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2nd Minutes Patras

2nd Minutes Patras

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Published by: foodprinteu on Jan 13, 2013
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Monday December 3rd 2012 Minutes 2 15:00 Benito speaks about: - Extra drinks procedure: we should come to an agreement in small

groups or as a rule everyone pays for their own drinks. - Problem solving through Benito. - Giving specific examples and mistakes we can make. Speak privately and in public speak in general. Romanian presentation - Definite dates (and Finland and Estonia) 28th to the 4th July for Finland and Estonia. Christmas deadline for airliine and airport information. From 5th to 9th April for Romania. Bucarest airport, the hosts will deal with transfers. They need to know about exact time arrivals as soon as we have our tickets. Ionel explains the basic outline of our next meeting in Romania and our Finnish partners recommend Lufthansa. Deadlines - Certificate of attendance/attendance sheet. Our Greek partners will take it to Romania. - Poster template for modificationa in our languages. Before Christmas - Workshop and visit summary: January Sent by our Greek partners by the second week in

- Belgian and Greek 6 minute documentary. Greece by the end of December and Patrick by January 6th - Second song, story+proverb, recipe: By 15th March sent to respective coordinators - Hotel prices and transport for Romania: Before Christmas - People visiting Romania by January 15th. * When we have our tickets we will fill in the information on the link which will be sent by Juan Luis so that Ionel has all the details of the people visiting Romania.

- Evaluations(Every visitor and participant in Patras+coordinators evaluation+host evaluation) sent by Tuesday 11th December - Multilingual dictionary: Our Estonian colleagues will send Benito their idea for the dictionary and by the 1st week of March it will be sent to coordinators to be reviewed and by the15th March it should be sent to be uploaded onto the blog. 17:30 Break 18:00 Food and Volunteering: presentations will be uploaded onto the blog. 20:30 Work ends and we prepare for our farewel dinner. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for a wonderfull working and learning experience and specially our Greek friends and extra specially our two Georges! Benito Otero

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