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My interestin Jaimini was aroused over 20 years ago yet a college student by a Kerala Brahmin whcn I was astrologer who wagpractisingnear my residence. What struck me most was his admirable analysis of tbe fourth housein my horoscope, according to Jaimini, supported by eloquentquotationsfrom thc SUTRAS. He gave me to understandthen that the 3rd and 4th Adhyayas had beenlost and that they were not to bc found either in print or in manuscriptform anywhere. By about 1936an advocate friend of mine prescnted me with a copy of Jeimini Sutrasin Kannada script which also contained the original sutras of the 3rd and 4th Adbyayas. Tbe Kerala astrologerwas kind enough to interpret the 3rd and 4th Adbyayasfor 4y benefitand I am gratefulto him for this belp. Subsequently shiftedhis officeand I lost he touch with him. Sincethen my interestin Jaimini began to grow and I gathered valuable information tbrough my discussions with Panditswbo usedto visit my grandfather late Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao. I havewith me a number of versionsof Jaimini in Devanagari, Kannadaand Telugu scripts-most of them containingNeelakanta's commentaries. And the present work which I have the pleasure to place before the public is mainty based upon my "STUDIES" educated done during the last fifteen years. Owing probably to the dearthof books dealingclearlywith the principles,and of


scholarswho have specialised this particular branch of in astrological knowledge, Jaimini'smctbodshave not been popular. Consequently is not possibleto say with what it degreeof success principlesgivenby Jaimini could be the appliedto practical horoscopes. But there is no doubt whatsoever that when once the tecbnique prediction as of given by Jaimini has been clearly grasped, considerable rccuracy could be aimedat. In these.STUDIES I have merely endeavoured to make availablein compactand simple form the lcading facts or concepts Jaimini'sprinciples. Certainaspects of of Jalmini such as Dasas, Ayurdaya, etc., whichhave hitherto remained obscure,have been dealt with exbaustively and their slgnificance shown. I do not ctaim originality. But I claim to be the first in India to have given an expositionof Jaimini in English with suitable illustrations. It shouldbe pointcd out in conclusion tbat if this work were to stimulatea more detailedstudy of Jaimini, my labourswill have beenamply rewarded.

Bangalore, Yijayadasami, 20th October, 1950.


G.Preface to the Fifth Edition It is with great pleasure that I present herewith the fifth editionof my stuotes IN JAIMINI ASTROLOGY. In fact as early as 1944. Jaimini has certain specialfeatures especiallybearing on longevity and Dasa interpretation furnistring fresh materialfor the research-minded. RAMAN . Ananthram for having brought out this edition attractively. The informationgiven in this book has beenbased on all the four chaptersof the SUTRAS aod has becn tested by me on several horoscopes. K. I hope that astrological savantswill welcomcthis new edition as they have welcomed my other books. I am thankful to Mr. The fourth edition went out of print a coupleof yearsago and the bringingout of tbe fifrh edition had to be dehyed due to my other preoccupations.I had made predictions based on Jaimini on the horoscopes Hitler and Mussoliniwhich were of remarkably fulfilled. all Bangalore 29-l t-1986 B. even before I brought out the first edition. This edition has beenrevisedand typographical and othererrorsbavebceneliminated. V.

Minor Karakas 18. Detcrmination Karakas of 16. Arudha Lagna 20. Putrakaraka 13. The Karakas 6. Varnada Lagna . Hora Lagna 21. Gnathikaraka 14. I 2 3 4 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 ll ll ll l2 l3 l3 Chepter II-The EssentialsExphined 5. Different Kinds of Lagna 19. Natural Karakas 7.Contents ARTICLE Chapterl-Preliminary Observrtions Jaiminiand Parasari Differences Jaimini'sAbstruseness StandardHoroscope PAGE l.. 4.. Bhava Lagna 22. 2. Atmakaraka 9. Amatyakaraka 10. 3. Bhratrukaraka I l. Darakaraka 15. Karakasin Jaimini 8. Exceptions 17. Matrukaraka 12. .

15 . 48.17 .18 .t7 . 24.19 .16 .14 .19 . 49. 44.17 . 27. 42. 33. 31. 43. 26. 30. 35. 41.) PAGE . 46. 28. 29. 37.viii ARTICLE Chapter-II (Contd. 47. 50. Varnadasfor Other Rasis Ghatika Lagna Nisbekaor Adbana Lagna Parasara's Method Samarsingh's Method Unsatisfactory Nature of ExistingMethods Pranapada Method of Finding Pranapada D w a r aR a s i Bahya Rasi Paka and BhogaRasis : Gulika Brahma Exceptions Selection Brahma of Maheswara Rudra Chapterlll-Aspects and Argalas Reckoningof Aspects Aspects Jaimini in Rangeof Aspect Argalas Formation of Argala Benefic Argalas MaleficArgalas Counteraction Argalas of Significance Argalas of Argala Chakra Argala Chart in the StandardHoroscope 40. 24 24 25 26 26 26 26 27 28 28 30 .22 22 23. 45. 34.19 . 38. 36. 32.20 2l . t8 . 39.16 .21 . 25.

60. 37 38 38 40 . 57. 56. 68. 59. 70. 79.. 63. 75. 71. 44 73. '12.. 69. 64' 65. 55. 76. 74. 61.. 78. 52. 62.'lr ARTICLE ChapterIV--Planetaty and Rnsl Strdngtbs Sources Strength of Sources Rasi Srength of AtmakarakaSttength AssociationStrength Location br AspectSffetrgth Strengthdue to Lord Strength Odd Rasis of AtmakarakaDisposition rength St Sources Planetary of Strength Amsa Bala Moolathrikona Bala Numerical Measure Rasi Strength of The Lord's Strength Bala Moolatbrikona Amsa Bala KendraBala Chara Bala Druk Bala SthiraBala Total Rasi Strength Special Strength Exceptions ChapterV-Dasas and Bhoktls Kinds of Dasas Choiceof Dasa Chara Dasa Rasis Visbamapada Rasis Samapada The Order of Dasas Dasa Period PAGE 32 32 33 33 34 34 3q 34 34 34 35 36 77 51. 45 45 46 47 47 47 47 . 40 40 42 42 . 53. 67. 77.. 58. 66. 54.

95. 100. MethodOne 105. Termsof Longevity 104. 6 8 68 ChapterVI -Determinationof Longevity l 0 l . . 92. Chapter-V (Contd. 81. Ir{adhyayu 107. 87.) FurrherVariations DasaDuration of Variations due to Dual Lordship Conjunction Dual Lordsin Own Rasi of h{ars-Ketu Conjunction Other Signs in Saturn-Rahu Conjunction Other Signs in One Lord in Own Rasi and the Other Lord in a Different Rasi Dual Lords in Different Rasis Bhuktisin Chara Dasa Durationof Sub-periods SthiraDasa DasaPeriods Calculation SthiraDasa of ThrikonaDasa Spanof ThrikonaDasa Sub-periods Thrikona Dasa in Varnada asa D BrabmaDasa YogardhaDasa NiryanaSulaDasa NiryanaPhalaSula Dasa Other Dasas PAGE 49 49 49 50 50 50 54 55 56 56 57 58 59 6l 63 64 66 67 . Jaimini'sMethods 103. 90.. 88.t ARTICLE 80. 96. 72 72 . 89. Purnayu 108. 93. 99. .r. 83. 86.71 7l 7l 7r :. 84. 97. Alpayu 106. G e n e r aO b s e r v a t i o n s l 102.'. 91.. Reconciling Contradictory Results 70 70 . 85. 82. 94. 98.

ll7. Karakamsa 126. EducationalProspects l3l. Parents 132. Character and Mind 128. Natureof Death 82 82 82 83 85 86 89 89 90 9l 93 94 95 98 98 .) Calculationof Exact Longevity Summary MethodTwo MethodThree Observations KakshaVriddhi Conditions KakshaVriddhi fcrr Kaksha Hrasa Conditions KakshaHrasa for Rasi Vriddhi Rasi Hrasa Remarks The N{ainPeriods Death of The Sub-period Death of Certain Exceptions PAGE 72 73 73 74 74 74 75 75 75 75 76 77 77 79 80 ChapterVII-Judgment of Horoscope 124. Preliminary Remarks 125. Health and Disease 130. Profession 137. PhysicalAppearance 127. Chapter-VI (Contd. I19. I14. ll2. l2l. Combinations Applicable Women to l3 5. I16. FinancialProspects 129. 123. 122. ll l.xi ARTICLE 109. ll8. I10. Brothersand Sisters 133. I13. Marriage 134. ll5. 120. Sourceof Death 138. Children 136.

Nature of Results 145. ArishtaYogas yogae 142. Father'sDeatb 146. GeneralRemarks 114. Judging Horoscope a 159.rii ARTICLE Chapter-VII (Contd. Longevity 157. GeneralObservations l5l. Rasi Strengths 155. Mother'sDcath 147. Deathof Wife 149. Aspects and Argalas 134. DifferentKinds of Lagnas 153. Miscellaneous ChapterVIIl-Timing Events 143. Dasasand Bhukris 156.) 139. Yogas An Index of TechnicalTerms PAGE 100 100 104 IM r06 107 109 lll l12 ll3 113 lt5 lt5 ll8 r2l r24 127 131 134 136 r37 138 140 "€r::'Si . Yogasin Jaimini 140. Periodof Death 158. Deatbof Other Relatives ChapterlX-Summary I J0. Nativc's Own Death 148. Raja Yogas l4l. TimingEvents 160. Karakas 152.

frequent refcrences are to bc found to the specific and distinct mcthorlology in cmployedby Jaimini. it seems rcasonableto suppose. This might tempt one to conclude that Parasara and Vriddhayavana must probably havc beenlater writers. 2nd and llth from an aspectingbody cause Argalas. For instance. determinationof Karakas. It cannot bc maintained boweverthat Jaimini and Parasariarc at completevariance from each other or they are two distinct systems. Parasara simply confirnrsthis in his I/cra Sastra. beingthe not have lived after looks as though Parasaraand Vriddhayavana confirm Jaimini.. etc. On the contrary. Jaimini must . determinationof longevity. Similarly in the matter of counteractionof Argalas.CHAPTER I Preliminary Observations 1. could because Parasara. in the works logicalscience for of Parasaraand Vriddbayavana. that Jaimini is merely an offshoot oi the generalschemeofthcastropropoundedby Parasara. Adhyaya l. The sourceof all astrological knowledgeiu India is undoubtcdly Parasara. Jaimini saysthat planetsin the 4th.results of Karakamsa. or the gcncral system of Astrology now in voguethroughoutIndia. Sutra 5. Sucha conclusion vlouldbe unwarranted progenitor of Vyasa. Pada 1. Jaimini antl Parasari The Jaimini systemof Astrology upon which these Studiesare based marks a definitc departure from the canonsof Parasari. Arudha Lagna.

and thus developedalmost a new system which did not become popular with the majority of the astrological savantE because the fact. The Karakas are constants of in Parasariwhile in Jaimini they are variable. Thc Jaimini systemhas its own distinctive features. Subsequently. Aspects are not based mutual distanccs planets. In the first place.investthe wholc system of with a certainamount of uniqueness originality. the peculiar methods of determination longevity. is a 2.2 Studics Jaimioi in Astrology havepickedup certainaspects ofParasari and given them a new orientationconsistent with his own genius. that and it is no wonderit cameto bc looked upon as a separate branch of astrologicalknowledge. thus facilitatingtheir easycomprehension the rank and by file of scholars.the simplicitywith which the of strengthof planetsis reckoned.Rasisin or Jaimini are synonymous with Bhavas Houses.the empharislaid on the conceptionhoroscope. apparently the complicated processes involvedin the working of the various types of Dasas. though the Jaimini system doubtless part and parcelof Parasari. and its bearingon the determination one's livelihood. Differences We can seequite a number of so-called 'differences' Parasari between and Jaimini. signs(Rasis)and Houses the distinctionbetween upon (Bhavas) is rvell marked. the principleswere presentedin the of shapeof Sutras.the distinctionattacbedto Arudha Lagnaand tbe great importance given to the Karakamsa.or aphorismswhich are alwayscapable of a variety of interpretations. The Shadbala strengthsconsideredin Parasari involve elaborate . while in Parasari. savants like Neelakanthaand Premanidhi have tried to elu'cidate or explaintheseSutras by way of valuable commentaries. The introduction of Karakas.

lt looks as though by somekind of special ability is requiredon tbe part of one who wantsto understand Jaimini correctly. P. Iam not unaware of the suggestions be found here and tbere (vide for example to A. Su. Jaimini's Abstrusencss The Sageis often abstrusein someof his observations. l) that for knowing the resultsof a particular Bhava. ln the determination of Ayurdaya (longevity). There bave becnattemptson thc part of somerecent writers to unstrain the Sutraswith a view to discovering necessarily the clue. It is for readcrsto decidefor themselvcsthe Dasa which would give the most satisfactory results in actual practice. seq. a certain type of Dasa is to be preferred.) not only for determining longevity but also for predicting important eventsto happenduring the life of a person. in thc mode of reckoning and interpretation of Dasasand in fact in almost every respect. is Undcr what specific conditions.Jalmini's Uniqucnesr 3 with cumbersome calculations whilc Jaimini dispenses calculations and suggestssimple rules for evaluating planetarystrengths. WhereverI havefound a certain siltra tough. But I am afraid such an approachis not the right one. 4.refercnce made to a number of Dasas. But tbe instructionsdo not appearto be clear.fresh and entirely novel ground has beencovered the the description of various Ypgas. clue is given anywbere all the fouiAdhyayasoftheSutras. For instance. My discussions with a number of scholars and a perusalof theextant literatureon this particular branch of astrologylead me to the conclusiontbat the Sagegenerally favours Charadasa (Art. vague or capableof a two-fold interpretation(probablybecauseof . And for in as far as I could see. 75 et. 2. the different Dasasare to bc cmployed? The readeris left to guess himself.

whenever prasnaLago" o.Janpa Lagna is invaiiably implied. a Adhana Lagnais menfioned. pada 2. Long.srzdres are intendedto bring to the attentionof the educated public.". g4" E. The following are the planetary longitudes a4d the Rasi and NavarusaDiagrams. in almost all classical works. these .a cummaryof the principlesof Jaimini. Lat.iJ As the name of the book implies. Planet Rasi Degree Minute Ravi Kumbha I l2 Chandra lvlesha lg 29 Kuja Thula 0 53 Budha g Kumbha 27 Guru Kumbha 2l 38 Sukra Dhanus 20 33 Sani Mithuna 3 20 Rahu Mesha 6 9 Kctu Thula 6 9 Lagna Vrishabha 9 13 . the Sagehas given a number ^ of combinations bearing upon the different Bhavas but applicablcto Adbana Lagna.becau8c. I proposeto consider the nativity of a personborn on l2-2-lgS6A. In Adhyaya III.4 Srudies Jaimini in Asroloty my own incapacity or inabirity to understand tbc truc import sf the sutra properly) I havcinvariably had recoursc to the explanations of parasara or Vridih"ya""oa or collateralIiteraturedearingwitb the techniqucor l"i. understood by. StandardHoroscope For purposes illustratingthe mathematical aspect of of Jaimini Astrology. l8u N.r"r_ ponding to Gh. l4-3O after sunrise.D. at l2_2t p. ro. but in these Srzdres I havc suggested tbeir application to the birth horoscope.m.

CollatcralLitcraturc handra I Lagna oapada I Ravi RanuI ^arukamsa Lagna Guru Rabu Horo Iagna Guru (A. Budha iukra Yarnada Hora Lagnu Kuja Ketu Ravi Sui Sukra Kuja .K'.

The following are the main Karakas :Planet Karaka Ravi or the Sun Father Chandraor the Moon Mothcr Kuja or Mars Brothers Profession Budha or Mercury Guru or Jupitcr Children Wife or husband Sukraor Venus Longevity Sanior Saturn Maternal Relations Rahu or Caput Paternal Relations Ketu or Cauda Karakas become important factors especially in measuringGocharaor transit results. The functions of a Karaka rrc similar to thoseof thc Bhava or house. Karakas play an important part in horoscopeanalysis.CHAPTER II The Essentials Explained 5. . Netoral Karakas According to Parasari. thc Karaka plancts are all constant irrespectivcof their horoscopic positions. 6. The Karrkas Each planet ie supposed be the Karaka or indicator to of ccrtain cvcnts in lifc.Even when a certain Bhava is weak. the event signifiedby the Bhava could be raid to prosper provided the appropriateKaraka is strong.

Amatyakaraha The next in importanceis the Amatyakaraka. Karakas In Jaiminl of Karakasaccordingto thc scheme Jaimini vary with regard to cach horoscopc. (3) Bhratru. This feature is of great significance. Atmakaraka The chief or prime-lord or indicator is all important. (4) Matru' (5) Putra. (6) Gnathi and (7) Dara. sign concerned. Any ptanet can acquire any karakatwa or lordehip. 10. . (l) Atma. . The planet havingthe highestlongitude in a sign becomes of the Atmakaraka. Bhratrukaraka Tbe planet whoselongitudcis next to that of Amatya' the karaka becomes lord of brothers. of degrees There is no naisargika(natural or permanent)Amatyakaraka but wc may assume Budha or Mercury to be as such.Karala Dctcrmination 7 7.the planet who getsthe next greatestnumber becomesthe Amatyakaraka or the sublord. Kuja or Mars is the naisargikakaraka for brothers. The natural Atmakarakais karaka Ravi or the Sun.Devoid of the signs. The strengthor weakness the Atmato karaka seems reflect the general strength or weakness so of the entire horoscope. that tbe position of the Atma' is very important. as the basis for determining the karaka is merely thc lonlitude of a planet reckonedfrom tbe beginning of the 'f. 12) are 7 main karakasin Jaimini. uiz'. 8.however g. All eventspertain' ing to brothers and sistershave to be read frotn Bhratru' karaka.

convert the longitudes the the of 7 planetsinto signs. The natural or naisargikaindicator of this horoscopic function is Guru or Jupiter. Gnathikaraka The planet whoselongitude is lessthan that of putrakaraka becomes lord of rclations.minutes. The rcst follow according to the above order. The natural karaka the or indicator for Gnathis or cousins and relations is Kuja or Mars. minutesand scconds. tabulatethe positions of plaoctsin the descendingorder of their numberof degrees. the gecond Bhava rcfers to finande or Dhana. Putrakaroka Thc lord of children is the planet that gets the next largest number of degrcesdevoid of the signs. . The planet whose longitude is the highcstbecomcsthc Atmakarska. Dareharaka The lord of wife (or busband)is the one whoselongitude is lcast. 15. It will be seen that thc order of Karakas is cxactly similar to thc order of Bhavas from the firrt to seven cxcept that whilc the second Karaka is styled Amatya. 12. Determlnstion of Karakas Summarising above. Thc natural Dara or Kalatrakarakais Sukra or Venug. 14. I1. etc.degrees.Studid in Jaimini Astrology Matrukaraka The lord of mother is the planet that gets thc next highest number of degrees in a sign.. Rejcct thc signs and considering the degrees. t3. Chandra or the Moon is howevcrthe natural karaka of mothcr.

becomesthe Putrakaraka. Under such an exceptional circumstance. Thc latter vicw appearEmorc rcasonable as it bas the .which Chandra and Kuja should have got. If in the above instance.when trvo or three planetshave to sharethc samelordship. Rahu could be a candidate development for a lordshiponly when two or more planets haveequal longitudcs.Somctimes of planetsmay occupy the samedegree longitude.therc are 8 karakas(including of Pitrukarakawhich has been omitted in some versions Jaimini) in which casethe Sun to Rahu becomeAtma and other karakas according to their longitude (Rahu's longitude beini!measured from thc last part of the sign)whilc according to others thcre arc only sevenkarakas-Sun to Saturn Pitrukaraka omitted. A contingency likc this rarely occursbut it cannot bc entirelyrulcd out. Then all the three planets become Bhratrukarakas.This meanstbat the Karakatwas. Tbe 2nd part in of the Sutra (Saptanamashtanamva) which Jaimini defineskaraka determination means "scvcn planets from Sun to Saturn or eight planets from' Sun to Rahu". this part of the havedifferentlyinterpretcd Commcntators Sutra. so that they may have to sharethe samelordship. Such a hardly occurs. Otherwise he is not cligiblc. the natural then Rahu becomes lord of children. Exceptions There are certain exceptions to tbe general rule two or rrtore governingKaraka determination. SupposingRavi is the Bhratrukaraka and Chandra and Kuja have the same longitude.CcrtainExceptionc 9 t6. fall vacant. a few lordshipsbecome vacant and these have to be fillcd up by Rahu and the other natural Karakas. Matrukaraka and Guru. Accordingto some. Matru and Putrakarakasbecome vacant on accountof Chandraand Kuja sharing Ravi's functions. and Rahu supplies thc gap formed when two or more planetshold the samclongitude.

(T 6 9 Mesha Rahu or Caput ) 69 Thula (^) Ketu or Cauda 320 Mithuna (X ) Sani or Saturn t12 Kumbha (*) Ravi or Sun 053 Thula (^ ) Kuja or Mars SinceJupiter has the highest longitude. Guru Sukra Chandra Budha (4) (e ) () ) (U ) Ravyadi Sani Paryanta bhavanti saptakarakaha : Amsaih mmyam grahaih dwou cha Rabum taDgunayodwijaba. The next highcstis secured by Venus Amatyakaraka. .. Tabulatingthe positionsof planets according to thc we order of their degrees. have :descending Degree Minute Rasi Planet 38 21 . Kumbh" (*) Guru or Jupiter 20 33 Dhanus (t ) Sukra or Venus 29 l8 Mesha (T ) Chandraor Moon I 27 Kumbha (-) Budha or MercurY . The other planetssimilarly who becomes get considered the following functions:Lord Karaka Atmakaraka Amatyakaraka Bhratrukaraka Matrukaraka . he becomes thc Atmakaraka.l0 - AstrologY io Studica Jaimini support of Parasara.. Example I Determine the Karakas in the Standard Horoscope..' Rahu can be taken as the 8th planct only when two or more planets have the same longitude..

Ltina is Taurus. 18. referenceis made to difrerent kinds of Ascendants. Hora Lagna. . Suppose and the trd is in Taurus. 8th from Lagna. Different Kinds of Lagnas For making predictions. correctly. Arudha Lagna Count as many signs from birth lord as the lord is removedfrom the Ascendant' This will give Arudha or Aquarius or Kumbha is the Lagna PadaLagna. Therefore thc 8th from Sagittarius' viz. younger priOi"ting "o.. (4) Yenus-Wife's parents' maternalgrandParents. (3.viz. (l) Mars-Sisters. maternal aunts' (3) Jupiter-Paternal Maternal grandfather and grandmother. Canceris the Arudha Lagna. step-motherand brothers'in'law' (2')Mercuryuncles. the 4th from Lagna' Then the 4th from Taurus. (4) Varnada Lagna' (5) Ghatika Lagna and (6) Nishekr Lagna' Lrothers.' Simha would be the Arudha Lagna' Example 2 Determine the Arudha Lagna tn the Standard Horoscope. Lord of Lagna Venus is in Sagitta' rius. Minor Karakar The following allocation of some minor Karakas' would be helpful in by suggested Jaimini's commentators. They are :-(l) Arudha Lagna' (2) Bhava Lagna.DifrcrcotLagnas Karaka Purakaraka Gnathikaraka Darakaraka Sani Ravi Kuja ll I-ord (h) (q) (o) 17.

vlz. as we are asked to count from the sign ofLagna(i.. . Birth Ghatis (rfter sunrisc) into 12.5. Dividing the birth time by . ger 5 as +*we quotient and 0.from thc lst degrecofthe Lagoa Rasi). The remainder reduced to givesthe exactlongitudeof Hora Lagna. Actually.5 ghatis beiog equal to I sign or 30c. The quotient plus one counted from the Sun or Lagna according as the Janma Lagna is odd or even.Hora Lagna= Thula 24o. thc Hora Lagna would bc 14. degrees Example 3 Find out the Hora l-agna in the Standatd Horoscopc. The remainder. appcar to be mathematicallyunsound unless the exact longitude of the Lagna is not desired.e. each hora or 2. * Tbe methods suggestcdfor calculating Hora Lagna.the 6th (5+l) from Lagna. SinceLagnais even.8 as remainder.204" . rcprcsentsthe Hora Lagna. Hora Lagna Divide the time of birth in gbatis (from sunrise)by 2. . For Hora Lagrra. etc. 0. we get 30 + l?4 .12 Studicsin Jaimini Astrology 20. Lagnais Taurus-an evensign..Thule 24o. Thufa becomesthe Hora Lagna..'.t. cacb ghati would bc equivalent to l2'.l74o.8 m'ultipliedby 30 gives24". viz. Hence mathcmatically the exact positioo of Hora Lagna would be 430 9' +1740 -217" 9'= Scorpio 7o 9'.5ghatisafter sunrise. howcver. In Expmpte 3.. counted from the (exact longitude of) Sun or tbat of Lagna according as Lagna is odd oreven should give the Hora Lagna. Mathcmatically. Timc of birth is 14..5 x12. Bhava Lagna.Oaway from thc Birth Lagna.

!. horvever. to Hora Lagna.' Janma Lagna is an even sign. count from Mesha (clockwise. Varnada Lagna If the JanmaLagna is an odd sign. to degrees Example 4 Find the Bhava Lagna in the Standard Horoscope.. . n= :i -2. 87ois added to the lst degrceof Lagna : 130+87) . or Meena(anti-clockwise.5. If the JanmaLagnais even. Birth Ghatis= 14. Remainder=0. count anti-clockwise from Pisces Janna Lagna. to longitude of Lagna or the Sun according as the Lagrra is odd cr even.87o. Call this D. Bhava Lagna= Cancet27o. In the Standard Horoscopc.. 22. Actually.9 '. an evcn sign. take the difference TMoth"*atically Bhava Legna ir obtained by acding birth ghatis from sunrise x 6. Multiplying the remainderby 30. Similarly accordingas Hora Lagna is odd or even. Call to this a. we get 27o as the exact longitudeof Bhava Lagna. birth gbatis x 6 .9=Quotient=2 . Bhava Lagna is the 3rd (r + l) from Janma Lagna. z is an integral quotientarrivedat by dividing thc birth ghatisby 5" The remainder reduced givestbe exactlongitudeof BhavaLagna.Finding Varnada Lagna t3 21. This addcd to +3" 9' (longitudc of Lagna) Fives 130" 9' --Leo I0o 9' as Bbava Lagoa. Bhava Lagnar This is the sign arrived at by counting n + I places from the Sun or Janma Lagna accordingas tbe Janma Lagnais odd or even. count clockwise from Meshato JanmaLagna. If both Janma and Hora Lagnasare odd or both evcnn then takethesumsf o rndb. 14{ . Cancer.:ll7 -Catcer 27o. Ifone is odd and the other is cven. viz. Janma Lagna is Taurus.

If Varnada for 2nd Rasi the is required. and. viz. JanmaLagna is Taurus-an evensign. Hora Lagna is Libra-an.'. order.14 AgtroloSY Studics Jaimini in a between. .odd sign. If Varnada for the 3rd is required. we can Varnadasfor all the other ll Bhavasby treating calculate appropriateRasi as Lagna. Varnadasfor other Rasis Just as we calculated Varnada for Lagna. then treat it as Lagna and tbe 2nd Rasi from Hora Lagnatakes the placeof Hora Lagna for purposes of Varnada calculation. Expungemultiplesof 12 and VarnadaLagna is the Rasi arrived at by counting c from Mesha (direct) or Meena (reverse)according as the Janma Lagna is odd or even. '. a=ll (counting in the reverse JanmaLagna). Example 5 Determine the Varnada Lagna in the Standard Horoscope. !=7 (countingin the direct order from Nfesbato Hora Lagna). Dhanus is tbe Varnada countedin the reverse Lagna. Similarlyother Bhavas Example 6 Calculate the Varnadafor the 2nd Rasiin the Standard Horoscope. to order from Pisces .'JanmaLagna is evenand Hora Lagna is odd a-b=c (after expungingmultiplesof 12) multiplesof l2) ll -7 =4 (after expunging As JanmaLagna is an evensign.. 23.b. the 3rd from Hora Lagna takes the place of must be dealtwith' Hora Lagna. the 4th from this c.

the secondRasi).5 ' Mathematically.14. each Ghati bccomes cquivalent to 30o. Vrishabha the Varnada of the 2nd Rasi.Lagnr Varneda l5 The 2nd Rasi is Gemini-an odd sign.2nd from Hora Lagna). Tbe fractional gives the exact part of the remainder reduced to degree longitude.tbc Gbatika Lagna according to strictly mathematical rules would be : 47809'. the 2nd from Mesha is countedin the directorder. . Varnadasfor different Rasiswould bc requiredfor calculatingVasaa6aDasa(seeart. U. Janma Lagna ir Taurus. 95). i. In the Standard Horoscope.llSo 9'= Cancer 28o9' = 4 3 5 0+ 4 3 o9 ' = ( 1 4 . rejectthe quotient and tbe integral part of thc remainder(n) plus I countedfrom JanmaLagna givesthe Ghatikd Lagna. Take thc difference between and b:5 -3 :2. 2nd Rasi is odd and the 2nd from Hora even. GhatikaLagnar Divide the birth ghatis by 12. The 2nd from Hora Lagnais Vrischikha-an evensign. . 5+ 3 0 ) 4 3 o9 ' Actualty.. a As the 2nd Rasi is an odd sign.'. b = 5 (counting in the reverse order from Meenato Vrischika. a= 3 (countingin thc direct order from Meenato Mithuna. Tbis gives Goatika Lagna as l5' of Canccr' . Hence Ghatika Lagna can be obtaincd by multiplying birth ghatis from sunrise by 3O and adding the product to the longitude ol Lagna. Birth time in Ghatis. however. wc arc askcd to add Birth gbatis x 30 to tbc 6rst point of Lagna. Example 7 Find the Ghatika Lagna in the Standard Horoscope. vlz.

Nishekaor Adhana Legna This is the sign rising at the time of conception.. t45 we get (remaindcr). 26. Ghatika Lagnais tbe Rasi arrived at by countingn+l.Studics Jaimini A..Kataka. viz.(2+ l).0.'.c.5. Parasara'sMethod Jaimini does not give any particular method for finding thc conception time from thc birth horoscope. fractional part 0.5 'The integral part is 2. There is a widesprcadbelief current amongstsomemodern astrologicalstudents who always look to the West for astrological inspiration that Prcnatal astrology was developedin thc West. To the utter disappointment of such half-informed scholars. Such a misconception is partly due to ignoranceand pdrtly to prepossession a theory that involving astronomico-biologicalcorrelations could not bave been developed by the ancients. vi2.5 reducedto degrees givesl50. i:2. 3rd from JanmaLagna. The remaiuder p&tt. 25. i. we find frequent references being made to conception Lagna and and how by taking its relationshipto the birth ascendant into consideration conception horoscope. .trology io Dividing the birth ghatisby 12. Ghatika Lagna=Cancer l50. to Thelcicre I shnll makea refercnce Parasara's method. predictions the affccting the future of an individual could be attempted with sufficicntaccuracy. I would just make a casualreference tLrethecry by and for a f'uller treatment of as propounded Parasara the subjectI would refer the readersto Brihat Parasara Hora. In tbc course of theseStudies. . I do not proposeto deal with the Nisheka Lagna exhaustc tively..

Semarsingh's Method In a work cntitled Manushya Jataka. animal and vegetable births could occur only at certain 2 . UnsatisfactoryNaturc of Existing Methods Almost all thc mcthods of deriving Adhana Lagna . When the Moon and Lagna are opposite.a. 29. now in vogue. The principles involved in tracingthe timc of conception frorn the time of birth and viccyersa are astronomico-biological and hcre is a fcrtile field open to scholarsfor investigation.Quite a lot of researchwork has to be done bcforea workablesystemcould be laid down for universalacceptance.. In the absencc of a fool-procf and systematicmcthod of determining Adhana Lagr. to the distance from thc first to ninth house. the period of gestation would bc 273 days.etc. refercnce is madeto AdhanaLagna by the author Samarsinghwho saysthat when the longitudes Lagna and thc Moon in of are the birth horoscope the same. IV of Brihat fatuka. 27. The clue is to be found in Varahamihira's reference the correspondence to between Janma Lagna and AdhanaLagna hinted at in stanza21.from JanmaLagna. Pranapada Thc theory ofPranapada appcarsto have been based on the law of pcriodicity according to which human. Ch.the duretion of pregnancy would be 258 days. appcar to be riddle with inconsistencies. 2E. countedbackwards represents in terms of months the interval betwcen tbe timc of birth and the time of conception.Rectification Birth-Time l7 l which is as follows :-Add the distance from the Sun to Mandi. we could safelyapply thc combinationssuggested Adbyaya in lV by Jaimini to birth horoscopes. The Sun in terms of signs.

a fixed sign. A tbe between Lagnaand thc Pranapada connection in good many astrologers North India take it for granted for theory is the nraster'key the deterthat the Pranapada mination of the correcttime of birth..18 io AstrologY Studies Jaimini dcfinite intervals. Applying the above formula.7210") o = 1 7 4 0 0 + 5 J 1l"z t . lllcthorl of finiting Pranapada can be obtainedby adding twice thc birthPranapada time in vighatisto (a) the Sun'slongitudeor (r) thc Sun's longitude +240oor (c) the Sun'slongitude + l20o according as the Sun is in a movable. Pranapadais a sensitive at by a certain manipulationof the birth time. l2' Sun'slongitude-3010 or 1o 12' in Aquarius. arrived 3{r. l4-30 = 870 vighatis. DwaraRasi The sign in which a Dasa begins or the sign whose is Dasa is under consideration the Dwara Rasi. multiplcsof 360o Example 8 Find the PranapadaLagna in the StandardHoroscope' Birth Time . Expunging multiples of 360o. 2 2 8 1 1 2 t .Gh.Chandra and Gulika point haveall to be considered. Pranapada Lagna is obtainedthus :(2 x Birth time in vighatis)+ (Sun'slongitude1240o) = (2 x 870)+ (301012t. Pranapada 31. No singlemethod can cxclusivclyclaim for itself infallibility or universal applicability.wc get l2lo lzt Lagna--Simhalo i2'. Consequentlytherc is a recognisable sign. Eacb horoscoperequires an individual approach. Parasaraclearly suggeststhat in thc matter of birtb rectification Pranapada. . . beinginvariablyexpunged. fixed or common sign.'.

32.'rLagna. 7th. 3rd. Suppose considerationfor purpose of maraka determination is 'l'hen Thula is Dwara Rasi. If Dwara is the 3rd. 34. do. do. do. do. Makara would be the Bahya Resi. ?th. do. As Thula is the 4th Thula. I ltb. tbe Then that Rasi becomes Dwara Rasi. Bahya Rasi The sign which is as many signs away frorn Dwara Rasi as the latter is from Lagna goes under the nameof Lagna is Cancerand the Rasi under Bahya Rasi. 5th. do. 101h. 8th.. Paka and RhogaRasis Dwara Rasi is also known as Paka Rasi while Bahya Rasi goes under the name of Bhoga Rasi. I lth. 5tb. if Dwara is the 2nd from Lagna. Bahyawould be 5tb. 33. fror. Both these Rasiswill be found to be useful mainly in the determination of longevity. do. lst. do. 9th. viz.. Gullka The positionof Gulika is importantas it is frequently referredto by Jaimini especially the matter of determiin . do. do. do. do. do. Bahya would be the 3rd. I I th. do. lst. the 4th from Thula.Gulika's Position 19 the Suppose Dasa of Mesha Rasi is under consideration either for determiningMaraka or some other event. do. 9th. 9th. 7th. do. 6th. lst. Therefore. l2th. do. do. 4th. do. do.

20 in Studies JaimioiAstrologY nation of profession. Duration of Day.'. Eachpart and suppose ir equalto 3t ehatis. divide thc duration of night into 8 equalparts. 1 7 .. Therefore Gulika's longitude corrcsponds to the rising degree 7| ghatisaftcr sunrise. The first parts are ruleil by the seven planets beginningfrom seven the lord of the weekdayconcerned. Saturn'spart extendsfrom Gh. Readersmust not mix up Gulika with Mandi. Here to egain Gulika's position corresponds the endingportion of Saturn'spart of tbe night. 9l and also the pcriod of Maraka. at to Gulika's position corresponds the rising degree G h . The position of Gulika is obtainedthus : Divide the duration of da5. 28. of Weekday birth is Tuesday. at In caseof a night birth.into 8 equal parts. viz.4 dividedby 8 gives Gh. M i t h u n a4 ' 2 6 t . 35.4 5v l ' 2 .5s. Gh. ' . to . The longitudeof Gulika correspondsto thc longitude of ascendantrising at the end of Saturn'spart.3. and that of the 2nd part (upto 7| ghatis)is Saturn. The ruler of the lst part is Venus lord of the weekday. Brahma In the matter of finding Sthira Dasa (art. The first sevcnparts are ruted by the seven planets beginning from the lord of 5th weekday from the weekdayconcerned. 14-12 17'4i. Dxample 9 Find the longitude of Gulika in the Standard Horoscope. Thc 8th part has no lord. The 8th has no lord. the planetbecomingBrahmaplays & very important part. Suppose position of Gulika is required on a Friday the the duration of day is 30 ghatis. Brahma is a certain distinction .

Find the strongcst of the lords of the 6th. of 37. he becomes nominal Brahma and is automatically disquali8ed. he becomcs qualified for the position of Brahma. "visible half" meeur 6th to LaSna couoted backwards. Rahu or Ketu becomeseligible as pcr a article 35 for the placc of Brahma. Call tbir A. 's2). then selectBrahma by Raei Bala (sce art. Rshu and Ketu. When two planetsqualifiedto becomeBrabma travethe samelongitude. Find TFrorn Legoa. Qualificrtion Brahma 2l which a planct obtains by virtue of certain qualifications ae per dctrila givcn below :I. Mercury' Jupitcr. Call thir B. For the 7th.Saturn.for. counted in the ordcr of Sun.then selcctonewith higherlongitude. 36. If thc lord of the 8th from Atmakaraka is in the 8th thercfrom. II. "visiblchrlt"' meaorthc 12tb to ?tb houscs reckonedbackwards. Ascertain whether Lagna or thc ?th housc is stronger. helf of the zodiac. howevcr. the longitude must be measurcd fiom the last point of the sign. Mars. B becomcsqualificd for the position of Brahma if he occupicsen odd sign which should have reference to the visible. In respect of Rahu. The real Brahme will be the 6th planet from the nominal Brahma. . Moon. VenuE. 8th rnd l2th from A. Example 10 Brahma Graha in the Standard Horoscope. Selection Brahma When two or three planets become eligible for the positionof Brahma. Erceptions If Srturn.

his longitude is the highcst(B). Rndra The stronger of the lords of the 8th and 2nd from Rudra. the weaker. if Lagna becomes . i. Rabu and Ketu join Atmakaraka or arc in the TVhen 8th from Atmakaraka.' 22 Studies Jaimini in Astrology BetwecnLagna and 7th. Thc lord of the 8th from Atmakaraka is Mercury. If thc 8th lord from Atmakaraka is exalted or in his would be the strongerof tbe own house. Jupitcr is in an odd sign and occupies tbe visiblc horizon. ' 3t. is exaltednor is in his own house nor Rahu or Ketu hasjoined Atmakareka or tbc 8th from it.^S. When two or more planets compete for the post of Mahcswara. Lagna is stronger= (A) (vide Examplel8). Jupitcr is the strongest because. The other. thcn thc 6th planet from tbe Sun becomes the Maheswara.then Maheswara lords of 8th and l2th from Atmakaraka.a. Neither tho 8th lord Hencehe is the Maheshwara. therc are no other competitors. 8 and 12 from A are Venus. Consequently 39. Maheswara The lord of the 8th house from Atmakaraka is the Mahcswara.-No other planet becomesqualified for this position. Jupiter and Mars respectively. Hence Jupiteris Brahma. choosethe strongest onc. Lords of6. P. . Example 11 Find Maheswarain the Standard Horoscope.

Hence Jupiter is Rudra. Jupitcr is strongcrthan Mercury.rnd Maheswara Rudre 23 arpectedby malcficscan also become nominal or supplemental Rudra. Example 12 Find Rudra ln the Standard HoroscopeThe lord of thc 8th and 2nd from Lagna arc Jupiter and Mercury. .

and it stops short at the 300thdegree {1. looks as though tbe aspectanglesarc ignorcd. invariably considered. an adjacent sign. To be more clcar. Arpcctein Jaimini it So fer as Jaimini is conccrned. All movablc aignsaspect all fixcd signr. The vtrious aspects can bc thus summariscdto facilitetc casy undcrstanding. Likewirc Taurus aspcctsCancer. A planct cannot aspect anglesare anothcr planct or Bheva witb 30oin front of it and 60o bchind it. Common signs aspcct erch cxcept thc adjaccnt thc other. Virgo. an adjaccnt rign. All fixcd signs aspect ones. Scorpio and Aquarius and not Taurus. Aspccting sign Arics arpects Taurus aapects Gcmini aspccts Aspectedsign Leo. Libra and Capricorn end not Aries. crccpt thc ell movablc.cvcn though in thc dctcr' thc aspcct mination of Drug bala or aspcct-strcngth. . The aspectbcgins from 30oin front of a planet frorir tbc planet.CHAPTER III Aspectsand Argalas 40. Aries aspects fixed signsof Leo.cigns adjaccntoncs. Rcckonlngof Aepectr According to Hindu Astrology aspects arc generelly reckonedwith rcfcrenceto signs.Libra and Capricorn. Canccr. Scorpio and Aquariur. Sagittariusand Pisces.

Arpcct$io Jalmioi

25 AsPectedsign Libra, Capricorn and Aries' Sagittarius,Piscesend Gemioi' Aquariuc, Taurul and Leo' Capricorn, Aries end Cencer' Gcmini and Virgo' Pisces, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio' Arics, Cancerand Libra. Gcmini, Virgo and Sagittarius'

Aspecting sign Cancer aspects Lco aspccts Virgo aspects Libra arpects Scorpio aspects aspects... Sagittarius Capricorn aspects Aquerius aipccts Pirccsaspcctr A.

Ren3cof AsPect In other words a Chara Rasi or a planet in it aspects the 5th, 8th anclllth from it. A SthiraRasi or a planet thc in it aspects 3rd, 6th and 9th from it, and a DwiswabhavaRasi or a planet in it arpectsthc 4tb, 7th and l0th from it. Thc iange of aspccts may bc said to be in rcspectof 300c 120o,2i0o, (a) Movablc Signs 60" l5oo,2400 (D) Fixcd Signa 90c, 180" 270" (c) Common Signs Exrmple 13 Tabulate the aspectsin the Standard HoroscopeThc Sun is in Aquarius, a fixed sign and thercfore Aries (and Rahu and Moon in it), Cancer aspccts and Libra (and Kuja and Kctu in it). Similarly in reckoned, thc following is thc table of aspccts : HoroscoPe the Standard
Aspccting Lord Aspectcd Lord Atpcctcd Sign

Thc flun - Rehu, Moon Mers, Kctu - Arics, CaocerLibra. The Moon ..- Suo, Mercury, JuPiter - Lco Scorpio Aquerius. -- Suo, Mcrcury, Jupitcr, Lrjoa. Aquerius.TaurusLeo' Mars

26 AryectingLord Mcrcury Jupitcr Venus Saturn Rahu Kctu 43. Argalas
Aspectcd Lord Same as Sun do Saturo Venus Samc as Moon Samc as Moon .-.-

Studics in Jaimioi Astrology Aspected Siga Same as Sun. do. Pisces. Gemini and Virgo. Virgo, Sagitterius and Pisccs. Semc as Moon. Samc as Mers.

Plancts and Rasis aspect other planets and signs according to their dispositions. Theseaspectinfluenccs areofected fbr good or bad by the presence,from an aspectinglord or sign, of planetsin certain places. These 'affecting'or influencingagencies calledArgalas. are 44. Formationof Argala in Planets the 4th, 2nd, I lth and 5th from an aspecting body (exceptKetu) causeor bccomeArgalas. Lords who are in the 9th from Ketu becomeArgalas. 45. Benefic Argalas place act as Natural benefics thc above-mentioned in agents. BeneficArgalasor augmcntary 46. Malefic Argalas in Natural malefics the placesmentionedin article 4{ function as Malcfic Argalasor obstructingagents. Natural maleficsin the 3rd can also become Argalas. The interprctation of the sutra bearing on this particular point by the commentators neitherclearnor convincing. is of The consensus opinion is that Argala could be caused only when there are many malefics in the 3rd and not wben thcre are onc or two.




of 47, Counteraction Argalas generated the disposition of planets by The Argalas, lordor 5th from an aspccting in the 4th,2nd, llth and the simultaneous or house, get neutralised counteractedby prcsence planetsin the l0th, l2th, 3rd or 9th respec of iively from ihe aspectingbody concerned' With refcrcncc to Ketu a planef in the 5th removesthe Argala given rise of to by the presence a planet in the 9th. Elucidatingthe samepoint further' we can say that an by Argala caused the situation of a planet in thc 4th gets cancelledby the presenceof a planet in tbe l0th; the Argala producedby a planet's disposition in the 2nd is of by emoved tbe presence a planet in tbe l2th and tbatby of the llth is cancelled thc 3rd and tbat of the 5th by the 9th. In otherwords, the Argalapoints, 4,2, ll and points 10,12, 3 and 9 res5 haveas their counteracting by pectively. It will be seenthat the Argala, caused the neutralising lr.r.n"" of malefics in the 3rd, has no Jt is a purely Malefic Argala, which could be "g"o"y. to only when there are a number of malefics. given rise ih" foUo*ing schedule will furthcr clcar the Argala question: Argala llace Counteracting Places Nature of Argala Benefic or . Malcfic Malefic Benefic or Malefic

4 2 ll 3 5
9 (Kctu)

12 l

r0 I


As. Evil results will bcfall during Dasasof Rasisin which Papargalasheve been centered.e.Lagna or the 7th and arc not neutralised. fall in Pada Lagna. Argah Chekra This can be cart by taking into considerationthe Argala causedwith refcrcnccto each Rasi by the prcsence of planctsin placesmentionedin articlc 44. If the Benefic Argalas havc refcrcnccto. Taking the Sun in tbe Standard Horoscope. Thus if in a boroscope.i. a planet is in the 4th. causingSubhargala.from Aries. the Argala causingSaturn(3" 20t7 and Venus (20' 33') havegreeter longitude tban thcir tcspcctivc Argala-dcstroying agcnts . The Bcnefic Argala caused of by of by Venusin the llth is neutralised thc presence the Moon and Ketu in thc 3rd. 49.28 Studics Jaimini in Astrology If a planet obstructing Argala is weakerthan a planct caueingArgala. The 3rd is not occupied by a largc number of male6cs. Erample 14 Find the Argalas and their neutralisalion in the Standard Horoscope. or is lessin longitude. the pcrson becomeshighly fortunatc and wealthy. howcver. Significance Argalas of Fortunatc resultswill be conferred the Dasas (sec in articlc 128) of Rasis in which Bcnefic Argalas are caused. Thc fifth is occupicd by Venus. 48. the Argala cannot be counteractcd.. The Malefic Argala caused by Saturn in thc 5th fron the Sun is neutralised by the presencc Mars in the 9th.we find that the 4th and 2nd are vacant. causing Argala we can put the planet in Aries in thc Argala Chakra.

t v€ ocv t-v .f ..^uto q FCIgi -dd .t lts T ( 5F a 5 Eo n(& '6 t 3 V !i RE dri g:r Ba ds d':f hlC <4 U9 !€ 6dZ Er SE 6v G' E t q.t JVVvv ct V s6 6 ddaJ.'= tr .-! >!: t (sl G5J (.:a cr= v) (a .n5 to .! .YA 3ta vra YV<. t L lE t& a a I ) E.Erample for Argalas :t -s D rS"i^ t G:t5 e <'ql . q'^ *5gE 6&ag s a(r d F- E tt\E\^ 515-B s!:r 6l^ I Fq()tr()i qtd E'id /& (n 'o ge ' Gd = E sE ti ta :g :t ^^^Y IIgd.t s E d s a o v) 6 X O .* 6 '!t J'='e i3 is Ed 5 &. r a. s . 5E 'd3 E * 6 V ta il: 5 vv . () :t s 14 ai '3 8s8 st g aE 5 e(Fa(.6 tt .-a &A(9oil >"o q.

Cbandra. but it is counby Takc Vrishabha. Budha. Take Meshain the above counteracting Argalaswhichthough Ravi. Sani Sani . Budha is strongertban Guru whilethc Argala destroying Kuja. Budha and Guru (because from Mithuna). thcir position in tbe 9th of rz is thc Argata influence trot cancelled /oto because the Ketu is stronger than Argala producingbodies. Planetary Argalas in the StandardHoroscope. But the Argala caused by Kuja and Kctu (becauseof thcir positionsinthe 5th from l{itbuna) of by has beencancelled Ravi.e.therc is comof plete neutralisation tbe Argala' Take Mithuna. there is 50. in not enclosed bracketshave caused Planets ones. Argala generated (a) Rabu and Chandra and (b) Kuja by has bcen and Kctu. Rahu. That causedby Rahu and Chandra has not been obstructed. influences. Guru Argala counteractedbY Kuja.g. But actually.30 Studies io Jaimioi AstrologY that Mars (0'53') and Moon (18"29') we can assume of no neutralisation Argala. Ketu.. Guru Ravi. Planet Thc Sun Thc Moon Mars Argdla caused by Sani. Sukra Ravi. in brackets are the counteracting Thbseenclosed their are thosethat haveactuallyasserted Planctsin italics chart. Budhaand Guru havecaused neutralised. Budha. Argala Chart in the StanilardHoroscope Argalas. by Sanihavenot bccncompletely counteracted is caused Sani. Argala tcractedby tbe Moon' The Moon being stronger than of Sani (because having lesserlongitude).

he cannot ncutralise the Argala complctelybecause the fact of his being weak of and isolated. . fortunate and influential.. Budha and Guru in the 5th. 3l - Guru Planets italics havc causedArgalasbut thcreis no in neutralisation eitherbecause the weakness the counof of teractingplauet or the obsencc thc counteracting planet of in tbe appropriate place.Argala-Gcocration Planet Mercury Jupiter Veous. Budha. Mercury and Jupiter.Kuja Ketu Do Same as Moon Sani Argala coanteracred by Same as Sun Do Ravi. Argala is eaused Ravi. Slturn Rahu Ketu Argala caused by Same as Sun Do Chandra. Though a by planet is situated in the 9tb. Take for instance Mars.Rahu. Budba. Note for instance Argala causedto the 7th house the by the situationof thc Sun.Ravi. Guru Do . The native was wealthy.

It must be notcd that faimini lays greater emphasison the strengihs of Rasis. tbe strcngth of a planet is numerically meesurablc. Jaimini on the other hand dispenses with atl cumbersome calculatiooc and the methods formulated for asccrtainingplanetary and housestrengthsare simple. the meaning of tbesetwo words in the contcrt of Jaimini's principles may be considcredto bc synonymous. Sourccsof Rasi Strength Thc clue for determining strengths of planets and Resis is to bc found in Adhyaya2. planetary and house strengthsplay an important role. Thcsc have becncxplained at considerablc lcngth in my book Graha and Bhava Balas and I do not thercforc propose to say anything about this subjcctin the courscof this book. Determination of Shadbalasinvolves elaborate calculations. As Jaimini docs not recogniscthc distinction bctwecnRasi and Bhava. A careful study cfthc relcvantsutras revealsthat the subjcct of Rasi etrengths can bc classified into six .CIIAPTER IY P lanctary rnd Rasi Strengths 51. In the detcrmination of longcvity. Sources Streogth of Io Parasari. 52. and consistsof six kinds or varietics. whicb is always derived by the position of one or more plancts in it. Pada 3 of Jaimini Sutras.

(D) In case to Rasis have planets in them. Wc shall cxplain eachone of thcsc clcarly. that in a fricndly sign less strong.that in own housebeing strong. in own or friendly or neutral or inimical houses. (c) Location or Aspect strcngth.thc Rasi holding him bccomcs thc strongcst. thcn the strcogth must bc arcertaincdby teking into consider. (a) Strcngth duc to Atmakarata.Rrsi Strca3th 33 distinct categorics. and one planet is neechain one Rasi and the is other plane)t uchha in tbe othcr Rasi. tben measurcthcir respcctivestreDgths consiby dering whether the planeF arc cxalted. if two Rasishavetwo planets in cach. that in Moolathrikooa beinglcrs strong. I would rcfcr thc rcadcrs to articlc 62. For an improviscd method of my own. thcn thc Rasi with the uchhaplanet becomes the strongcr. or arc in Moolathrikona. thc planct in exaltrtion beingthe strongest. (D) and (c).. tbat in a ncutral sign still lessstrong and tbat in debility or inimical house bcing thc lcast powerful.tion the Chara. Atmrkaraka Strength Sincc Atmakaraka is thc moet important planct in a horoscopc. Thus. 53. AssociationStrength This it besedupon the presencc absence planett or of in a Rasi and the Rasi strengtbis measurcd tbus: (a) A Rasi occupied by a planet is stronger than a Rasi that have no planct in it. 54. that which has a largcr numbcr is stronger than thc onc haviog a lesser number. (D) Association strcngth. Sthira 3 . (e) Strcngth ofodd signsand (/) Atmakaraka-disposition strcngth. (d) If strcngthof two Rasis is equal as determined accordingto (a). (d) Strcngth due to the lord. vlz. (c) If Rasishavc an cqual num6cr of planets posited in them.

Mercuryor its won lord. Locationor AspectStrength The Rasi could become strongby the conjunction or aspect Jupiter.. Panaparaand Apoklima from Atmakaraka. 59. The Sun is stro4ger than Mars. that rvhich has plancts on eithcrside should be considered the strongcrof the two. 58. . viz. Strengthdue to Lord Out of two Rasis. A planetwhose longitude (from the beginning tbc sign)is of greater than that of another planet. half strengthand feeblestrengthrespectivcly. Suppose the lotgitudc of the Sunis 25o Aries and that of Mars l8o Cancer. get full strength.31 Studics Jaimini in Astrology or Drviswabhave nature of the Rasi.that whoselord hasgreater strength as per articles59 and 60 becomes stronger. Strcngthof Odd Rasis Whenit is a question measuring of thc strengthsof two Rasisboth of which are odd. becomesstronger than the latter. AtmrkarakaDispositionStreigth Rasis. 55. Sources Planetary of Strength Thereare two sources planetary strength. whosclords occupy KenrJra. (a) of Amsa balaand (D) Moolathrikona bala. A Sthira Rasi is stronger than a Charri Rasi and DwiswabhavaRasi is strongerthan a Sthira Rasi. 60. of 56. 57. AmsaBala Amsa means longitudeand bala meansstrcngth.

Moolathrikona Bala to This has reference the situationof a planet in an (satrukshetra). debilitated (neecha). one has to make a careful study of the principles. Exaltation. friendly (mithrakshetra). own neutralsign. . or and that the strongest A planet in exaltationbecomes decreasing from in debilitationthe weakest. (b) tsothare aspected Jupiter and Mercury.the order mentioned above should be observed. Thula is strongerthan Mesha. inimical sign and debilitationsign.Strcngth Planetery 35 61. Moolathrikona. understand them thoroughly and then apply them to a number of boroscopesso that one could get sufficient practical experience. As in ordinary Astrology. (e) Venus lord of Libra is stronger than Mars lord of Mesha. HenceLibra is strongerthan Mesha. by (c) The Moon in Meshais in a neutral sign while Kuja in Tbdla is also in a neutral sign. Example 15 Determinethe RasiSrengthsin the StandardHoroscope. L Aries and Libra :(a) Both have two planetseachand both are Chara.the strength order thus : exaltationto debilitationin the descending sign. In applying ttre rulcs for the determination of planetary strengths. friendly sign. own (swakshctra)' moolathrikona exaltation(uchha)Rasis. ncutral inimical (sama). (d) Kuja lord of Mesha and Sukra lord of Thula occupy respectively Apoklima and Panapara Rasisfrom Atmakaraka.

It occurs to me thtt untesssome devised. the relevant principlcs from parcsari.Venus is in the housc of a neutral (d) Budha lord of Mithuna is in a Kendra from Atmakaraka but Guru is Atmakaraka himself. a neutral. or to be more correct. The wholc tcchniqueof Desa prcdiction accordingto Jaimini hinges on the Racisand their relativestrengths. 62. akin to the one suggested parasara.36 II Studics JeiminiArtrology in Gemini and Sagittarius :(a) Both brve & ptanct eacb and both arc Dwiswrbhava. Baecdupon the principlcs adumbrated in articles SZto 6l and makinga slight departure from Jaimini. (c) Thc lord of Dhanus is stronger than thc lord of Mithuna. Aquarius:-Has the largestnumber of plancts besidcsbeing occupied by Atmakaraka. (c) Saturn in Mithuna is in a friend's sign. which is the etrongestor which is thc weakestRasi. Numerical Melsure of tssi Strength Abovc I have given as clearly as possiblethc eourccs of strcngthof Rasis. Conscqucntlyit is thc strongcstRasi. I bave deviscd the following improvised nethod of numerically determining strengths of the various Rasis. HenceDhanus is strongerthan Mithuna. III. Dhanus aspectcdby Saturn. Both Sun and Mcrcury arc also positcd hcre. a fricnd. by it would be rather difficult to categorically say. (D) Gcmini aspectedby Vcnus. Readers thc must clearly bear in mind that the method is offered as a possiblesolution of thc problcm of evaluating strengths and it may be rcjected by tbosewho may find thc mcthod . rdapting.

aspcctor rrsociation of Jupitcr. it may be assumed bc madc up of strength due to (i) his residincc to in exaltation sign.. 63. Wc ghall takc up thcsc two items reparatcly. own place. Gtc. Moolethrikona Bela Lct not thc reader mix this up with Moolathrikons bala dircuscedin my Grahaand BhavaBalas wherca con_ aidcretion of a planct's situation in a fricndly. Thc lord of a sign (whoscrtrcngth is to bc found) may occupy an cxaltation placc. Wc can essign for therc difrcrcnt situations thc following numerical valucsin terms of shachtiamsas :g. (ii) tbc longitudinal position_Amsa bala and (iii) situation in Kendra.c.00 45. Mcrcury or itc own lord -Druk bale and (c) tbe fact of thc sign bcing occupicdby one or more plancts-Sthira Bala. The Lord'r Strcngth So fer rs thc lord's strength is conccrned. whicb I would call Moolathritona bala. own house. panaparaaod Apoklima from Atmakaraka-Kcndra bala. all the SapthaVargesis requiied.09 .An Improvircd Mcthod t7 arbitrary or who may not favour thc idca of the slightcst dcparturc from faimini. ctc.. fixed or common naturJof thc sign which I would call Chara bala. Hcrc thc rcfcrenceir only to Rasi Cbart. Errltetion Moolrthrikona 60. (D) rhc sign having tf. Moolathrikona. It is givcn for what it is worth. own hourc. We can thereforc ray tbat thc total strength of Rasi io thc (a) sum of its ow! strengthplus (b) that of thc lord. From tbe dctails furnisbcd in articles 52 to 6l it is clear that thc strcngth of a Rasi is mede up of (i) the lord's strcngth and (ii) the Rasi's own strengtb dcrivcd from (a) the cardinat. ctc.

beinggiventhe followiqg valucs:(1) The planet that has advanced most in e 60.s0 15.00 (4) Lessthan (3) 22.00 shashtiamses.00 7.00 (3) Less than (2) " 30. we can say that the planet holding the higbestlongitude would be the strongest and thc one with the lowest thc weakest.40 3.75 units may be assigned.00 22.the othcr plancts. or Apoklima. Panapara. we have sevcn planets whorc lordehip alonc over the l2 signs is considered purposes for of . As thc planet with the highest longitude would be the strongest we could arbitrarily as assign60 shashtiamsas its Amsa bala whilo for the weakest 3.00 " (6) Lessthan (5) 7.50 " (5) Lessthan (4) 15.trcngth-detcrmination.5O " (7) The leastadvanced 3.75 .7s 65. Excluding thc nodes. " 66 KendraBalo Article 58 says that the Rasi. Amsa Bala By Amsa is meant the degreeof longitude held by a plrnet.' (l) than 45. According to article 60 a planet with a highcr longitude is stronger than a planet wittr a lower longitude. the strength decreasingin the descending order of the longitudcs... whose lord ir in a Kendra. sign (2) Lessadvanced .3t Own House Friend'sHouse Neutral's House Enemy'sHouse Dcbilitation Studiesin Jaimini Artrclogy 30. from Atmakaraka. gets . Extending the sameprinciple further.

His Moolathrikonabala is 7.0units.7s .rly. 15.Schcdulo Strc4ths of 39 full strengtb. ordinary strength and feebtc strength.'. Thereforc.00 75.00 60.00 . The Sun. 15.$a Bala Kendra Bala Total The Sun Thc Moon Marr .00 33. His Kcndra bala is 60.thc Sun is thc 6th (ree Ex.. l).0 Total sbarhtiamsas. .Thc total strcngthof the Sun is : Moolathrikona 7. we can assign thc following values as Kendra bala : A planet in a Kendra from Atmakaraka-60 shashtiamsas. (D) Accordingto longitudinalposition.50 units.00 r 5.-(a) He is in Kumbha...5 Kendre 60.00 (Ncutrel) 3. A planet in a Panaparafrom Atmakaraka-30 shashtiamsas..00 (Neutrel) 30.50 . Amsa bala and Kendra bala of the variousplanets in the Standard Horoscope.5 units.5 Amsa 7.00 15..50 (Setru) 7. Deatingwith the other planet.. A planct in an Apoklima from Atmakaraka-l5 shashtiamsas Example 16 Find Moolathrikona bala. (c) The Sun is in a Kendra (lst) from Atmakaraka. an enemy's housc. 7.75 60. Hence his Amsa bala is 7. we can enter their strcngthrin a tabular form thus :Planet -1ti Moolathrikona Bala Am. . riilil.

00 30..Studicsio Jaimini Artrototy Planet Mcrcury Jupitcr Vcnur Saturn Moolathrikona Bala . Wc can thercforesay tbat when a Rasi by ir aspected or asrociatedwith Jupitcr.00 15. Itr own lord. Mercury.00 60.00(Ncutral) .50 .00 30. Very rarcly do morc then 7 planets and Rahu or Ketu can rtay in a singleeign.00 (Ncutral) .40 (Mitra) 67. Thcrc arc sevcnlords ud 2 nodes... 15.. SthiraBrla A Resi with two planetsir rtrongcr than thc onc with one planet. it gcts a Druk bala of 60 unitr.50 135..00 45. A Rasi aspectcd by (or associated witb) its own lord. it getsa Druk bala of 60 units.00(Ncutral) . Wc can thercforc asrign thc following valucsof strength:DwiswabhavaRasi SthiraRasi Chara Raci 60 shashtiamsas.00 Total 97. 30" 15 tt 68. 22. .00 Kcndra Bala 60.Amsa BaIa 22.50 60. it gcts a Druk bala of 60 units.. 15. We can thereforc arbitarily essign thc followingnumcricalvelues:. 59...00 90.. or Jupitcr or Mercury is rendcred strong. That with thrcc is rtrongcr than that with two and !o on.. 15. Chrra Bah From article 5a@) it is clear that a Dwiswabheva Rasi ir more powerful than a Sthira Rrsi and that a Sthira Rasi is morc powcrful than a Chara Rasi. DroL Beh This has rcferenceto article 55.00 67.

00 oo. Therefore. do.00 15. 4 When 8 plancF arc in a rign do.00 1. do. do.oo 60. I planct is in a sign Whcn no planct 165 shashtiamsas.00 30. do.00 75. 2 do tio.00 30.00 60. Mesha'sown strength : l5+ 120 is +75=210 shashtiam8as.00 210. 3 do..00 ! 30. 5 do.00 30. Thc following is the schedulc Rasis' own ttrength of in thc StandardHoroscopc:Chrra bela Sthira brla Rasi'r own strcngth Reri Mcsha Vrirbebha Mitbuna Katata Simba Druk bala 60. " 135 " t20 " 105 " 90" ?5 " 60" 0tt TaLeMesba:(a) Chora Bala :-It is a Chara Rasi.00 120. Its Chara tala is l5 shashtiamsas. 'l do. (c) Sthira Bala:-Two planets. do.of Strength Resir 4l do.oo . (D) Druk bala:-It is aspectedboth by Guru and Budha and getsa total of 120 shashtiamsas as Druk bala. 6 do.00 i. Chandra and Rahu occupyMcsha. 150 .Sthira bala is 75 rhashtiamsas. yiz.00 15.

00 30.00 60.00 30. SpecialStrength In addition to the above.m r20.00 .12 Chara brla Studicsin Jeimiui Astrology Sthira bala Rasi'g osrn streogth Druk bala Kanya Tbule Vrischika Dhanus Makara Kumbha Mecna 60. Totrl Rasi Strength The total strength of Rasi is the sum-totalof Rasi's own streDgth and that of thc lord.@ 210.r5 It 71. a Rasi can get 60 shashtiamlas of specialstrcngthif it happens housethe Atmato karaka.00 30.00 60..00 60.00 240.'.the total strcngthof Meshais: Strcngthof lord Rasi's own strength Total 33.oo 60.00 60.oo 60.00 I5.oo 70.00 *.00 15. This ir generellygot by only one Rari.00 60. Example tE Find the total Horoscope. Thus in thc Stanclard Horoscope.00 t.75shashtiamsas 210. strcngth of Rasis in the Standard .00 15.00 60.00 " 243.

50 67. .00 135.^" lvi.00 Thula 255. x 3i:i3lwcakest T eoa 60 aberhtiamsas Kumbba ar Atmakrralr Guru is in for it..00 2t7.00 160.50 90.00 [ Kanya 157.00 240.:en a Strength of lord Rari's own strength 33.75 255.00 63..00 210.50 VII Vrighabha VIIT 120.75 120.50 13s.00 97.75 120.00 60.00 210.00 IX Simha 105.50 Meena IV 195.001 Kataka 1e5.00 75.50 t 95. 7 5 135.00 30.00 30.00 97.50 300.00 ITT Dhanus IV Mesha 243.75 Mithuna v 2r7.00 Standard Horoscope.00 In !. the following are the order:ltrengthsof Rasisin their descending I 367..50Strongest Kumbha II 300.00 15.50 195.50 60.50 367.00 82.00 I 57.00 Makara Vrischika .75 90.00 243.00 67.SpccialStreogihof Rasir 13 Total strengthof the Rasi Rasi Mesha Vrislrabha Mithuna Kataka Simha Kanya Thula Vrischika Dhanus Makara Kuntlil.00 33 .00 60.00 30.00 105.

the method suggcsted above shouldnot be applicd at all. shouldbc detcrmined accordingto thc loDgitudes covercdby thc lords.Studio io Jaimini Artrology 72. . etc. Exceptlone Wherc thc Sage has specifically mentioned that the strcngthof a Rasi for purposcs ccrtain specificpredicof tions..


Dasasand Bhuktis
73. Kinds of Dasas Just as in Parasari,there arc a number sf Dasas mentioned Jaimini. Whilst Parasara's in scbemc Dasas of is almostentirelybascdupon thc planctsand thcir dispositionsin certainconstellationr, Jaimini'sDasasinvariably refer to Rasis. In calculatingthc Dasas of Jaimini one is likely to gct confused, owing to thc mcthodsof counting onc hasto eniployed arriveat Dasasand Bhukti periods. to A littlc oversightmay upsetthe whole schemc of a particular Dasa and lcadthe studcntinto erroneous deductions. One must thcreforcbe carefulin chcckingend rechecking the Dasa calulationsbcfore attemptingprcdictions. Jaiminimakcsmentionof the followingDasas:.(l) Chara Dasa, (2) Sthira Dasa, (3) Thrlkona Dasa, (4) Sula Daso, (5) Ravi Dasa, (6) Kendra Dasa, (7) YarnadaDasa, (8) Udu Dasa, (9) Navamsa Dasa, (10) Brahma Dasa, (ll) Yogardha Dasa, (12) Drig Dasa, (13) NakshatraDasaand (14) Mandooka Dasa, 74. Choice of Dasa No dcfinitc cluc is given by thc Sagcas to the rpecific conditions undcr which tbc diffcrcnt Dasas should bc applied for purposcs of prediction. Casual rcfcrcnces madchere and there, thet an eventsuch as for instancc


Studics Jaimini in Asirology

mother's dcath would happcnin a certain Thrikona Dasa, should guideus in the selcction tbe appropriate of Dasas for appropriate events. As most readerswoutd perhaps be aware, wbilst Parasara mentionsa variety of Dasas, the pride of placeis invariably givento Vimshottariand experiencewarrants this. My grandfather late Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao used to tell me that Chara Dasa and Thrikona Dasa could be applied to all horoscopesand that all important human cvents could be timed with eufficientaccuracywith the aid of Navamsa Dasa, while for longevity purposes,his choice was Chara Dasa or Niryana Shula Dasa. Siuce Astrology is a. practical science,dogmaticassertions,as to the suitabilityof this or tbat sY.stem Dasa, just bccause is a favouriteof of it an eminentscholarare uncalled for. The choicemust be left to the discretionof the intelligentreadi:r wbo should be guidednot only by his oln experiencebut by that of scholars u,hohavemadc a life-longstudy of the subject. I am personally inclincdto favour both Chara and Sthira Dasas. This conclusion of course, based upon my is, own meagre studies. I do not therefore propose to detail all the Dasas mentioned abovein the coursc of this book. I shall deal with Chara Dasaexhaustively and make brief references to Thrikona Dasa, Sthira Dasa, Rasi Dasa, Brahma Dasa, Varnada Dasa and NiryanaShulaDasas. 75. Charal)asa This particular systemappearsto be a favourite with the Sage. Rasishavebeendividcdin to two groups, riz., Vishamapada(odd group) and Samapada (even group) for purporesof reckoningthc order of succession Dasa of and countingthc Dasa ycars.

Tbe Approprialc Dasa


76. Vlshamapada Rasis Aries, Tausus,Gemini, Libra, Scorpioand Sagittarius belongto the odd group (Vishamapada). Rasis 77. Samapada Cancer,Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces bclongto the cven group (Samapada). For purposes of clarity, we shall usc the terms Savyagroup and Apasavya group to denotethe signsmentionedin articles76 and77 respcctively 78. The Order of Dasas When thc gth housefrom Lagna refcrs to a sign in the Savyagroup, the order of Dasa succession would be direct or clockwise,the first Dasa starting from Lagna Rasi. When the 9th from Lagna refers to a sign in the group, the order of Dasain succession Apasavya worrld direction,the first Dasa be the reverseor anti-clockwise beingthat of Lagna Rasi. Suppose for exampletwo cases where(a) Mesha and (6) Kataka are Lagnas. In the first case, the 9th housefrom Lagna, vz., Sagittariusrefersto Savyagroup. The first and succeeding Dasas would bc in the order of Mesha, Vrishabba, etc. In the second case, 9th house from Lagna (Karkataka) is Pisces, the belonging Apasavyagroup. The first and succeeding to Dasas would be in the order of Kataka, Mirhuna, Vrishabha, etc. 79. Dasa Period The period of a Chara Dasa is not constant. lt is variableaccordingto the situationof a lord with reference to his Rasi. The Dasaperiodof a Rasi is equalto n-l wheren represents the distance (in terms of Rasis) betweenthe Rasi in question and the lord thereof, counted

Let us take a chart whercLagna is Mesha. Thc counting from Cancermust be in thc rcverse dircction. Guru and Kuja occupying Simha.roup.would bc in the dircct ordcr. To find the duration of Makara Dasa. Sukra is in Vrischika and Chandra is in Simha. Mesha. viz. The 9th from Lagna. countingin the direct order from Meshato Simha. Thercfore the duration of I\. wc get n equalto 5.the first Dasain this cascwould be . The 9th from Lagna. Dhanus. Its lord Sani group sign. The lord Moon is in Simha. Consequently. Mcsha and Kanya respectivcly. Thc next Dasa Rasi Sagittarius belongs to . vfz..uiz. etc. viz. Thula. As Makara is an Apasavya get 6 (n) by counting from Makara to the placc of Saturn in the revcrseorder" Thc duration of Makars Dasa is 5 ycars(n-/). Kanya bclongsto group. The next Dasa (Mithuna) can also be similarly calculeted. The lord of Mesha. Its lord Venus is in Vrischika.4t Studieg JaiminiAstrology in clockwise or anti-clockwisc. succession Dasas.tesha Rasi Dasa is equal to 4 ycars (n-I). Sani... SinceLagna is Mesha. rcfers to Savya group. Canccr falls in thc Apasavyagroup. TakingVrishabha. Consequently first Dasa starting the Apasavya the from Lagna(Makara Dasa)is succceded subsequent by Dasasin the reverse order. lord of Lagna Kuja is in Simha. which in this casc would be 12 (n) and the pcriod of CancerDasa would bc II yearsh-I). SinceMcsbaalso belongs Savya to group. the next Rasi Dasa : It falls undcr Savya g..that of the Lagna Rasi. we is in Simha.Vrischika. Thereforc distancc (n) the from Vrishabhato Vrischikacountedin tbe dircct order is ? and thc Dara period of Vrishabhais (n -/) 6 years. yfz.according thc concerned as Rasi belongsto the Savyaor Apasavya group. tlie first the of alwaysstartingfrom Lagna. Kuja is in Simha. Now to ascertainthc duration of Karkataka Dasa.-Sagittarius. Let us now take a chart whereLagnais Makara..

The duration of DhanusDasa would be 4 (n-l). Thris if a Rasi is occupiedby its own Iord. are 82. Kuja and Ketu own Vrischikaand Sani and Rahu own Kumbha. Kumbha of and Vrischikaare ruled by two planets each. In determining the Dasa period of Kumbha and Vrischika in view of their double lordship.Duretinn of Dasa 19 Savyagroup and the lord Jupiter is in Mesha. Conjunctionof Durl Lords in Own Rasi If Kuja and Ketu. one 81. we get t equal to 5. FurtherVariations of Dast Duration Ordinarily the Dasa period is denotedby the formula givenin the article 79. If the Rasi by lord is debilitated. certain special considerations necessary. are in conjunction in their own houses. Mars-Ketu Corijunctionin Other Signs lf Mars and Ketu are in conjunctionin a sign other than their own. If the Rasi lord is exalted. and Rahu. 83. In a similar manner Dasa periodsfor other Rasis should be ascertained. Therefore counting directly from Dhanus to Mesha. Rasi Dasa periodis diminished the year. But the period is increasedor decreased accordingto certainbeneficand meleficdispositions of the lords.the Rasi Dasaperiod obtainedas per by article 79 sbould be increased one year. then qount clockwise(asVrischikabelongs 4 . then the Dasa period would be 12 years. 80. Variations dne to Dual Lordship It will be seenthat in the scheme Jaimini. or Sani.then the Dasa period of Vrischikaand Kumbha will be 12 yearseach.

The Dasa period of Kumbha will be as per article ?9. 85. appear then prcfer thc lord who givesthc. Dual Lords in Dillerent Rasis When Mars and Ketu (or Saturn and Rahu)are in differentRasis. Saturo-RehuConjunctionin Other Signs lf thereis a conjunctionof Rahu and Saturn in a sign other tban Kumbha. That is if Mars is in Vrischikaand Ketu is in Mcena. or Sani When one of the double-lords or Rahu) is in his own sign and the othcr is in a differcnt sign.50 Studies io Jaimini Astrology to Savya group) from Vrischika to tbe Rasi in question.When both prefer thc the lords havc an equal numberof associates. One Lord in Own Rasi and the Other Lord in a Different Resi (Kuja or Ketu. cvcn according to Rasibala. If lbe two lords swabhava equal in strength. prefer the latter. Sthira being stronger than Chara and Dwibeingstronger than Sthira.prefcr thc onc with an associate. If both the lords arc associatedwith other planets. If per chancc tbe lord who gives the larger numberof years is over-debilitated and the other lord is exalted.larger numberof years. then count anti-clockwise(because Kumbha refcrs to Apasavya group) from Kumbha to the Rasi in question. the Sthira and Dwiswabhava naturc of the Rasi (rasitaha pranaha). one with Rasibalaby taking into consideration Chara. . The Dasa period of Vrischika will be decided Ketu as per article 79. ignore Mars and prefer Ketu. by 86. increasing thc period by one year as per articlc 80. The Dasaperiodof Vrischikawill as perarticleT9. preferthe one with thc greater number of associates. ignore the former and prefer the latter. be 84.

viz. Yrishabha.. Therefore. Order of Dasas:-The 9th from Lagnais Makara. netweei Rahu and Sani.rethe counting must L. we have to simply count (in the direct order as Vrischikarefersto Savyagroup) from Vrischika to Thula whereKuja and Ketu are in conjunction. and the Dasa period of Vrischika is . I Let us take Kumbha. Vrishabhais continued in the reverseorder.Mesha. r. lord o-f Meena.iz. The counting must therefore be in reverseorder..Example for Chara Dasa 5l Exampie 19 Final the order of the Chara Dasas and their periods in the Standard Horoscope. Thereforc as per article 83. etc. It falls in the Savyagroup (Article lO)..viz. The lord of Vrishabha. Kumbha falls in Apasavya group. The lord of Mesha. It^belongs. is in the 2nd (d from Meena (iounted backwards). Tbe third Dasa is that of Meena. we find thaj both Kuja and Ketu are in conjunction. "I'ake Mesha. The countingmust be in the dircct order.ra in Sagiitarius is the gth (nj from vrishabha. Taurus. vk. the first Dasa startingfrom Lagna. Dasa Periods:-Let us take the first Rasi Dasa. Thereiore the dlration of Kumbha Dasa is ll_l:10 years. the of MeshaDasa is 7-l =6 Apasavya group. Jupiter. next Dasa Rasi.. both owning Kumbha. another sign of ciual tordship.. Hence the duration !!btg. th. Taking Vrischika. Meena. a sign of jual lordship. This gives r as 12. I{ence prefer Rahu (article g6). Kumbha. It belongsto Apashvyagroup. riz.ein the diiect orOer. Kuja is in 7th (n) from Mesha. Therefore counting from Kumbha to tbe sign occupied getn as ll.Srrk. ihere_ fo. Therefore the Dasa period of vrisnabla is z-l or 7 years. Rahu is with Chandra. Makara. ThereforeMeena Dasa period is 2_ I = year. It falls in the Savya group.

m."o RASI Jupiter I t I ."Jo? lord. (I.T. Calculating similarly tbe following are thc Chara Daras in Standard Horoscope :Dasa Vrishabha Mesha Meena Kumbha Makara Dhanus Vrischika lxl't Simha Kataka Mithuna ::: " ?33 "*ut.) at Bangalore. Example 20 Find Chara Dasasin ihe caseof a person born on 8th August I9I2 A.S.D.. Thereforethere is no increaseor decreascof any Dasa period given above. thepositionsof planets at birth beingas given in the charl Moon Saturn No Rasi occupied it. o* the case of the years 7 0 0 6 0 0 I 0 O l0 0 0 7 0 0 2 0 0 il 0 0 d 0 0 3oo l2-lll years.. at 7-JSp.. is uy f"o.52 Studies Jaimini in Astrology for other Rasis.

. Countingfrom Meena (in thc reyerse direction) to the place of Jupiter we get 5 as n. Thcreforethe Dasaperiod of Meenais 5-l -4.. Kumbha. Dasa Perlods:-Taking the first Dasa Rasi. Taking Mecna. lts lord Moon is in Taurus. a sign belonging to Savya group. we have to prefer Saturn. Therefore from Kumbha to Saturn we counting(in thereverseorder) get n as 10.preference with other planets while Ketu Mars as he is associated bas no association. exalted. Counting from Cancer to Moon (in the order as Cancerbelongs to Apasavyagroup) we reverse As lord of Canceris get z as 3. the following is thc table of Rasi Dasasin respect of the horoscope under :consideration . Mars and Ketu. Meena. is continued in the direct order. Therefore the Dasa period of Canceris 3 years. a sign ruled by two lords..occupydifferentsigns. Therefore applying articlc 86. viz. viz. in this horosshouldbe given to cope.AnothcrExample 53 Dasa Order:-In the above horoscope. Similarly calculated. we find that it is a sign of dual lordship. Let us take Cancer. Kumbha. Thereforethe period of Kumbha is l0-l =9 years. as he is associatedwith a planet. Therefore (n-l)=2. who. vlz. vlz.. Kumbha. Counting from Vrischika to Kuja (in the direct order as Vrischika belongsto Savyagroup) we get l0 (z). Kumbba falls in Apasavya group. Taking again Vrischika. The Dasa period of Vrischika is thereforc l0-l = 9. Mcsha. Saturn and Rahu arc neitherin conjunctionnor in their own sign' They occupy different signs.the period of 2 yearsis to be increasedby one more year (vide article 80). the 9th from Lagna is Thula. starting from Lagna. the next Dasa Rasi : It also belongsto Apasavyagroup. etc. Consequently. lts lord Jupiter is in Scorpio. the first Dasa.

wbich thc sub-periods are desired.. Consequcntly. Makara bclongs to the Apasavya group. in thc first Bhukthi being that of the 2nd Rasi (in thc reverse dircction) from thc Dasa Rasi concerncd. Supposcsub-periods irom McshaRasi Dasc arc rcquircd. the first sub-periodbeing that of the 2nd Rasi from the Dasa Rasi. If the 9rh falls in an Apasavya group.. Bhukthisin Chara Dara Determination thc ordcr of succession the subof of pcriods in a Rasi Dasa is basedon the sameprinciplethat -of is employed in decidingthe order of ouccession main Dasa from the first Dasa. If the 9th from the Rasi. for . tben thc sub-periodsin that Rasi run in thc direct ordcr. thc last sub-periodbcingthat of Vrishabha irclf. ctc. The 9th from Mcsha rcfcrs to Savya .. The 9th from Vrishabha. Supposcsubpcriods in Vrishabha Rasi-Dasa are required.the first sub-periodwill bc that of thc 2nd Rasi (considered in the rcverse order) from Taurus. Kumbha.54 Dasa Kumbha Meena Mesha Vrishabha lvlithuna I(ataka Simba Kanya Thula Vrischika Dhanus Makara Studicrin Jaimini Aetrototy Years 900 400 400 300 200 300 t00 100 1000 900 ll 0 0 800 87. thcn the Bhukthis succced the rcversedirection. viz. the 2nd. Aries. 3rd and other tub-periods bcing Mecna.bclongs to the Savya group. viz.

. . Simha o70 do. cach sub-period or Bhukthi extendsfor 7 montbs. Thus in the StandardHoroscope. Mesha)countcdanti-clockwise. the last sub-pcriodbcing that of Mesha. The first sub-period would bc that of the 2nd Rasi (direct count) from Mesha. Kumbha 070 do.the Dasapeiiod of Vrishabhabeing7 years. Hcncctbe order of succession direct. I)uration of Sub-periods As tbe numberof periodsis 12. Thula 070 do. Kataka 070 do. Vrischika 070 do. thc first Bhukthi being that of thc 2nd from Vrishabha rrz.Bhukthic CharrDrsa io 55 is .. Dasa Bhukthi Vrisbabha 070 Mesha do.. Dhanus 070 do. Mithuna 070 do. As thc 9th from Vrishabha refers to the Apasavya group. vlz.the duration of a subperiod would be onc-twclfth of the duration of a Dasa pcriod.d. Example 21 Find out the order of Bhukthis tn the Chara Dasa of Yrishabhaand Mesha in the Standard Horoscopes. tbe succcrsion Bhukthisis in the converse of order. 88. Vrishabha. m. Vrishabha 070 700 . group. Makara 070 do. Kanya 070 do. Mecna 070 do. Thc following are in Rasi :thc sub-periods Vrishabha y.

90. The durations of the Sthira Dasas of a . the 2nd from Mesha. do. do. Thc duration of each Bhukthi would be l/l2th (0"6-0) ofthe in duration of Mesha Rasi Dasa (6-0-0).Studicsin Jaioini Actrology Taking the nert Dasa Mesha : the 9th from Mcsha rcfers to Savya group. do. Thcrefore 'the succcssion of Bhukthis will be in the direct order. do. Sthira Dasa is held to be very important in determiningMaraka or death. Sthira Dasa As the name implies. The first Bhukthi would be that of Vrishabha. Tbe sub-periods Mesha Rasi Dasa run thus :Dasa Mesha do. Sthira and Dwiswabhava of the signs. m. do. the periodsof Sthira Dasaare fixed and they are not variable. do. y.the twelve signsof the Zodiac have beendivided into tbree groups' naturc to according the Chara.. d. Bhukthi Vrishabha Mithuna Kataka Simha Kanya Tbula Vrischika Dhanus Makara Kumbha Meena Mesha . do. do. Dasa Periods For purposes of Sthira Dasacalculation. do. do.. 060 060 060 060 060 060 060 060 060 060 060 060 600 89.

PadaIII) that the Sthira Dasa starts from the Rasi occupied by Brabma)(seeart. . Therefore the 35). Celculation Sthira Dasa the as Two viewsare expressed regards commencement of the Dasa. respectively 8 and 9 Years.t tt Total 96" of 91. The following table is self' cxplanatory:Duration of Rasi Sthira Dasa 7 years Mesha tt 8 Vrisbabha 9 Mithuna ..of Duration Sub-pcriods 57 Chara Rasi. a Sthira Rasi and a Dwiswabhava Rasi are 7. II. Jaimini himselfis very clear in sayingin Sutra r 4 (Adh. Sthira Dasa starts from Lagna or the ?th whicheveris stronger. Thereis also a suggestionby somelearned men that the balanceof the first Sthira Dasa should be found by taking into considerationthe degree remaining to be TBr"h. clcarly supports tbis view. Parasara first Sthira Dasa starts from the Rasi occupiedby Brahma Sthira Dasas succeedin the regular aqd the subsequent order.adireva . Accordingto one view. 7 Kataka 8 Simha 9 Kanya 7 Thula E Vrischika 9 Dhanus 7 Makara 8 Kumbha 9 Meena It tt tt t. This view is by not supported Parasara.

If thc . the 5th and out the 9tb.Some thc say that if thc starting Dasa Rasi is odd. the order would succession bc in the reverse direction. Erample 22 Find the Sthira Dasaperiods in the StandardHoroscope. the duration being 8 years. as given below : Rasi First Dasa Kumbha Mcena Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna Kataka Simha Kanya Thula Vrirchika Dhanus Makara Years 800 900 700 800 900 700 800 900 ?00 800 900 700 9600 92. The order of will be direct or convcrsc according as the Succession starting Rasi refcrs to Savya or Apasavya group.58 Studics Jaimini in Astrology traversed by thc Brahma Graha but this doesnot seem to have received approbation of commentators. The next Dasasrun in the orderof Meena. The first Dasa will start from it.the lst Dasa begins from that sign.. the order of would be dircct. If it is cvcn. Thrikona Dasa Determincthe strongest of thc Lagna.etc. As Brahma Craha Jupiter is in Aquarius. Mesha.

When the first Rasi refers to Apasavya group.Thrikona Dasa 59 lst Dasa Rasi refersto Savya group.. Thus if the Dasa period of Canccr is rcquircd and thc Moon . that of Karkataka (2nd) and so on.. Vrischika).. The 2nd the Dasa would be that of the 2nd Thrikona (the 5th). tten just as mentionedabovobut the subsequent Dasassucceed in thcreverse order. Sth from lst 3rd 9th 4th 2nd 5th 6th 6th l0rh 7th 3rd 8th 7th 9rh I lth lOth 4th I lth 8th i2th l2th Suppose first Dasa starts from Mithuna. the 3rd Dasa would be that of thc 5th from it (countcd auti-clockwise). the fourth that of thc 2nd (Mithuna) and so on. then the subsequent Dasa will succeed thc dircct order) in thc following (in manner:2nd Dasa i. that of Kumbha (9th) the4th. i. that of Meena.. the 3rd Dasa. Thus if the lst Dasa is that of Karkataka. the third that of the 9th 1viz. Span of Thrikona Dasa Thc span of a Thrikona Dasa should be asccrteincd by applying the samemcthod as is done in thc cascof CharaDara. counting in the clockwiseor anticlockwise dircction (accordingas Rasi belongsto Savya or Apasavya group) the number of Rasis intervening betwcenthc Rasi in question and the lord thcreof.e. 93.


Studics Jaimini in Astrology

lord is in Simha, Cancer belongs to Apasavya group. Consequently count must be anti-clockwise. the Thc Moon occupies the l2th (n) and therefore the span of the Dasa would be ll years(n-l). ' Exampte 2g Determine the order and duratian of Thrikona Dasas in the Standard and Horoscope. Out of Lagna, the 5th and 9th, we find thc 5th Rasi is the strongest its numerical strength is 157.5 units as (Examplc l8). The first Thrikona Dasa must therefore start from Kanya. Kanya belongs to Apasavya group, and tbe order of successionof Dasas is reverse. The span of Dasaperiodswould be the same as in the case principle is the same. of Chara Dasa, as the undelrying The first Dasais that of Kanya, the 2nd that of Vrishabha the 3rd that of (the 5th from lst reckoned conversely), Makara (the 9th), the 4th that of simha (the 2nd) and reckoning in a similar manner, we could tabulatethe Dasasas follows:Thrikona Dasas in the Standard Horoscope
Rasi Kanya

Vrishabha Makara Simha Mesha Dhanus Kataka Meena Vrischika Mitbuna Kumbha Thula

Years 700 700 700 600 600 200 300 100 n00 800 1000 200

Dase in Sub-pcriods Tbrikona gl.


in Sub-periods Thrikona Dasa The duration of a sub-period is one-twelfth of the of duration of a major period. The order of succession just as the order of succession of would be sub-periods Dasas. If the Rasi for which sub-periodsare required belongs Savyagroup, the sub-periodswill succeedin to the direct order, the first period being that of the Dasa Rasi, the 2nd beingthat of the sth Rasi, the 3rd being that of the 9th Rasi, the 4th beingthat of the 2nd Rasi, etc., r€ckoned clockwise. If the Dasa Rasi for which sub-periods requiredrefers to Apasavya group, then are also the above order holds good, but in the reverse direction. Take for instance Cancer. It belongs to group. Tbe first sub-period would be that of Apasavya Cancer,the 2nd would be that of the 5th (counted backwards) vfz., Pisces,the 3rd sub-period that of the 9th (countedbackwards), viz., Scorpioand so on. Example U Find the sub-periodsin the Thrikona Dasasof Dhanus andMakara in the StandardHoroscope, Dhanusrefersto Savyagroup. The reckoningtherewould be fore is in the direct order. The first sub-period that of Dhanus,the 2nd that of Mesha (the 5th from the lst), the 3rd that of Simha, etc., as follows:The duration of Dhanusbeing2ycars eachsub-period lasts for 2 months. Sub-periodsin the Thrikona Dasa of Dhanus y. m.d. Dasa Bhukthi 020 Dhanus Dhanus Dhanus 020 Mesha do. Simha 020 do. Makara o20 do. Vrishabha 020


Studicsin Jaimini Astrology

Dasa do. do. do. do. do. do. do.

Bhukhti Kanya Mithuna Kumbha Thula Meena Kataka Vrischika Total

y.m.d. 020 020 020 020 020 020 020
2 0 0

Taking the Thrikona Dasaof Makara, the spanbeing 7 years,the duration of each sub-period would be 0-7-0. As Makara balongsto Apasavyagroup, the reckoning of sub-periodsshould be in the reverseorder. The first sub-period that of Makara, the 2nd that of Kanya (the is 5th counted backwards from lrlakara), the 3rd that of Vrishabha and so on as follows:Sub-periods the Thrikona Dasa of Makara in Dasa Bhukthi y . m .d Makara Makara 070 do. Kanya 070 do. Vrishabha 070 do. Dhanus 070 do. Mesha 070 do. Simha 070 do. Vrischika 070 do. Kataka 070 do. Meena 070 do. Thula 070 do. Mithuna 070 do. Kumbha 070


3rd and other Bhavas rhould be calculated. We bave alreadyexplaincdin article 22 bow to calculate Varnada Lagna. Varnadas for the 2nd.Varnada Dasa 63 95. Different commentators have expresseddifferent opinions as to the startingand reckoningof VarnadaDasaand I do not proposeto deal with these controversialmatters in a book mainly intendedfor the studentsof astrology. if Lagna is an even sign. Yarnada Dasa This is based upon the relationshipbetwecnLagna and the Varnada Lagna. Thus if Lagna is Meshaand the Varnada Lagna is Kanya. and from the l2th and run in the rcverse order. counted backwards. If. ln caseLagna is an evensign. tbe order of Dasawould be direct. If the Lagna is odd. The counting of the Dasa should also be direct or otherwise depcnding upon the odd or evennaturc of the rising sign. the 2nd Dasa would be that of 3rd Rasi from Lagna or the 2nd . Thc 2nd VarnadaDasa. the Dasa must start either from Lagna or from Hora Lagna wLichever is stronger. revcrse. According to some. the distance counted clockwise from Lagna to Varnada Lagna. if even. I take my clue from Sutra 16 of Pada 3 of Adhyaya IV in which Jaimini suggests that Varnada Dasa should commence from Lagna and run in the direct order if Lagna is an odd sign. in tbe casec'f an odd sign. its duration being equivalent to the of the second distance between Lagna and the 2nd Varnada Rasi reckoned directly. In the same manner. on the other hand. the Lagnawere to be Vrishabhaand Varnada Lagna Kanya. then the first Varnada Dasa would be that of Mesha. then the lst VarnadaDasa would be that of Mesha and its duration would be 6 years. would be that Rasi. its duration being 8 years the distance from the 12th from Lagnato VarnadaLagna.

when Lagna woutd be direct. the 2nd Dasa will be that of Meena' The 2nd Varnada is Vrishabh'a. the sign of2nd Varnadarve get12as the duration of Meena Varnada. The span of a Varnada Dasa would be th€ interval between Lagna and the Varnada concerned in the direct order when the Lagna is odd. Meena Varnada 12 0 O 96. The first Varnada Dasa is that of Mesha (the l2th from Vrishabha)' Counting from the l2th from Janma Lagna to Varanda (in the order) we get 5 as the span of Varnada Dasa' teverse Similarly. Example5 gives the Varnada Lagna as Sagittarius and 2nd Varnada-as Vrishabha. the order would be converseand the duration of Varnada Dasa would be equivalent to the l2th (from Lagna)and tbe Varnada internal between. BrabmaDasa If Lagna is odd. i. Counting from the l2th from JanmaLagnato Vrishabha. then the Dasa commencesfrom is BrahmaRasi and the order of succession direct' If from the 7th from Lagna is even thc Dasa commences is Brahma Rasi and thc order of succession in the reverse ..the in questioncounted backwards. Example 25 Determing a few Yarnada Dasas in the Standard Horoscope. Since JanmaLagnais and the counting will cven. the order of Dase Summingup. When the Lagna is even.61 Astrolog in Studicl Jaimini Rasi from l2th (counted in the anti-clockwise direction) the duration being the distancein terms of signs betweet order the Lagna and 2nd Varnada countedin the reverse is odd. Mesha. the order of Dasa is converse be from the l2th.e.

The spanof a Dasa. Sani is in the 1lth from Simha. the succession of Dasas would be direct from Brahma Rasi.. while the latter no though from Brahma or the 7tb from it. irrespective the order of beingdirect or indirect. but doubt commences periodsare variable. as thc Lagna is odd. is the I lth from Vrischika.. Brahma is in Kumbha. the starting Dasa. Similarlyconsidered other Rasis. As the 6th lord from Vrischika. etc. In casewhere Lagnais Mesha and Brabma is in Vrischika. The distinction between Sthira Dasa and Brahma the periods arc fixed. the Exaoplc 26 Find the BrahmaDasasin the StandardHoroscope. Kataka. Tberefore the first Brahma Dasa commences front Simha(the 7th from Brahma) and runs in tbe anti' order. is equivalent to thc succession the numberof Rasisinterveningbetween Rasi in question and the Rasi wherethe 6th lord from the concerncd Rasi is situated. 12.Brahma Dasa 65 of order. Hencethe Dasa of Karkatakaextends for 7 years. Hence of tbeperiod simha Dasais(ll-l) = l0 years' The lord of the 6th from the ncxt Dasa Rasi. The 6th lord clockwise from Simha.. Simha. Dasa is that in the former scheme. Mars occupying Kanya. an T he agnais Vrishabha evensign.we get the follorvingspans:Brahma Dasas in the StandardHoroscope l0 0 0 Simha 7 0 0 Karkataka 4 0 0 Mithuna 7 0 0 Vrishabha l0 0 0 Mesha . viz. Jupiter is in the 8th for from Cancer.viz. commencingfrom Brahma. the spanof Vrischika Dasawould be I l-l = l0 years.

+ . as order should be followed according direct and reverse is odd or even. Lagnais stronger because is total strength moretban that of Vrischika. the following are the YogardhaDasas :and tbeir duration .0 + 8 . . As the Rasi of the lst Dasais even. The duration of Vrishabha Yogardha Dasa is l (Cbara Dasa of Vrishabha SthiraDasa of Vrishabha)..I ( Y r s . Mesha. Vrishabha's Therefore the first Yogardha Dasa would be that of Vrishabha. Examplc 27 Find the order and duration of Yogardha Dosasin the Standard Horoscope. Of the Lagna and the ?th. The order of Dasa succession as would be direct or converseaccording the Rasi of the starting Dasa is odd or even.0 . of succession ctc. ri. Vrishabha.66 Meena Kumbha Makara Dhanus Vrischika Thula Kanya Studiesin Jaimini Astrolo8y . ll 0 0 200 100 1200 It 0 0 400 900 Someare of opinion that in the countingof the span. ' . The duration of the Yogardha Dasaof a Rasj is half the sum of its Chara and SthiraDasaperiods.0 ) = 7 * y e a r s .7 . the Lagna 97. YogardhaDasa The first Dasa starts from the Lagna or the 7th whichever is stronger. Similarly reckoned.the order would be reverse.0 .

Exampte 28 Calculate Niryana Horoscope. . I am thereforegiving the most popularmethod. NiryanaSulaDasa Considerable importance is given to this systemof Dasaby students Jaimini Astrology.Niryana Sula Dasa 67 y.the Dasa must always commence from the ?th irrespective of whether Lagnaor the 7th is stronger. Explanations of by commentatorsare vague as to the method and scope of calculating Niryana Sula Dasa. d. If the Lagnais an odd sign. Vrishabha Mesba Meena Kumbha Makara Dhanus Vrischika Thula Kanya Simha Karkataka Mithuna 760 660 500 .m. If the Lagnais an even sign. the Dasa startsfrom the 7th. The order is direct or converse according as the Lagna is odd or even.9 0 0 700 560 960 460 800 700 500 860 8300 Somescholars hold that in caseof women. Tbe duration of each Dasa is 9 years. the Dasa must start from Lagna. Sula Dasa in the Standard 9t.

v2. Hence appliedto PurnaYuhoroscoPes.68 Studicc in Jaimioi Astrology The Lagna Taurus is evcn. etc. Thula. The duration of each Dasa is 9 years.NakshatraDasa'Shu Dasa. viz'. etc' The span of run in the reverse Dasa is 9 years. etc' :Vrischika Thula Kanya Simha Kataka Mithuna Vrishabha Mesha Meena Kumbha Makara Dhauus Total 900 9oo 900 900 e00 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 10800 gg. 100. The following is the order. Vrischikaand order. Drug Dasa. The Dasa must start from the 7th. which I do not proposcto deal . NirYanaPhalaSula Dasa This is employed mostly for predicting the native's starts deatb.. It directlyor Rasi and succeeds from the 7th from Maraka according as Lagna is odd or even and "oou.trtty said to happen when the Dasa reachesthe Maraka is the ageis Maraka Rasi.. other Dasas Thereare quite a number of Dasas dealt with by JaiminisuchasMandukaDasa. which it generallydoes when in actual practice it cannot be from 54 to 63.

even though the Sage deals with a numberof Dasas. Vimshottariand Ashtottari are in vogue. .sometimes casually hinting tbat a particular Dasa system should be applied for making predictionspertaiDing a particular Bhava. viz.Chara Dasa. Even out of thesetwo..Other Dasas 69 with in the course oI these Studies. when properly studied and understood. Parasara bas given a number of Dasasbut only tw6. Similarly with regard to Jaimini. the most popular is of course the Vimshottari.should enable us to predict almost all cvents. to Thrikona Dasa and Sthira Dasa. It is for students with an investigative bent of mind to apply the variousDasasand pick out the best and the most satisfactoryone.

The various methods suggcstcd Jaimini have been groupedby mc into threc by . Of tbe prediclive methods. In these pages. in my humble opinion. could be safelyreliedupon for accuracy. GeneralObservations Longevitydetermination has alwaysbeena hard nut to crack. are in voguebut the mathematicalmethodsseem to hardly work in actual practice.the rules being scatteredin different chaptersseemingly lacking continuityof presentation and consequentlyleading a student to confusion. predictive as well as matbemalical. Several methods. 102. It is superfluousfor me to remind readers that these Studies are not a literat prcsentation all the Jaiminianprinciplesbut a summary of of thc essentials which I have had the occasion to test with considerable satisfaction.CHAPTER ''I Determination of Longevity f01.which.rulesfor Maraka determination plustheGochara dispositionswould enableone to anticipate the probable duration of life fairly accurately. Jaimini's Methods Jaimini has given a number of combinationsfor predicting longevity.I haveconfined myself to the discussionof just thoseprinciples.

They are :-(a) Lords of Lagna and 8th. t06. . Alpa. Madhya and Deergha short life. f would call A. The term of Madhyayu is 64 ycars. (D) Lagna and the Moon and (c) Lagna and Hora Lagna. 105.DiffcrcotTcrms 7l kinds which for tbe sake of conveniencc. The reckoning should be made in respect of all the three setsof factors. But the most. (D) if both are in Sthira. Madhyayu Middle life or Madhyayu is indicated if out of thc two factors (o) one is in Chara and the other is in Sthira.. (c) and if one is in Dwiswabhava and the other is in Chara. 104.commonly accepted terms for purposesof application of Jaimini are : Alpayu upto 32 years. Terms of Longevity All astrological writers divide the span of human tifc into three distinct categories. Alpayu Short life is indicated if out of two factors of a set (art. B and C. or But the termsallottedvary with regardto differeniauthors. (D) one in Srhira and the other in Chara or (c) both in Dwiswabhava. 103. Madhyayu33 to 64 yearsand Deerghayu65 to 100years.viz. The reckoning shouldbe made in respect all the threesetsof factors. of Thc tcrm of longevity for Alpayu is 32 years. Method One Tbree setsof two factors eachare employed for asccrtaininglongevity. middle life and longlife respectively. 104)one is in Chara and the other is in Dwiswa_ bhava.

es illustratingJaimini's principles. 1(D. Pornayu This is caused. If supposcxactnumberof ycars can bc calculatcd full tcrm of 66 yearsis ing Madhyayuis indicated.when three different terms are obtained. Madhyayu or Purnayu-to which a particular nativity bclongs. -Call the longevity obtained according to this method asA. The term of Purnayuis considered be l3{} to by someand 120by others.providedthe lords of Lagna and the 8th arc at the beginningof thc respectivesigns occupied by them. If they arc in thc intermediate positions. Thc tum of tbe ycarr given by the two factors (lords of Lagna . the thus.72 Studicsin Jrimiai Asrology 107. however. But we proposc to consider 100ycars for purpos. of 108. (6) one is in Sthira and the other in Dwiswabhava. If. Reconciling ContradictoryResults If two or all the three setsof factors revcal the samc term of life. If eachset rcveals differentterms. then it must be accepted.if of the two factors (a) both are in Chara. Calculrtion of Exect Longevity the After ascertaining term of life-Alpayu. Ifbowever they happen to be in the last degrcc of the Rasisconcerned.they give zero years in thc term and deathmay take placc at the close of Alpeyu. The and (c) one in Dwiswabhava reckoningshouldbe made in respectof all the threesets of factors. and the othcr in Sthira.then preferenceshould be given to thc term of life dcnoted by Lagna and Hora Lagna. thc granted. the term of longevity indicatedby Lagna and the Moon should be preferred. the years given by them chould be ascertained separately by rule of three. and the Moon is in Lagna or the 7th.

l year perdegree reductiondue to his position the would be 25 x l. This must be addedto 66 from which Purnayu starts and total length of life would be 66 r' 12'65= 78.term of Alpayu and D = term of Madhyayu). The lord of Lagna is rcmovedfrom the first point of the sign by 25" and at the rate of l.8(33-13.2) years as his quota.l Purnayu b+(30-x).t't : (where x : Long.the lord of the 8th. Similarly. Suppose Purnayuis indicatedand the lords of Lagna and the 8th are in 25oand 12" respectivelyin r.Eract LotrScvity 7t and thc 8th) dividedby 2 would be thc actual numberof ycarsgainedin that particular category of Ayurdaya or longcvity.R r {.5 years. . having beenremovedfrom the beginning of the sign concerned by 12".x) = l. Or the 8th lord gives19.he respectivc signsoccupied by them. signs. fll. Method Two (a) Find out the stronger of the lords of tbe 8th from Lagna and the 8th from the 7th.l = 13.x ) = l ' l Madhyayu : a + (30-.5) yearsas bis quota in the term of Purnayu. of the planet devoid of a .= 12'65 years. Summery The following formulae facilitate calculationof the cxact period of longevity:A l p a y u :( 3 o .65years. This is as good as saying that he will give 5'5 (33-27.{ guota $'ould bc " :Z' :-:. The actual quotd given by these two lords is the mean given. According as thc . the reduction due would be 12x l. Here the actual of tbe sum of the yearsseparately l9.2 years.l =27. 110.

the term of life would be long.and MadhyayubecomingPurnayu. Panaparaor Apoklima. Lagna or Atmakaraka is the strongest. B or C according as the Hora Lagna. and viceversa. medium or short. tlrat in determining longevity.74 in AstrologY Studier Jaimini lord is in a Kendra. Alpayu Madhyayuremainsas such. however. It occurs to me therefore may beadopted. saythe .2 and 3 reveal different terms.the Lagna and Atmakarakashouldalso be in considered the samemanncr4s Lagna and Chandra. Three lVlethod of Apply the aboverules in respect the strongerof thc tords of the 8th from Atmakaraka and the 8th from thc the 7th from Atmakaraka and ascertain term of life.nativehas Madhyayu. 113. B and C. KakshaVriddhi of This meansthe increase term of longevity. There is no hint by Jaiminifor ascertaining anywhere as to the suitability or otherwise of any particular method under any particular horoscopic that from a practiconditions. cal pointof view. Call ttie the longevityobtainedas C. ItA. becomiog . lf methods 1. Call the longevity to obtainedaccording this methodas B. the followingprocedure Find out the termsof life accordingto A. Pada2. then assign A. by and declarethat term which is revealed the majority of considerations. longevity.but in Tbereis a suggestion III. Observations are quite a numberof nrethods given As i4 Parasari. Alpayu Madhyayu. ll2. If. Thus if Method One teveals Alpayu' Method Iwo reveals Madhyayu and Method Tnree Madhyayu. Atmakaraka becomes Purnayu the occupies 9th from Lagna.

in or Lemmedin between malefics have maleficsdisposed or the 7th from Atme' Trikonas. (a) The Lagnt and thc 7th have been hemmed in betweenbenefics. Conditionsfor Kaksha Hrasa Therewill be Kaksha Hrasa. devoid of malefic aspectsor associations. (c) when Atmakaraka karaka is betweenmalefics or has malefics disposedin Trines. KakshaHrasa This means a particular term of longcvity being to reduced the next lower one. It5. l15 are occupiedby Full Moon or V€nus. 118. the Atmakarakabeinga beneficis not debilitated but is cxaltedor is with malefics. If tbc placcs suggestedfor benefics for Kaksba Vriddbi in art. or in the Trikonas from him. and (d) when Atmakaraka being a malefic ir with malefics. dcbilitatedor asgociated ll7. (c) When benefics present Lagnaor are thc 7th or in a Trikona from them. (d) When benefics (e) Whon with Atmakaraka.or in Trikonas. (D) Atma' karaka and the ?th from Atmakaraka are hemmedin betin are weenbenefics. thus Purnayu becoming Madhyayuand MadhyayubecomingAlpayu.then {hcre witl be increaseof longevity by ono Rasi Dasa. . (g) When Jupiter is in Lagnaor the 7tb. 116. (/) When Guru has benefics on eitherside.A Suggcgtion 75 Conditionsfor KahshaVridilhi There will be Kaksha Vriddhi when any one of thc following conditions are present. Rasi Vriddhi of This meansincrease longevity by a Rasi. (a) when either the Eth or lord from Lagna or the 8th lord from the 7th becomes (D) when Lagna and the 7th arc joins the Atmakaraka.

Jupiter is more powcrful than Mercury. Term of Life-purnayu : (B). The horoscope belongsto Madhyayu category: (A): Method 2 : Lord of 8th from Lagnais Jupiter. (ii) Lagna and the Moon are in Stbira and Chara_ Madhyayu. for Example 29 Find out the longevity in the Standard Horoscope. Lord of 8th from 7th is Mercury. Madhyayu by two sets of factors is indicated. ll9. (ttt) Lagna and Hora Lagnaare Sthira and Chara_ Madhyayu. hencepurnayu. Term of Life-Purnayu: (C).. viz.. Atmakarakais not in the 9th from Lagna.Studicsin Jaimini Astrology Rasl Hrasa This means the decreaseof longevity by one Rasi Dasa. '. .'.acceptit. is Lord of 8th from thc 7th from Atmakaraka_Jupiter. a . Method 3 : Lord of 8th from Atmakaraka Mercury. Jupiter bimself is Atmakaraka and is in a Kendra from Lagna. Hence no further correctionis neccssarv. . Jupiter is more powerful than Mercury according to Rasi Bala. the sameterm. Rasi Hrasa will be causedwhen Sani occupies the placessuggested maleficsfor KakshaHrasa.'. Jupiter occupies Kendra. Method 1: Q) Lords of Lagna and 8th arc in Dwiswabhava and Sthira.

It is our personalvicw. (b)Lagna and ?th hemmed in between malefics. l2l. no matter. There is neither Kaksha Vriddhi nor KakshaHrasa each bccause factors for and against countcrbalance other. The Msin Period of Death A number of combinations havebeen mentioned for predictingthc probabletime of death. Somescholars are of opinion that any of the Dasasmentioned by Jaimini could be applicd provided one is thorough with thc technique. due attention should nccessarilybe paid to tbe generalstrength thc horoscope. For Vriddhi:*(a) Atmakaraka is a benefic. ' 120.Rcductions 77 '. the native will have full life. Mark for instance of the Itrong dispositionof Atmakarakain the StandardHoroscope. and ascertaining this may be taken for what it is worth. There is also a schoolof thought according which Navamsa Dasaand to Sthira Dasa should alonc be employed for purposes of Maraka period. Far Hrasa :-(a) The 8th lord from Lagnais Atmakaraka. He is in Kendra from Lagna and is the strongest planct in the horoscope because the strengthoftbc of Rasi he is in. whateverbe the other frctors. Remarks In applyingtbe variousmethodsof longevitydetermination. that in determining Maraka. Sthira Dasa and Shula Dasamay be tried with .'. When the Atmakaraka is so stronglyposited.' Tbe horoscope belongs to the category of Purnayu as rvealedby 2 and 3. . (D)Atmakarakais Guru himsclf. Still othershold that only ShulaDasa should be made use of for predicting death.

(q) Deatn may happenin the Dasa of the 8th or l2th of Rasl providedit is devoid of aspects planets other thEn weak Moo. and (ii) that hat in maleficsdisposed the 8th and l2th from it. if Kctu is in the 7th.i. in the 2nd part of Madhyayu. . (c) Death happensin the Dasa of a death-inflicting Rasi (in Sthita Dasa) providedthe said Dasa falls within the termsof lifp fixed for the native. death occursin the lst. p*evious to the Dasa of the dcathinflictlngRasi. then death doesnot take place. (c) Whcn Saturn is in the 8th. if Rahu is in the 7th.. and the 7th is occupied by Sani. (a) If theTthfrom Atmakarakaor Lagna is occupied by Saturn. (d) If the 8th Rasi bas mixed influences. (/) Death is also possiblein thc Dasa of a Rasi (i) that is hemnrcdin between malcfics. of benefics wpll as of malefics. This principle is applicable to all the threeterms.Rahu or Ketu.Moon or Atmakaraka.ath takes placc in thc Dasa of the Rlsl. That is whenthc term of lifc is Madhya. de. in the third part. 2nd or 3rd part of the divisionsconcerned. I give below some select principlesbcaringon Maraka determination. (D1h mAeecs or Rudra is in the 8th or 2nd from Lagna..nand Venus. death may be anticipated in the Dasa of the 8th Rasi. Thus if a personhas Purnayuand the death-inflictingRasi Dasa rulcs before of comm€[cement Purnayuterm. (D) Death is likely in the Dasasof Rasiswhichhappen to be Trikonasto the 8th house.?t in Studies Jaimini Astrology fair chancesof success. Here the refercnceis to the NavamsaDasa.e. death can happenin the lst part of Madhyayu.death is likely in the Dase as of the 8th Regi.

periodsof the Navamsa Rasis hcld (c) In the minor by lord of Maraka Rasi and the 6th therefrom. and in the Antardasasof lst. rub-periodof the bY (D) In the Rasi occuPied Rudra. Rasi held by suchplanet. (n) When two or three lords as per above becomc marakas. Then the Maraka will be the Rasi whose Dasa falls rvithin the Purnayuspan. SupposeMaraka Rasi is Cancer. 5th and 9th Rasis from the Rasi held by the lord of 8th from Mabeswara' of (ln) The strongest the lord of the 3rd.e. 122.Pcriodof Dcath -79 (f) Death is also possible in the Dasa of the 8th Rasi from the Sun and Venus. death can be brought about in the sub'Dasa of tbe strongest of thc i. The Sob-periodof Deatb (a) In the courseof a Maraka Dasa. The native has Purnayu' all being equal the Suppose Dasa of 2 planetscome before Purnayu and that ofother during the course of Purnayu. inthc lord of 6th. (/) Death can also take placein the Dasa laccordiqg by Sthira Dasa reckoning)of the Rasioccupied Mahesto wara. 6th.e-. three Rasisbecome That is. 8th and Atmakaraka becomesthe maraka and death l2th from takesplacein the Dasaof the Rasi held by him. and that of the 6th from it are the Moon and Jupiter rcspectively. if supposing of life.choosethe one whose Rasi Dasa (i. Brahma to ff) Longevity generally extendq from (according Sthira Dasa). the Dasa to of thc Rasi occupiedby him) is appropriate the terms marakas. in strength. The lordof this. to Maheswara (&) Death is also likely in the Dasa of the Rasi hcld by Rudra.. Supposc they arc in Meena and Thula .2nd and l2th from Atmakaraka.

inthe Dasa of Dhanus (8th Rasi) or Aries (l2th Rasi) but as Aries is not devoidof of aspects planetsother than weak Moon and Veaus(1. there will be a gain of one NavamsaRasi Dasa. D r in r.with Venus. (i) Kanya and Kataka are alsodeath-inflictingRasis. Death is likely in the Dasa of the strongest the three Rasis.r.deathcan happen in the sub-periodsof Meena and Thula. deathtakesplacein Navamsa Dasa of Rasis. da o c p Applying the principlesgiven in articles l2l and 122. Certain Bxceptions When the Dwara and BahyaRasisare affiicted. of .Ex l8). Then in the lvlaraka Dasa concerned. Henceit acquires Maraka power.l. Hcnce Taurus is also a deathinflicting Rasi.. . 123. death takesplacein thcir own NavamsaDasa. Dhanusis dovoid of aspects(exceptthat of Saturn) but is associated. Dhanus (vide. . Hence it in is a death-inflicting Rasi. (f) Taurusis hemmed in betweenmalefics..which are in a trikona from lords of Lagna.E0 Studlcs in Jaimioi AstroloSy Navamsas respectively.r9 years. Meshaand Simha. (D) The Trikona Rasis to 8th house are Dhanus. . In such a circumstance. * rrlllill. stan rd H ros o e. is aspected Jupiter. viz.r. G) Death may happen.e. io. ete m e.and 8th or in the Navamsa Dasa of the Rasi occupied the by lord. Sun and Mercury) it cannot cause by Maraka. Dhanushas a maleficdisposed the 8th. Whenthe 8th lord from Lagnais exalted.

out 6tb (Moon). (m\ Kumbha. (g) Dhanus. (r) Kanya and Kataka.An Example 8l (k) Kumbhaalsocan causcdeath as it is the Rasi occupiedby Rudra and Meheswara. 2nd (Jupiter) and thc l2th (Saturn)from Atmaof karakais Jupiter. (z) The strongest of the lords of the 3rd (Mars). (/) Vrishabha. Hcnceduring the suh-Dasa Kumbha (thc signoccupied Jupiter) thc Maha Dasaof Dhanus by in (as per Sfhira Dasareckoning) deathis likely. Therefore Kumbha can becomea marakasign. Dlranus becomesby far the most powerful Rirsi capable causing of deathin its Dasa. He occupiesKumbha.16). He died in his 82nd nativeis aged81. from the 8lst DhanusDrsa (SthiraDasa) commences year of the native and Kumbha Bhukthi starts when the years6 months.. As regards subthc pcriod (viclearticle 122) the strongestof the lords of 6th (Moon). . year. (k) Kumbha. Dhanus. Thusthe following Rasishaveacquired death-inflicting powcr:(b) Dbanus. 8th (Meicury)and l2th (Saturn) from Atmakarakais Mercury (videEx.

I have collected combinations bearing on the differentBhavasscattered differentAdhyayas.etc.NavamsaLagna.the lastbeing speeially importantfor judging the'conplexion. Physicrl Appearance Thoughtheredoesnot appearto be any suggestion anlwherein Jaimini's Sutrasthat the sign rising at birth determines personal appearance tbe and character the of personconcerned. The physicalfeatur€s. Karakamsa the Navamsa is occupiedby Atmakaraka. 126.. Krrakamsa We have already seenin articlc 8 that Atmakarakais the planet who getsthc highest number of degrecsin a sign. are to be known by the nature of Karakamsalord. . in l2S. complcxion. VarnadaLagna and in Karakamsaimpart to thepersontheir respective characteristics. Jaimini's approachin this regard is quite unique. Preliminary Rernarks . Planetsrising in the Lagna. the Navamsalord and Varnada Lagqa. The crux of the problenr in astrology i! horoscopejudgment. we haveto givedue consideration yet to the sign factor.CHAPTER VII Judgment of Horoscope 124.

in Makara-fairly ruddish complexion. Cha(acter and Mind Pranapada Lagna falling in Kumbha Will make the subjecta bypocrite. As Mars. Karakamsa or Varnada. Saturn in tbe 2nd from the lord of the 7th frorn Upapada**makesone's appearance extremely uncouth or ugly.3 Brihat Jataka. Pranapada (art. grcen. reddish. The lord of Lagna is Sukra. Colours oftbe planetsare to be taken as suggested io the general astrological principles. Example 3l Judge the physical appearance of the native in the StandardHoroscope.andVenusare the dominantplanets. 30) falling in Kanya gives ruddiness to the complexion and produces softnessand greater dclicacy.the nativepartakesof the characteri. 127. in other rvords find out thc .. Karakamsalord is Mar8. large eyes. Simhaugly. Saturnand Mars-Raktasuvarna or reddish yellow. Navamsa Lagna lord is Mars. ll. Varnada Lagna lord is Sukra.8-l . The personlooks as though agedif Ketu occupies the 2nd flont Lagnarudha (art. l9). Rahu rod Suturn-dark. fak complexion. of viz. yellow. When in Lagna. dignifiedstatureand softness and delicacy. healthy constitution. Ketu and Saturnconjoin.'Arudha" for fhe l2th house as per Art. i9. Saturn and Venus-blackish. *hitc. Navamsa Ltgna. Saturn and Mercury-bluish. Saturn and Jupiter-golden colour. and Saturnand the Moon-white. Mercury and Venusin the 2nd or 5th giveugly jaws and lips. '* Upapada istho "Arudha Rasi" of the l2th from Lagna. . He will be depressed and gloomy if *-TU" Sun to Saturn represent red.Karakamsa lnfluences .stics Mars and Venus. mixcd and black colourg respectivcly. the complexion would be light red.

whilethe a Sun and Rahu in Karakamsaaspected Mars confersa by destructivetcnperan?ent. ' The Lagna is aspected Mars. one poss€sses generous instincts. Saturn in Karakamsaor in the 5th from jt indicates great nervousness assemblies. Malefics in the 3rd from Karakarnsa make one brave.. One becomesfirm-minde<I if the lOth from.if thi 5rh lord aspects Atmakaraka Lagoa. viz. if Moon and Rahu are in the 9th from Lagna or Atmakaraka.Lord of the t2th from Lagna (or Atmakaraka)aspecting Lagna (or Atmakaraka)nrakes one a spendthrift.t4 Studies in Jaimini Aetrology the Moon and Rahu are in the sth of aspectthe Sth. Sun has joined the Atmakaraka. If the 5th and 9th from Karakamsa are occupied by malefics but aspectedby benefics. He will be wicked and of destructiveoutur. wrathful and passionatetemperament._a quick and passio_ by nate temperament.Karakamsa not joined by Mercury but is is asppctedby other benefics. The subject will be highly intelligent. in clr will be an indisrinct speakerif the 2nd from Kara_ kamsa is occupied by Ketu and aspectedby matefics.Onelacks power of expression. He led a happy life because the 4rh lord from Lagni. The person commits sinful deeds and becomes hypocriteif Ketu joins Karakamsa.aspects the Lagna(or Atmakaraka). The Lagna_being aspected Mars is co-existent by with a quick. The 5th lord Mercury is with Atmakaraka-the native was a man of precocious inteligence. The native was notcd . Example 32 Judge the mental characteristics in the Standard Horoscope. One will lead a hoppy or life if the 4th lord from Lagna (or Atnrakaraka. An inspiraiion"i end righteous nature is revealed Karakamsahappens if to fall in Meena.

the person earns a lot of moncy good fsrtunc.t0) conferc . He was of swectmanners. If the Arudha Rasi of tbe 7th househappens be a kendra.La3narudba t5 for his character. Poverty will rcsult if the lord of the 8th'from Atmakaraka(or Lagna) aspects thc Atmakaraka (or Lagna). There uill bc thc considerable wealth if th€ 2nd from Lagnarudhais occupied by Venus. lf Arudha Lagna is associated with or aspected by bencfics. Thc 2nd housc from Lagnarutlhr bcing joined or aspected by beneficsor by thc lord of Lagnarudhe or Yogakaraka plancts (sceart. Immensewealthwill be conferredif tbe Lagnarqdha (or Lagna)and the Arudha of the 7th house (or 7th hourc) are not subject to malefic argalas (see art. Mark the disposition of Lagnadhipathiin tbc sign of Atmakaraka and Karakamsa being strongly disposed and the Sth lord Mercury joining Atmakaraka. Thc earn.forgiving tcmporamcnt and found of progressive and responsible movcments. FinancielProspects By the general strength of thc horoscope and by applyingthe usual principlesof astrology. 45 & 46) or have benefrc argalas. Thcrc will be destructionof wealth throrrgh assoiiation with women of ill-reputc if the 9th from Karakama8t is joined by Rahu. l. Moon and Jupiter. kona or the'3rdor to llth from's financial worth is to be judged. ings would be tbrough legitimate or questionabtemeans according the planetor planetsin the llth are good as or evil. Sthor l2th from Lagnarudhawill producedifficulty in ecquiringmoney and tberewill be great poverty. Tbe llth from Lagnarudhabcing occupiedby exalted or fricndly planetsgivcsriseto immense wealth. nativc becomes wealthy. 128. Arudlra Rasi of the Zth falling and amasses in the 6th.

in Lagnarudha. neck.the lord of the 8th from Atmakaraka. or Accordingto Jaimini. armo. l?9. by of The argalacaused to Lagnt by Saniis neutralised rhe by presence Chandraand Rahu in tbe lZth The ZtlLhouse of is subjected benefic to argalas and tbereis no counreraction of tbese argalas. The 2nd from Lagnarudha is aspectedby the I\. face. Mark the fact that Arudba Lagna. The organs rcpresentedby the zodiacal signs rtrling them wiil be developed othcrwiseaccording the signs concerned or as are conjoinedwith or aspectedby benefics malefics. Health and Disease The person will be generally healthy if the 8th houseis aspectedby the lord of the 9th. Cancerhas the argalaof Mhrs. The personearned a lot. This perhaps accountsfor his having spentaway all his earnings. but it is counteracted the presence Moon in the l0th. The best combination for financial prosperity is an aspect or association between thc Almakaraka (or the lord of Atmakarakasign) and the 2nd lord from with Atmakaraka. Conscquently subject's the financial conditionswerevery good.foon(and also Rahu) lord of Lagnarudha. Budha.viz. The 2nd housefrom Atmakarakais aspected Sanilord by of Atmakarakasign. Atmakaraka and a natural benefic arid that of the Sun lord of the 2nd from Arudha Lagna. buttocks (prishta). Mark also the fact that Arudba of the 7th falls in the 3rd from Lagnarudha. Example 33 Judge the financial Prospects the Standard Horoscope. has tbe aspect of jupiter. stomach.86 Studics JaiminiAstrology in good financial prospects.. . shanks (jaghanam). the Lagnaand the other bhavas in regular order typify respectively the head.

. insects and rcptiles. falls from high ptaccs. and diseases like leprosy. Cancer:. 'Taurus from complicateddiseases. (a) Swelling Tcsticlcsor Hernia :-Karakamsa in of lssociation with Gutika and aslrccted Mcrcury. by G> Ear troubles:-Karakamsa joined by Ketu and aspectedby or arsociatedwith malefics. dcnotes the deha or body. Thc Sun or Lagna whichcvcris stronger. The subject will be generally healthy if the Arma_ karaka is frcc fronr malefic associations and aspects. The resultsof the location of Atmakaraka in thc diffcrentNavamsas as foilows : arc Arles:-Fear from cats. The situation of tbc Atmakaraka in a particular Navamsa (Karakamsa) ia taid to predispose subjectto certaintroubtesand janthe gcrs. gnimals yirgo:-Danger from fire. Gemini_ Frequent suffering from cutancous diseacesand an inclination towards cotpulcnce. whalcs. If Pitrukaraka and Matrukaraka arebeforecleha defectsit the constitution arise late in life. the person ouffe. wild animels. The sevcrity of the discasc must be judged fron thc strengthof tbe africtcd planets and the amount of rcliefgiveq by good aspecrs. fnsomnia: piscee:-Wateiy disease. denotesthe heart. lcgs. Leo z-Fear from dogs and other caninc . rats and simitar creatrlres.If the Moon is io Karakamsa aspectedby Mars.Dangers from aquatic sourccs. horses and similar quadrupes. women and spirits. whichever is stronger.Atoatankr rnd Hcaltb n serual organs. ite Moon or Lagna. eyes and ears. skin troubles and inclination towards corpufence. Thc following special combinations indicatethe diseases one is likely io suffcr f1om. Sagittarius:-Accidents from conveyances. Capricorn:-Troubles fiom lishes. Scorpio:--Fear from aninrals. Aqtnrius:Mental disturbanccs. particularlydropsy and sweilingof fect.

thc disease becomcs incurabte. Again thc 6rh from Atmakaraka has the aspectso[ Mercury and Atmakaraka Jupiter. (f) Tumours and abscesses are caused by thc presencc Mars iu the 4th from Karakamsa: or thete of will be cruptions. the sign occupied by Atmakaraka and Karakamsaand the 6th from these places. (h) Gastric troublcs are caused Rahu or Ketu is if in the 7th from Lagnarudha. Thc native neversuffered from any serious disease ill-health. Thc 9th rulesfcct. (g) Dropsy : Kctu in the 4th from Karakemsa. boils or skin discascs. In general. It was during Tbula Dasa (Sthira) rhat his left foot bccame slightly rwollcn end this rcmaincdpracticallytitl his derth. by The nativc was generally healtby. Thc 8th houseis aspected Saturnlord of the 9th. . Example g4 Jtrdgethe nature of healthof thenative in the Standard Horoscope. by (d) Black lcprosy :-The Moon in thc 4tb from Karakamsaaspected Kctu.The 6tb from Karakamsa is occupiedby Moon and the 5th lord from Karakamsa ic in a benefic sign. by (e) Consumption :-Mars and Rahu in thc 4th or 5th from Karakamsa disposesone to consumption. Thc most important factors are tbe Lagna. The relative affiction possessed by the 6th housefrom each of the above factors sbould be taken into consideration. affiictionsto the 6th from Atmakaraka Rasi antl Karakamsa producemore serious conscquences than tbose to the 6th from Lagna. If thc Moon aspects Mars. or The 9th from Atmakaraka is occupied by two malefics Kuja and Ketu.Studicgin Jgimini Astrology (c) Whitc leprosy:-Thc Moon in the 4th from Karakamsaaspected Venus.

When the above combinationr are aspected Jupitcr.Mars in Karakamsa in or thc 5th from it gives high legal education. The good disposias tion of the 4th from Arudha Lagna and the Matrukaraka is necessary getting a good and lou3-livcd mothcr.fulercury Karakamsaor Sth from it indicates in a good insightinto Meemamsa. of Judgedfrom Parasara's methods. 5rh and Jupiter. The subject possessed by great scholarship in literatureand was a lover of music. He gives a few combinations proficiencyin differentbranches for of knowledge. in Ketu in Karakamsa in thc 5th from it givesproficieney or in mathematics. The for the 5th from it gives proficiency in grammar. education is generally ascortained from the 4th house.Educationel Prospec$ t9 130. by a Example 35 Indicate the educational prospects in the Standard Horoscope. It is for readersto put theseprinciplcs into ruch useas tbey deem fit. it makes one a musician or gives him scholarship literature. thc houseof education is stronglyfortified by being aspccted the lords of the by 4th. Mark also the association tbc 5th lord Mercury witb Atmakaraka. Parcuts The generalsignificators the Pitrukarakaand Matrukaraka arc determined pcr article ll. Educational Procpects Accordingto Parasara. Jupiter in Karakamsa or. The 5th from Karakamsa is occupiedby Moon and aspected Budha. . Vedasand Vcdangas. the personbecomes versatilegenius. Jaimini's treatmcnt of thc subjectbearingon educationis not cxhaustive. Whenthc Moon is in Karakamsa or in tlre 5th from it.

There will be death of brothersif tbe 3rd or llth frorn Upapada Lagna (or lord of Upapada)are occupiedby Rahu and Sani. Example 36 Judgeeventspertaining lo parents and brothers ond JiJterJ in the Stahdard Horoscope. 132. Matrukaraka is Mercury. whiie Pitrukaraka bimself is aspected by . No clue is given for ascertaining actual numberof the brothersand sisters. The person will haveelderor youngersisters accordingas the I i tb or 3rd fr<. will causethe by deathofall brothers. The elder brother rvill die if the llth from Upapadaor its lord is aspectedby Saturn 4nd Mars. Jupiterand the Moon are in the llth and 3rd houses frorn Upapadaor its lord. Obviouslywe haveto fall on the general principles judge the numbertaking into conand siderationthe navamsas gainedby the 3rcjand I ith bhavas or Bhratrukaraka. rhen the youngerbrotherwill die. Brothersand Sisters The third housefrom Upapadarulesyoungerbrothers and sistersand the eleventh house from Upapadarules elder brothers and sisters.90 Studiet JaiminiAstrology in faiher will be long-livcd if the Pitrukaraka and rhe 9th from Arudha Lagna are not affiicted. If the house affiicted is the 3rd. The mother will have abortionsif the 3rd or llth from Upapada or its lord is occupied by Venus. aspected Saturn. The personwill havea number of brothersand sistersif Mars.nrUpapadais occqpiedby its lord or Ketu.exccptingthe native. The 9th from Arudha Lagna is aspected Saturn as well by as by Venus. Parents:-Pitrukaraka is Sun. Mars in the llth or 3rd liom Upapadaor its lord.

The third from it is occupiedby malefic Saturnand the I lth by a bencfic and two malefics. Marriage In judgiag the affairsof nrarriage accordingto Jaimini. Pitrukaraka Sun is with Atmakaraka. Tbe Upapada Lagnais Mesha. But we aro to also askedto considerthe 2nd and 7th houscs and their lords from Upapadaas well as Darakaraka. Rahu and Chandra. The wife or husbandwill be handsomeand domesticated the 2nd if houseis occupiedby beneficsor has a predominanceof beneficshadvargas Jupiter and the Moon occupythe or ?th from Karakamsa. The father died when the native was aged rbout 37. He had one clder brother who predeceased the native (the llth lord himselfis Saturn). Kutu. the starting point is tbe Upapada. The dcath of the Eother occurredin the Dasaof Thula (ShoolaDasa). The 4th from Arudha is considerably aflicted by being occupied Kuja and Ketu and aspectedby Ravi. Pitrubhava may be said to be fairly wcll situated. The person will be married to a woman in a forcign 'country . Mark the fact of Tbula Esthe 4th from Arudha Lagna being affiicted.Upapada Influooccs 9l Kuja. The wife will be a learnedwoman if the 7th from Karakamsa has the aesociationof Mcrcury. The rvife comesfrom a respectable or low family accordingas the 2nd lord is exalted or in a beneficsignor debilitatedor in an inimical sign. If the 2nd houseis occupiedby an exaltedplanet the personwill have many wives. f 33. of MatrukarakaBudhais equally affiictedby lris situationin thc 8th house from Arudha and by being aspectedby Kuja and Ketu. Brothers-Bhratrukaraka is Moon. And all the following combinations have reference the Upapada. Thc by cvil is tempered sligthtly by the aspect Budha and Guru.

In this particularcoDtext. however. The wife wilt be sickly and suffersfrorn varioustypcsof diseases when the following combinations present:-: are Venus and Ketu in the 2nd or aspectingthe 2nd from Upapada-menstrul'or lvomb disorder hrercury . More than one wife shouldbe predicthc led in case the 2nd from Upapada is occupied by an exaltedplanet or it happensto be Gemini. Jupiter and Rahu. the 2nd being Virgo or Gcmini-Peenasaroga. Sani and Rahu.92 Studics Jaimini ia Astrotogy if tbe Moon is in the 7th from Karakamsa. Saturn. If. The pcrsonwill marry or will have liaison with a widow if Rahu is in the 7th from Karakamsa. Sun and Rahu-wasting disease. Mars and Saturn. thc wife will dic (early). If the 2nd househappens be a maleficsign or occupied or aspecto ted by a maleficplanel. the 2nd being Virgo or Libra:windy complaints such as dropsy. Marriage proves miserable by . Wife's death will not happcnif the Sunjoins the 2nd houseor the 2nd house happcns to be Simha. The evils in thc abovecascs will be conriderably lessened benefic aspects. the 2nd beingthe sign of Mars or Mercury-car troubles. Sun shouldnot be considerdd a tbe as malefic. and Ketu-thinning of the bones. Benefics aspecting the above combination lessen or . then death of wife will take placelate in life. the 2nd being Arjes or Scorpio-Peenasaroga. The person will be obliged to reject rhe wifc through scandals if Saturn and Rahu join the 2nd. Saturnaid Mars. Jupiter and Saturn. The wife will be oitjer than the husband if Saturn joins rhe 7th from Karakamsa. the 2nd being a sign of Mlrs or Mercury-dentaldiseases. Mars or thc Sun in a similar position indicates that tbc marriage partner will be deformed. the 2nd houseis occupiedby Atmakarakaor its own lord. neutralise evil.

filthy. Whem Lagna is aspectedbv Mars.Combination to Applicable Womeri A woman having Jupiterin a trine from Mercuryor Lagnain her Navamsachart becomeschasteand dcvoted to her husband. The 2nd from Upapadais a benefic sign and the 2nd lord occupies a benefic (but neutrat) sign. the rvomanbccomesextremely passionateand wrathful. Mark the fact that . She will become vindictive.the 2nd from Upapadais aspectedby Mars. . lustful and debased Navamsa Lagna if Rasihappens bethe l2th or 9th from Janma Lagna to . The wife clied dueto exc€ss bleeding the time of an abortion.uncouth and indolentif Kctu is in NavamsaLagnaor in a trikona from it. Similarresults produced are whenVenus is in Lagna.She will be wcll disposed and highl-v intclligentif the Moon is in Taurusin Navamsaand Mcrcury and Venusare in the 4th from Lagnain Navamsa. of at 134. Ketu in La'gnaor irr a trikona from Lagna (in the Navamua) makes tbc lady filthy and repulsivc. Consequently wifc lived rill the the native was aged about 48. She will be vile. The wife came from a respectable family. The 2nd houseis aspectedby two first-rate malefics and the wife shouldhavc died very early had it not beenfor the fact that Darrkaraka Mars is in a benefic sign aspected benefics(including the by Sun who is alsobenefic).Femalc Horoscopy 93 when both Upapada and Atmakaraka signs have their &cond housos considerably affiicted. Karaka for wife is Kuja. Examplc 37 Analyse the 7th house in tlze Stundqrd Horoscope. . the woman will bc masculine appearancelacking feminine grace. beauty in and delicacy. Wlien Saturnis in Navamsa Lagna or in a trikona from it.

Only one issue will be born when the 5th from Upapadais occupied the Moon. When affiictionis lessened. We are also askedto considerthe 5th from thc lord of Upapadain judging matterspertainingto children. The Moon and Venusin Hora Lagna renders the lady amorous and sensuous. by The personwill have no childrenif Mercury and Saturn join the 7rh. The woman woutd be so cruel-hearted and debased to murder her husbandif the as 8th from Upapadais aspected Mars and Ketu. or the Navamsaof the planet in the 7th. Children The 5th house from Upapadaindicates . If in the Navamsachart. If the Navamsa of Hora Lagna is in conjunctionwith Ketu or aspected malefics by she becomesan adulteress. The Moon in the 3rd from Atmakarakaor from Lagna or from Varnada Lagnadefinitely causeswiciowhood. progenywhile the 5th housefrom Lagna is also connected with issues. the wife becomes barren.n the Navamsa brings about widowhood. Therewill be a numberof issues born whenthe llth housefrom Upapadaor the 5th housefrom Upapadalord happensto be an even sign.94 Studics Jeimini in Astrotogy Rasi. or the 7th lord or the Navamsa of the 7th lord. given in this article refer to these All combinations two factors. lvlarsand Ketu occupying the 8th from Hora Lagnais a clefinite signof earlywidowhood. by The Sun in a trikona from Lagna i. Predictthat the personwill have a number of children if tbe sth from Upapada happens be an odd sign or the Sun and Rahu are in the to Tth from Upapada or its lord. The subject will adopt a child in caseMars and Saturn occupythe 7th or llth from Upapada. . predict issueslate in life. t35. Mercury is in a trikona from Lagna.

But in Jaimini. The 5th lord from Upapadais in the llth from Upapadaand is fairl:r Etrong. The subject had a numberof issues. Though the particular nature of the occupation difficult to judge. yct by a careful study and is investigation themethodsformulatedby Jaimini. Jupiter in Karakamsaproduces a decp scholar in religious subjects and a profound philosopher.rulers.Karakemsa seemsto play important part in indicatingthe natureof profession one is likely to pursue. Mercury makes onc a businessman. chemicals.artist. fires and metallurgy will be involved.If the Karakamsaor its l0th is not occupied by any planet.Thc followingcombinations to be appliedwith reference are to Karakamsa.. sculptor.take the tord of tbe lOth from Karakamsa and judge profession considering his positjon in the Navamsa. The Sum in Karakamsaconferspolitical leadership or Stateservice. 136. cloth merchant and wellversedin classical lore. The 5th frgm Upapadais an odd sign.Abrenccof Iseuer 95 Example 3g fudge details peftaining to children in the Standard Horoscope. the l0tb house rules occupation. Full Moon and Venusin Karakamsa give riseto authors. ministersand Governmentofrcers. When Mars is in the of amsaof Atmakarakathen a profession involving dealing with factories.preceptors and to thosewho makea living by the dissemination knowledge. Profession In Parasari. Saturn makes one a . Venusin Karakamsagivesrise to autbors. fame and bonour. it may of bc possible discover principleswhich could give a defito nite clue in tbe matter of choice of profession. printing presses.

One may taketo alchemy thc Moon . editor or a journalist.Vcnusjoins the aboveposition. Ketu i render$ personearn his livelihoodby fraudulent and the deceitfulmeans. thc personwill . Rahu in the position suggested abovemay give a professionlikc manufacturing machineryor mining. if occupyingKarakamsais aspectcd Venus. Malcficsin the 3rd and 6th from Karakamsa give lise to agriculture and gardening. and consequently or Qne becomcsa watch-maker horologistif Karakamsa or the 4th from it is joined by Ketu. one livesby the art of swindling othersif Karakamsa Rasi fallsin the signof Gulika (seeart. The by personlivesby the performanceof sacrificesand other joined by Keru is religiousceremonies when Karakamsa aspected Vcnus. The Sun or Mars in the 4th from Karakamsamakes the person live by bearing diffcrcnf kinds of arms.Guru in the 9th fronr Karakamsadenotes incomethrough largeestates or landedproperties. the pcrson becomes skillcd in using arms may take to policeor military career. or Tbe Sun in thc lOth aspected Jupiteralone-the person by livesby protectingcattle.swindleror a professioninvolving manufacture of machinerY or one may become a mechanic. Rahu and Ravi in Karakamsadevoidof affiictions indicatedoctors solely dealing with poisonous drugs.e.96 Srudicsin Jaimini AstroloSy well-knownbusinessman. If Saturn occupies Karakamsa by or the 4th from it..or preferably chemists and druggists. the pcrsonekesout livelihood by Dhanurvidya or as a druggist. i. 34) and aspected Moon. author. The Sun and VenusaspectipgKaraby kamsarnakes one an ambassador servantof the Crown. Thc person by will be a doctor if the Karakamsa occupied by Moon is aspected Mercury. If instead of Jupiter. by running a dairy farnnor the like. The Moon and Jupiterin the Karakamsa or in rhe 5th from it indicatcrthat the person becometa famous writer.When Rahu is in Karakamsa.

under benefic or malefic argalas.Ministers and high officers of the Governmcnt. one becomesa Commander. authors.editors. The strengthof the combinations will be augmentedor weakenedaccording as the planetsand signs concernedare. If malefics positedin the 3rd or 6tf . When the m'alefic arrd benefic influences in respect of Karakamsaare evenly disposed.weavers.Occupation -editor. Ministers and other high ranking Governmentservices. of 7 . Jupiter :-Priests. the subject becomesa leaderof his corirmunity. of journalists. scientistsand fire industries. A carefulstudy of the sutras suggests that the following allocationof professions could be made to the differentplanets. artists. The Moon::. ambassadors and representatives ruling heads. intellecsculptors. lawyers. Kings. tuals and evenbusinessmen. Mercury : Professors philosophy. The Sun:-Presidents. judges. A a trerson becomes high official of the Government if Guru Sukra occupie$ 5th from the lords of Lagna and the the or from lords of Lagna and the 7th are ?th. Guru in the aboveposition confersalliound knowledgeand the person becomesan author. professorsof philosophy and leadersin general. 97 One becomes be a mediocrewriter. It will be seen from the above that the positionof Karakamsa and the disposition qf planets in certain from it are the main coasiderationsin houses determining the avocationor nature of livelihood. Venus: Officialsof the Government. Mars :-Commanders-in-chief. author or a greatpoet or iiterateurif Sukra alonejoins Karakamsaor the 5th from it..

manufactureof arms and. Dushta Marana.. labourers. of I have merelygiven the principlescullcd out from Jeimini and it is for readersto convince thcmselvcsabout their practicalapplicabilityor otherwise. lg7.drownings.e. doctors and healers. printing.9E Studies Jaimini in Artrotojy Saturn: Ordioary or comrpon professions.Servan'ts. Rahu:-Thieves. Example39 Judgc rhe profession in the Stanilard Horoscope. cxplosions. violent. 138. Thus diffcrent pro fcssionsare indicated. etc.etc. qasons and brick-layers.the by strong positionof thc 1Othlord from Karakamsaand his associationwith the planets mentioned above should decidethe profession. The l0th lord from Karakamsa is associatedwith the Sun. or violent end means dcath caused by fires. natural or peaceful death. Nature of Death According to commentators of Jaimini. Venus and Mars. whetherthe end will be natural.. Neitherthe Karakamsanorthe lOth from Karakamsa haveany planetsin them. hardware merchants. Consequently. while the l0th is aspected Rahu and Ketu. Kelu.i. In the course of this article. Venus-author. Saturn-businessman Mars: dealingwith printingpresses. body-guards. or peacefuland the character the violent.cartbquakes. Source Deatb of Wc bavealreadydiscussed articles l0l to 123the in methods of ascertaininglongevity and death-inflicting Rasis. I shall recordthe circumstances underwhich dcathactually takesplace. . dlivers. ammunitions. viz.-. volcanic eruptions. mechanics. body-guards.

. etc. In considering following combinations. The native will be conscious or unconsciousat the time of death . the whenevera conjunctionis meant. . rheumatism . death takes placein holy places..When malelics are in the 3rd from Lagna or Atmakaraka.. death will be caused various conby plicationsand miscellaneous diseases. When the 3rd housefrom Lagna or from Atmakaraka is occupied(or aspected) the Moon. Mars-fire. beheading. cburchesand mosques. in places wheresins are comrnitted. the 3rd from Lagna or Atmakarakais occupiedby benefics.e.Spccial Combinations 99 falls from eminences. and Moon and Gulika-by eatinghard anct indigestible food.or near temples. Whcn a number of planets are connected with the 3rd house. tbe person will have an unnatural death. Ketu-dropsy and other warery diseases Jupitcr_ . hanging. Here also good aspects interposing amongaffiictions and bad aspects interposing amongbcneficdispositions will often change the natureof dcath. Death can happe by snakc-biteif Rabu anC Ravi are in n Karakamsa. Venus-sexual and femalediseases such as syphillis and gonorrhoea. vornitings and inflammation of the phlegm. When the 3rd housefrom Lagna or from Atmakaraka is conjoinedwith (or aspected hy) the Sun. incarcerations and drownings. i. Benefics denotenatural death. SubhaMarana or natural death meansthc end being brought about by feuers and other diseases. Whentbe houseof death. death will be due to politicaloffences. Saturnand Gulikapoisons. If maleficsare in the 3rd death takes placein evil surroundings. vl'z.i.e.aspectis also automatically implied. snake-bites.. etc. deathwiil bc due by to coosumption Saturn-windy diseases. weapons and injuries. indigestion.

140. and MiscellaYogaswhich includeSanyasa neous Yogas.then the Yoga is not formed. The person should have a natural death. The by intensityof the Yoga is reduced aspector association if of a planet is not found in all the six factors. tf the samc planet aspects. The third is aspected by three planets-Sun.. VahanaYogas. It is not clearwhetherall the threeLagnas should be aspected by the same planet or by different planets. The end was due to somesort of inflammationof the phlegm and he wasconscious his whenhe breathed last. Yogasin Jainini For purposes ofconvenience. Arishta Yogas. Mercury and Jupiter-the . The personbecomesa king. Raja Yogas When Janma Lagna. 139. The third is Cancer.viz. Hora Lagna and GhatikaLagna are aspectedby a planet.a benefic sign and it is not occupied by any malefics.t00 in Studies Jaimini Astrology according as the 3rd is occupied(or aspected) by Jupiter and Venus. . Example 40 Find the nature and sources death in the Standard of Horoscope. a If one or two of the Lagnasare aspected.or other planets.the Yoga becomespar excellence.strongest being Jupiter. Navamsa Drekkanathe Lagna and the 7th are conjoined with or aspected a planet. Raja Yogas. and A Raja Yoga is said to ariseif in Rasi. a powerful Raja Yoga is caused and the personbecomes king or an equalto him.I proposeto deal with Yogas as per Jaimini system under three distinct categories. ctc.

4th and 5th from the lord of Lagna or from the lord of the 7th are occupied or aspecredby benefics. becomes equal to a ruler but are an not an actualruler. it meansthat if only one factor (Lagna or Hora Lagna or Ghatika fagna. Somecommentators hold that the tbree factors (fagna. By implication_and the comof mentatorsseemto confirm this.(2) when the 3rd and 6th from Atmakarakaare of equat itrengtn or are occupied by malefics and (3) when the 2nd.the Lagna. Venus and Kctu are in mutual aspects or in the 3rd from eachother. The following are also Raja yogas capableof confer_ ring differentgradesof poliriual po*.. Tbe position of Venus in Karakamsain highly favouredas it is said to confer immense fortune and life. and rank consistent with their vitality. Raja Yogasare formed under the foilowing condi_ tions : (l) When the2nd. is involved. In all the above cases. the condition for the existenceof an all-powerful Raja yoga is that all the three factors and not merelyone or two should havc the relationship a planet. Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna) should U" aspect"J by the sameplanet.. When Mars. . When the intluences mixed.4th and 5th from Atmakaraka are equalin strengthor are occupied by benefics. an ordinary type of Raja Yoga known as Vaithanicawill arise. Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna are aspected by (or associated with) a planet.the yoga can operate nominally or formally.Vitality of Rajayoga tOl Raja Yoga can also arise if either in (a) Navamsa or in (6) Drekkanadiagrams. confeiiing on ttre nativedistinctionand fame.

. (b) Wben the Yoga is merely due to an association betweenlord of Lagna and the 5th. (n) Benefics Jdnma Rasi and in the llth and lOth in in Navamsa-fairly powerful Raja Yoga. (D Venusand Moon in conjunction with or aspecting Atmakarakaor the 10th from him. (h) Raja Yoga in early life if Mercury and Jupiter by in Lagna and llth or Lagna and ?th aspected benefics. (e) Samenumber of planbtsin Lagna and the 7th : Raja Yoga fonns but it wiil be enjoyed by the native late in life. makesitself expressed (c) Venus. (j) Moon in the 7th in conjunctionwith or aspected by benefics-aservantof the Crown.102 in Studice Jaimini Astrology (a\ Lords of Lagna and the 5th in conjunction. (f) Equal number of planets in Lagna and 4thfame and honour. it ratber late in life. or (/) Benefics planetswitf beneficvargasoccupying Atmakaraka Rasi or the l0th from it-ntoderatc Raja Yoga. (m) The Moon in the 4th or I lth from Jupiterin Navamsa-Fame and power. (k\ Thrikonas and Kendras devoid of bencficsof 6ervant king. (g) Jupit. and exaltedor debilitatedor in their own Navamsas-a great ruler. or 7th and 5th. (o) The Lagna and AtmakarakaRasi bcing occupied by or aspected exaltedplanet-a ruler. 2nd and 4th respectively (d) The strong disposition Lagna.Mars and Ketu in AtmakarakaRasi and from it-a king.t and Moon in Lagna and the I lth respectively or in Lagna and the 7th aspectedby beneficsRuler. the 7th and 9th of -political power.

by (d) Karakamsais the samesign as the JanmaRasi. Hora Lagnaand Ghatika Lagna are occupied by Jupitcr. Wc are askcdby Jaimini to study Raja yogas. when the startingpoint is not definitcly mcntioncd. Atmakarakaand the 5th. short of wielding of porver. by Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna arc aspected the same by planets. (b) The Navamsa Lagna. It is for readers to try. in the Standard Horos_ cope. (c) Excepting lOth Kcndra.Formation Rajayoga of 103 (p) The Navamsa Rasi of Atmakaraka same as Lagna or JanmaRasi or thc Rasi occupiedby Jupiter_ Raja Yoga of a fairly high order. apply thc various yogas to practicatexample and then sechow far they could be madc usc of for prcdicting powcr and fame. Jupiter. thc Sun and Mercury_hencea fairly powerfulRaja yoga. Raja Yogasgiven by Jaimini havenot been testedas his mcthod has not beenin vogue. if any. Rahu and Ketu respec_ tively*fairly powerful Raja Yoga.viz. (r) Maleficsin the 3rd and 6th frorn Atmakarakaor Arudha Lagna-Ruler. (q) Same numbcr of benefics Arudha Lagna and in the NavamsaRasi of the 9th-political power. The following Raja yogas are present:_ (a) Janma Lagna is aspected Kuja and Ketu.. from Lagna. Example 4l Describe Raja Yogas. . It might interest rcaders to learn that the native enjoyed all the blessings Raja yoga. all theotherKendras the and Thrikonasarc devoidof occupation benefics.

142.Or he will himselfdie bypoisonbeingadministered to him. MiscellaneousYogas grouped here will be found Someof the combinations usefulin gratifying the curiosities the limited fcw to be of who may be interested in things other tban purely mundane. Karakamsa with Sani. Rahu in the Arudha of the 5th houseaspectedby the havingthe shadvargas of Sun-loss of sight. Same number of planetsin the 2nd and l2th or 5th and 9th or l2th and 6th or l0th and 4th-imprisonment.Mercuryin the of l2th from Lagnarudha=-loss moneythrough litigation. Rahu Saturn or Karakamsa beingassociated or other malefics-thenativewill be an illegitimateissue. But I have included in this section combinatio : that make one diabolicalor criminal in his temper. Malefics the 2nd and 8th from JanmaLagnaor in JanmaArudha-misfortunes and poverty.The following cornbinationsshouldbe of special interest. Ketu in Karakamsa-thief. A person gets vehicles and horsesif the Moon and or Venus are in mutual aspects the Moon is in the 3rd l4l. the Sun and Rahu in Karakamsaaspected Mars-delights in setting fire to by others' houses Ketu in the Karakamsa aspectedby .104 in Studies Jaimini Astrology Arishta Yogas These refer only to dire misfortunes. Budha and Sani-becomesa eunuch. The shadvargas of Sukra and Kuja predominating in the 9th from Karakamsa-seeks sexual gratificationthrough women other than his own wife. makesone to administer poisonto Gulika in Karakamsa others. The person will be hen-peckedif tbe from Karakamsa is aspectedby or associated with 9th Guru. .Same numberof planetsin the 2nd and 9th-great misfortunes.

He will also be inclinecl do charitable to deedsif the Karakamsa happens be Meena. lf the Devatakaraka a is benefic will worshipa benevolentdeity. Chandra. he lives in thatched huts and improvised structures. If the Moon and Venus aspect the 4th from Karakamsaone acquires fine and beautiful houses. providedKarakamsa has the associationof Ravi. Malefics in the 2nd from Upapadareveal that one becomesan ascetic. When the Sun is in the 4th.Shanmukha. One s becornea mantravadiif both the 5th and 9th from Karakamsahavssag maleficeach. If the Moon and the Tth are in conjunction with benefics. If theAtmakaraka occupies Navamsa Kumbha.Guru and Ketu respectively.Kuja. if a malefic he a crueldeity. One will to have Moksha or final emancipation beneficsoccupythe if l2th from Karakamsa. Faitlr in God should be judgedfrom the becomes mahant or a a religious head. Sambasiva.Sukra. Rahu and Sani in the 4th from Karakamsa give houses built in stonewhile Kuja and Ketu enable one to acquirehouses built in brick.Uniquc Metbod Direction of lO5 from Venus or both are in the 2nd.Lakshmi. Budha.Gouri. the of the personbuildstanksand choultriesand lays parks for public benefit. The devotion will be sincereor otherwise according the Devatakaraka exalted and otherwise as is strongor debilitated otherwise or wcak. . Durga and Ganapathi. Similar resultsaccrueif Amatyakarakais in Karakamsa. Vishnu. One will havedevotion is for Siva. if KarakamsabeingAriesor or Sagittarius occupiedby Ketu.The person will worship Kshudra devathas lowerforinsof deitiesif Karakamsa or beingan immovable sign and joined by Saturnor Venus.

Thereare quite are a number of Dasasin Jaimini and these havc beenreferred to in article73. though nevertheless there in are suggestions works like JathakaRajeeyaandVanchanatheeya which are mainly based upon Jaimini that Rasi Dasa influences affcctedby transits. The birth horoscope signifiis cant for the whole life and according to Parasari. Thereis no mention of eitber planetaryDasasor Gochara. the duo to variouscombinations results come into operation during the variousDasasand Bhuktis influenced some to extent by the Gochara or transits of planets. basingtbeir authority on Adhyaya l.CHAPTER VIII Timing Events 143. General Remarks Timing or calculation of future events has always beena hard nut to crack. Some this say that Chara Dasa is the Sage's favourite system for predictingall important evcnts. What are the speci6cconditions under which the different Dasa systemsshould be apptied to differcnt events No clear instructionshave been given ? in this matter by the commentators. Pandits. are of divided opinion. Sutra l2l.hich Jaimini saysthat .in u. Here in Jaimini.we have a unique method of approachto the whole problemof direction. upon whichone hasto draw one's own infcrences. evcn though hereand therea hint is thrown.with whom I had the pleasure of discussing mattcr. Pada2.

to could be considered be purcly of academic to interest. probablyby a process of hit and miss. As my task is not to advocatebut to . Niryana Shula Desa appears be quite usefulin predicting deathof parents. sisters.several considerations have tqbe taken notc of in judgingthe results Dasasand Bhuktis.simply rendera faithful accountof Jaimini' I bave understoodthem. I would rather rely upen 1ls opinionsof scholars until forced to revise my views by what I would call "experimentalevidencc".t ' Unfevourable Dasas Rasi rc1 L tl "all combinations mentioned earlierfructify during or in the begirningof the various Rasi Dasas". wife and rclatives. Sthira Dasa is supposed be equallyreliable not only in asccrtaining to Ceath but alsoin predicting othcr eveDts while Thrikone Dasa in the casesworked out by our ResearchSection have yielded encouragingresults. to brothers. Natureof As in Parasari. sisters and may be statedthat a Rasi during . It . brothers.occurs to md that all the various methods of Dasa reckoninggrew sideby siele aud wereattemptsto develop correctmethodsof timing eveDts. 'Rcsults 144.while Niryana ph:rlaShula Desa. I am unable to offer any concretehelp in this regard for the number of horoscopes which I have applied the variousDaras of to Jaimini are not adequate enoughto warrant any categorical opinionsor statements. I to can only add that tbe consensus opinionis in favourof of both Chara and Sthira Dasas for predictingimportant cvcnts. and Niryana Shula Dasa for ascertaining the pcriodsof death of one's parents. As of a gcneralproposition. I leave it to my intelligent readers decidefor thcmselvesthe choiceof a Dasa.mainly intended for predicting one's own demise and probablyappiicable only Madhyayus-horoscopes.

the capacity a Rasi for producing of beneficor mischievous resultsseem to depend to a large extent upon certain harmonious inharmonious or dispositions planets of from the Rasi concerned. we have to infer mother'shealth will be in danger. nrisfortunes.therewill be troubles. Tbus if maleficsare in tbe 4th.or tbeir own loids. culledfrom the same sources. When the 5th Rasiis occupied the Sunor by the Moon in associationwith Saturn.I08 Studieg in Jaimini Astrology its Dasa generally givesthe resultspertainingto the house it refers to from Karakamsa or from Arudha Lagna. Rasisoccupiedby exalted planets. On the otherhand. The following rules of Dasa interpretation.In the above combinations and the followingones. which bave been primarily basedon Jaimini.Atmakaraka. (d) Rahu in the Rasi. Thus malefics the 2nd give finanin cial losses. or in the 8th. the Sun's dispositionin the 6th gives favours from superiors and access wealth. I am supportedby works suchas Vanchanateeya. or in the Rasi concerned. . fortunate or unfortunateresultsmay be anticipatEd. (e) malefics in the 9th-danger to father. generallyconfer favourableresultsin their Dasas.. foreign travels. may be taken note of : (a) A Rasi Dasa confers wealthif the Moon and Venusare in the 3rd.losses and a generally unfavourable period during the Rasi Dasa. or the Moon and Rahu are in the 6th and 8th. the subject comesunderthe wrath of the Government. etc. The positions of Guru in a Kendra is recommended. (D) loss of wealth if these planets are in the 12th. When maleficsare on either sideof the to Rasi. Apart from tbe relation a particular Rasi whose Dasa is under consideration bearsto Karakamsa. Taking the Dasa Rasias corresponding Lagnaand considering to the beneficor maleficinfluences centeredon the appropriate Rasjsthe-refrom. (c) Rahu in the l2th-fever and other bodily ailments.

Father'sDeath (i) The stronger one between the Sun and Venus should be consideredas Pitrumaraka. The Dasa of Karkataka can enable the person to acquirehouses and other properties provided. Simha. P. 42. Kataka. according to some. Pada2. the are said to generally gooddecreasing graduallyfrom Thula to Mithuna in the order given above. In short.Acquisition Property of 109 h Of the Dasasof the variousRasis. to which reference madein article is 143we may formulatea generalprinciplethat the results pertaining to a certaincombinationwill come into fruition in the Dasa and Bhukti of the Rasis involved in the formation of the concerned combination. If the weaker planet between Surrand Venus happens be aspected the to by a malefic. l. Death of thc fatber takesplacein the Dasa of the Shula Rasis -itri Uasirfor ascertainiDg strcngtbg Rasis purposes the of of for rpplying NiryaFa Shula Dasas is. the natureof the resultsof a Rasi Dasashouldbe measured a consideration the strengthor weakness by of of the lord and the affictions the lord and the Rasi are eubjected to. Vrischika and Makara generally confer evil results. The Moon and Venus in the 4th from Karakamsagive palatial buildings. S. Mesha. Then the combination has referenceto Karkataka or the 4th. Mesha. thoseof Thula.the degree of evil increasing graduallyin the order given above. .Dhanus.then that becomes the Pitrumaraka. Suppose Karakamsa is Mesha.Kumbba. Take for instance.Vrishabha. it has no affiictions such as those alreadyindicatedabove. the Rasi being occupled by planets and the longitudesof the lord of the particular Rasis. Upon the hint given by Jaimini in the last sutra of Adhyaya l.Adhyaya I.Kanya and Mithuna give rise to favourable results. 145.

Death of father can take placein the Dasa of Dhanus (lst). by pitrunraraka. Seewhich is more powerful.. tbe sign occupied by the lord of the gth from pitrumaraka. and the lord of the gth from pitru_ maraka is Mars. 5th and 9th). For exampl. .the latter is supposed to be more reliable. .uppor. 5th or 9th Rasi from Taurus (the Rasi held by Mars).'. The of is 8th lord from Venus is the Moon.. Death of the father will take place in tbe Niryana Shula Dasa (see art.fromLagna and the 9th from ?th. Exanple 42 Find the marakaperiod of the father in the Standsrd Iforoscope. the Suir. i. pitrumaraka.I l0 Studies in Jaimini Astrology (lst. He could becorne The Sunis aspected a malefic. (i) Pitrumarakas the Sun anclVenus. 98) of the more powerful Rasi. Tben deatbof father can be predictcdin the Shula Dasas of Simha (lst). pitrumaraka Venusand his longiSuppose instance for is tudc is 20u Virgo. his longitude being24o Taurus. Between Venus and the Moon. thc Sun could become But sinceVenus is also aspected a maleficSaturn.'. that Aquarius and Simha are the 9th from LagnJ and from 7th respectively that Simhais the stronger and Rasi. Mesha (5rh)and Sioha (9th). Dearh of the father will happenin the Dasa of the lst. Venus pitrumaraka. .he is stronger than .'. Then Mars is stronger. Dhanus(5th) or Mesha (9th). (ii) Take rhc 9th . Berween the two methods given above. by the strongcr the two. Venrrs stronger is because greater of it is spcciallyintendedfor prcdicting deathevents. viz. are Venus has greater longitude. (a) from pitrumaraka Rasi.

'. Dcath of the mothertakesin the (Chara)Dasa of Shula Rasis (1. tbe 8th from Matrumaraka Rasi or (D) from the Rasi held by the lord of the 8th from Matrumaraka Rasi. Dcath of thc mother may be predicted the Niryana Shula Dasa of the lst. . take place in Karkataka. 5 and 9) from (a). Example 43 Find the period of mother's deathin the Standard Horoscope. Moon (18"29.that becomesMatrumaraka (a).tively.).) 1i) Moon and MarsareMatrumarakas. 53. If the weaker betweenthese two is aspectedby a malefic.the stronger planet. Herrcc.the Moon. Mother's Death (i) The strongerbetween Mars and the Moon becomes Matrurnaraka. Between Vrischikaand Karkataka tbe latter is strongeras its lord has greaterlongitude. in 5th or 9th from the strongerRasi. . Mars as well as the Moon arc aspectedby thc malefic Sun. The father actuallydied in thp 37thyear of the native. Capricorn and Cancer. 146. . (ii) Ascertainthe strongerRasi between 4th from thc Lagna and the 4th from the 7th. l8). aloneis Matrumaraka.Death of Mothcr III By the end of SimhaDasa (see page 78 & 79) the nativervasaged36 years. (ii) The 9th from Lagna and the 9th from Tthare. The latter is the stronger (see Ex. respec. Father's death can. ls stronger than Mars (0. Vrischika Meena. The Shula Dasa of Karkataka lasts for 9 yearsfrom 36 to 45 Fatherdied as soon as Karkataka Dasa commcnced. Meena is ruled out as the Dasa or comesvery late in life.

Thula is the stronger. Therefore in mother's deatb can takeplace in the Shula Dasa of Kumbha.within which periodmorherdied. Mesba.Lagna alone is stronger ( the former bas planets it.. Death happensin Shula Dasa of the stronger Rasi or the 5th or gth from it.5) till the age of 13. Mithuna or it has two planets.112 Studi€s Jaimini in Astrotogy The 8th lord from Matrumarakais Mars. 18. Find the stronger.'. Therefore deathcan happenin the Shula Dasa of Vrishabha.). Native's Own Death Elsewhere. Mother's death can take placein Shula Rasis of Mesha. BetweenThula and Mithuna. as MeshaDasa lasted(seepage54 & 5. Meshais the strongest it has two planets. Of the three. Hencepref'erthe Moon. Example 44 Find the periodof native's death according to article 147. Kumbha is ruled out as it comes when the native is agednearly 80 years. Between Lagna and the Tth. riz. Simhaand Dhanus. of tbe Lagna and the 7th. Sincethe horoscope belongs the categoryof Purnayu. In this article.Makara is the to death-inflictingRais. Shula Dasa of Thula lasts from 9 to 15 years during which period the native lost his mother. . Kanya or Makara. I merely propose to refer to the method of predictingthe native's own death accordingto ShulaDasa. Kumbba is stronger thau Simha. Actually the sub-period was that of Mithuna.rules for the determination of Maraka Rasishavebeengiven in detail. 147. (ii) The 4th Rasisfrom Lagnaand from 7th aresimha and Kumbha respectively. The ShulaDasa of Makara runs .

due consideration shouldbe the probable in givento the generalstrengthof the B. Deathof Othcr Relatives (t) Taking into consideration positions Putra of the and Matula and other Karakas. the stronger betweenThula and Mithuna. 148. Example 45 Find the period of death of the wife in the Standard Horoscope. Thc subject did just when he 81 completed years. respective (ii) Take the stronger Rasi betweenthe 3rd from Lagna and 3rd from the 7th. In judging periodof death.Deathof brothers thc appropriate childrencan happcr in the Niryana ShulaDasa of lst. Mithunaand Thula. Death may happenin the Dasaof Kumbha.death of the respective may be predicted in thc (Cbara) Dasa of the relatives ShulaRasis.Deatb of Relativer 113 from 90 to 99 years. 149. The 7th terminates houscis fairiy strong. Kumbha Dasa whenthe nativewould be aged 24. Thc eldcr brother's death can bc anticipatedin the E .'rava question. 5th and 9th Rasisfrom the stronger Rasi between thc Rasis from Lagna and the 5th from ?th. Jupiter is in Kumbha. Thula Dasa extends till the native completcs his 46th year. Deathof Wife (t) This can happenin the (Chara)Dasasof the Rasi held by Jupiterand the 5th and 9th from it. Thereforewife's deeth is possible in the Dasaof Thula. Death happenedjust at the end of 46th year. and prcdict the deathof in Niryana ShulaDasa.

the In predicting theseevents. Example 46 Find the probable periods of death of brothers and children in the Standord Horoscdpe.Cancer is the stronger. The latter is the stronger. Children The 5th Rasisfrom Lagnaand the 7th arc respectively Kanya and Meena. Thercfore elderbrother'sdeathcan happeJr the Shula Dasa in of Meena.. 5th and 9th Rasis from the strougcir Rasi between llth from Lagnaand the 7th.Scorpioand pisces. Meena is the stronger. . Death of youngerbrothers any) can happen the Shula (if in Dasa of Cancer.Katakaor Vrischika. Younger Brothers The 3rd Rasis from Lagna and 7th are respectively Cancerlnd Ir. then the question of timing the eventof tbe deathof childrendoesnot ariseat all.ho* indications a for the birth of chiicJren.[akara.114 Studics in Jaimini Astrology Shula Dasas of the lst. indications all the mustbe first ascertained carefullystudyingthe by birth horoscope. Therefore deathof children can happen the ShulaDasa of Meena in Kataka or Vlisgfui1. If fcr instance. birth chart doesoot . Elder Brothers The llth Rasis from Lagna and ?th respectively are Meenaand Kanya..

etc. Matru. GeneralObservations Though Jaimini and parasari systemsof Astrology appearto be different. Reject the signs and consideringthe degrees. tabulatethe positionsofplanets in the descending order lsf..CHAPTER IX Summary.vrz. 150. Convertthe longitudes planetsinto signs. putra. Amatya. Karakas Accordingto Jaimini. Atma. Karakasvary with regard to eachhoroscope. Jaimini's speciality consisti in the importance givento karakamsaand Arudha Lagna.actually Jaimini is merely an offshootof Parasari. developed accordingto the genius of the Sageand presented the shape sutrasor apborisms in of not capable of easy comprehensionor understanding unless aidedbycommentaries.. of etc. in the simplicityof methodsusedfor the determination of plnnetarystrengths and longevity.degrees. and the original and uniqueapproach the problem of directionsor Dasas" to The selection an appropriate Dasa for predicting an of appropriateeventhas beena matter of controversy. .Bhratru. Gnathi and Dara. There are seven main Karakas. Thereis no doubt that pride of placehas beengiven to Chara Dasa. The intelligentreadershouldtry to discover for himself the type of Dasa that suits a particular horoscope or a particular eventor set ofevents.

M.When two or more planets hold the same longitude. thercwill be a mergingof Karakas and those falling vacanrwill have to be filled up by Rahu and the applopriate rraturalKarakas.. Dxample 47 ' Find the various Karakas in the horoscopeof Herr Hitler. 4go N.m. etc.the highestdegreebecomesAtmakaraka.. born ttn 24-4-1889 at 6-30 p. T3"E. Lat. Loog. In the order of Karakasgiven above. the other planetsbecome 6 Studies in Jaimini Astrology of the number of degrees. 33-30 after sunrise. Planetary positions tbe horoscope :in are Planet Rasi Degree trIinute The Sun Mesha 9 -s6 The Moon q6 Dhanus 15 Mars Mesha 25 3l Mercury Mesha 4 4g Jupiter Dhanus lj 23 Venus lr{esha 25 50 Saturn Kataka 22 35 Rahu Mithuna 25 6 Ketu Dhanus 25 6 Lagna Thula 4 54 . according to the descending order of degrees.The planet that gets. (L.T. Bbratru.) corresponding to Gh.

v .e t c . T a b u l a t i n g . . e a v e : o h P lanet Rasi 14inute Degree Sukra lvlesha 25 50 Kuja Mesha 25 3r Sani Kataka 22 35 Guru Dhanus l7 23 Chandra Dhanun 46 15 Ravi Ir. . becomes he thc Atmakarqke. t h ep o s i t i o n s o 1 ' p l a n e t s a c c o r d i n g t o t h e d e s c e n d i n g r d e r o f t h e i r d e g r e e s . The other Karakasare as follows:Karaka Lord Atmakaraka Sukra Amatyakaraka Kuja Bhratrukareka Sani Matrukaraka Guru Putrakaraka Chandra Gnatikaraka Revi Darakaraka Budhe .McrginS of Karakas 1l? The followingare the RasiandNavamsa diagrams:Rabu Saturn Varnatia & Gbatiko Lagnas NAVAMSA Moon upit KGtu upit.{eslra 9 56 Budha Mesha 48 4 SinceSukrahas the highest longitude.

Dividing the birtb ghatisby 2. Then tbe sum of. Hore Lagna. x Example 4t Flnd out Arudha. DifrerentKinds of Lagnas Of tbe variousLagnasreferredto by Jaimini. or one is odd and the other is even. Lagnaitsclf will be Arudha Lagna. Varnada and Ghatika Lagnaare important in the judgment of a horoscope. ArudhaLagna:-The lord o[ Lagna Sukrais in the 7th.especially in regardto the applicationof Raja Yogas. The process involvedin finding VarnadaLagnais this : According as Janma Lagna is odd or even count clockwise or anti-clockwisefrom Mesha or Meena to Lagna. Hora Lagna:. viz. Call this . Arudha Lagna.5. Deal with Hora Lagnasimilarly and obtain 'b'. Varnada.a'. Hora. and the 7tb from the 7th. Hora Lagnais represented the sign arrivedat bycounting the quotient by (obtainedby dividing birth timc in ghatis from sunrise by 2'5) plus one from thc Sun or Lagna according as the Lagna is odd or even. = Expunging 12 and counting 2 (n+ l) from the . Bhava and Ghatika Iagnas in Hitler's horoscope.. Arudba Lagna is the sign arrived at by counting as many signsfrom Lagna as lord of Lagna is from Lagna.'a'and'b' represents'c'according as both Janma and Hora Lagnasare odd. Ghatika Lagna can as be obtained adding to the lst degreeof Lagna Rasi by the productof time of birth (in ghatis) 30. we (33'512'5) l3 as quotient and .u8 Studicsio Jaimini Astrology 152. Varnada is the Rasi arrived at by counting'c' from Mesha (dircct) or Meena (rcverse) according I agn" is odd or even.l as remainder. or difference between.

VarnadaLagna-Kataka. c even. n =':S' 33'5 . as Janma Lagnais odd. 9'5 as remainder ' . As odd sign counting 4 from Mesha we get Kataka. vlz'. n-.Diffcrcnt Lagnag ll9 Sun. Hora Lagna is Vrishabha. ^-r r! 0'7' 6'7.Quotient6 and Remaindcr Janma Lagnais odd. take the differencebetween and b.-^t--L .5 33. Thula : Conver' ting the remainderwe get 2lo' Varnada Lagna:-Janma Lagna is Thula. multiplied bY 30 cvensign' a = ? (countingdirect from Meshato Janma Lagna).'. BhavaLagna. Bhava Lagna is the 7th (6 + l) from the Sun. . Dividing the birth ghatisbY 12. GhatikaLagna:-Janma Lagnais Thula. Biith Timc in Ghatis= 33'5. The remaindet. wc get -iZ. i. an odd sign.'-Janma Lagna is Thula. an odd sign' Birth Ghatis-33'5. Ilora Lagna= Vrishabha l2o. Janma Lagna is an which is equal to 4. ' b= ll (counting backwardsfrom Meenato Hora Lagna).viz'. we gct Vrishabha 'l as Hora Lagna.

. Gh. GhatikaLagra . Pranapada a certain sensitivepoint which can be is by obtained adding twice the birth time (in vighatis) to (c) thc Sun'slongitude. Gulika.'. 34. . Maheswara and Rudra in Hitler' s horoscope. Gulika (Art 34) :--Weekday of birth : Sarurday.3 ghrtis. to whomimportancc given by Jaimini. ( 9 t l ) i a from l4rr l Lagna. .Ketakl l50. Brahma's positionis important for calculating Sthiraand BrahmaDasasand Rudra and Maheswara are considered ascertain to Rasi. BahyaRasiis thc signwhichis as many signs awry from Dwara. a g n ns t h e R a s ia r r i v e d t b y c o u n t i n gn + l . Saturn's put cxtends from sunrise to 4. movable. Dwart is from Lagna. Brahma. Duration of day. Mahesware Rudraareall certaindistincand tions conferred planetsby virtuc of certainhoroscopic on dispositions.3. Dwara Rasiis thc rign whose Daseis underconsideration eitherfor judgingccrtainevents lifc or the maraka of period. 5. the deatb-inflicting Example 49 Find Gulika. is is said to preside over the part of time (obtainedby dividing the durationof a day or duration night by 8) allottedto of Saturn.120 Studier Jrinini Artrolo3y in The integral8part 9 (n) and factional part. viz.4 dividedby 8 gives 4. (6) the Sun's longitude+240n or (c) th€ Sun'slongitude+120'according rbe Sun is jn a as fixedor commonsign. Ghatika is L .

A numberof malefics the 3rd cen also give rise in . Mahcswara(Art. obsructing Planets tbc 4th.. Lords of 6. All fixed signs aspect movable signs all the adjrcentones. 39) :-The lords of the 2nd and 8th from Lagnaare Mars and Venusrespectively. Mars is the strongcst. So we have to choose the stronger the Sth and 12th lordr from Atmaof karaka. Aspects All movablesigns aspectall fixcd signs except the adjacent ones. Among these three. Mars end Jupiter respectively. 4'3 from sunrisc. l2th. These are countered by a simultlncous disposirion planets in tbe l0th. A 8 and 12 from A are Mercury. Hence N{aheswara Mars. Brahmais Jupitcr. 3rd or of 9th. He is in his own house. Argalasmey bc defined . Next comesJupiter(vidc Art. Thc former is stronSer. is Rudra. l2th lord is Jupiter.agents' as promotingor flow of fortunatc vibrations in a horoscope. Gulike's position corrcspondsto tbc rising dcgree Ghs.'. But Mars not bcingin thc visiblc half (from thc ?th) Jupitershouldbe considored thc Brahma as as he is not only in the visiblchrlf but in en odd signalso. 38) :-The lord of the 8th from Atmakarakais Mars. Ilth or 5th from an aspecting in body causc Argrlrs. Because Venusis stronger than N{ars. 53). the lattcr is stronger= (videArt. he and Argdes 153.= at Vrishobha 57'. vfz. . All commonsignsaspect except each other. is Rudra(Art.Mars and Jupiter.'. 35) :-Between Lrgna and the 7th. 17' Brahma(Art.Arga las t 2l . 59). 2nd.

Sukra. Planetsin thc 9th from Ketu cause Argala which gets neutralised when there are planets in the 5th.Kuja Guru 't Sani Sukra " None Sani Sani. PlsnctaryArgalas in Hitler's Horoscope by by Counteracted Argala caused Planet None Sani Ravi " Ravi. Budha. Budha. For the bene8c or malcfic 45 nature of Argalas.122 Astrology in Studics Jaimini to Papargala.refer to articles and 46' Example 50 and prepare Find outthe Argalas in Hitler's horoscope an Argala Chart.Ravi.Sukra. Kctu is an exception.Sukra. Budha.Kuja " Rahu t) Nonc Kctu .Kuja Chandra " Sani Kuja " Sani Budha " Ravi.

.l t.t 3!.Arjrle Chart t23 aa v.q t g" tn & v U F.g .t !lr (6(a x s I v \ :t I \a aEY . 6' E .:.9e !l r 'E 5{E€ e 6&YvtA& sfi 6v lc €t lr 95 € d V ffiE sE.

Resi Strcngths Jaiminialwaysleys grcat stresson Rasis and their strength. It sbouldalso to be notedtbat thereis no opposition his Argala wherers for Vrirhabhathough Rahu has caused Argala. by his position Swakshetra. and (c) its being aspectedby or associated Jupiter. Chara or Dwiswawith bhava. etc. The net strengthof a plus that of the lord. Rasi strengthdcvisedby us has been elabodetermining rated in article62.121 Astrology Studies Jaimini in In the rbove chart. the planets shown in brackets exert counter inffucnce 154. 63) and (c) a certain disposition from Atmakaraka.Neecha. The strengthof a Rgsi dependsupon its own plus that of the lord. Sani has beenplaccd in Meshato denotcthe Argale ceused him to Mesha Rasi by aswcll Es planeh rituatcdtherein. A with a Rasi's own strcngth is duc to 1a)its association (6) planetor planets.Mercuryor its own lord. its beingSthira.(art. (D)strength in Uchcha. Rasi is the total of its own strcngth A Rasi could gain specialstrengtirby its being occupied by Atmakaraka. An improvisedmethod of numerically . The lord's strength may strength be assumedto be made up of (a) strength due to his derived distance from the first point of tbe sign. .

0 15. 0 97.5 60.0 30.5 45.5 15. 75 22.s l 35 .5 .0 60 127.Strengthsof Planets 125 Exnrnple 5l Determine Rasiond PlunetetryStrengths in Hitler's horoscope accordingto the improvedmethod' l'lanetary Strengths Planet Ravi Chandra Kuja Budha Guru Sukra Sani Moolatrikona Balu Total 600 l s'0 30.0 7.0 450 3 .0 300 l 5.0 r5 60 60 l5 60 60 r35' 0 78?5 67.

\ .rcic*$ -E .r \C - ooo \o \o +:++ \!) \O \o \O 6i J (t J al a 6 s t aa € ql € tt s ooo ci\O o C. o o .} r) r t-F ba r.t26 Studies JaiminiAstrolott in I o \o s .o rrr : 9Or-.t Crt- rn F q N v.I € (\ \nrn r\c\t c.) !n Fr o. a 6 o \O €)h - c' O € a O t. )\O \r.r tsO t\tl')in Nf\.*:t +$r .O :l:1 99O t . eE€ H gs5sfsF F frSs s I E' tt o .t oo \O Q Q t rE .O t/| t\-- a .o E - O r.( V) q a x a. I s Ir .o .v t a oo<)o t rQQr) qc. r+ N \ s r|'r OOr. c) o.-O oota !?i c.Q al c -( lF rrr rrrr-ql inrno l-. (n F \O t L g IJ s 'a s .

Pcriods Dasa 127 155.a Chara. Desgsrnd Bbukthies by The various methods of Dases recommended Rasisand the most favourcd one Jaimini alwaysrefer to sppears to 6c Chara Paryaya Dasa' Aries' Taurus' dcmini. If the lord of the by Rasi ii Uchhe the period is increased one year . If it refers in to Apasavyagroup. counted clockintervening according as the Rasi in qu€stion wiseor anii'clockwise bclongsto Savyaor Apasavyagroup. pcriod is decreased one have two lords the caseof Kambha and Vrischika. The Dasa starts from the sign occupied in Brahmaand the other Dasassucceed thc direct order' . Libra. gets7. 8 and 9 years respectively Dwiswabhava by its span. iue nrst beingthat of thc 2nd from the Rasi.. Scorpio and Sagittariusbelong to thc group' Savyagroup of signsand tbe rest to the Apasavya haveto be borne in ln calculatingany Dasa. the Bhuktis succeeded the reverse startingfrom the 12th from the Rasi concerned' ordei In Sthira Dasa scheme.there is a slight variation in the mattcr of reckoning tbeir Dasa they each.theorderof the Dasas and the rpan of thc Dasa periods ag thesevary with regard to eachhoroscopc' The sian howevcrremainsconstant in respect of Sthira and Siula Dasas. viz. if the year' In by thc lord is neecha. The duiationof a sub'periodor Bbukti is one-twelfth from of the durationof a main period or Dasa' If 9th Savya are requiredrefersto the Rasi of which sub'periods is of the order of succession the sub-pcriods direct.the first Dasa invariably starts from Lagna Rasi' The ordcr of accordingar the of succession Dasasis direct or converse or Apasavya group' 9th Rasi from Lagna falls in a Savya The periodof a Rasi is equal to thc number of signs tbe between Rasi and its lord. 3roup.two things mind. Taking up Chara Dasa again. a Sthira and a as Rasi.

tfine Lagnais even. Tbe Dasa span of a Rasiis thc sameas in the caseof CharaDasa. 7th whichever stronger).The spanof the Rasi Dasa in Yogardha Dasais the mean of its Sthira and Chara Dasaperiods.s horoscope. and other Dasas run in the dircct or converse order according the starting Rasi refersto as Savya Apasavya or group. Refer for further details articlc93. (j) Thrikona Dasa. the Example 52 Find ( I) Chara Dasa. NiryanaShula is is Dasais of considerable importance. to In the caseof Varnada Dasa. The order is djrect or otherwise according as the Rasiof tbe first Dasa lwhichwill be Lagna or th.Kuja rncrKetu. (4) Brahma Dasa. or starts fronr the Zth from Brahmaand runs in the reverse order.L28 Studies Jaimini in Astrotogy The Thrikona Dasastartsfrom the strongestRasi out of Lagna. it starls from Lagna and . (2) SthiraDasa.s Chart Cbart Dasa Thula 6 years oVrischika 5" ' Amongthe co'rords.the Dasa startsfrom ttre l2th and ruusin the reverse order. (5) Varnada Daia and (6) Niryana ShulaDasa. BrahmaDasa starts from Brahma Rasiand runs in the direct order. odd or even. The spanof a Dasais the distancefrom the Rasiconcerned the Rasioccupied the lord of thc to by 6th from thc Rasi in question. thc formcr arono shourd bc considercd bciogassociatcd with morc plaqets(vidcArt. . g6). in Hitler.5th and 9th. It is employedfor determining life-termsof the native and his relatives. Tableof RasiDasasin Hitler. according Lagna as is odd or even.uns in the directorderif the Lagna is odd. The span of a Dasa is the distance measurcd terms of signs from Lagnato the Varnada in concerned.

Drrr Perlodl t79 Dhanus Makara fKumbha Meena Mcsha Vrishabba Mithuna Kataka Simha Kanya l2 years 6" g" 36" 12 't II" 10 t' 7" 5t' . arc placcd in difiorcot sigo and hcncolrc havo to rpply art. Rahuaod Saoi. But REbutg in a morc powcrful Rasiand alsogivcsmorc ycar rs thc Dasr span. B oth arc uaarsociatod.. 86.the order of different proceed follows (vr'de as Articlc 9l): I st Dasa Dhanus 2nd " Makara Kumbha 3rd " 4th 'r Mecna sth " Mesha 6th " Vrishabha .' ?th Mithuna Eth . 5 tt Sthire Desr SinccSthira Dasa commencesfrom Brahmais posited. Kdtaka 9th " Simha loth " Kanya lltb " Thula Vrischika l2th '' the Rasi wbere Rae Dasaswill i 9 years 7 " 8 " 9 " 1 " 8 " 9 " 7 " ' 8 " 9 " 7 " 8 " 96 yeare I Lords of l(umbha.. .

93) : The 9th house is the stroogest out of the three Tbrikonas in vicw of the fact that it happens to be a DwiswabhavaRasi and also bas a plane in it.130 Strdicc in Jaimlni Arttoloty Thrikone Desa (Art. II " l2th Vrichabha Brehme Dase(Art. the successionof Dasasproceedin the direct order as shownbclow:l0 ycars lst Dasa Mithuna 6'r 2nd " Thula 't 8 t' 3rd Kumbha 7 " 4th " Krtakc '' 5 " 5th Vrischika 3 " 6th " Meenl 'r 5 " 7th $imha 12 " 8tb " Dhanug 'r t2 9th Mcsha 5 " l0th Kanya " 6 " " I lth Yakara '. Sincc Mithuoa falls in the Savya group. The span of life contributed by cach Rasi bcginningfrom Dhanus is givenbelow :4 ycars Dhanus Makara 3tt ir -10 Kumbba tt I Mceoa -12 ') Mcsha .ll Vrishabha -10 " Mithuna 5tt Kataka ir Simha ll . 96) : The Lagna is odd and hcncc the Dasa commcnces from Brahma Rasi and tbe ordcr of successionis dircct.

Kumbha bccomes thc Varnada of the 2nd Rasi.. 98) : In Hitler's boroscope.thc Lagna beingodd. c-2. viz.lnd Kanya cach contri' Dhanul. The 2nd from Hora Lagna= Mithuna (odd).. . 95) : Lagnais odd and thc Dasa commenccsfrom Lagna... Sincc the 2nd from Lagna ir an cvcn siga. Longcvity Longevity has to bc ascertaincd from (a) lords of Lagnaand 8th. tbc Dasa starts from Lagna. vlz.. Varnada Lagna is Ketaka. Counting in the dircct ordcr from Thula to Kataka. Thc 2nd Rasi from Lagnr=Vrischika (even). (6) Lagna end Moon and (c) Lagna end . Thula followed by Vrischika. In a like manner. JanmeLegneis Thula. the duration of the rest of thc Vunada Rasis have to be found out.. 5.viz.. viz... count from Thula to Kumbha whicb gives 5 years.. the 2nd (c) from Mccna. 9 yearr. .a b3.. we get l0 as tbe sprn of the lst Varnede Dase. To find out tbc 2nd VernadaDasa first we have to fix up the Varnada Legnafor the 2nd house. Makera. Vrischikaar per rulesgiven io Articlc 23. buting Vernrda Dase (Art. Now for thc span of thc 2nd Varnada Das8. :. 155.BrahmaDrsa l3r Kaoya Thula Vriechika l0 years t tt 5't Niryrne ShuleDaga(Art.. Thula.

A partiby cular term of life is capableof bcing replaced a higher or shortertcrm and conditionsfor such Kaksha Vriddhi and KakshaHrasabavebeendealt with in Art. By a judiciousconsideration thepros and consthe term of of life of an individual shouldbe carefullyfixed. fixed and common signs. considerthe term givenby (D).Alpayu. Example 53 Find the term of life in Hitler's horoscope. ll2 the ptanetconsidered thc strongerof the lords of the 8th and 2nd from Atmakaraka. 83 Madhya Poorna Alpa Lord of Lagna-Venus Poorna X X Lord of 8th-Venus Lagna-Thula.MadhyayuandPoornayuare revealed by a certaindispositionof these six factors in movable. otherwise give preference the majority indications. x Alpa X Moona-Dhanus Lagna-Thula x X Madhya Hora-Vrishabha . According to to another method (Art. Term of Life (Art. 104) (A) The three sets to be considered for deciding whetherHitler's horoscope falls under Poornayu. ll4 et seq.132 in Astrology Studica Jaimlnl Hora Lagna. 84 Art. Madhya or Poorna according as the planet (the strongerof the lords of 8th from Lagna and the 8th from 7th) is in Kendra. Thula and Vrishabha Art.if tbe Moon is in Lagna or 7tb. ln sucha case. lll) the longevity would be Alpa. Wherc the three sets of factors revealthreedjfferent terms. Panapara or Apoklima. (D) Thula and Chandra (Lagnaand the Moon) and (c) (Lagnaand Hora Lagna). Madhyayu or Alpayu are: (a) Sukra(lord of Lagnaand 8th). In the third is in methodsuggested Art. prefer tbe one indicatedby Lagna and Hora Lagaa. 85 Art.

2 units I I' I 1 4 r"itt . g . MethodB (Art. Thercforethc third method confirms B. viz. Kahsha Vriddhi =l Beneficsin Thrikona from 7th Atmakaraka = l Beneficsin Thrikone from Kaksha Hrasa Atmekaraka 8th lord becomes 8th lord from 7th joinr Atmakeraka Melefic Rahu in Thrikona from 7th from Atmakaraka . I l4). ll2) The plancts involved are again Mars and Venus. Consequently.. Madbyayu. we have to chooscthe term shown by "Lrgna and Hora Lagna". lll) Lord of 8th from Lagna is Venus end thc 8th from 7th is owned by Mars. Thus wc haveA indicating Madhyayu. in othcr words as per method "A" the term is Middle Life.. the tcrm of life thould be Poorna. MethodC (Art.e. the question of the strongcramongthesetwo doesnot ariseat all. revealed i.. In this caso. Thc 16xf st€pin thc dctermination of longcvity is to scc whethcrthc term of life aboveis subjectto any reduction or othcrwite. and B and C indicating Poornayu. Sinco both Venusand Mars happento be in Kendra. to Keksha Hrasa or Kaksha Vriddhi (Art.Dctcrmiortion Loogevity 133 The above table shows thc three ccts reveal thrce diffcrcntterms.thc chart belongs to the categoryof Poornayu. Hencc a3 per Articlc 108.

Ketu or Saturn in thc 7th from Lagna or Atmakaraka dctermines whcn dcrth takes placc in thc lst. Fintd the msraka. .Kanya and Mekarr. Lookiry into tbc possiblcRasiccapablcof killing the native.. of yfz.Out of thcsetwo. (c) in the Rasis of Rudra and Mabeewara. (g) Thc 8th and l2th Rasisarc Vrishabhaand Kanya respectively. The Rasi chosen must bc consistcntwith with the fact of its Dasa running within the prescribed term of Ayus. Dcath gcnerally lreppensin Rasis (a) which arc trinc to 8th. by the position of thc Full Moon in trine to Atmakaraka (vide Art. (D) subjectcd to Papekarthari Yoga. Kanya Rtsi Dasa is ruled out as it falls in thc Poornayu Section irrespectivc thc Dasa chosen. 157. Periodof Death Disposition of Rahu. 121(D) Vrishabha. I l8). It must be noted that there is incrcetc of one Rasi Dasa. Consequently. (c) havingmalcficsin tbo 8th and l2th.wc find thc following oncsqualificd:Art.:t:^in o.:. cbart bclongsto the cstcgory the of Madhyayu. the frctors for Kaksha Hrasa arc morc than thosefor Kekrha Vriddhi.:. of Hitrcr. (f) Vrisbabheis hemmedin bctween malcfics and hencea death-inflictingResi. The other Rari. Vrishabhaalso gets dirquelified duc to thc of aspcct Sani on it. 2nd or 3rd part of the term of Ayus eerned by the native. (d) in the 8th and l2th Reri if thcy bavc no cspects planetsotber of than Moon and Venus.13{ Studicr JaiminiAstrology in Though Poornryu is sbownin thc first analysis.o$oo.

Accordingto Niryane Sula Dasa. (t) Vrischika also is qualified. Mcrcury ir in Vrisbabha Nevamsa). So the sub-prriods Meeba and of Vrishabhaare highly critical and Hitler dicd in his 56th year during the minor period of Vrishebha. of 2nd and l2th from Atmakaraka (Yenus).or the Rasi occupicdby Rudra (Mesha) or in the minor pcriod of the Navamsa Rasi held by the lord of the 6th from Maraka Rasi (Vrishabha-tbe 6th lord from Mcsha. 59) the Rasi held by him namelyMerha is qualified. . we shall scewhat Art. Here the referenccis to Sula Dasaand the Thrikona Rasisfrom the strongerof the Lagna and the 7th are the sensitivc signs.Determination Longcvity 135 (h) Saturn is in the 8th from the Moon and so there is a possibility of dcath happening one Rasi earlier. (ft) Mesba-due to the location of Rudra. It ir said that tbe death can bc brought about in the sub-Dasa thc strongcstof the lords of the 6th. 8 and 12from Atmakarakaare Mercury. Mers and Jupiter. 'l'he (m) lords of 3. U) Mesha-due to the location of Mehesware. 6. Next we shall rec the most criticalperiod during thcrc nine years. Evidently we should expectthe nativc'sdeath during thc Dssa period of Mesha Rasi. Beforedeciding Rasi. Mars beingstrongcr tban thc other two (Art. Tbus from the foregoingit will be seen that the stress on Meshais indcedvery heavy followednext by Vrisbafinally Meshaas the death-inflicting bha. 147 has to say in the msttcr. the period of lvlesha Rasi commences with Hitler's 55th year and will continue till bis 64th year. In the present casoundoubtedly thc ?th (Mesba)is not only stronger than Lagna but strongest among its trincs also.

Benefics and malefics the 2nd and ?th from the Upapadagivea clue to understand general disposition is by of the 7th house. Karakamsa being Aries suggcstsfear from cats and rats. Jaimini's methodis really unique. Thc main considerations research or dcterminingthe avocations natureof livelihoodare the . barenncss. Upapadais to planetarydispositions en:ployed for ascertaining dctails about brothcrs and in sisters. etc. Widowhood caused the disposition of the Sun in a Thrikona from Lagnain the Navamst. The 5tb and llth houses the frameworkof children. Rabu and Ketu in different positionsfrom Karakamsaindicatedifferent diseases one is likely to sufferfrom. \ry'hen Karakamrais Sagittarius.whilehis character end mind are largely revcaled from Karakamsa.136 Studies in Jai. as also by Ketu and Mars occupying thc 8th from Hora from Upapadadescribe Lagna. Here is wide scopefor in and investigation. From the point of view of determining profession. For instance. and comare indicating binations deathof brothersand sisters. Judginga Horoscopc andVarnada The netureof thc Karakarnsa.Upapada is the starting point for knowing the affairs of il marriage. the Differentplanets rising in or aspectingKarakamra indicateone's pre'dispt-isition towards diffeient troubles and dangers. These enumerated Article i32. Mars. Navamsa of Lagna lords dcterminesthe personal appearance the person. with reference are Educationalprospects alsoanalysed from Karakamsa. there from high places. Then we bave combinations etc. for childlcssness.Combinations by planctarydispositions referredto Arudba Lagna and the for wealth are generally for bert combination wcalth ii an aspector association between Atmakarakaand thc 2nd lord from Astrology 158. falls will be accidents from conveyairces.

Betrvcen the former apperrr to be more porverfulin view str('Dger with threeplanetslvhereas of thc fact that hc is associated with nor aspected any by Lagne is neither associatcd planet. rvhile for all events pertainingto deatb. etc. a Rasi givcs beneficial results during its Dara if it is powerful and doesnot havemalefics disposed eithersideor in the 8th and l2th. Tirning Eveuts All importantcventscan be predictedby the Chara f)asa method. The naturc on of thc resultsproducedby a Rasi Dasa will pertain to the eventsof the Bhava which it happens representfrom to . Sthiraand Niryana Sula Dasa may be employedwith advantage. So Rahu in the 3rd (poison)is the chief indicator of thoughhis violentnature is tempercdby the aspectr Moon and Jupiter.floroscopc Judgmcnt t37 positionof Karakamra and t h e p l a n e t a r y d i s p o s i t i o n si n certain houserfrom it. Jupiter and the Atmakaraka and Lagna if we choose Ketu.moksha. Malcficsin thc 3rd denote beneficsa peaceful onc. Article 14l and 142referto misce cbarities. Tbe nature of death is generally rcvealcdby thc 3rd houscfrom Lagna or Atmakeraka. Differentplanetsin the 3rd house denote death try different causcs.thcni:tureof one'sclcath be decidedfrom the 3rd house from Lagna or from the violentend and Atmakaraka. has to to According Jaimini. Example 55 Find the naturc of Hitler's death. 159.symdenoting combinations pathy'.devotion. Gcnerally. Here Rahu is in the 3rd from Atnrakaraka and from Lagna the Moon. Good planetsbring about a peaccful end whilc evil ones bring a llaneous i violentdeatb.

Mars whenassociated is capable producioga good soldier. etc. position and fame arc given. But Kctu's in prescncc Krrakamsa is not desirable. Looking to into his gratifications. it is essential that we should look into some of the important fcatures of his as horoscope revealedby thc Jaimini Systom. Even the native'sown death can be anticipated on the basis in suggested Articlc 147. with the aid of these two Dasas can be ascertained the probable periodsof deathof mother. Yogas A powerful Raja Yoga can be said to exist whenfanma Lagaa. Death of father can be prcdicted in the Dasasof Sthira Rasis accordingto Chara Dasa (Article 145) or in SthireRasis accordingto Niryena Sula Dasa. imprisonmentand illegal sexual Before leaving Hitler's chart. The following ere some of the outstanding Raja Yogas which heve and power :contributedto his greatness .etc. Article 141describes Arisbta Yogaswhich compreheud species misfortunesranging from diaa of bolical propensitieslike setting fire to others' houses. Often thc means cmployedwill be questionable-attendedwith freud and deceit.mental characwith Karakamsaalone teristics. Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna are all simultaneously aspccted a planet. Mars-Venusconof junction in Karakamsa raiscdhim from the position of a soldicrto thst of a ruler and commander.the Karakamsadispositionreflccts a great €xtent his physical appcarance. Similarly. A number of other Raja Yogasindicatingrank.t3t Studios Jaimini in Astrology Lagna or Atmakaraka or even Karakamsa. 160. Maleficsin the 3rd from lst lord and 7th lRahu) also is eaidto make one a Commander. The intensityof thc by Yoga is lessenedif all the threeare not aspected.childrcn.brothcrs.

Meshahas scored437 points in Rasi Bala. tboughthey arc not cxactly in mutual aspect.We have said earlierthat the Chara Dasasystcmis the favourite of Jaimini for timing the cvents in one's cerecr. out of thc six factors. Venus and Ketu arc in mutual aspects. When Mars. And in his 4lst year the Cbara Dasa of MeshaRasi commenccd. Over and abovo all these. Though technically a single planet alone is rcquired (vide Raja Yoga2) wc have here four planets thus giving rise to a very powerful Raja strcngth Yoga. Drekkana Lagna or Navamsa Lagna. The influcnccsthat have beenfocussed thcrein are indeed strong. lt ruled for 12 years and it was during this period that Hitler rose to powcr and Germanyundid the wrongsdonc to her in thc I World War.therc is mutual conjunction. four havc been fulfillcd. In this chart. thc Yoga getsconsiderable by because the fact that it is generated the sameplanets of viewed eithcr from Janma Lagna. Venusand the Moon rcrpcctivcly. a Raja Yoga is said to arise. The conjunction of Atmakaraka with thc exalted Sun is itsclf a Raja Yoga and the most noteworthy factor is that all theseRaja Yogashavc refercnce Mesha Rasi : to in other words Mesha Rasi has becomethe pivot of or Hitler's horoscope. THE END . So.Yogag 139 Four planets in thc ?th from Janma Lagna and Drekkana Lagna. Added to that. by Another powerful Raja Yoga is causcd the aspects receivedby the Janma Lagna and Ghatika Lagna and Hora Lagna from Saturn and Mars. three in NavamsaLagna and two in the 7th from Navamsa Lagna.

tlllt".an obstructingor augmcntlngDiagnmmatic rcprcscntation of Arishtayoges Arudha combinations Thc signwhichis as distant from "l. Lagnass the lord is from Lagna A system direction of The principlc or main lord Longevity . Thc sign rvhichis as apart from Dwara Rasi as the lattcr is from Ascendant Arudha Legna Ashtottari Atmakaraka Ayurdaya Bahya Rasi . Short lifc Longitude... Agcncy..e 'as the lord the lord is from thc houseconcerned Thc signasapart from the lord of . planctaryStrcngth dueto longitudc The lord ncxt in importance to the prime lord Sinistral anti-clackwise or 3rd. 9th and l2th signs . 6th.An Index of TechnicalTerms Adlrana Adhana Legna Anhyaya Alpayu Amsa Amsa Bala Amafyakaraka Aparavya Apoklirna Argala Argala Chakra : Conception Conccption Ascendant Chaprcr ..

rn..An Index of Tcchnical Tcrms l1l Bhavas BhogaRasi BhavaLagna Bhratru Bhukti Brahma Houscs Another name for BahyaRasi A certain kind of Ascendant Brother Sub-pcriod A dirtinction conferred on a planet by certein horoscoPic tJ:il:'j':?". A mcthod of dircction Moveble sign Wife or husband Lord or indicator of wifc or husband Direction or periodrulcd by signs Long life Ascendantor Sun Sciencc archcry of Sa3ittarius Decanatc A mcthod of timing evcnts Aspectstrength The Principel Destructivc Cosmic Force Violent death .of the sign.o. etc. Brahma Dasa BrahmaRasi Budha Chakra Dasa Chandra Chara Bala Chara Dasa Chara Rasi Dara Darakaraka Dasa Dcerghayu Deba' Dhanurvidyu Dhanus Drckkana Drig Dasa Druk Bala Durga DusbtaMarane ^ cvents Sign occupicdby Brahma Mercury A mcthod of timing events Moon Strcngthduc to the naturc-cardinrl.

r12 Dwara Rasi Dwiswabhava Rasis Ganapathi

Studies JaimlniAstrotogi'' in 'The sign under consideration Common signs An Aspect of Cosmic Force invoked at the beginning of everyventurc 24 minutesin time A certainkind of Ascendant Relatives and cousins Planetarytransits Consortof Siva A tertiary planet Jupiter A unit of time-measure equalto I hour A certainkind of Ascendant Science Time or Astrology of Reduction A greatIndian Sage Shanks Ascendant Horoscope A term or division Decrease a term of life of fncrease a term of life of Significator wife of Virgo Significator The sign occupied by thc prime lord in Navamsa Cancer Quadrant

Ghatika Ghatika Lagna Gnathi Gochara Gouri Gulika Guru Hora Hora Lagna Hora Sastra Hrasa Jaimini Jaghanam Janma Lagna Jataka Kaksha Kaksha Hrasa Kaksha Vriddbi Kalatrakaraka Kanya Karaka Karakamsa Kataka Kcndra

An IndcxofTcchnical Tcrms Kendra Bala Kcndra Dasa Ketu Kuja Kumbha Lagna Rasi 'Lagnarudh a Lakshmi Madhyayu Maharsbi Maheswara Makara Mandi Mandooka Dasa Mantravadi Manushya Jataka Maraka Maraka Dasa Maraka Rasi Matru Meena Mesba Mithra Kshcthra Mithuna Moolatrikona Bala


Strength due to quadrangular position from prime lord A mcthod of timing cvents cauda or Dragon's Tail Mars Aquarius Ascendant sign ... seeArudha Lagna Goddess Wealth of Middle Life .i. A greatsceror sage A special distinction conferred on a planet Capricorn A tertiary planet A mcthod of timing event$ Wizard A Treatiseon Horoscopy Death-inflicting The periodof death Death-inflicting sign Mother Pisces Aries Friendly sign Genini Strcngthdue to location or rcsidence

NairergikaKarakas ... Natural significators Nakshatra Dasa A method of timing Gvents Navamsa Ninth dcvision of a rign

144 Navamsa Dasa Ncecha Neelakanta Niryana ShulaDasa .. Nisheka Nishcka Lagna Ojapada Pada I agna Paka Rasi Panapara Papargala Parasari Peenasa Roga Pitrukaraka Pranapada PrasnaLagna Premanidbi Prisbta Purnayu Putra Rahu Raja Yogas Rakta Suvarna Rasi Bala Rasi Dasa Rasi Hrasa RasiVriddhi Ravi Rudra

Studics in Jaimini Astrology

A methodof timing events Dcbilitation A C.ommentator A mcthodof timing death Consummation marriage of Asccndant consummation at Odd group Another name for Arudha Lagna Another namefor Dwara Rasi 2nd,5th,8th ndIlth signs a A n:aleficagency method Parasara's Nasaldisease Significator father of point A cestain sensitive Asccndant qucstiontime at A Commentator Buttocks Long life Son

Caput or Dragon's Head Combinations leading to power and famc ycllow Reddish Strength signs of Ruling period of a sign Reduction lossof a sign' or or ... Increase gain of a sign Sun A special distinction conferred on a planet

Aa Iodox of Tecboical Tcrms t15 Neutral sign An Author of a Treatise on Prenatal Astrology Even group Another narnefor Siva Saturn Combinationsfor asceticism Scvenkindsof sign-divisions Clockwise Six sources strength of Six kiudsof sign-divisions The six-faced of Siva son Units of Leo One of the Hindu trinity typifying thc destructive aspect of Cosmos Strength due to the presence of in one or morc planets a sign Fixed sign Natural death Benefic augmenting agency Venus A methodof timing events Aphorisms Own house A method of timing events Libra Exaltation A methodof timing events Thc sign as apart from l2th lord as the latter is from l2th Samakshetra Samarsingh Samapada Sambasiva Sani Yogas Sanyasa SaptaVargas Savya Shadbalas Shadvargas Shanmukha Shashtiamsas Simha Siva SthiraBala Sthira Rasi SubhaMarana Subhargala Sukra Sula Dasa Sutras Swakshetra Thrikona Dasa Thula Uccha Udu Dasa Upapada .

Odd group The protectiveaspect of Hindu Trinity fncrease An ancientwiiter on Astrology Scorpio Taurus A planct conferringpower.146 Vahana Yogas Varnada Dasa VarnadaLagna Vimshottari Vishamapada Vishnu Vriddhi Vriddha Yavana Vrischika Vrishabha Yogakaraka YogardhaDese Yogas in Studics Jeimini Astrology Combinations for possessing convcyances A mcthod of timing events A certainkind of Ascendant of A system directions .. A methodof timing events Certain planctary combinations . ctc.fame..

How to Judgea Horoscope (Vol. Brihat Jataka by Dr. A Catechism Astrology (Vol. Ashtakavarga Systemof prediction 7. V. B. II) 9. I) of 15. A Catechism Astrology (Vot.) to ll. If of 16. I) 12. Ninety YearsEphcmcrisof planetary (1891 1980) to .I Books on Astrology by Suryanarain Rao l. PrasnaMarga (Vol. Raman l. Astrologyfor Beginners 6. Muhurtha or Electional Astrology 3. Jaiminisutras 3. Ayurveda 5. Stri Jataka 2. Raman's20 YearsEphemeris (1981 2000A. Hindu PredictiveAstrology r2-50 20-00 lM0 65-00 t0-00 20-00 I 5-00 3-00 8-00 20-00 60-00 45-00 30-00 l5-00 40-00 50-00 40-00 9-00 9-00 40-00 . Compendium Astrology of 4. Notablc Horoscopes 14. How to Judgea Horoscope(Vol. Positions 10. I) 8. Graha and BhavaBalas 2.D. PrasnaMarga (Vol. II) 13. PlanetaryInfluences Human Affairs on 4.

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