.M. 12:00 Noon 3:00 P.M. Divine Services Commandery Banquet Past Commanders Assoc. Registration Grand Commandery Opens Receive Distinguished Guests Sir Knights Lunch Installation of Officers

2010 Grand Session Program

Friday, April 23, 2010

Grand York Rite Bodies of the State of Indiana
165TH ANNUAL CONVOCATION Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Stephen T. Oathout and Lady Darlene Most Excellent Grand High Priest 153RD ANNUAL ASSEMBLY Grand Council Cryptic Masons Terry L. Smith and Lady Sue Most Illustrious Grand Master 154TH ANNUAL CONCLAVE Grand Commandery Knights Templar Larry W. Brown and Lady Suanna Right Eminent Grand Commander

Ladies Program
12:00 Noon 8:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M. Ladies Luncheon Hospitality Suite 160

Saturday, April 24, 2010
7:00 A.M. 11:00 A.M. Competitive Drills Commandery Drill Awards & Luncheon Exhibition Hall - Marriott Hotel

Grand Commandery of Knights Templar Grand Officers for 2009 - 2010
Larry W. Brown James L. Dove Paul A. Cole Bobby J. Roberts Jack F. Wallace Michael D. Ritter Jerry O. Deeter Robert J. Frazer, PGC Lawrence Kaminsky, PGC James L. Bolinger Gary A. Nicholson Donald D. Olvey Joseph K. Hedges Ronald L. Ellis, PGC Right Eminent Grand Commander V. E. Deputy Grand Commander Eminent Grand Generalissimo Eminent Grand Captain General Eminent Grand Senior Warden Eminent Grand Junior Warden Eminent Grand Prelate Eminent Grand Treasurer Eminent Grand Recorder Eminent Grand Standard Bearer Eminent Grand Sword Bearer Eminent Grand Warder Eminent Grand Sentinel Eminent Grand Inspector General Eminent Grand Organist H. E. “Gene” Lackey, HPGC Marshal of Grand Commandery

The Marriott is located on the east side of Indianapolis near the interchange of I-465 and I-70. Take the Shadeland Ave. exit off of I-70, travel south on Shadeland Ave. to 21st Street, then turn East (left) on 21st Street to the Marriott. The Marriott is visible from the interstates and Shadeland Ave.

7202 E. 21st Street Indianapolis, IN 46219 (317) 352-1231 April 21, 22, 23, 2010 Saturday April 24, 2010 Annual Meetings Competitive Drills

General Chairman P.75 $________ ______@ $27. 8:30 A. Herthel James W. 2010 Sir Knights Lunch Ladies Luncheon Grand York Rite (3-way) Reception ______@ $39. Wood.M. April 22. Jr. April 23. 12:00 Noon 1:00 P. Logan Steven K.M.2010 Terry L. April 20. Grand Prin. April 21. 3:00 P.M. of the Work Right Illustrious Grand Treasurer Richard A.M. . Tuesday.M. 2010 7:30 A. Davis. Wood James B. Robison Order of High Priesthood Thrice Illustrious Master Degree Past Commander’s Association Most Excellent Grand High Priest Right Excellent Grand King Right Excellent Grand Scribe Right Excellent Grand Treasurer Excellent Grand Captain of the Host Excellent Grand Principal Sojourner Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain Grand Master 3rd Veil Grand Master 2nd Veil Grand Master 1st Veil Grand Chaplain Grand Lecturer Grand Guard Grand Organist Grand Historian Fee $35. 2010 Drill Awards Luncheon _____@ $27. April 21.00 Fee $15. Kroman Thomas A. April 22. Snyder John C. Board William M. 2010. 2010 at 7:00 P. Include a check with your reservation requests.11:00 P.Dinner or Long Dress Conferred Wednesday. 9:00 A. 2010 Companions Lunch Ladies Luncheon Grand Master Banquet _____@ $27.75 $________ Wednesday. Conniff Glen (Ray) Windell Stephen P. Lochner.M. Gregory John W. Conferred Friday. 2010 at 7:00 A. 4:15 P. 2010 Grand High Priest Banquet ______ @ $39.25 $________ ______@ $39.Officers and Distinguished Guests Men . Maupin Cary L. 2010 at 4:15 P. Coleman Carl D. 12:00 Noon 1:00 P.25 $________ ______@ $27. of the Council Right Illustrious Grand Steward Illustrious Grand Lecturer Illustrious Grand Chaplain Illustrious Grand Sentinel Saturday. PGHP Jeffrey M. Grand Cond.25 $________ ______@ $27.M.M.Templar Uniform. 2010 7:30 A.M. April 22. April 21. PMIGM Right Ill Assistant Grand Recorder Edwin E. All Banquet Dress . KYCH. PGHP Right Excellent Grand Secretary Michael W. PMIGM Right Illustrious Grand Recorder Charles D. (317) 352-1929/ EMAIL: glackey357@aol.M. Froedge Joseph G. Registration Grand Chapter Opens Receive Distinguished Guests Companion’s Lunch Grand Chapter Resumes Installation of Officers Order of High Priesthood Ladies Luncheon Hospitality Suite 160 Companion’s Program Thursday.75 $________ ______@ $27.M.M.2010 Stephen T. 2010 at 7:00 P. E.M.00 Grand Council Officers for 2009 .25 $________ Total $________ Name:______________________________________ Title:_______________________________________ Spouse’s Name:______________________________ Address:____________________________________ City:____________________State:___Zip:________ Make Checks payable to: York Rite Sessions Send all reservations and payments to: H.25 $________ _____@ $39. 8:30 A. Grand York Rite (3-way) Reception Friday.00 Fee $35. 9:00 A. Grand Commander Banquet Thursday.M. 3:00 P. Wenning Paul W. “Gene” Lackey. 2010 at 7:00 P. Reservation deadline is April 10. April 22. Grand Captain of the Guard Right Ill. Daugherty Right Ill.M. April 20. Daugherty II Philip E. 2010 at 4:15 P. Smith Max E. 2010 Companions Lunch Ladies Luncheon Grand Commander Banquet Friday. PMIGM Most Illustrious Grand Master Right Ill. Tickets may be picked up in the registration area. Klepper.O. Ill. Box 19001 Indianapolis. Deputy Grand Master R. Imel Paul Wenning W. 12:00 Noon 8:00 A. IN 46219 Grand High Priest Banquet Tuesday.M. Cond..25 $________ _____@ $27.11:00 P.M. Registration Grand Council Opens Receive Distinguished Guests Companion’s Lunch Grand Council Resumes Installation of Officers Thrice Illustrious Master Degree Ladies Luncheon Hospitality Suite 160 Reservations Check the program carefully and order the needed meal tickets. Tuxedo or Business Suit Ladies . Keith Stiner Amzie L.M. No tickets will be sold at the Grand Session.M.75 $________ Ladies Program Ladies Program Thursday. 4:15 P. April 24. Conferred Thursday. Jordan David . April 21.M.M. 2010 at 7:00 P. April 23. Fowler. Gray.25 $________ Grand Chapter Officers for 2009 . . Grand Illustrious Master Banquet Wednesday.Companion’s Program Wednesday. Jr.M. Oathout Philip D.M. April 23. 12:00 Noon 8:00 A. Paul M.


____________________________________________________________________________________ . Our staff looks forward to serving you in fine Marriott tradition PLEASE NOTE: Hotel checkout time is 12:00 noon. . You understand you are liable for one night's room and tax in the event you do not cancel by 6:00pm or arrive on the arrival date. please enclose a list of names and addresses. Check or Money Order Enclosed for amount of ____________________________________________ OR Credit Card Number _______________________________________________ Expiration ___________________________ Signature ____________________________________________________________________________ The Indianapolis Marriott East is pleased you have chosen us for your upcoming visit.Reservation Request Indianapolis Marriott Center 7202 East 21st St. This will be deducted from your deposit or billed through your credit card. please note your arrival and departure dates carefully. Hotel check-in time is 4:00 PM. indicating which guests share rooms. 1230 Fax: (317) 352-9775 Grand York Rite Grand York Rite Week Dates: Tuesday April 20 through April 24. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ** All preferences are subject to change to availability** When requesting a reservation. March 26. 2010 Guest Accommodations Single/Double/Triple/Quad.$100. Indianapolis. ROOMS MAY STILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER THE CUT-OFF DATE: HOWEVER. 2010 Name: (please print) ___________________________________________________________________ Phone # (____) _______________ Address: __________________________________ __________________________________________ City: ________________________________ State: ________________ Zip: ____________________ Email Address: ____________________________ Marriott Rewards #_________________________ For arrival on day/date: ____________________________________ Departure on day/date:_____________________________________ Name (s) of person (s) sharing Accommodations: _________________________________________ ALL ROOMS ARE SMOKE FREE # of Rooms # of Guests Room Type Preferred One (1) King Bed Two (2) Double Beds Handicap Accessible No Preference Any special requests (Please keep in mind these are not guaranteed): .00 + 17% tax Cut off date: Friday. RESERVATIONS REQUESTED AFTER THE CUT-OFF DATE IS SUBJECT TO AVALIBILITY. THE GROUP RATE IS NOT GUARENTEED. If more than one room is requested. IN 46219 Direct Line (317) 322-3716 ext.