OBJECTIVE The main objective of this project is to study the awareness of the satisfaction of customers regarding the SBI

Retail Banking .Duringthis summer internship program period I have to achieve some thing,which is helpful for my career, and some value addition to theBanking Company. It gives me good opportunity to expose andcreating good impression of corporate mind. 1)To find out what type of problem customer are facing related to servicedelivered by SBI. 2) To find out the level of customer satisfaction from the product marketingof SBI retail banking.

SCOPE Money is the centre of world economy and Bank works as a central pointfor money. Banking industry is a very growing industry and among all the banks, particularly SBI is doing very well. In this time of global recessionwhere the other companies are laying off their staffs but SBI has recruitedmore than 20000 employees in the year 2008.So there is a huge potential for getting jobs in SBI. LIMITATIONS 1)The survey was conducted in the Darbhanga.

2)Target customers and respondents were too busy persons, so it wasdifficult to get their time and view for specific questions. 3)Area covered for the project while doing job also was very large and itwas very difficult to correlate two different customers / respondents’views in a one. Every financial customer has his / her own need and according to therequirements of the customer product customization was not possible. Research Methodology: The Research and Methodology adopted for the present study hasbeen systematic and was done in accordance to the objectives setwhich has been detailed as below. Research Definition Research is a process in which the researcher wishes to find out theend result for a given problem and thus the solution helps in futurecourse of action.According to Redman & Mory, research is defined as a “Systemizedeffort to gain new knowledge”. Research Design:

data are collected through adirect source like survey to obtain the first hand information is othersresources are written below. Secondary data Primary Data: It consists of original information’s collected for specificPurpose. Primary data for this research. •Face to face interaction. ( weekly . The secondary data for this study is collected from various sources like.According to “Claire Seltiz”. Primary data 2. Secondary Data: It consists of information that already exists somewhere and has been collected for some specific purpose in the study. • Estimate proportions in specified populations . Nature of Research: Research is basically of two types. •Financial Magazine. business world etc) Questionnaire: . Descriptive research 2. Explorative research 1. •Survey. a research design is the arrangement of condition and analysis of data in manner that aims to combinerelevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. •Newspaper. •Books.• Make specific predictions. 1. Determining sources of Data :There are two main sources of data 1. •Website. Descriptive Research: My research design is descriptive as descriptive research – • Describe the characteristics of certain groups/ samples /populations.

In my survey.In my survey.My sampling is probability sampling as probability sampling that hasbeen selected using simple random selection each unit in thepopulation has a known chance of being selected.. I have taken convenience sampling.Sample Size: Total sample size is 100 Questionnaire Development: Questionnaire is the most common instrument in collecting primarydata. which I collected. especially for the purposes of statistical inference. my sampling technique is simple random technique as insimple Random sampling. . SamplingSampling is that part of statistical practice concerned with theselection of individual observations intended to yield some knowledgeabout a population of concern.was from customers of SBI who had taken loan. In order to gather primary data from viewers. each respondenthave equal opportunity to be selected and the data. each unit of the population has an equalprobability of inclusion in the sample.Moreover. The presentquestionnaire consists closed ended type of questions.

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